First of the Dancing Girls

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Spiral & Firebrand

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09/27/12 09:00

Thunerbolt's Base

Spiral and Firebrand Meet, and daddy likes.

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Firebrand, in costume, is found seated in a large overstuffed recliner with his feet up, a bowl of popcorn on his left, beer on his right, and in his right hand the 'clicker' with which he uses to surf channels on the 91" projector screen. He's kicked back, relaxed and living it up - then again who wouldn't after serving time in prison and having gotten a get out of jail free card.

And then Spiral appears, next to the television. Which she looks up at, disapprovingly. "Nothing good ever came out of television you know. Too many losers are involved in the industry.".

And then she stalks over to him, getting in his line of sight to the TV. "You are the last, the one whose path has not yet crossed with mine. I saw you on the masked woman's monitor, though, Firebrand. You are the one who was in the human jail.".

A stunned moment passes as Firebrand eyes the new arrival. He really had no way of guessing she would look like that - even after seeing a picture. "Whoa..." he says and then clicks off the television and racket. He hears her words but is somewhat enamored/distracted by the 'arms'. Firebrand then affirms, "That's me, dollface. And you're that crazy hawt chick with the six arms called Spiral."

Spiral is fairly hard to read given she doesn't have pupils, but even with blank glowing eyes a scowl is fairly easy to read. "Yes, I don't have the correct number of arms, like you do. But I've never been in a human jail, so who is the better?" she asks. Touchy subject.

"And I am Spiral, you are most perceptive.". Not dollface, but arm talk irks more than dollface. She folds her middle arms across her chest, the lower ones go to her hips, while one of the upper ones reaches out, so she can have a finger and thumb resting against her chin.

With a slight chuckle, Firebrand relays, "You are, babe. I'm just a smuck from Brooklyn. Got no future, got no past. Just livin the dream - one day at a time. And from the looks of it, you're all the dream a man could handle." - His eyes aren't ashamed to wander.

"You have a future, and a past, and even a present, all in order - for now, anyway. I suppose in that at least you have the better of it. Everything makes sense. You do live in a dream. Sanity.". Spiral tilts her head, and smirks - not a particularly appealing smirk. "Maybe that will change, if you stay around me for long enough, depending on what we get up to.".

Wandering eyes either don't bother her or she doesn't notice. She does seem a little... distracted.

Firebrand smiles, he's not one to be dissuaded because he's a tad overconfident, cocky, and has an eye for certain aspects of a woman's body. But he really has no idea what she's talking about, but doesn't care as it's just the ramblings of a woman, "Whatever you say, dollface. But I'll be glad to help ya out with the details of 'what we get up to', cause if it's one thing I learned in prison, it's imagining things."

Not many people really do know what Spiral rambles about half the time!

"You will? You are not in charge. John Aaron is." she tells him, misunderstanding him completely. "And I doubt you are here for your daydreaming abilities. I assume you burn things, with a name like that.".

Her arms shift around until they are all more or less at her sides, as much as they can be anyway.

Firebrand eyes seem to enjoy the movement, the corners of his lips maintain their slight upward turn. Again with the ramblings of a woman which he disregards. However, he is agreeable to the question, "Yeah yeah, I burn things. I read that you like to dance."

"I dance from forever to nevermore. Always dancing." Spiral says, a little pensively. "Not so much lately though - perhaps if this team is a success, I will remain in this place, in this dimension, a little longer than normal. As always, it seems, I serve some sort of dancing master, and here and now it seems that nothing has changed. We shall have to see if John Aaron is even worse than the past dancing master that I half remember.".

Firebrand states with some confidence and historical references, "Damn dollface, you talk a lot and don't say jack. But you know, you're pretty enough that it just don't matter." Then he leans forward in the chair, the leg piece drops and he stands up, "How bout I get you a beer and we talk about your dancin?"

Spiral's glowing eyes widen a little - and then narrow. "I didn't come here to drink beer with you. Only to meet you. As I was curious, what this ex-prisoner was like. I understand the whole base is something of a prison due to you being here. Are you even allowed out when not doing John Aaron's bidding?" she wonders.

She is smirking a little now. He seems like quite a simple sort, now she's worked out what's going on - always good for making her feel better.

With a shrug, Firebrand walks past Spiral heading over to a bar like area and will state, "Oh yeah, I can totally leave the base. Just can't leave the tri-state area or else the tracker Aaron buried in my ass will explode or something."

"How unfortunate." Spiral says softly. "And I would not wish to do something against the dancing master's wishes now." she adds, in a fairly unconvincing tone. Bitching about Mojo was one of her favourite hobbies after all, and some things don't change with a new boss. "I shall leave you to your beer, there are more interesting things to do and see than watch prisoners drink.".

And with that, she starts dancing. Before too long, ripples seem to form in space around her where her hands cut through the air as she twirls, building until a vortex appears, blowing pens and TV remotes and whatever loose items in here are around. The vortex surrounds her - and then vanishes, taking her with it.

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