Everyone Likes Ice Cream

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Everyone Likes Ice Cream

Vaughn, Armand, Blindfold, Seth, Enchantress, Namor

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07/09/12 19:00

Central Park, NYC

Interesting conversation in the park

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There's a young man...young woman...sometimes its hard to tell, but Armand is also out for a walk this late afternoon, hitting up an ice cream truck as he counts out his money, tongue sticking out the side of his mouth. He's not in any hurry, hood up, knit cap worn and his usual backpack/messenger bag dual combo worn. He should be as school. He really should but he's running late and he's just given up trying to make it back, at least today.

Blindfold heard the music, distive to ice cream trucks and headed in that direction but her cane bumped into a foot "Oh excuse me, pardon me, I didn't mean to, I'm sorry"

Just now heading home after the rave last night, Vaughn walks slowly through the park. A pair of sunglasses blocking out as much of the offending light as possible. The hoodie that has been worn previously is tied around his waist, leaving a striped shirt that is tight enough that it might as well have been painted on. Earbuds are in his ears as he walks, letting the sound block out the pain of the light. Then he hears that voice. Again. In the park, less than twenty-four hours. The seventeen year old decides that surely he must be cursed. Without thought, his mouth opens up, "What she really meant to say is that she didn't see you there." The sarcasm is laced with the residual exhaustion, that sleeping through the day so far had not shrugged off.

Armand freezes when he was about to hand over his dollars for a vanilla ice cream with plenty of both...chocolate chips and gummy bears on it and he just looks from his foot to the Blind girl and then back down with an eyebrow. "...It is quite alright mademoiselle, have an ice cream, no need to be sorry." He looks to Vaughn starting to respond in that thick and almost purring accent. "...how can she be seeing me if her eyes are deficient in working or covered for sensory training or someting odd like that?" He blinks a few times, studying the shirt before arching an eyebrow. "...but hmm...I can see /you/."

Aaah, a walk in the park. What better place for a traveller to the city to go to to clear his head from it all after a bunch of shopping? In this case, the traveller is Seth, and he's descending upon it, flying discreetly down towards and behind the treelines. He grabs a pair of sunglasses, and with them, his eyes are covered. Fully covered, no glow coming off through the lenses. Ta-da! He steps out of the treelines - for all that's known, just some guy taking a nap -, and heads down the pathway, only to find Ruth and Vaughn. And Armand not very far off by an ice cream truck.

Blindfold blushes unknowingly in embarasment "Thank you, a strawberry cup, if you please with chocolate saucce? My eyes..are..a birth defect, yes, I'm sorry" and grins at vaughn's voice "Hello again Vaughn" then turns her head toward Armand's purring voice "I'm Ruth, may I ask your name please?"

Vaughn snorts slightly. "Don't believe her. Her name is trouble." Though there is a bit of playfulness in his voice. He reaches back and rubs the quarter inch long hair on the back of his head. "So, did you get home okay? And sorry for ditching you like that.. but the rave wasn't exactly something that I needed a cop to find out about." He glares in the direction of a bird chirping in a tree about thirty feet away. "Shut up already!" He looks over at Armand, "Kind of hard to miss... don't think I can turn invisible... wish I could at times... "

"Ahh...the lady's strawberry cup is on me, oui..." Armand flips out another dollar bill before he tilts his head to the side to catch a glimpse of Seth and his other eyebrow raises even as he's accepting a strawberry cup and trying to pass it to her patiently. "It is here Mademoiselle Ruth...such a beautiful name, one of the few names of amazing females that can be found in the bible. I am just Armand." A light tap against her inner arm so she can feel its location and then he smirking gently at Vaughn. "To be invisible would be to deprive the world of a lovely site...never apologize for such things." He nods a bit before glancing back towards Seth and raising his voice. "You SLIPPERY BUNNYBOOGER! You missed the 4th CAKE TESTING AND I HAD TO RETURN THE BRIDEMAID'S DRESSES!" That just means Hello. really.

Blindfold grins shyly at Vaughn's teasing "Yes thank you, the detective made sure I got in a safe cab" she didn't know what a rave was but it was none of her business. Dipping her head to Armand as she took the cup of icecream, deftly pinpointing it's location thanks to the tap on her amr "Thank you, yes, I appreciate your generosity. Armand..hmm..Mike spoke fondly of you" smiling with a chuckle at what is yelled to someone she hasn't identified yet.

Seth decides to approach the formed group, planning on greeting once he gets near to them. Then, all of a sudden, Armand goes and replies that to Seth. Now, he let that sort of thing slide once, and it was because people were looking at him funny, so much so that Armand broke the darkening mood somewhat. But a second time will not fly. "I'm sorry... who are you?", Seth directs to Armand, keeping himself as nonchalant as possible.

"You see," says a voice from no where. Well, right next to Armand, "This is an interesting little group." The air ripples and from it appears Amora, the Enchantress. Dressed, today, in a rather stylish green leather miniskirt and a thousand dollar, matching top. Not to mention the knee high snakeskin boots. She has a cone of ice cream that smells suspiciously like an entire hill of vanilla beans mixed together. "Armand, what curious little friends you make."

Vaughn blinks at Armand's greeting to Seth. He grins, "Suddenly I feel like I just got award Miss Congeniality." He scrunches his nose slightly, as a slight furrow forms between his brows. "And I'm not sure how I feel about that." He smirks slightly and shrugs. Apparently, he's a lot more jovial when he's sleep deprived. "Ice cream for breakfast? Ugh... How rainbows and puppy dogs... I think I need a couple more 5-hour drinks..." He cocks his head, "Seth, right?" Trying to remember the other guy's name. As the woman appears out of nowhere, Vaughn steps back. Then taking in the outfit, an impish smirk appears on his lips, and in his best Animaniac's impression, "Hell-o nurse." Though he does, at the same time, really reconsider his choice of cutting through the park.

"Oooh, pardon...monsieur, I was tinking you were somebody else." Armand drawls softly before he turn to blink at Ruth and he's about to respond he really is but he turns to receive his own ice cream before Armora is there appearing from the air ripple and the tone of his little scream is at the level of something akin to a little girl as he jumps and slams back against the ice cream truck, clutching his chest with wide eyes. After his mini-heart attack though he just pants and swallows and gives a little nod. "...o-oui, Madame...I...what the-" Give him a second. "Bonsoir Madame, h-how lovely you look today."

Blindfold smiles once someone identified seth and she waves in his direction "Hello, nice to meet you again" then turns with a curious tilt of her head to the woman who appeared, before pulling out a 5-hour energy from her pocket and holding it out to Vaughn "Excuse me miss, may I ask why you find our grouping intrigueing please?" Vaughn's animaniacs impression goes right over her head cuz she can't see what Amora looks like but she turns her head with concern to Armans "Are you alright?"

Seth watches the interaction between Armand and Amora with curiosity, and the fact she appears out of nowhere doesn't escape him at all. Yes, he saw her before, with Loki. He says to the others, "Vaughn, Ruth..." And at the ice cream truck, he asks for a cone. Two flavors, chocolate and strawberry.

Vaughn just looks blankly at Ruth for a moment, before he reaches out for the 5-hour energy drink. "Um.. thank you," though it ends almost more like a question than a statement. It doesn't stop him from twisting it open and shooting it back. He taps the bottom of it to make sure he gets the last couple drops. He turns his shaded gaze towards the two that he doesn't know for a second. "So did you find your music shop that you were lookin' for, Seth?"

"Poor boy." Amora says, patting Armand on the shoulder. "Loki just up and left you, didn't he? I should have warned you. He's a heart breaker, that one. You should see what he's done to his wife." She shakes her head. "Both of them." As she speaks, the ice cream cone she holds seems to be shrinking, as if some invisible force was happily devouring it."Goddess, dear little seer." Amora says as she turns her attention to Ruth. "Address me properly. Not miss. Or missus. Or even Ms. Goddess." She smiles and reaches out to tap Vaughn's nose. That weariness he was feeling? Very likely gone now.

"Oui...j-just fine Mademoiselle Ruth..." Then Armand's attention goes back to Amora as he frowns a bit at the mention of Loki and his head tilts his head to the side curiously. He doesn't quite tremble he just blinks. "...Gods come and go...Loki especially, he is having no commitment t-to me, this is understood." He gives a tiny nod as it hits him finally that his Godly buddy just might actually be gone and he exhales shakily.

Blindfold reaches out her freehand to Armand, trying to find his arm, her cane dangling from her wrist "You were talking so eloquently, I'm sorry, my apologies but now you stutter?" then nods with a smile to Vaughn before turning her head back to the lady "I'm sorry, my apologies but I haven't met you so I don't know what to call you Miss." apparently not realizing the introduction was already made

Seth nods to Vaughn, but that's about it. He's watching the interaction between Ruth and Amora, now. But when it comes to Armand, he replies, "Well, he had a bit of a soft spot for Loki." He replies, "I saw her before, talking with Loki. Given their apparent friendship, plus the fact she just popped up, I'm gonna go with her being Asgardian." It's meant as an advert to Ruth, actually.

Vaughn scrunches his nose slightly, then wiggles it, before he reaches and rubs it slightly. "Neat trick." He then draws the sunglasses halfway down the bridge of his nose, "Goddess, like Goddess goddess... Not like let me kneel down and worship at your feet, but like literally let me kneel down and worship at your feet?" He glances very briefly at Ruth - yeah, this chick is definately bad luck if not like a walking sign of the apocolypse. Wait. Seer? He looks at Ruth again. Well that explains how she was able to blabber secrets away. Then as Ruth comments on Armand's verbally stumbling. "Have you ever heard of the word tact?"

"So sad. So true." Amora gives Armand a one armed hug and then steps away from the poor boy. "I wouldn't worry, darling. I'm sure you'll make new friends." Her ice cream is gone now. The cone being munched on by the invisible... whatever it is. When the cone has been devoured entirely, Amora straightens up and her power radiates out. Just a little bit. Enough to show off, feelings of poetry, jealously and rage, inspiration and depresssion. All those things beauty can inspire. "Yes. Goddess. Thor? Hercules? The real thing. There are quite a few of us out there. Worship is you like. Or don't. That doesn't matter. In the very depths of your heart, in those places still afraid of the dark and in awe of rainbows? You still pay us tribute."

"Like painfully beautiful Goddess who's enchanting visage demands and illicit...ing veneration..." Armand manages the words in an exhale when the 'Goddess' thing is...brought up. "And I had nothing soft for Loki in spots! Everyting was hard!" Give him a second to go over his English phrasing and he backs up a bit to clarify. "...because it was challenging." Then to Ruth. "I am just. Just." He tries to find the word before Amora finishes what she is saying and he curls his hands into fists, really...mostly to hide his rainbow colored fingernails. "Thank you my lady Goddess..." He does stare at the space the ice cream cone was though, once again glad his hood is up and his knit cap is secure.

Blindfold flushed royally embrassed and lowers her head to face her ice cream when vaughn points out her lack "I'm sorry, my apologies, I shopuld not have commented, please forgive me" then turns her head to Vaughn "If I did something that upset you, it was not intentional, I'm sorry, I apologize" and turns her head back to her ice cream

Seth just facepalms at what Armand says about hardships. "I meant it as... Forget it." He looks at Amora. "It's funny, because I don't remember paying tribute to Asgardians or any other gods in any way. How exactly do we pay you tribute? Just curious, here."

Vaughn shakes his head, to the Enchantress, "I didn't mean .. well, I guess I did... I just haven't ever met a bona fide deity before... at least that I'm aware of." He looks to Ruth and frowns slightly, "You did... and I don't want to talk about it right now." He does smirk at Armand's statement and Seth's reaction to it.

"That..." Amora says with a wicked little smile to Seth's question, "... would be telling. Now. Armand, dear." She turns to the little French baker, "I want a dozen cupcakes. Quadruple chocolate. With a great deal of alcohol in the cream filling. By the end of the week." She glances to the others. "Enjoy your evening, mortals." There's a puff of green smoke... and the goddess vanishes. Gone.

Armand looks towards Ruth for a moment before he has to just stare at Amora as she makes her 'order' so to speak for cupcake and then vanishes and his mouth opens and shuts and then opens...and shuts. "...one ting you can say about the godly types...they have perfect the art of saying au revoir..."

Seth hmms. "I'm actually just thinking, here...", he directs to Armand, "you better not screw up that order." He looks at the rest of the group, "And so it is, the interactions with gods. They appear to the mortals, they make their demands, and the mortals must provide the offering."

Blindfold frowns apologeticaly in Vaughn's direction, before frowning at the whole situation with her head tilted to her ice cream "Sounds like you could use friends, Armand" twirling her spoon in the melting icecream "She gives me the willies"

Vaughn smirks slightly, "Dude's got friends that are gods. Just about anyone else is like... having imaginary friends after that... just can't add up." He pauses and grins, dimples framing a slightly goofy grin, "How messed up is that, when you think about it... pieces of mythology playing the part of real people and actual people being equivilant to imaginary."

Blindfold finally after picking at her ice cream she turns her head toward Armand "So...uhmm...I'm sorry, could we talk about something else? I'm still feeling a little funny from whatever her name was, pardon me, I'm sorry. Soo...well...Mike said you went to school at Hellions but weren't happy?"

Armand was going to open his mouth to say something, he was and he just has to stare at Ruth when she mentions the Hellions, brow furrowing and he takes a deep breath. "...I...how do you..." He just turns to accept his mostly melted ice cream from the truck and turns back to the others. "Sooo...how about those um, Mets? What is being the sports team for New York?"

Blindfold smiles shyly in Armand's direction "Mike, mentioned something. He wants to help. Though the Mets? I'm sorry, forgive me, but I'm not familiar with them, are they a band?"

Vaughn shakes his head and lets out an audible sigh. "Um, Ruth... He doesn't want to talk about sports, which the Mets is a sports team, by the way... He was clearly trying to change the subject, just like you had asked to do." He cocks his head, "So, where's Hellions? Is that one of the Catholic schools?" He smirks, "It's not like she won't probably just say it anyway."

Armand just sighs, shoving his spoon his mouth before he idly scribbles his number on one sheet and then another sheet of paper on a sticky little pad he presses against his thigh and he awkwardly rips one sheet off to stick to Ruth's shoulder and then another sheet off to flick in Vaughn's direction. "I just am meeting you, and this is crazy...but um, here is my number soooo calling me maybe?" Then...he takes off running, swearing softly in French. "GAh, why is that STUPID SONG still STUCK in my head!"

Seth looks around quietly, and then he gets nearer to Blindfold and Vaughn. "You know, you might get yourselves in trouble with this little stunt your pulling."

Blindfold looks hurt in Vaughn's direction "Would not.." starting to feel like quite the heel, but then she was getting somethign stuck to her shoulder and she reached a hand up to to the sticky note and grins "Thank you, yes I certainly will."

Vaughn slides the post-it note in his backpocket, as he watches Armand run off. He mutters under his breath, "Now I have it stuck in my head." He shakes his head, "There isn't a chance in hell I have it on my ipod." He looks over at Seth, cocking his head. "Stunt?" Vaughn doesn't seem to have a clue what he is talking about. "What are you talking about?"

Blindfold turns puzzledly to Seth "I'm sorry, no, No stunt, just trying to make a friend..." her voice trailing off almost sadly

The white-haired kid leads them away from anyone who could be listening. "So, he's part of a competiting school. One which is crawling with enemies of the X-Men, and therefore ours by proxy." He looks at the two. "What the hell you thinking, discussing this without talking to Cyclops?"

Vaughn slides his sunglasses off his face and lets them hang from the colar of his shirt. "First, who's Cyclops and why should I have to get permission to talk about anything?" He pauses, canting his head slightly. "X-Men? That's that group of mutant vigilantes, right?"

Blindfold tilts her head in Seth's direction, "Pardon me, I'm sorry, but are you alright Seth? You do not seem yourself, perhaps it's a side effect from your encounters with Asgaurdians of late? My apologies, I'm sorry, maybe I'm wrong but just in case, if you don't mind we should get you checked out?"

Seth seems to almost enter a blank state - fortunately covered by his sunglasses - as Vaughn says that. Yes, inside his head, he's kicking himself. Real hard. "I... I-I'm sorry... what was I saying...?" He sighs, "What... the hell... happened? I blacked out for a moment..."

Namor flies by overhead - airborne humanoids are not an unheard of sight in New York, but Namor's tiny wings that move in a blurringly fast flutter to somehow keep him aloft are somewhat unique.

Vaughn looks at Seth, "You were jumping me and Ruth for talking to that Armand kid about something, that I don't get, and a school that I never heard, without talking to someone named Cyclops, which I don't know who is." He looks over at Ruth, "That about cover it?" It's not so much the sight of Namor flying over head that gets Vaughn's attention, but the sound pattern of it. He cocks his head, then looks at Ruth, "You attract strangeness don't you? Like some kind of weirdness magnet."

Blindfold sighs "You were talking crazy, I'm afraid, sorry. Maybe you should get a check up? That Asgaurdian woman might have done something to you" then tilts her head at the strange buzzing sound with a puzzled look on her blindfolded face before nodding in Vaughn's direction "Just about, yes, thank you. I think the Asgaurdian's did something to him, sorry, I apologize. Loki is known for chaos and Seth I heard got in an arguement with him"

"I-I did...?", Seth asks, beffudled. "Well, I guess that deserves an... an explanation... i-it's a c-condition I got, a tendency to see and imagine things that aren't there or events that never took place." He closes his eyes, sqeezes the bridge of his nose. "It was diagnosed shortly after my... since... since my dad got murdered." He listens to Ruth, "Add the Asgardians and..."

Namor descends slightly at the sight of the teenagers, then straightens until he's 'standing' in mid-air, feet at about shoulder level for an average sized person. Namor crosses his arms across his chest and looks down at the trio with one eyebrow regally raised. "Asgardians? What do you children know of the Mighty Thor's people?" Apparently Namor is still not observing the surface-world social niceties like not eavesdropping or not interrupting others.

Vaughn shrugs, "Just that there was this hot chick earlier who said she was a goddess and didn't deny being an asgardian, when Seth, here, suggested it." He cocks his head, "I.. think I've seen you in the news before..." He looks back at the other two teenagers, frowning slightly, not completely sure what to make of everything.

Blindfold turns her blindfolded visage to the strange new voice, ohh the seeing people had it easy. So many questions to ask but she was the shy polite one! So she eats her ice cream which is mostly soup by now.

Seth looks at the arriving Namor, to whom he replies, "They're here. On Earth. Two of them, at least. Loki, and a blonde woman who insisted on being called by godess." He shrugs. "I can't say much more, because honestly, I don't know. Take that for what you will." He looks at everyone here gathered. "I-I have to go... I got to g-get back home. S-see you around, I hope." And he starts walking off.

Vaughn frowns as Seth wanders off. "I'm not really sure that he should be without supervision if he's that bad off. You know what I mean?" Vaughn is still wearing the same party clothes that he was last night. It is late afternoon in Central Park.

Blindfold frowns and nods in agreement "Yes, thank you I do, but you're not much better off. I'm sorry, you're welcome, you look like you haven't slept yet"

Namor turns his head to watch Seth depart, then shrugs. "'Goddess'? I'm sure." He seems just the slightest big smug about something. Then he turns to watch the others once more. "But they are indeed among us." His gaze lingers on Blindfold. The day when he embraces his 'mutant' nature is still far off, if ever, but something about her still piques his interest. Maybe it's the blindfold.

Vaughn smiles, which is kind of pointless, when it's to someone who is blind, but it's human nature regardless. "I'm fine... Well now, after she touched me... it's like I was energized. I feel better than I have in... well I don't know if I have ever felt this good."

Blindfold smiles to vaughn softly "Are we good again? You and me, please, thank you?" then turned her head toward the unknown "It is good that you got your memory and wings back, yes, thank you. It is good to be whole again, isn't it?" then turned back to Vaughn "I'm sorry, I should go after Seth and make sure he is safe. Will you find me soon so we can talk. yes thank you?"

Namor gives Blindfold a bemused look, then nods slowly. "Yes...he did seem to be rather nervous. Those touched by the Gods often are," he adds sagely. Though it's somehow clear he means Other People and not those like himself. "I will ask the other Avengers if they know of more Asgardians in the city. Likely it was the Enchantress, or one of her sisters...but no doubt Thor or the lady Sif would know for certain."

Vaughn pauses just slightly, before shaking his head, "No, we're not completely good, Ruth. I said before that now isn't the time or place to talk about it... Just.. just don't talk to any-one about me, okay?" He sighs, before looking up at Namor, "Well, it was, um nice to meet you, Sir, but I gotta go myself... wasn't really intendin' on stopping before..." He gestures with his head towards Blindfold. "I ran into her.. which seems to happen quite frequently, it seems..." His voice almost implies 'too frequently for his taste' at least with his current mood. He grins up at Namor, "Keep up the good work." He pauses, realizing how lame that sounds, but what do you say to a chippen dale dancer with blurred wings keeping him aloft?

Blindfold frowns sadly at vaughn and nods "I hope we can talk about it soon, please, thank you" and waves up at the man before heading out herself into the park

And as quickly as the gathering had formed, Vaughn watches it disappear. He reaches for his shades and slides them on. He closes his eyes and concentrates and intesifies the volume of his ipod, as he starts his trek towards the nearest subway station.

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