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Hercules, Phantasm, Savio Drago

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Alphonzo's Bar

After a less than pleasant conversation between Mike and Savio, Mike and Hercules discuss difficult relatives.

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-----==[ Alphonzo's Bar - Little Italy ]==------------------------------------

A low lit, well furnished, standard Italian bar. Alphonzo's Bar has quiet music playing in the background, sometimes an actual piano is being played for tips. The bar itself is located in the center part of the room and is well manicured, polished, and decorated. The waitress' all wear short, black skirts, yet still hold the feel of beauty and elegance. The bartenders all wear tuxedo shirts and bottoms and have a smile wanting to serve you.

Obvious Exits:
[O] - Chinatown and Little Italy - N

Some people might say that Hercules brings down the tone of a place like this when he enters. Few of those people would say it to his face. Yet it's hard to deny that his outfit certainly doesn't fit with any dresscode. Yet strangely he never seems to have trouble getting into a bar and getting served. Tonight when he arrives he heads towards the bar. Pausing only to make a whispered comment to one of the waitress' a comment that gets a bright red blush. Then it's to the bar to order vast quantities of alcohol.

Standing 6'5" this man's physique can be described as nothing short of exceptional. Well defined muscles give the impression of strength, yet aren't bulky enough to restrict mobility. The man's features a strong, a square jaw hidden beneath a thick dark brown beard. His eyes are a light blue.

The man wears little, a simple black exomis lined with green hangs from his left shoulder to his right waist where it meets with a belt of identical pattern fastened with a golden buckle in the form of a lions head. His legs are mostly bare, covered from the waist by dark brown, almost orange Pteruges. His lower legs are wrapped in simple leather bindings and the straps to his sandles. The only accessories worn are a pair of golden bracers on each arm.

At one of the tables to the back, Mike is now no longer the most under dressed person here. Dressed in his Goodwill-esque attire, his only concession to the caliber of the place was pulling back his hair instead of stuffing it into his usual knit cap. He slouches back in the booth, not smiling as he looks to what could be a vision of what he'd look like should he survive to see his mid to late 50s. And that look is better dressed but unamused.

Savio Drago looks to the incoming hercules and then over towards Mike. "You could have done worse. I suppose. Although, it amazes me you'd wear that knowing we were coming here. It's not like you don't know how to dress."

It would seem that Hercules isn't unknown to the bar. He gets served quickly. The beer put before him barely has time to be handed over before he's almost drained it. He glances around the room briefly, as though considering those present. Then he finishes his beer and orders another. Regardless of his dress sense, it would seem the man has money. At least when he hands payment for his beer it's with a gold coin.

As Herc looks around, he might notice a few more large sized folks hanging out near Mike and Savio's table. Not right on top of it, but they don't appear all that interested in the alcohol but more in who else is present. One of them looks right back at Hercules, frowning.

Mike's brow raises at the commentary, "Do we REALLY want to air out the complaints here? Because trust me, I got a lot of them involving your friends."

"It is constructive criticism," Savio points out, lifting up a glass to finish off his glass. "What you end up saying tends to be more of the deconstructive variety."

Hercules ignores the large men. He doesn't even pretend to consider them worrying. It's instead the waitresses who once again get his attention. Though as he empties his glass more beer is called for. The man's capacity to drink seems fantastic.

Indeed it does. As Hercules throws back the drinks, so does the rocker, although granted for him, it's likely to help him ignore the lecturing coming from Savio.

Savio stops after the second glass and watches Mike work on his third one. "I think that will be the last one for tonight. Don't need you having a repeat of Christmas, do we?"

There's a steadiness to Hercules drinking that's unlikely to be possible for a human. He doesn't slow or stop for breath, he simply works from one drink to the next. Then he rises from his seat. Heading towards the bathroom on feet that are surprisingly steady for someone who seems to be waging war on his liver.

Mike's eyes narrow as glances over to Savio, expression twisting as he hisses, "If you think that you have the right to tell me what the hell to do, you better be thinking something else. Because last time I checked. I was raised by my mom and aunt when I was actually young enough to require the damn parenting." The bottle sets down, "I'm being pretty damn patient with you by even AGREEING to come here. So, you want to leave. Fine. Go ahead. I'm going to have another." Grabbing his current drink, he moves from the table and heads towards the bar.

The one that frowned at Hercules is now frowning at Mike and starts to take a few steps after him before stopping at Savio's halting motion and shake of the head.

A few moments later Hercules returns from the bathroom, settling back against the bar he glances at the new arrival, offering Mike a quick nod of greeting. "It is a good evening to enjoy a drink is it not?" It's rare that Herc thinks an evening's otherwise.

When Hercules returns, he finds a grumpy looking Mike sitting there. But the nod is given back in courtousey. At least Savio can't nitpick about THAT. The side of his lips tip upwards in response at Herc's commentary about the timing for drinking. "So far the best one all week for it."

After leaving the funds at his table, Savio gets up from his own seat, starting to make his way over towards the bar, goons in tow.

Hercules still gives the goons and their apparent employer little mind. He doesn't seem to think them any more noteworthy than the table they've just left. He does however shrug a shoulder. "Then I suggest you enjoy the evening, it's rare that an exceptionally good night for drinking occurs."

"I will eventually." An older hand clasps on the back of Mike's shoulder, causing for the musician's eyes to narrow, free hand clenching. His head tilts down before coming back up, expression changed again as he turns his head to look to Savio.

Savio looks towards the younger image of him, "I'll take this as a sign of progress, Michael. Next time, I'll pick some place a little less formal." That said, he turns, leaving the bar. The goons take their leave as well.

Hercules pauses in raising his glass. The interruption to his conversation and Mike's response to the other man seem to have less than impressed him. It's only when the goons leave that Hercules returns to his drinking, his expression thoughtful. "Those men are less than pleasant. My uncle associates with such men, I'd advise against it."

Mike glances over to the door, watching the group leave before turning back to the bar, working to finish off his current beer while indicating to the bartender to go ahead and bring another. When he's done, he sets the glass down. "Do you still speak to your uncle?"

Shrugging, Hercules studies his drink for a moment. Then pouring it back he orders two more. "When I must. But we've never been close. Sometimes I have need to enter my uncles domain however. Then it becomes necessary to speak with him."

There's a slight nod, his fingers tap along the bar as he waits for the next beer to be set before him. "That was my father. Known what he looks like for about six months and I already can't stand him."

Herc lets out a somewhat bitter laugh. "Fathers are often trouble. My own was no different. I spent my whole life believing he was all-powerful, wise and just." Hercules shrugs a shoulder as he sips his next drink. "Then I met him."

"Didn't pan out eh?" Mike shakes his head, "Well, guess that's where my setup turned out better. Always assumed my dad was an asshole. Can't really disappoint when there's no expectations to begin with." When the next beer is set before him, Mike gives a nod of thanks before he starts on it.

"My father was a... Difficult man." Hercules shrugs a shoulder as he finishes yet another drink, pushing himself up from his seat, he smiles to Mike. "But he did care for me and in time he was proud of me." He shrugs a shoulder. "He was my father. You need decide if you want those things from your father. Or if you can ever do what he would demand for them." He shakes his head. "But now I must be going." With that he's making for the door.

Mike turns his head, watching as Hercules heads off. Upon the door closing behind him, the rocker turns his head back to his drink. Frown deepening.


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