Fixing Kurt's Brain

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Fixing Kur

Havok, Nightcrawler and Phoenix

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X-Mansion - Ready Room

At the request of Havok, Phoenix fixes Kurt's Brain

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----- X-Mansion - Ready Room -----

The Sentinels came, the mansion destroyed, all that was left is the underground regions and even those suffered significant damage. Not three days later the Danger room flipped out and tried to kill everyone.

It's been a few days since and Alex Summers is found closing his phone after a conversation with Rachel Summers, his niece. He explained the situation, Kurt has been compromised by the nefarious diabolical mechanizations of the Hellfire Club and Rachel is the only one that Alex can think of who can help.

Knowing the plan, Alex will wait 20 minutes before contacting Kurt, asking him over the com, "Kurt, meet me in the Ready Room." That's where it will happen, where Rachel will arrive and Kurt will be subdued such that the mental manipulations can be unwoven and hopefully barriers put into place where Selene or her buddies can no longer affect Kurt in such a way.

And in 20 minutes, a bamf will resound (on a minimal level) in the Admin South building, leaving a purple whisp of smoke. The same purple smoke will appear in the Ready Room and Kurt will step out, onto the ceiling. From there, he calls out, "You trust me enough to allow me in here."

Alex, in costume, is found seated toward the back of the room with his back to the far wall and the console/monitor station. At Kurts bamf within the darkened room, he looks up and takes note of the elf. "It's all pretty much broke... so no security risk at this point. Can't even log in to Cerebro."

As soon as she heard the news that the Xavier Mansion has been destroyed, Rachel wasted no time in making her away across the pond from the Exalibur base in England to New York. Since her arrival she has been catching up with friends and family as well as leanding a hand where needed.

When she gets the call from her uncle she waits the appointed 20 minutes before heading down through the corridors to the ready room. Her mind full of worry for her former team mate and questions.

The heels of her boots can be heard approaching and it isn't long before she is coming through the door already vocal in her curiousty "I can understand your worry, but what I don't understand..." she stops midsentance when she sees that Kurt has beat her to the ready room...she knew she should have just flown down immediatly instead of waiting.

"Nein ... no security risk, I'm not killing you or eating babies either," says Kurt, "We've established there is no threat at this moment in time fruend ..." Then enters Rachel, the elf turns to look at her then back to Alex, upset but not angry. "Intervention, ja? ... You only had to ask. I will submit willfully to see if I am compromised ...." Then again, maybe for Alex this is asking. Not like he was jumped and knocked out or anything.

Alex stands upon Rachel's entry, at the ready in case Kurt decides to flee or fight. Never know what those evil telepaths put into his head. "Rachel." Alex says quietly in greeting, but nothing more.

"Oh Kurt, don't be like that. You know we are just doing this because we care." Rachel replies to Kurt as she moves to the center of the room. "Uncle Alex may not be able to say it," she gives him a look, "but I can." she looks back up at Kurt, her eye starting to glow a firey reddish-orange color that indicates she is powering up "You know the procedure, just relax and don't fight." not that, that would really make a big difference except for a probable headache for him later.

Coming off the ceiling with a drop and slight flip to his feet, Kurt nods as he moves to take a chair. "I have no intention of fighting it," though he looks at Alex in that moment, "If you're suspicions are right and there's something in there, you might want to get ready too." Because if there is, even he doesn't know what he could do.

The implication of 'get ready' to Alex means that the white circle on his chest seems to glow even brighter as his hands form fists, elbows bend a few degrees and his left foot steps forward a few inchest. "Oh buddy, I'm ready." is stated with a hint of the 'let me blast the fuck outta him' tone.

Her eye glows brighter before Rachel is totally surrounded by the flame like aura that she gets her code name from. She might give an eyeroll at the machoesque antics of the two men in the room "I doubt 'getting ready' is going to be necessary." besides since she is going to be in Kurt's brain she will know if he is going to attack or flee as soon as he does so she can put a stop to it before Alex would even know something is up. After that she is silent as she scans Kurt's mind for evidence of manipulation.

Closing his eyes, Kurt does his best to remain calm while Rachel scans his mind. He does his best to keep his thoughts blank so she can get to the heart of everything without his surface thoughts being distracting.

Alex stands vigil.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Time passes in that slow fashion where seconds seems like minutes and minutes seem like hours. Rachel stands in her glowing aura, perfectly statue like, still staring toward Kurt, but not at him, through him would be more accurate. It's certainly a nail biting few minutes, that seem to never end.

With surprising quickness the flaming aura and the residual glowing fades, "Interesting." Rachel quips, indicating that she is done with her part of the process.

Rubbing his head, looking at the ground a moment and then donning a fake robot voice, Kurt looks around, "New directive, assassinate ..." Does a few beep boop noises for measure. Then grabs his chair with both hands ready to stand up. Then he looks directly to Alex, "I don't want to hear an 'I told you so' out of you ... if it matters any, there are still good kids over there dupped the same, I'm not gonna launch an frontal assault on the school though." Then he stands, but only to crouch comfortable on all fours.

The pensive nature of Alex seems to reveal some semblance of relief as Kurt intones regarding the 'told you so', "Hang on, what? You mean I was right?" is asked as he looks to Rachel. Then a smile starts to form? "As in, correct-a-mundo? Like, top of the food chain in Jeopardy guessing? Kurt was contaminated by the evil workings of the Hellfires and no one believed me? But now, there's like proof? As in?" he pauses and taps his com unit for just about everyone to hear, "Hey Cyke, FUCK YOU! I was right about Kurt!" then clicks off and returns his attention back to Rachel and Kurt. His smile is bigger now, "Kurt? I wouldn't say, "I told you so.", that's not my style. It's more like, 'Fuck yeah I was fucking right fuck fuck fuckity fuck yeah. Not just yeah, but fuck yeah." And he does a happy dance where his arms rise hands to shoulder level, his hips shake a bit. "And fuck all those bitches that questioned me." He starts to come down off his happy dance and takes a step toward Kurt, "Hey bro, gimmie a hug!"

Rachel covers her eyes a moment as she shakes her head "Not exactly, Uncle Alex. There was some memory altering, but he wasn't under any mental influence or control." she smiles at Kurt "I've restored the memory to how it is supposed to be. A meeting with Professor Xavier." she does throw Alex a bone though "You were half right at least.

Jumping up from his chair, Kurt points it all back after Rachel says her bit, "Fuck ja, you wasn't all right ... if I wasn't benched and could access the comsys, I'd yell at Scott too." Though he moves over to hug the other man. "This doesn't mean you are better at volleyball than I am fruend, or swashbuckling, or charming the ladies. You get this one I guess, if it makes you feel better, even if its 1/2 right."

"Half right, full right, either way I was right. So everyone can suck it." Alex says as he walks out of the room, not interested in hearing more about how he was half wrong. People really don't know when to leave well enough alone.

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