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Ambrose, Armand, Mike, Shadowcat

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09/30/12 20:00

Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

People show up to obtain something they need. A bit of food, a lost fossil, and for one, a way out.

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-----==[ Mutant Diner - Mutant Town ]==---------------------------------------

The Mutant Diner is a refirb of a former establishment called Mel's which was an expansion from the original Mel's in the Bronx. It still has most of the original fixtures with some minor updates or recoverings.

From it's vinyl booths that stick to your thighs if there's no layer of cloth between it and your skin, the laminate topped tables and chrome finishing it's as if the 50's never quite died here. Even the waitresses look like throwbacks (or maybe it's their mutation gone horribly wrong), some even look like they might have even been here when it first opened. The cook in the back can be seen through the opening, slapping together your meal, and sock hop music plays over hidden speakers. You may not want to eat here when you walk in, but if you take the gamble and sit down, it's the best greasy spoon you'll ever have sat in, and makes some of the finest simple, no frills coffee this side of the Hudson.


Breakfast was good so...Armand has returned. The young man wears a pair of fitted black jeans and a pair of sleek dark greed boots that match the dark green pea coat he wears over a soft dark blue turtle neck, on his head is a dark blue beret and his usual golden backpack and messenger bag are with worn pulled back in a loose ponytail for the time being. He sits at a table with a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of fries, idly nibbling and watching the door with lowered lashes.

The door swings open abruptly and Ambrose stands there, looking one way, then another. He approaches the counter then "Excuse me did anyone turn in a fossilized Parvancorina minchami Arthropod?" he asked, quite anxious seeming, his hands in his pockets as he waited for a reply.

Well, the coffee here's good at least. But, that's not the reason why the man who comes in next is here. Dressed down with his hair pulled back and tucked under the collar of his shirt while a knit cap covers the rest of the hair, Mike catches the door before it can swing shut and looks around, ignoring the inquiry about a lost fossil, he instead walks directly over to where he spots an Armand. "Long time." He greets the younger male.

Shadowcat walks in next having smelled something good cooking on the wind. Hey get in the area of a burger joint and you smell the burgers from the chimney exhaust over the stove, same with a pizza joint. With sneaker wedges on her feet and a stylish casual outfit Kitty Pryde looks around as she takes off her light fall coat.

Armand's nostrils flair as he tilts his head to the side at the inquiry from Ambrose and he carefully tugs a fossil out of his bag where he has it wrapped up carefully in a handkerchief, placing it at the table. "Monsieur! You left this behind earlier, it is good to see you...I am sure your very old friend here was missing you as well." He gestures towards the fossil before looking to Mike at the table with a tilt of his head. "Longer than some, shorter than is very good to be seeing you again." He takes a sip of his drink before he notices Shadowcat enter and he slumps down a bit in his seat.

Getting a confused look from the waitress, Ambrose turns at Armands' comment. A cry of delight and Ambrose practically prances over to snatch up the fossil, inspect it closely, then relax and doff his hat to Armand "My greatest thanks to you sir for the rest of my... old friend here! Its not that valuable money wise but it DOES have sentimental value to me! Can I buy you a coffee?" he asks, much more friendly than before.

"Well, it's long enough." Mike amends, sliding into the seat across from Armand without asking as he reaches into a pocket for the card. After all, they're meeting here, it's likely expected that he sits down. The process of sitting is hurried by the man prancing on over. Mike's brows raising as he finds another joining the party. His hand lingers inside the pocket.

Shadowcat smiling as she sees the grouping and heads over "Is everything alright over here? Armand are you ok?" concern showing in her voice. Ever since the hotel and then learning of armand she'd been worried bout the boy.

Armand chuckles softly at Ambrose's reaction. "Perhaps another hot chocolate, oui...that would be nice." He looks back to Mike and shrugs helplessly. "I met him this morning...there were papers and such." He waves a hand vaguely and then bows his head politely to Shadowcat as well, looking back to Mike and sighing softly. "I was surprised to be hearing your message...I had hoped maybe it was an invitation to an exciting show."

"Make it so!" states Ambrose as he waves to a waitress, adding "please." he then moves to take a seat at the table next to the two, putting his fossil down once more. He looks up as Kitty arrives, blinking a few times "I'm just buying the young man a hot cocoa. Is that permitted? " he asks, suddenly on guard and nervous.

With the addition of another coming towards the table, Mike sighs, sliding his hand out of the pocket without the card. "Well, with the way things are I'm not in much of a position to give much notice to where I'll be performing at the moment. But now that I have your phone number, maybe I can give you a short notice heads up to the next surprise appearance one I do."

Shadowcat nods to armand and Mike as she gets an idea and turns to Ambrose "No, that's quite alright, I'm not his jailor or anything" she jokes, casting armand a smile and a wink. Then turns back to ambrose "Would you care to join me at another table? Eating alone is so boring" eat? did someone mention food? yup that's her purse starting to jiggle at her side, maybe she has the shakes from low blood sugar?

A wry twist of his lips and then he's devouring a fry before tilting the plate a bit to offer Mike one if he so wish, Armand is looking between Shadowcat and Ambrose thoughtfully before his attention is drawn back to Mike. "That would be nice, I find myself spending more time at work, being in the city for another reason is...well it is good, oui."

A smirk shows on Ambroses' face too, and he nods "If you wish to. I do notmind at all." he notes at some amusing thing as he pushes her chair out with a foot, taking that seat. "I only meant to come and pick up the fossil I forgot, but I can stop for a snack. Food is never something I would turn down."

Mike looks to the offered fries for a moment before shrugging, reaching over and grabbing one. "Thanks." He takes a bite as he listens to Armand, gesturing to him and nodding as he mentions being in the city. "Mmm." He pauses, swallowing the bite of fry before continuing, "That's what I wanted to talk to you about."

Shadowcat nods wioth a smile as she sat down in the seat and put her purse in her lap, by the looks of the lump in that bag Kitty must carry a lot of stuff.

Ambrose waits for his snack to arrive, allowing Shadowcat to buy her own of course. He was poor after all. "So what was your name again? " he asks her, eyeing the bag suspiciously

Armand's eyebrow quirks at the mention of wanting to talk to him about something and he settles back in his seat, curling his hands around his cup of hot chocolate and just sipping casually. "A talk you wish to have, some urgency and importance I feel...but I will wait without judging until I hear you out."

Well, here goes. "So, you've got a job in this city and quite a commute to get here from where you study, right?" Mike starts off, "Would you be interested in some place that's a lot closer and just as accomodating?"

Shadowcat smiles to the waitress and orders marinated steak tips and a cappuccino before turning back to ambrose "I'm Kitty, nice to meet you Mr.?"

Ambrose ahs and states "Ambrose. Just Ambrose works thanks" he doesnt offer his hand as he carefully unfolds his napkin and lays it to one side, having ordered a scone himself "A pleasure Kitty, to have such good and intelligent table companion today."

Shadowcat smiles intrigued at ambrose "Why thank you Ambrose, are you a scholar?" taking her napkin and unfolding it to tuck between herself and her purse which continued to shift from time to time

"Something like that. " he explains, using his fossil to hold the napkin down. Then he eyes the purse again carefully "I am ahh... CURRENTLY studying paleontology. you could say that, yes."

That was ttly Ambrose who said that.

Armand just stares at Mike for a bit, closing his eyes and setting his drink down before he folds his arms over his chest and tilts his head to the side. "Upon graduation, oui...I will be trying to attend a school within the ah, limits of New York or maybe just not do college at all. It is odd the sacrifices we must make to be...educated, oui?"

Shadowcat smiles brightly "Computers were my major, I graduated early though" yeah that was an understatement "are you still working on your degree or working on it to add to one you already have?"

"Ahh computers. Fascinating devices, very useful. My own career will.. would have been much different without computers to help." a pause, and he looks away a moment, rubbing his neck. "Working on it, yes."

Mike finishes off the fry as he waits for Armand's response. His jaw clenches mid-chew for a moment before he finishes eating the fry and nods, sliding his hand into his pocket once more, to retrieve Scott's card. "I was thinking more along the lines of the level of education before college." He pulls out the card and looks to it before offering it over to Armand, "I wanted to let you know you have another option now."

"I am being in my senior are knowing this, oui? I am is frowned upon to drop out of school, especially if you are having a scholarship, non?" Armand does look a bit concerned now, crossing his legs as he accepts the card and reads it over with a tilt of his head. "I was already behind, I do not want to be held back for yet another year..."

"Ahh computers. Fascinating devices, very useful. My own career will.. would have been much different without computers to help." a pause, and he looks away a moment, rubbing his neck. "Working on it, yes." Ambrose explains. "I'm taking a uh, break."

Shadowcat nods as they wait for their snacks "College tends to cost alot of money, sometimes a hiatus is needed to raise the funds for more schooling, just don't wait too long or I've heard you have to start all over. So what was Armand saying about newpapers? Were you doing research?" why did she get the feeling she was being lied to?

"In my case. I just... needed a break. " the man explains awkwardly. It was a half truth really. He had gone a bit pink in the face as he picks up his coffee cup "Newspapers? Oh! no, they were regular papers. I do fossil identification as a kind of side-job. I take the fossil, sketch it out on paper, then go and research what it is using my books and other resources. Then I tell them and they pay me." he explains, guesturing to Armand. Just because he was mentioned.

"It's not dropping out." Mike replies, shaking his head as he leans forward, trying to keep his voice low "It would be transferring if you decided to do it. I'm not telling you that you have to. But, I don't want you left in a way where you're only going somewhere because you didn't have any other options available." He nods to the car, "The guy I spoke with is a good guy. There is a place for you if you choose to ask for it."

Shadowcat nods "Ahh sounds like you're making use of your educastion already then?" having no idea why he had turned pink. then their snakcs arrived and kitty thanked the waitress before sipping the cappuccino.

He buttered his scone up quite liberally, nodding "Yes yes. I like to keep busy. It... it keeps me out of trouble." he grinned at her widely now, starting to relax again "You dont have a purse dog do you?"

Armand scans the card and slips it up his sleeve with and small nod. "I see." And he a matter of speaking. He is just quiet for a few moments, idly tugging his ponytail over his shoulder and idly stroking it, taking a deep breath and just nodding again.

Shadowcat grins at Ambrose "Well...a purse pet, but hardly a dog" opening her purse a bit and taking one of the steak tips she put it near the opening of her purse, just fist sized for her and a tiny...something...reached out and snatched the meat from her fingers.

Ambrose drops his coffee cup, splattering coffee across the table and food as the thing he catches a glimpse of does that. He had gone rather pale and stood up in a hurry. Taking up his fossil, the man tips his hat, drops a little too much cash on the table and BOLTS out the door with a slight choked sound.

Mike remains quiet, opting not to continue with the sales pitch as Armand nods. He sets his hands on the table, clasping them together. When enough time goes by, he tilts his head, "How are you doing otherwise?"

Armand hmms softly. "I am problems really. It has been almost boring I suppose, not being in any trouble or involved in chaos." A soft smile and he rubs his hand over his face, hesitating and quickly reaching into his backpack to pull out a compact and he flips his open to examine his face in the mirror. "I am allowed to bake cakes and decorate them now at work."

As Armand examines his face, it draws Mike's attention towards the face as well, a brow arches as he tries to figure out why Armand's so concerned about with his appearance right now. He leans back, voice becoming more conversational, "Well, that's good. Shows they have trust in you... Also good on the no chaos thing."

Shadowcat jumps up grabbing napkins to mop up the mess and smiles as a waitress comes over "I have no idea, he seemed worried about something, can't imagine what upset him though"

Armand traces a finger down the side of his nose with a hint of a frown before snapping the compact closed and closing his eyes as he hmms softly "I suppose yes...they also lost a baker because he went to audition for some talent show so they can use the extra help." Then he peers over towards Shadowcat and frowns a bit, looking back to Mike. "That man is always leaving in a hurry."

Mike glances over towards Kitty's table and the mess as Armand loses interest with the compact but soon looks back, "But did he leave anything this time?" The musician's focus drifts towards the nose, "Did something happen to your nose?"

Shadowcat sighs sitting back down and pats her purse pet, some nights were just meant to be awkward no matter what..tonight happened to be one of them. Waiting for another cappuccino and steaktip bowl

Armand lowers his eyes before ahhing softly. "Oui, I was checking to make sure the concealer was working. I tripped in the kitchen and hit it on the side of a mixing bowl...a bit of a bruise there."

Mike frowns, "Ouch. That's some bowl then..." He continues looking towards the nose, "How bad is it?"

Sitting alone Kitty sighed and leaned back in her chair as she slipped a hand into her bag to pet whatever she had in there and stare at the wall as she stayed out of mike and armand's conversation, exercising quite a bit of self control

Armand smirks and chuckles. "It was bad enough to be sore but still minor enough to allow me to use concealer and nobody to know." He glances over to Kitty and then back to Mike. "Does she have a service animal or sorts in her handbag?"

Mike looks over towards Kitty, hand starting to lift in greeting before he catches himself, setting the hand down. "Nah, You don't carry service animals in handbags." He does look to the purse curiously. "What is it?"

Shadowcat looks over with a smile at mike's question "A firebreathing dragon" she manages to say with a straight face, after all who would beleive her?

Armand adds some more salt to his fries. "Well maybe one of the therapy dogs, they can be carried?" Then he looks over to Kitty and his eyebrow raises a fraction. "Really? How intriguing, how do you keep it from burning through the leather of your purse? What designer makes the purse?" He peers at the bag now, more curious about the material no doubt.

Who indeed? "Oh. Kind of like the one that refills drinks here?" Mike tilts his head in the direction of a lizard-like waitress at a nearby table holding up an empty glass, opening her mouth and basically projecting a stream of water from her mouth into the glass, filling it up.

Shadowcat chuckles and nods, well who knew they both took her seriously. With that Kitty opens her purse up all the way and Lockheed climbs half out with a yawn and a stretch before the little purple dragon looked around "He somehow knows not to burn my bags and I feed him little treats" then nods to mike "Sort of but that's why I order the cappuccino, you have to brew it in a machine"

Armand stares over at the waitress...and the water and quickly looks back down to his hot chocolate, lips parting and mouth opening...then shutting and then opening...and then shutting as he leans forward to rest his elbow on the table and his face in his hand. Then he looks up...and sees the dragon and blinks slowly, leaning across the table to whisper to Mike. "Be honest with me...did you see me sprinkle any suspicious white power into mon chocolate within the last hour?"

"Also why I order either coffee or soda whenever I have to get something here." Mike admits, looking towards Armand as he asks his question, "No... Why are you aski-" He pauses as he turns again, seeing the pet peeking out of the purse, "Ah." There's a pause as the musician stares at Lockheed for awhile, "So you do have a dragon in there. Okay."

Shadowcat giggles with an innocent shrug at the two "I'm Kitty Pryde, and this little purple guy is Lockheed" scritching the dragon under his chin with one hand

"I will keep that in mind when it comes to selections..." Armand is however, wondering if he's been drugged as he looks back to the dragon suspiciously and takes a deep breath. "Hello...Mademoiselle Kitty and ah...little Monsieur...Lockheed." A long pause. "A dragon." Another pause. "Well I always wondered where I could find me own fairy, like Tinkerbelle, maybe there be hope."

Mike bites his lip.

Shadowcat smiles "Don't worry, he's friendly to nice people. I haven't met any fairies though but I have met Emma Frost on a number of occasions"

Armand looks between Kitty and Mike and shrugs helplessly before carefully putting a few dollars on the table, including a tip and then he pauses at the mention of 'Emma Frost', lashes lowering and he takes a deep breath. "I must go now...merci, it was good to see you Mike...Kitty...Puff..." He offers a bow before heading for the exit, post haste.

Mike's head turns following the hasty retreat of Armand. "See you around, Armand. Think about the options," he gets out quickly hoping to get the younger guy a reminder about the card. He glances over to Kitty and Lockheed. He grows quiet, considering the other for a moment and then to the dragon. "What does Emma Frost have to do with fairies?"

Shadowcat sighs looking Armand "Please don't go? I was in your shoes once" then frowns apologetically to mike "I went to xaviers once, Emma Frost opened the academy in massachussettes. I'm sorry...maybe I should have kept quiet.."

"Wh- That's her school?" Mike looks a bit confused. "I thought Frost was a blonde."

Shadowcat nods "Yup, oh Emma does. She and Selene run the school. Emma is like the wicked witch or setp-mother in every fairy tail all rolled into one. Last group she taught died under her care"

"Ah. Right." Mike's frown deepens. "I do remember a story about a school that got destroyed..." He glances towards the door that Armand left through, "Hopefully history won't repeat itself."

Shadowcat nods worriedly "I hope not, several people are worried bout that kid. I went to xaviers when I was 13"

Mike nods, getting up from the table. "Well, he's got another option now. Hopefully it'll work out" He doesn't leave anything as he didn't order anything to pay for, nor did he get a glass of water. Eww. "Hope for the best."

Shadowcat nods petting Lockheed "That's all we can do I guess. Wish we could talk to him more about it though" rising from her seat she puts down a folded thin stack of bills, enough for her meal and a tip "He kinda reminds me of Scott with that 'sacrifice' comment he made. Sorry, couldn't help but over hear"

Ah yeah, I think he was referring to his commute." Mike allows, looking to Kitty, "So, Scott...Summers?"

Shadowcat nods "Still...sounded like something Scott would've said at that age maybe. Yup, one and only. Though I don't think anyone made a song about red glasses, just rose pink" that was her attempt to things out of the current heavy mood as lockheed nuzzled comfortingly against her

"Well, that's Armand." Mike comments, shifting on his feet, "Dancing queen one second, somber the next." He pauses, looking to Kitty, "And you went to Xavier's, right?"

Shadowcat smiles softly with a nod of her curly brown head "Yup, it was either that or go to Emma's school and be her next lil project" grimacing at the idea.

"That, doesn't sound pleasant at all." Mike agrees, filing away the information for later. He offers his hand over to Kitty, "I'm going to have to go, but, well, belated introduction. Mike Hannigan."

Shadowcat smiles reaching to shake Mike's hand warmly "Kitty Pryde, it's nice to meet you Mike. And no it wasn't pleasant, it caused quite a bit of trouble but I wouldn't change my decision. The woman hates to lose at anything"

Mike nods, glancing back towards the door as he drops his hand. "Something to consider for those already with her." He sighs and looks back to Kitty, "See you around, Kitty." With that, he makes his way to the door.

Shadowcat nods in agreement "Take care Mike, and trust me Armand's option can deal with anything that crops up from the Academy and those running it." then heads back to mutant town herself.

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