Fire on the Highway

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Kelda; Shadowcat; Beta Ray Bill; Iceman; Ultragirl

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A highway in Westchester County

A tanker holding an unknown chemical overturns on the highway.

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Heavy traffic coming out of New York City. Gee, what a surprise. Today, however, there is a good, and very obvious reason for the snarl. The giant plume of smoke billowing from the side of the highway is kind of hard to miss. From the looks of the wreck, an SUV and a tanker truck had an argument, and neither won. The SUV has its back wheels on the pavement, and its front in the ditch to the side of the road, and the smoke seems to be coming mainly from that vehicle, as flames jet from what is left of its engine. The tanker is on its side across the majority of the three northbound lanes, an as yet unidentified dark liquid slowly pooling around it, the puddle spreading towards the SUV.
Two state police cars have completely stopped all northbound traffic, and one of the southbound lanes of the divided highway here, but so far, they are the only emergency vehicles on the scene. It seems unlikely that the driver of the SUV survived, but if there was a back-seat passenger, it is possible they might still be alive. The smoke just makes it difficult to tell. The tanker truck seems to have faired somewhat better, but even the two state troopers on scene haven't been able to find out exactly what was in the truck. It probably isn't a good sign when someone back at the sation has to go find the reference book for the hazmat tags.
It's definitely a good thing that Wanda included well covering undergarments since... well she's out in the new clothes she acquired. And a part of that includes a miniskirt that's rather tight down the hips and ends above the midthigh level. Now, that might not be so bad, but Kelda decided that she was tired of walking and so she rose into the air, well above the heads of folks who could just look up. Right... anyhow, she was enjoying the sheer feeling of being in the air, the wind catching the sleeves of her new shirt and then she spies smoke.. smoke that could be a burning home.
Away! She would start with using her power over the weather to help put out the flames!... so turning most of her body to mist or a whirling bit of wind, she rushes off at very high speeds in that direction... slowing to a stop overhead of the situation.
"This be no burning home. I have seen vehicles such as these, but... they be far more dangerous than I thought." And as she speaks, thunder rumbles overhead. Something that Beta Ray Bill couldn't help but notice. Seconds later, very cold drops of rain begin falling.....

Suddenly appearing like a blink, first she wasn't there, then she was! Is Shadowcat from X-Factor with a small purple dragon. Dressed in a tight low cut, belly baring shirt with silver upturned curled collar and a big blue x outlining the vof the neckline, skinny pants of black and blue and sneaker wedges. "Lockheed, can you clear the smoke?" As she and the dragon made for the SUV. First order of business check for survivors before something else went boom.

Boom indeed. The sky overhead rumbles and cracks again, almost in response to Kelda's manipulation of the weather. And she can feel the traces of power that reach out and over the clouds, shaping them, drawing them lower, working with her. Beta Ray Bill is from a civilization far in advance of Earth's, and he knows that it's sometimes not the wisest of moves to let water sluice into unknown chemicals.

The red, blue, and gold clad figure appears overhead, traces of grey thunderhead cloud wafting away from him as he lands close to the police cars. He'd gone over this in the past few weeks and feels sure of the protocols. His golden warhammer whirls to a stop, being slipped neatly into his band at his side while his other hand comes up with a small electronic card, "I am Beta Ray Bill, of the Avengers, what has transpired here?" he asks, heedless of the look he gets from the officers at his bizarre appearance.

Ladies appearing out of clouds. Strange hammer-wielding Aliens arriving in similar fashion. Both of these things leave the two officers a little slack jawed, but neither is what gets the first comment. The younger of the two officers, a man in his mid-twenties, says in a slightly panicked tone, "Oh my God, it's a dragon."" The other statie, a more grizzled veteran, lifts his radio and speaks into it, a bit of a quaver in his voice, 'Uh, Sarge, I think maybe me and Mickey are seeing things. But... we're seeing the same things, so I'm not too sure. You find out what's in that tanker yet?" The sound of sirens in the distance signal the approach of more rescue vehicles, but there is only a crackle of static from the radio.

The smoke and fire from the SUV are no barrier to Lockheed, and sure enough, he finds someone who still draws breath, if only faintly. There is a small child strapped into a safety seat who seems to have made it through the initial crash, but is now choking and gasping in the smoke. Just as Lockheed finds this, an ember from the flames pouring from the hood of the SUV lands in the spreading pool from the tanker. With a "whoosh", flames rush across the surface of the puddle. Only flames, no explosion, not yet. Ofcourse, the fact that the flames are purple and spitting little green sparks is not encouraging.
Well, Kelda doesn't know about chemical concoctions and bad ideas of mixing water with them. She sees fire, and thinks... water. However, Beta Ray Bill just passed her by and landed, so she moves to float down and land beside Bill. She still doesn't understand why the fire is spreading, but she narrows her eyes and says, "Ho there Bill. What sorcery be this that water burns." She's not really -trying- to ignore the cops, but of course, they're nowhere near as noticeable as Bill. She points at the fire spreading over the puddle and asks, "Shall I truly drown it? Or perhaps I should freeze it all?"

Now that Kitty cane see "Good boy Lockheed!" She phases into the SUV, hopefully the electronics are already fried and not gonna go boom, to scoop the child up out of the child car seat. Least if there were more explosions neither of them would get hurt.

She always was quick-witted, an aspect of her curiosity - Bill thinks as Kelda asks before acting. Sounding somewhat pleased, but still with a tone of command that comes naturally to him, he levels an arm and points at the burning puddle, "Bring the temperature down as rapidly as possible - it will take some doing if I am correct, the reaction is exothermic - producing more heat as it continues. Water would likely only disperse it without quenching it, magnifying the problem." He begins to walk towards the cab of the tanker, "I shall see how fares the driver. Advise me if the situation changes."

Between Bill and the tanker, knee high purple flames flicker and pop. A low pinging can be heard coming from the body of the tanker, as metal voices its complaints at the hardships it has been through. From the cab of the truck, a recognizable cry for help forces its way through the din. At the same time, another cry is silenced, as the babe is taken out of phase with the air around it. And just tin time, as the fire finds the gas tank of the SUV, and sets it off with a literal bang. Perhaps not as colorful as whatever it is that is burning on the pavement, but definitely a more spectacular fireball.
With all the noise, confusion, smoke and flames, it might be easy not to notice the arrival of another mutant to the scene. Even if his mode of transport is rather memorable. The Iceman literally slides into the scene, coming up short a little way back from the flames. he calls out, "Awww, looks like I'm late to the party." Whatever else he was going to add to that is cut off by the scream of a pressure relief valve on the tanker.

"Cold?" Kelda smiles... -that- smile of hers as she chuckles softly, "You know that cold I can do.." and Kelda points a hand, causing a stream of supercooled ice to start forming, a spear taking form in her hand to help direct the ice. She's trying to work from the edge of the flames inwards towards the truck and she's taking the time to be sure things are as cold as she can make them before moving on. Better to do it once and do it right.... right? Of course, Iceman gets to see a young -appearing- woman pointing and shooting ice to solidify and freeze stuff.... good timing!

Phased with the child in her arms Kitty runs through the flames and weird purple burning crud with its green sparks. Unphasing as soon as she was clear of the wreck and muck. Looking around and smiling as Lockheed came flying to her shoulder she then looked to the child "It's right sweetie, everything's going to be fine" course a cat sized dragon might help that feeling of comfort "What kept you Iceman?"

Eyeing the strangely-colored flames carefully, Beta Ray Bill decides that, despite his own tolerance for such, it is best to exercise caution. He simply jumps over the flames, landing next to the tanker's cab with a heavy thump. He peers into the cab's side window, making sure to note, "Inside the vehicle, do not be alarmed by my appearance, I am here to help. Are you injured?"

A voice calls back to Bill, "I'm stuck! You gotta get me outta here! This stuff'll blow if the tanker gets too hot!" His voice rises in pitch as the panic of the moment sets in more fully. Even as the guy finally gives a clue to the contents of the truck, Kelda's work on the flames starts to take effect, with the flames winking out from the outside edge in as the material, whatever it is, is brought below its flashpoint.
Iceman, in the meantime, has focuses a similar treatment on what is left of the SUV, bringing it from a roaring fireball to smoldering heap to covered in frost in the matter of about ten seconds as he holds out his hands to the wreck and plays human fire extinguisher. He answers Shadowcat back, "Some of us actually have to converthe distance we're travelling. In my case, literally." As the SUV is taken care of, He takes note of Kelda's handiwork, "Ooh, someone else with ice powers. I mean, it's kinda like you're stepping on my lines, but hey, you're pretty, so I'm cool with it." Iceman, purveyor of superhumanly bad jokes.
The cry about exploading tankers gets his attention though, and he turns his attention there with an "Uh-oh." So he starts trying to drop the temperature of the tanker. Unfortunately, for all his experience with cold and ice, metallurgy is not one of Bobby's strongpoints. So it never occurs to him what might happen when a pressure vessel is being intensely heated on one side, and cooled on the other. With a metallic scream, the side of the tanker bursts, spraying a flood of liquid and gass from its side, and spreading the odd flames wider and higher than before, so they now treaten ghe cab, it's occupant, and Bill. On the bright side, the contents are no longer under pressure.

Glancing over towards Iceman as he speaks to her, Kelda smirks a bit and shakes her head, "Ice is only one part of it." she remarks as she looks back and sees the valve explode. "I presume that is bad." she remarks as she lifts her arms towards the sky and then gestures to the truck as a -torrent- of freezing rain comes down. The sort that drops the temperature in the whole area by ten or twenty degrees in minutes. Once it starts striking the truck, she remarks, "If ye be able to, use the ice to form a seal." she says to the cool guy. Of course, she doesn't really -get- the joke, but from the way she speaks, she likely has a similar mannerism to it as Bill there.

With a groan at the bad jokes Shadowcat opens her mouth to say something about Iceman's tactic, but too late. "This is bad..." running the child over to the authorities she looks back to the fire and explosion. With Lockheed taking flight, Shadowcat runs back toward the tanker cab, phasing as she goes. A seal? Bubblegum wasn't gonna patch that hole! Sorry Macguyver.

Beta Ray Bill looks over as the metal shrieks...did Kelda? Ah. No. The Iceman. He vaguely recalls Thor mentioning a daring rescue of same from Loki's machinations...pity about the wave of fire. "I hope you are belted in." Bill calls through the cab door as he does the best thing under the circumstances, that being simply reaching back to the back of the cab and ripping it loose from the tank itself, dragging it forward, hopefully away from the worst of the flames - he trusts the others to handle that. It's not as if the semi weighs much to him. He keeps his back to the arcing fire, just in case it has some bizarre side-effect, one never knows.
"Kelda! Assist the well-meaning human, please."

In a moment of epic understatement, Iceman's response to the rupture of the tanker is, "Oops." Which is about as much as he has time for before the outrushing chemical laden steam knocks him on his butt, melting the ice from the arm which he flings up quickly to protect his face and eyes enough that the human flesh beneath the ice is visible in places.. He takes a few moments to refreeze himself as he gets to his feet. Far overhead, one of the local news traffic copters is adding its distinctive chop to the cacophony, which now also includes the screams of the commuters closest to the police barricade, some of whom have abandoned their vehicles in favor of the "Feet don't fail me now" approach. The two state troopers start urging anyone who hasn't already gotten the idea to get back and create a wider perimeter around the wreckage.
The man in the cab of the tanker screams in fear as Bill makes his rather dramatic resue, but seems safe enough for the moment in his new position, though it still may take some work to actually extract him from the vehicle. Which Bill seems to be doing an admirable job of, without little things like the Jaws of Life. The now re-frozen Iceman steps forward and speaks up, "OK, so maybe that wasn't my best move, but hey, you feed me this much water, and ice can do a lot.” And so, he takes advantage of Kelda's deluge. In seconds, there is a thick layer of ice over the whole wreck, and not a purple flame or a green spark to be seen. All seems quiet for a few moments, as far above the traffic reporter in the news chopper gives what is quite possibly the report of a lifetime. Unfortunately, a few seconds later, the cloud of hot steam and more exotic gasses from the burning chemicals and the tank rupture, which was rising in a surprisingly cohesive cloud, hits its ideal fuel/oxygen mix, and some unlucky spark detonates it in an impressive fireball. Which would be simply an ending fireworks finale to this whole mess, if it didn't send the chopper into a spin.

There's no need to fear! Ultragirl is here! Thank goodness for that, too, or that helicopter would've crashed.

The teen heroine, who just happened to be flying not too far away when the fire started spitting smoke into the air, comes flying in... just in the nick of time. She flies in a tight curve as she changes direction and comes up under the badly-spinning helicopter. Grabbing at its underside, she grunts and tries to muscle it into a slower and slower spin, hoping to get it stablized so that the pilot can take back over and get it to a safer distance.

Long distance to Shadowcat: Iceman notes weird trivia relevant to his Daredevil comment, "Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles had a tone of homages to Daredevil. most prominantly, Daredevil has a mentor named Stick, and fights ninjas known as the Hand. The turtles have a mentor named Splinter and fight ninja known as the Foot.

Not really able to 'fly' and the Thor-like horse god avenger seemed to have the tanker driver situation in hand...So Shadowcat looked around for her dragon and gave his side a pat when he came in to land on her shoulder. She then walked over toward the police barricade to check on the child as she tapped her com "Iceman, how we doing? Is there anything I can do to help further?" oh yeah Shadowcat was gonna make him watch an aliens marathon, specifically the one on the prison factory base with the lead bath and following cold shower.

Iceman sends reply to Shadowcat, "I think..." He pauses as the helicopter starts to spin, catches his breath as Ultragirl streaks in out of nowhere. "Umm... I think she's got it." And apparently she does, as the pilot soon regains control of his craft. And even if the occupants are a little pale, tinged with green, after that close call they probably just landed at least one major award for journalism with that broadcast. Iceman turns to survey the damage, "That... was way more complicated than it should have been." He pauses, walks over and picks up a chunk of the ice that has the goo from the tanker frozen in it. He mutters, "I think maybe Hank should take a look at this."

Ultragirl stays with the chopper til it's clear that the pilot's got it fully under control, again, then flits out from underneath it, circling the area to get a look from the air -- just in case there's more trouble about that she can easily deal with. There's others on the scene, below, after all, and they look to have the situation as under control as it's going to get.

"Heck even I'm curious about that stuff Iceman...and we really have to get you to watch a certain movie. Very hot metal expanding, then rapidly cracks and breaks, just like glass" then Shadowcat asks Ship to teleport her back to tower. Quick as she was there, she's gone again and so is the dragon

Shaking his head, Iceman walks to the side of the road, "Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. It was a heat of the moment thing. The guy said it goes boom if the tank got too hot, so I tried to make it not be so hot. Wasn't thinking." And then he realizes that he's talking to himself by the time he finishes the sentence. Satisfied that he's done all he reasonably can, and that the mundane authorities can take over at this point (Hey, frozen explosive goo is easier to clean up than liquid, right?), He forms a pillar of ice beneath his own feet to get some altitude, then starts one of his ice slides back the way he first came. A few minutes later, a small blue car that's been parked on the shoulder since the column of smoke first rose above the highway ahead of it gets its driver back, and rejoins the inevitably long line of traffic caused by the disaster on the highway.

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