First Mission Briefing

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Ares, Elektra & Arachne

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Command Center - Thunderbolts HQ

The Thunderbolt's get their first mission

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==[ Command Center - Thunderbolts' HQ - Underground Manhattan ]==

This room has a modern look to it, the expensive equipment just adding to the overall look. The floor and walls are made of a gun metal grey material.

Sitting in the circular room is a large glass table with a holographic projector in the very center. At the four cardinal compass points is a glass flatpanel control point used to operate the holographic projector as well as the over monitors that cover two of the walls. There are roller chairs around the table allowing people to sit around it.

Two of the metallic walls are left bare, the third has a very large flat panel monitor on it, the other mulitple flat panel monitors allowing split screen shots.

There are three sliding pocket doors that lead to other parts of the base. If you get close enough they will open automatically.


Of late being a member of the Thunderbolts has not been a terribly demanding thing. The construction has proceeded apace and while that was going on there was little call for activity. Some members spent their time training and focusing on gaining better control of their powers, while others went about their own business of which there was very much of it. But the time for inactivity ends tonight.

Communications gained Ares' attention and fed him the steady stream of intel for what has triggered the fears of the governments that employ this particular group of individuals. He listened before the giant monitor, features passive and his expression slightly edged.

Afterwards he sent out word to the other members of the team to ask them for their presence within the next twenty four hours. When two of those individuals respond they'll find the God of War perusing some actual paper print outs as he is settled back in a large chair at the command center's central meeting table.

Elektra arrives wearing her now-customary white. Since this is a 'casual' meeting, she arrives armed only with her sais. Her entry is quiet, if not utterly silent, and she moves to stand with one hand upon the back of a chair at the table. Looking over the monitor first, she takes a moment to glance at the printouts as well.

The elevator doors slide open and out steps Arachne, though the only give away it is her is the hair. Not wanting to be immediatly recognized by the common person she has opted for a different costume, still black but instead with fine red webbing designs going down opposing arm and leg. Moving to the table she gives a brief nod in greeting to the two present "Ares, Elektra." she then takes a seat not waiting for it to be offered.

Straightening up in the chair, Ares gives a nod towards Elektra upon her entrance, and then one is spared for Arachne as well when she arrives. To each of them a folder is given, though he waves a hand over his shoulder towards the myriad of shifting displays upon the computer system behind him.

Within the folder and upon that large monitor are images of North Korea, soldiers, some excavation, and various reports as well as data points that if time is taken will point in a particular direction. If this were a mystery novel it wouldn't take too terribly long to figure out the gist of it. But then Ares has to go and spoil it by boiling it down into a handful of words.

"There is concern that an extra-dimensional contact has been made with the North Koreans. We are to investigate." He cants his head to the side, considering Elektra askance, then looks over towards Arachne. "Apparently they are no longer begging with hand out and thus the governing bodies that pay us wish to find out why, exactly."

Elektra returns Arachne's greeting with a slow nod, followed by a similar nod to Ares once she's noticed. Still leaning casually upon the back of the chair, she accepts the folder and only then moves around to take a seat. Opening the folder, she looks over at the monitor before examining the contents. One by one, the images are scanned while Ares gives the summary version. "We're sure the North Koreans aren't getting help from Russia either?"

Flipping through the file as she listens to the summary of what is contained within the file and flicking across the monitors "Is this a known dimension or one we haven't dealt with in the past?" Arachne asks, closing the file she sets it on the table. Her attention goes to the monitors and the information and images crossing them.

One rough and calloused hand is lifted and brushed to the side, as if pushing Elektra's words out of the way. It's clear the details of the political situation don't hugely interest Ares or at the least they don't cause him concern. His features shift slightly as he replies, "They may well be, but in this situation our concern will be a single point of possible incursion. If they are Russians, then we will deal with them. If they are something other than Russians, then we will most likely deal with them in the same way."

There's a glance back towards Arachne and the God answers her easily enough. "The only information we have that leads them to believe it might be extra-dimensional is the location and an event that occured there several hundred years ago for some reason or another. Connected to an artifact. It is always some artifact or prophecy or some such nonsense."

Elektra smirks at the mention of artifacts, but she nods slowly all the same. "What are the rules of engagement for our... investigation? Are we just looking, or will we be engaging hostiles?" Yes, leave it to the assassin to ask whether or not they can kill people on the mission. Then again, it will also determine whether she brings just sighting optics or the whole sniper rifle. She eases the chair back, stretching out long legs to rest her feet on the table and cross her ankles.

In Arachne's experience there is always the chance of engaging hostiles, even when going undercover and sometimes especially then. She says nothing of this though and gives a slight frown at the theory "So at this point it is anyones guess who the North Koreans are working with and what they are up to." she leans forward, her elbows resting on the table, all apparent interest in the sitatution "When are we going in?

"We are going to perform a reconnaissance in force." Ares leans forwards a bit, sitting up in his chair and resting his hands upon the edge of the table. He looks at each of the women in turn then elaborates. "Spiral will deploy each of you at two different points in the facility. You will have ten minutes to gather what intel you can, find targets of opportunity, and then the rest of us will arrive and remove this threat."

He cants his head to the side for a moment, then adds. "We will do this in two days. Rules of engagement are open." There's a small gesture to the side as Ares adds, "If this is to be our first task it is best for them to learn what is to be expected from us." And as simple as that, he declares it so.

Elektra smiles at the term Ares uses, knowing full well the implications. "Ten minutes, and then you bring the rain..." she muses thoughtfully. The woman is actually considering what weapon(s) and/or ordnance to bring. "Not really conducive to packing heavy, then." she offers. And since her part of the mission is intel, she resolves to pack for -silent- running.

"Ten minutes?" Arachne questions which is followed by a hmming "It will be tight, but managable." she takes the folder again, she will gives its contents more study later. "Is there something going on in two days there that make it more condusive, or are you just giving us planning time?

"Time for you to get things in order," Ares curls a half-smirk as he tilts his head towards Arachne. "I was considering just running off and doing this myself but I figured it would be best to let you mortals feel as if you could contribute too." The tall man then pushes himself fully to his feet and gives a nod. "Take what time you can, peruse the information we have, then make ready. I would recommend checking with Spiral and coordinating if there are any contingencies you may wish to plan for. Also if you see Firebrand send him in, please."

Elektra chuckles at the 'opportunity', closing her folder. For her part, she just needs to arm herself. And everything she'd bring along is already here in the armory. "Even deities can only be in one place at a time." she offers, half to herself. Swinging her feet down, she rises smoothly and picks up the folder. "I'll be ready. And will pass the word to Firebrand."

Elektra adds to Arachne. "We should discuss an approach as well."

Getting to her feet as well, Arachne says little on the subject of him going alone on the first mission. "I'll be ready." folder in hand she moves to depart, "Of course. Though I am sure our methods are at extreme opposite ends, we should at least be aware of what the other plans to prevent mishaps." this is offered to Elektra at her suggestion.

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