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Wolfsbane Cocoon (alternative Thimble)

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04/06/13 13:00

Xaviers Mansion - Loungue

James Wu, The Cocoon Killer, appears instead of Thimble and starts to set in motion plans to get back on his sreak of morbid art

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It's early saturday afternoon and at this time not many people are in the school in general and especially the loungue is deserted. Deserted but one person. A young boy, who is not taller than 4 feet and 5 inches, and who's head has been shaven bald. As the youngsters aren't allowed to leave the compound the by seems not to be out of place at first, but then there is not a single youngster who is bald at the moment, and especially there is none who has a tattooed number to the back of his head. 01576292 is written there in black ink, where the lack of red under it is a sure sign that it is older than a month. So unlikely one of the students did decide to take this out of a whim. And obviously the young one looks at something under the pillow of a sofa, which has been placed at the side, showing the mere fabric which covers the frame of the sofa itself.

Upon coming back to the mansion after a few days away, Wolfsbane stopped in her room for a couple things before heading on to the lounge after changing to comfortable clothes in the form of a shirt and shorts. Thinking to see who's out and about right now, she stops a couple steps in as she eyes someone unfamiliar at the sofa. "Excuse me, but..who are ye and how did ye get in th' school?"

The seemingly young boy turns around, setting up a surprised face. A Face that usually fooled his foster parents, when he had those 6 years ago. A well trained face, which hides the cause of death for 25. "I woke up in my bed." he claims with a voice, which more fits to his seemingly 14 years old body, and not the merciless killer of 25 people. Not counting the 9 inmates and the 8 policemen during his time at Westport Jail for Mental Ill Youngsters, that is coincidently also his real age. "Someone has been naughty here!" he then adds, pointing to the removed pillow, under which a pair of boxers and a pantyhose is hidden and seemingly both have been used.

It's a skeptical look that gets returned his way. "Ye're nae student I've ever seen here, an' especially na one with a tattoo like tha' on th' back o' his head." She moves a few steps closer, bare feet all but silent compared to the sound shoes or boots would make. "An' what's with all tha' there?" she rather demands, pointing a clawed finger at the sofa.

"I did look around the house and found that under the sofa pillow." the seemingly young one claims. Not totally convincing, but good enough. "I am not sure why I am brought here, but maybe they sent me to parole. I just woke up in a room here." he adds to his claim.

Wolfsbane advances further to reach out for the boxers and hose, shaking her head. "I've nae idea how they ended up here but I'll go toss them. People shouldna be leaving their things around for others tae find." Skeptical as she is, though, he's still a main focus of hers. "What do ye mean, parole? This is a school."

"'course they must have sent me to school. Must want to see if they can trust me." James Wu, also known as 'the Cocoon Killer' in his home, replies with a smile, which has fooled not only the attornies, but also the jury. Why else would he be sent to mental hospital instead of death row? This woman however remembers him... oh, his favorite warden! Miss Wolf! He only had witnessed her from afar, during his stay in single lockup since the last years, but she would so make a perfect piece of art... But I guess some people here had a forbidden tete a tete."

There's zero recognition whatsoever from Rahne, but she has her suspicions about what's going on here. Just can't quite place who he ought to be yet. "An' why would someone be trying tae see if ye can be trusted?" she asks. Whatever she was in his reality, she's quite different here. Then comes a brief sniff, just for what may be unclear until she says, "I dinna smell any signs o' tha' here, an' we have found oot if there was. Th' only one I smell here recently is ye." The items are rolled up in one hand, held that way.

The young pal smirks a bit. Of course he hadn't thought about that. Wolfs and their sense of smell. "Maybe they had it longer ago? I just found them." Even if he hid it there, it smells at least of the last wearer. Coming from the washing room, he doesn't even know whose stuff he has snatched, but it was Cypher's and Norio's clothes. At least she wouldn't be able to smell his past. Unlike that damned state attorney Aldine who they called Justicia in jail as she was just as blind. With a smile he steps aside, hoping she wouldn't try to investigate... or ask her colleagues about him.

Wolfsbane says nothing more of the items themselves, merely watching the boy, studying him closely. "Ye should stay in yuir room a few hours an' focus on yuir studies instead o' digging around under th' sofa or anything like tha'," she somewhat sternly 'suggests.'

"And what should I study, Ma'am? Math? Grammar? Vocabs?" James asks with that fooling smile. As if he wouldn't have read the whole library of the mental hospital already. "When shall we three meet again, In thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly's done, When the battle's lost and won. That will be ere the set of sun."

"Yuir classes," Rahne answers with a voice that sounds somewhat annoyed at this point. She may not catch the reference, either. "An' ye can best be sure I'll be asking th' others about this." What 'this' is, that might not be clear. Still, she has no idea who this 'student' is and she's going to find out.

With a slight smile James alsks to the door. Not too bad, likely. not too bad. Maybe next time he is better prepared to start his Art. A Garage would be good. Rubber, many places to hide stuff. Perfect. "I will do that, ma'am." he answers her as he is about to retreat. With that number on the back of his head he does not even think about being asked for a name at any point. Guards at home never ask. They know he is the cocoon killer...

- - - Fade To Black - - -

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