Exchanging Gifts

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Blindfold, Firestar, Cyclops

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01/10/13 23:37

Xavier Mansion

Firestar brings Blindfold the sculpture she promised to make for her, and Blindfold returns a gift of her own to Firestar

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"It would be best, I think, to find someone to trace the money. Money usually has trails," Scott says with a shrug, "That's always the hardest part in a criminal endeavor. Obfuscating the money trails." He pauses, having walked with Blindfold to the edge of the hallway leading back into the foyer.

Firestar, dressed in her costume, is walking into the Foyer, carrying in her hands a wooden sculpture. When she sees Scott and Ruth coming towards the Foyer, she greets, "hi guys, I actually just came over to see Ruth for a moment, I have something for her."

Blindfold nods to s Scott, he had a good point "Would it be possible for us to h help him do you think, if you don't mind my asking please?" turning her head with a smile at the sound of firestar's voice "Angel, it is good to merry you again, yes please. If you don't mind asking, would you like some cocoa?" Ruth had a plate of mugs and a lace doily on one shoulder

"I'd have to speak to Jean, but I think it's likely," He tells Blindfold with a slow nod. He glances over towards Firestar, and inclines his head towards her, "Good evening," He tells her, "How're you?" His brow rises at the 'something for her', and looks curious, though he takes a few steps back to give the girls a bit of psueod-privacy. Only pseudo, as he's not too far away, but nevertheless.

"That is actually a very lovely offer, I'd lova cocoa, Ruth," Firestar says with a mirthful lilt to her voice as she walks towards the blind girl. "I'll take the cocoa in a moment, but first, give me your hands," Firestar asks, reaching to put the wooden sculpture in Ruth's extended hands. It is a smaller version of the ice sculpture Ruth got to 'see' in Central Park, an angel perching on a globe. "This one is smaller, but it also won't melt." She nods at Cyclops, offering a small smile, she never fully gotten over her one time attack on the X-Men before learning they were the good guys.

Blindfold smiles brightly toward Scott "Thank you yes thank you very much" then turns back to firestar and holds out her free hand finding a hard warm wood figure pressed into it she smiled add she turned it over and over in her fingers " it's beautiful, thank you yes. I have something for you as well, I've been busy in sleepless nights" luckily she doesn't need a light to see by so no disturbing her roomie

"Something for me? What is it?" Firestar asks curiously, looking quite pleased that Ruth approves of her art.

"I will leave you two alone to talk," Scott murmurs, looking towards them. He adds, "Beautiful piece," to Firestar, before adding, "I should check to see if I've gotten a message back on an important issue." A slow incline of his head, and Scott turns, heading down the hall.

Blindfold teaching to her shoulder she takes the doily off and offers it to firestar. Then smiles to Scott "Thank you yes"

Firestar takes the doily and studies it closely, "oh waw, Ruth, did you make it yourself? It's gorgeous. I don't know how you could do it. That really is a gift."

Blindfold smiles warmly "a tactile hobby, yes I made it myself, thank you please"

Firestar reaches to embrace Ruth, and neatly folds the doily, "it's a lovely gift, I really appreciate it...now, I think I'll have some of that cocoa," Firestar announces while getting herself a cup, looking over at Ruth, "did you want one too?"

Blindfold giggles and hugs firestar "I've always been good with weaving, sculpting not so much but I'm decent at weaving, thank you yes cocoa would bee nice"

"Really? How did you learn to do it? Or did it come naturally to you?" Firestar asks with interest, handing a cup of cocoa to Blindfold first, and then getting one for herself.

Blindfold smiles softly add bushes unwittingly "I had a knack for it but my aunt taught me by feel, yes thank you" gratefully taking the mug "people usually see with their eyes, except Vaughn....he has the prettiest sight, so colorful. I see with my ears and hands, yes please"

"I am impressed, I don't know that I would be able to learn by feel, I can't imagine too many things that would be more difficult," Firestar says while sipping from her cocoa. "Who is Vaughn? I don't think I ever heard of him. How does he see?"

Blindfold chuckles softly "you learned to read and write by sight yes? I learned to read and write by feel, not that different really, thank you yes. Vaughn...He's had a hard childhood but he manipulates sound, he sees like everyone else but with more color that corresponds to the sounds, it's very pretty, thank you please"

"Yes, that is exactly how I learned!" Firestar smiles as she realizes where Ruth is going with it, "I guess it does make a difference, how you learn your most basic things." Firestar seems a bit confused about the Vaughn part, "how do you know what he sees is pretty?"

Blindfold grins shyly with a shrug "I sometimes see the past, sometimes the future, and sometimes I can hear people's thoughts, sometimes I can see into someone's mind, yes thank you. I saw some of his memories and present thoughts, I saw how he saw the fireworks, sop much light and color....he didn't like it when I saw his thoughts but he learned that I didn't do it on purpose it just sort of happened, so he teased me instead of getting mad at me, thank you please" chuckling at the memories it didn't seem like she missed the teasing

Firestar nods, and then reaches to place a supportive hand on Ruth's shoulder, "Ruth...you can't control that part, can you? Seeing people's mind? You didn't look into my mind, have you? It's not all pretty, so if you can control it, I suggest you try. Though I understand if you can't." She then takes on a lighter tone, "it wasn't nice of him to tease you, but at least he knew better than to be angry with you."

Blindfold smiles putting a hand atop firestar's "I've seen some things, not a lot, I try to stay out of people's heads it's not polite, yes thank you. It's kind of like everyone is a radio station alkyl paying at once, jean is teaching me sine techniques to help, it's easier then seeing the past and future, I don't have control of that yet, yes thank you. Oh no it's alright, Vaughn got mad at first then he'd just get annoyed but eventually it became a joke he teased me about he's quite nice, yes please. Most people after a couple times meeting me think I'm bag luck charm, until they learn differently. I'm a trouble magnet at least that's what jean has dubbed me, kind of true in a weird way, yes thank you"

"Jean would be a great teacher for stuff like that, I'm glad I don't have a power like that, it sounds awfully taxing to keep it in check all the time. Then again, I do kinda have to deal with a similar thing," Firestar muses, realizing it's not that different after all, just that telepaths tend to risk headaches, while she could damage others. "I would never call you a Trouble Magnet, I got called names in High School, it's a bad feeling."

Blindfold smiles with a soft chuckle "jean is a very good teacher yes thank you. I don't look at any of it as baggage or a curse, we're all what we're supposed to be, abilities or no abilities...what we choose to do with our abilities determined how we'll be remembered. We can use our abilities fir selfish reasons or we can use them add best wet can to make this world better for everyone and protect those who can't protect themselves, yes thank you. I see where terrible has been and I see what bad things will be if things aren't changed, so I follow my visions where they leaf and do my best to change things so the bad things don't happen, thank you please." then shrugs "I wasn't dubbed a terrible magnet as a mean thing, Jan isn't like that you know that, yes thank you. It was more an ironic nickname and then became something of a badge of pride, yes thank you. The X-Men stop terrible but they also attract it, I know where the terrible is and rather then hide from it I simply go toward it...if I attract trouble then I figure I must be doing something right, yes please. I'm grateful that no one has picked on me here"

Firestar nods at Blindfold and smiles at what the blind girl has to say, it seems like Jean Grey really is a wonderful teacher. "It's nice that you're taught not to see it as a curse, I like that." Embracing Blindfold once again, Firestar says, "it seems like this is the kinda of school I would have liked to have gone to, well, I just wanted to give you that sculpture I promised. I have to be on my way now, but I will come to see you again, Ruth, thank you so much for the gift you made for me."

Blindfold smiles giving firestar a big hug "I know you would have liked it here and many would have liked to have you, jean would even welcome you add a teacher here if you wanted yes thank you. Wet all have to be careful with our abilities and be on hairs it's not that different really but I look forward to your visiting more often yes thank you it's very nice to talk with you about everything. Come back soon please yes ok?"

Firestar smiles warmly at Blindfold, even if it's for the most part a lost gesture, "you're a good girl, Ruth." Taking to the air, Firestar answers, "I will, and thanks for the cocoa too! Take good care of yourself, Trouble Magnet," Firestar playfully uses the nickname Ruth said she holds as a badge of honor, and then she flies on her way.

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