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Boom Boom, La Sombra, and Sunfire (as Famine) NPC: Jazz

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Battery Park - New York

Famine attacks

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A blue-skinned mutant, Jazz, can be seen running. The mutant panting and screaming, “Help. . . Help!” As he flees from something, he falls to his knees and looks sky-ward. A fiery aura of an almost translucent man is flying at an amazing speed towads the park.

”Famine has arrived! Mutant, be warned. Accept the gifts, the Master Apocalypse has to offer or burn!” Sunfire, transformed into Famine of Apocalypse, zooms into view making his proclamation and giving no heed or attention to any present, save Jazz.

Tanya had been here, with her horse and carriage, dressed in top hat and tuxedo suit for business when the screaming, and then the firey figure appears. She turns, and blinks, eyes widening as Kahn the horse snorts and starts to rear up nervously, causing the woman to sidestep out of the way "Oh no... Ove here! come this way!" she called to the mutant, standing there, her heart racing... And she had JUST given up her powers a few months ago. Now what? She wanted to help... badly, feeling her breath starting to increase and deepen, heart accelerating. She paused, confused at the sensations, then started to run fowards, wanting to do... SOMEthing. A black shimmering shadow began to follow her, out of her own sight.

And the day had been going so well for Tabitha...at least until this.

With a venti-rush-loaded-mint-mocha-red-eye-explosion coffee with whipped cream in one hand, Tabitha "Boom Boom" Smith stopped dead in her tracks on the street and looked up to see Famine above. Her lips puffed out to the side in a pout and she set her coffee aside, suspiciously eyeballing a pair of teen-aged girls in miniskirts that were rushing towards the inside of the coffee house. They had -better- not touch it.

And just like the nice lady from the horse and carriage, she started running in the direction of Jazz and Famine, waving her hand over her head to get Famine's attention. "Hey! GTFO the mutes or you and I are gonna have a broblem, Bucko!"

With Boom Boom distracting Famine at the moment, Jazz uses the opportunity to rush towards Tanya and her horse carriage. He says nothing and just runs, though as he runs, some packets of heroine fall out of his pocket.

Famine looks towards the sassy girl. He eyes her a long time before almost whispering, “I know you. . .” Quickly dismissing that thought, he extends his finger out, “I bear you a gift. . .join the fittest of Apocalypse. Renounce the ways of Xavier and come to the true messiah of mutants!”

Tanya slows as Jazz arrives. She ignores the packet - the life was more importand and she points to the cart "Climb in there... if he gets too close, Khan will bolt and run for safety." she knew her horse. He wasnt TRAINED To do that, but Khan was a coward. Hardly befitting the name. Looking back to Boom boom and Famine now she inhaled a few times as well. Someone was still in danger - therefore, that alarm bell was still ringing in her head, the snapily dressed woman's fists clenching as she watched, ready to back Boom Boom up.

Tabitha came to a skid on the sidewalk and extended her hand to the side. Her well-manicured nails gnashed like teeth, ready to form a concussive ball of energy. With the word 'APOCALYPSE' dropped, Tabitha couldn't help but give Tanya a slightly daunted look.

"Apoca-SAVE Your ass and run, Blue!" She called back over her shoulder to Jazz and harrumphed to Tanya. She winked and turn to Famine, putting on the 'it's cool...I got dis' face.

"Whatevs, I've fought bigger and badder things than you, man. How about you tell Apocalypse to stick it and totally chill for a few minutes or I'll give you a gift of my own. I heard you used to be cool. So...like...be cool n' stuff."

Jazz quickly climbs into the carriage and notes that he dropped a packet of the heroine and sighs as he looks over towards Famine and Boom Boom. He notes that Tanya is also watching them and so, the ultimately corrupt and cowardly drug dealer, fishes for the remainder of his stash in his pocket and placing them sneakily in the carriage. Cops will surely arrive and better Tanya get caught with drugs on her than he does.

Famine sighs, “As always, child. You run your mouth, but nothing but verbal diarrhea spews out.” His hand still extend a spark of plasma fire shoots out towards Boom Boom.

Tanya nods to Tabitha, but seems to stand at the ready. Khan snorts and champs his bit as the wagon rolled back and forth while the mutant tampered with it, the horse obviously not too happy at all with this as he whinnied.

Tanya shouts as the blast targets the other heroine though taking a step forwards. Then stopping, her eyes wide in shock as she looks down "What?? But... how..." she stammered as black inkiness stats to flow over her and cover her up entirely "But Father has the amulet! Does it not go with that? " as the transformation to La Sombra finished.

Sunfire likes to shoot fire. Tabitha's known this for AGES, and so it's no surprise when a blast of fire is sent her way. Careful to keep her dress and her hair away from the fire, she ducks and rounds around a parked cab, leaving behind a scorched stain of black soot on the pavement where she once was. "Hey lady!" She calls over to Tanya. "Do what you do to this guy. He's totes in brainwash mode."

Tabitha's hand snaps and starts to glow, a sphere of yellowish energy forming in her hand. "Ehhhhh! Looks like Famine said something other than 'blah blah blah blah Apocalypse told me to'" She mocked. Her trenchcoat flapped in the wind as she took a step forward and launched the ball of energy towards him in a baseball throw. "Tick tick tick..."

Her globule of plasma is tossed a only for a moment, Famine grimaces and prepares for impact. The concussive force pushes him back a few feet, but he successfully absorbs the plasma. “Thank you, child. I should return the favor.” He creates to balls of plasma, not with as much finesse as Boom Boom, but he blasts the balls towards her, all but ignoring Tanya.

Jazz gets uneasy in the carriage and simply leaps out and runs off, drug free and fire free.

Dismayed at the transformation, Tanya's head snaps up at Boomboom and she inhales, her jaw setting. Well, no choice now really right? She lifts a hand, and her slightly curved sword appears with that same inky flowness. Then from behind one of the trees, a black, shaggy warhorse also appeared. Gauging the distance up to Famine with a circus-acrobats' trained eye she climbed aboard, spurring the horse fowards. As he ran forwards, covering the distance quickly she stood on the saddle, and then, gauging the timing as best she could, with a loud WHOOP she leapt up, slashing dramatically as powerful leg muscles acted like springs, propelling her high enough, hopefully, to catch Famine with the blade.

The parked Taxicab ruptures and the wave of concussive energy that comes off of the explosion shoved Tabitha back until her shoulders came to a stop against the side wall of one of the many newsstands that littered (get it?) the area. A feminine grunt crept out of her lips and she immediately looked to her left, picked up her hair, and checked the ends. She sighed with relief and pushed off of the newsstand with her designer boots and ran forward, creating a large energy ball.

"Hey Zorro! DUCK! I'm gonna put one of these right up his...TICK...TICK...TICK..."

@emit Grimacing that he only narrowly missed Boom Boom, he curses. He completely ignored Tanya, leaving him open to her attack. She leaps up with her sword, and digs it into Sunfire’s side, lancing him. The sword sticks into him and as she holds onto it. Sunfire howls out in pain and looking at the strange woman. He curses at her in Japanese and punches her square in the jaw, knocking her Earthward towards the ground. Kahn rushes forward in the carriage, catching his owner and rushing off with her unconscious, but safe, save what would probably amount to a bruised face.

Distracted by Tanya, Boom Boom’s large ball strikes the fiery mutant villain. He falls from the sky, pained and letting out some blood from the sword injury and the sheer concussive force of Boom Boom’s ball. On the ground, he smiles slightly though as he has once again absorbed the plasma from her attack. “Please continue with your little trick.” He remains on the ground, but readies another blast to lob at her.

Tabitha's felt powerful and in control as Famine's blast of firey energy washed past her due to a stylish turn-to-the-side move that sent her skirt swishing. Her painted lips crease into a broad cheshire grin and she started to generate another ball of energy at the end of her cocked fingertips. Instead of running forward this time, she lightly sauntered.

"D'awwww...you know, Bucko, maybe if you weren't 'Famine' you might have had your Wheaties this morning and been able to pull that one off." She whipped her shoulder back to get her hair away from her face. "I'm gonna knock you out and get you locked up and get some food in you, boy. Hungry lil' thing you are."

Arrogantly, Boom Boom juggled the energy ball in her hand and flicked it off of the ends of her fingertips like she was chucking a cigarette out of a car window. She was fine, right? Yeah...she had this one in the bag.

Not quite in the bag, the staggered and brain-washed hero remains silent. No more engaging her verbally. Famine remains calm as he tries to think past the pain, he is in. Apocalypse’s brainwashing kicks in. He simply stands, extends his arms and fires off plasma blasts, simply and hopefully effectively.

The blasts catch Tabitha square in the chest, sending her flying back into the newstand. Wood, Newspaper, and Cosmopolitan magazines go flying everywhere as the flimsy material fails to break her fall.

First, a boot kicks away a stack of old comic books and the rest of Tabitha follows. Her trenchcoat is smoking and her once PERFECT hair is sizzling in some places. With a grunt, she whips the trenchcoat aside to reveal the strapless and thankfully mostly undamaged dress she wore beneath. She brushed a hand through her hair, letting out a frustrated growl.

"Oh...EMM...GEEE." She hisses, balling her fist. "SUNFIRE I AM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS NOW. Right now. T-t-t-t..." She started her tickdown, stutter-stepping forward with a new glob of energy aimed straight at the once-hero's face.

Remaining exactly where he is, the glob flies literally an inch from his face. Famine seems to get into a crouching position and then launches himself attempting to fly into her to grab her and lift her off and away.

Tabitha is caught dead in the center of her waist as the rushing form of Famine is moving far too quickly for her to get out of the way of. An audible 'oof' sounds from the center of her chest as the wind is knocked out of her lungs. For the fist few seconds, all she could do is hold on to the firey hero, and when she realized her favorite dress was about to get ruined she decided to fight back.

"Hey! Hey! BTFO!" She tried to get her arms up so that she could start with the magic missile work. She coughed in pain and gritted her teeth, forming a power-ball that would be aimed towards Famine's backside. The thought never occurred to her that she would have to find a way down from the sky if she were to get free...but that wasn't her style. "Okay...okay...I gave you a chance, man. SNAP OUT OF IT!" She barked and tossed the explosive ball...

As Sunfire grabs her and begins his supersonic flight, he makes it just to the edge of the river. The ball hits exploding onto contact with him. Dropping Boom Boom, he falls as well, dropping into the river and is gone.

"Ohhhh shhhhh---" was all that came out of Tabitha's mouth before she became a smouldering ball of red dress and blonde hair that was bound for the Hudson River. Her ruined dress flapped in the wind as she couldn't help but kick and claw at the air on her way to the water. When she hit, she skipped like a stone twice before a massive SPLOSH that sprayed a tourist boat with salty, murky seawater.

The tourists began to take pictures and rush to the side of the boat to help her out by the time she surfaced, whipped her hair back, and groaned. "Ohhhhhhh GROSS I bet there's like...dead mobsters in here!" She huffed and reached out to one of the hands on the boat so that she could be rescued.

...that coffee of hers had BETTER still be there.

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