Fixing Time

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Thimble Showstopper

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04/22/13 12:30

Thimbles & Blinks Room - Yaviers

Richenda has a mishap, Janie fixes it.

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Just past lunchtime at the Xavier School. It's not quite time for classes to resume yet, so Chenda's stolen a moment to slip down and pass out some order forms that Dani asked her to get to the girls' side of the dorms.
There are no mailboxes on the dorm room doors, so the gypsy girl stoops as she makes her way down one side of the hall, lowering herself to slip two forms under each door and half-rising to move on.

Thimble had taken her break in her room, just after she had taken a small lunch. In front of her on the table is a book - Sun Tsu's Art of war in Chinese and English - in which she is reading, but she does not really make progress. Her door is not quite closed either, so Richenda might spot her.

Janie did turn the head on the knock already, picking up the form to put it onto the desk. Just as it lay where she placed it, she notices the unmistaken sound of Richenda's clothing failiures. Opening the door she looks out to her friend, then the other way and back again "Richenda... You need some fixing?"

Busted. Chenda puts a hand over the black stripe on the seat of her pants and slowly stands, turning her blushing face in Janie's direction. "Yeah..." she murmurs, shaking her head. "It's that or change, and I kinda like these jeans." She makes her way back to her friend's door. "Thanks, Janie. Should I take 'em off?"

Janie waves a pit to her open door "Step in. It's much easier to fix when I see what I have to do. How do you manage to rip your jeans always anyway?" she asks with what can count as a smirk for her.

"Comes from buying used, I think," Chenda admits. "But new stuff is so /expensive/. And it's not like I rip 'em that much." She pulls the door shut behind her, lifting a foot to pull loose a shoelace, then swaps feet and loosens the other, toeing the shoes off. "And don't tempt me to demonstrate just how fast I can make you pants-free, small one!" she adds, with a mock-menacing grin.

Chenda, busy slipping out of her jeans, doesn't answer immediately, though she does giggle when Janie pats her bottom. But finally, she lays the jeans on her friend's bed, standing back in her black high-cut briefs. "It /is/ pretty worn... probably from so much time sitting at desks." She smiles at the sight of the fabric. "Wow... you're really getting good with your power, aren't you? I never would've thought of that."

Janie eyes the jeans carefully, feeling along the ripped seams "Stitching a patch into something is not a power or gift. It's a skill." she explains as she eyes the box with her small treasures. Each of the patching parts in there she had got from the rest-box of the cloth store. "Choose one of the patches, then I can fix it."

"Oh... I thought you were going to use your power," Chenda murmurs, blushing again. As if standing in her friend's room without pants isn't embarrassing enough, now she can't even figure out what Janie's doing. And she's supposed to be something of a hand with a needle herself! She looks through the bits of fabric, finally choosing what looks like the best match for the color of her jeans. "This one."

Janie smirks a bit. Of course she would use her power. "Let’s see... no pattern?" she asks as she notices that it is just a piece of plain jeans cloth. "Well, then let's do this." she says, picking a pair of scissors and the fitting yarn out of the box, sitting down at the table "Take a seat, will you? It's going to take a few. If you want, take the blanket."

Thimble smirks as she cuts away the thinned out fabric the best she can, putting the cotton aside before she places the patch where it shall go "So let's sew this..." she says, fixing the patch in on the layer of the yarns that form it so it is nearly without notice. "You could have claimed you bought it like that second hand. There are shops that do that. You trade your old jeans for a discount on a pair of reworked ones."

"Yeah... but I can put my own patches on, if I want 'em," Chenda replies. "Besides, nobody'd buy it, not from me." She studies Thimble's workmanship with interest. "That's really good! I wish I could make it blend like that. But I guess that's not something you can do with a sewing machine or a needle."

"Not like this" Janie admits as she follows the second of the 8 seams she needs to fix "And like this it will be as good as new. At least where it counts." she adds then, showing a little bit of pride for her work. Not that someone could mimic it. Well, maybe the gipsy-moth.

"Wish I could do something that useful," Chenda murmurs, smiling faintly. "When you think about it, blowing stuff up and around isn't much good in everyday life. You could actually open a shop and make a good living with your power, Janie."

"Blowing stuff up is quite useful if you want to work at a mason." Janie remarks. She hadn't been in a combat situation with Richenda really, where she would have used her powers. "And it is impressive. Kids like impressive things. Stage magician is also an option: make quarter dollars vanish for good."

"But not much use in cities, unless you're into demolitions," Chenda replies. "Or just putting on a firecracker show with really big firecrackers from nowhere." She smiles faintly at Janie's mention of stage magic. "I can do that /without/ my powers. Usually I can even keep the quarter, too."

Janie looks up from her work "Sure, but I bet there is a way. Science." she mentions, looking back to fix the second to last seam. "But even if I can fix stuff... it is not that being gifted makes it easier."

"No... but it does mean you can do stuff that other people can't, the way you work," Chenda reminds her. "Most people can't patch anything without making it obvious. You don't do that. Your repairs look like there was never any damage, unless you look /really/ close."

"Or I do it the old fashioned way. And out there are Tailors that manage what I do with just needle and yarn." Janie remarks, looking at her work.

"Maybe. But you're the only person I know personally who can do that. Even Sofia, the woman who taught me to sew and embroider, couldn't." Chenda leans forward to look at the results of Janie's labors. "Looking good!"

Janie looks at the repair "Well, but it will not feel like it was before I guess. Unless you try it on," she says, handing the jeans over.

"Point taken: Only one way to find out," Chenda agrees. She sets aside the blanket and rises from the bed, stretching and accepting the offered jeans. Giving them a quick shake, she carefully steps into them and begins drawing them up.

"Point taken: Only one way to find out," Chenda agrees. She sets aside the blanket and rises from the bed, stretching and accepting the offered jeans. Giving them a quick shake, she carefully steps into them and begins drawing them up.

Janie waits and looks for how it looks. "Turn around?" she asks, placing her hands on Richendas behind to adjust the fabric a bit if needed. "Some here... some there... how it is?"

Chenda, doing up buttons, gives a little yelp as Janie's hands clap onto her backside. "Janie, could you warn a girl before you do that?" she asks, stifling embarrassed giggles. "So far it's okay. Maybe a little snug here," she adds, pointing to the fullest part of her posterior. She moves her legs a little, to feel how well the jeans will move with her.

Janie looks up "A Tailor does not warn. You expect that they check if something fits and when they take measurements." she remarks, not getting the giggles a bit as she adjusts the jeans. A bit more here... there a bit more snug...

"Maybe not, but if you touch me that way one more time, I'm going to have to marry you," Chenda ripostes, equally serious and deadpan.

Janie eyes eyes Richenda carefully "If you want to." she mutters, a bit embarresed as she pulls her hands back. "Is it ok so?"

"Feels pretty good, actually," Chenda replies, doing a couple of knee lifts and smiling as the jeans flex perfectly. "You do prize-winning work, Janie..." she says, turning to look at her friend...
And bursting into giggles as she sees the look on the smaller girl's face. "Oh, wow. Janie, I was just teasing you!" she says, stooping to throw her arms around the Asian in a warm hug.

Janie is just that girl that you can tease with stuff like that - yes, she does not make friends easily, but she does almost anything for them. "That is not nice, but thank you." She replies, replying the hug.

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