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Cyclops, Jean Grey

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01/30/13 20:00

Mick's Arcade - Salem Center

Jean and Scott have an old school date at the arcade

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There's noise. Lots of it. The noise is a mixture of several games and music playing over the speakers. You can almost make out an alternative song, but not enough to understand anything. Nearest you at the moment, there is a group of machines that dispense change in exchange for dollars. There's a rumor that sometimes it doesn't give exact change, nor more than exact change either. Ahead, there's a main grouping of ultra-violent video games, involving beating the crap out of your opponents or shooting them with "fake" guns. The room is dimly lit with bulbs hanging above the room, and the cigarette smoke forms a cloud above all. Local gang members and general delinquents tend to hang out here, taking money, selling drugs, et cetera. Strangely, the management doesn't seem to care, or notice for that matter. Suprisingly, this place is kept clean, despite its unsavory inhabitants and the dirty creatures known as "teenagers". To the right of the main group, there's a bathroom. Within this bathroom, there's people waiting to take your money or just slit your throat. Behind you, there's the heavy, metal door signifying your escape.

"So you see," Scott says to Jean, "I was talking to some of the students, and apparently they /love/ this game. Some extension of what happened in Star Wars. A remake of the classic from the eighties with storming the Death Star and everything," He states. "I thought we'd take a look."

Jean grins, "Oh really? This isn't going to end with me putting my hair in the earmuffs tonight, is it?" She looks somewhat intrigued, "Lead on, sweetheart, I'm curious to see this."

A roll of his eyes, "No, it's not. If I were trying that, you'd need to get the Leia outfit." He's joking, yes. One presumes Jean doesn't have a Leia Slavegirl Outfit. "Should be somewhere in here..." He says musingly, looking around. He nudges Jean, asking her, "Want to look for it, while I get us something to drink?"

Jean grins, "I do have a few outfits like that... and you haven't complained one bit about them mister." She places a kiss on Scott's cheek, "Aye aye, team captain, I'll find it for you."

"All right," he says. He moves idly through the crowd, heading over towards the counter. He picks up a pair of drinks, shaking his head at some of the less savory people here. And idly wends his way back, nudging Jean with his shoulder, saying idly, "Boo."

Jean grins, "Silly." She is leaning against the Star Wars game in question, taking her soda with a wry expression. "So, here we are. It does look rather interesting."

"I thought so. I had a lot of fun when I was younger, playing the old-style game. All simple graphics that. This is supposed to be the same sort of thing, but a lot more advanced." He takes a sip from his drink, nudging Jean, "You want to play first?"

Jean smiles, "With how much you've been looking forward to this? You're too chivalrous for your own good sometimes, love." She does, however, take the controls, "Let's see what this baby can do." Flicking in a few quarters, she gives Scott a rather saucy look, "Time to see how much has changed."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure a lot has changed," He says. Taking another sip, he casually leans on the edge, watching her as she plays. "Just be careful, I hear that it's just similar enough that you get to expecting things and then it blindsides you with something new."

Jean laughs, "Well, let's see..." She then begins to work, flying through the stars in her X-Wing as she grins, "Come on, Slim, you know I'm still a good pilot." With that, she's off, chasing down TIE fighters in her snubfighter.

"Careful, they have shield disruptors now. They cheat," Scott tells Jean with a chuckle. A hand rests on her shoulder idly as she plays, watching. "Or so I hear. One of the students was most upset about it. 'That wasn't fair!' or something."

Jean hms, "Shield disruptors? That's new..." She nimbly twists the X-Wing out of the way of said bolts, then fries the offending fighter with her lasers. "But, you know, you shouldn't give them the free shot." Her lips quirk in a wry grin as she says, "This was a great idea, hon."

"Of course it was." Scott preens impishly, "Everything I do is a good idea." He isn't /always/ straightlaced. Just ... well, most of the time. He chuckles, "I think they wanted to make it more difficult so included things hinted at but never shown."

Jean grins, "I am, however, getting some ideas about Danger Room scenarios." She puts the X-Wing through a loop, then dives for the trench, her body twisting in a rather... nice, display as she focuses on taking out the towers, "So, after we blow up the Death Star a few times, what did you have in mind?" Her eyes dance a bit.

"Oh, I think I'll leave that to you," Scott says with a chuckle. "And danger room scenarios? Should I be worried for the health of our students?" He teases. He waggles a finger, "You are /not/ allowed to freeze them in carbonite."

Jean pouts a bit, "But they are worth a lot of money to me!" She then leans over and kisses Scott, right before she dives full-on down the trench, spiraling her fighter around to stay clear of the gun towers, "Though I suspect more than a few students would like to see Emma cosplay as a female Vader."

"Now, I suppose I can see that." A pause, and he nudges Jean, his voice amused, "But only if you promise to dress up as Mara Jade." He chuckles, watching, "You're doing really well at this. Oh, look out for the Interdictor."

Jean grins, "Going to dress as Luk... wait, Interdictor???" She blinks, "Oh for the love of..." She jukes the controls hard one way, then the other, as she's suddenly caught in the gravity well, "Oh hell no..." Her eyes flicker over the controls, then she grins, "Well, it worked in the books." Suddenly, she fires a pair of torpedoes while juking the controls hard to the side.

"Luke is my favorite character, other than Obi-Wan," Scott says with a chuckle, "Though I think it'd be more fun if I dressed as Obi-Wan. Bet I could get a fake beard," he notes. He winces as jukes to the side, then blinks, "Hey. It worked."

Jean chuckles, "Get the Ewan MacGregor thing happening? If you talk with the accent, I'll call that a win." She smiles and punches through the towers, "Now, where's daddy..." Her eyes narrow as she races down the trench, giving Scott some... interesting images through their shared link.

"I don't think you want me trying to duplicate his accent," Scott says with a roll of his eyes. "You know better than that. I'm not the best at that sort of thing." His voice is amused. At the images in the shared link, he notes, "No doing that while I'm playing." He really -is- amused.

Jean laughs, "Hey, I play fair when you're piloting, but you're not exactly playing fair yourself." She grins and suddenly shouts as she starts taking fire from... yes, that's Vader's TIE Fighter behind her.

"Careful. He's hard, I hear," Scott says. He doesn't try to interrupt, just idly watching. He smirks towards Jean, adding, "And you really don't want me to actually play dirty." This is said with surety.

Jean grins, "So, I guess you don't want to make a little wager then." She ducks and weaves against Vader's fire, trying hard to avoid taking too many hits.

"And what, praytell, is this wager?" He asks with a smirk, leaning over to look over Jean's shoulder as she plays.

Jean smiles over at Scott, her eyes growing a bit serious, "If I can blow up the Death Star, then you marry me." She keeps her hands on the controls, spinning around as she mentally sends to Scott, >> And yes, I /am/ serious. <<

A blink. Another blink. Okay, that wasn't what Scott was expecting. He points out, "You don't have to link it to the game, you know. Of course," He says, sliding an arm around the woman. "Though if you do it, I'll give you a surprise.

Jean laughs a little, "Just the proper motivation is all I need..." She smiles and suddenly looks a little like Madelyne, the original devil-may-care crazy pilot as Jean channels a few memories in. She keeps flying through the trench, faster and faster with Vader relentless on her heels... until she slams on the brakes, watching Vader fly by, and right into her crosshairs. A flurry of laser shots, and Vader spins off and flies out of the game, lurking for the sequel as Jean kicks the throttle back up to make the final run.

"That's it. You can do it," he says. Scott chuckles, shaking his head as she makes the final run, but doesn't try to interrupt her. Instead, he murmurs, "You're doing really well for the first time you've played this game in a long time."

Jean looks... innocent, or tries to, but for those that have a link to her thoughts, they would know better. She then lines up the shot, and fires the last pair of torpedoes, watching them sail in as she leans back into Scott, raising her arms in victory as she watches the Death Star explosion cinematics.

"You played this before, haven't you?" Scott asks with some amusement. He slips his arms around her from behind, chuckling, "You played that way too well," He points out with a smirk.

Jean grins, "Um, me... no... I have not played the game. But most of the people here have played it for, um, probably the equivalent of several months, all together." She places her hands over Scott's at her waist, giving him a sly look, "Some skills are easier to get than others."

"So you did cheat. Cheater." He is not, in any way, upset about this. Amused, he stretches, "Now I feel bad about playing, I'm pretty sure I won't do -nearly- as well." Actually, he might, he has really good hand-eye coordination. Still!

Jean smiles, "Well, sometimes when you need to get something, you need to go through all the stops." She lightly runs a hand through Scott's hair, "And while I wasn't ready before, I am now." Her lips quirk, "Now, you go blow that overgrown golf ball into dust, love." A grin, and she kisses Scott rather hard on the lips, elicting a few catcalls from the gamers not watching other machines. Pulling back, she laughs softly, "Now go get him."

"Again," Scott says with a grin, "I doubt I'll do as well as you." He settles into place and prepares to play, asking, "So when?" He wonders, trusting Jean's telepathy to get the gist of the question as he focuses on the game.

Jean smiles, >> Maybe this summer? I mean, I don't think we're in /that/ big of a rush, and that would give a break from all the classes too. << She thinks at him through the link, leaning up against Scott as he plays, watching him with a fond expression.

"This summer works," Scott says as he plays. He's focused on the game, and true to word, he doesn't get as far as the CheaterCheaterJean. He does get to the trench before dying. He just smiles over his shoulder, saying, "Told you."

Jean smiles and kisses Scott on the cheek, "I know you thought it fun watching me play, hon." She nods, "And yes, that's what I was thinking. A nice little service at the school, have everyone invited."

"Of course," he says. He stretches, and returns the kiss, rising to his feet. "WE probably should get back though. We have that class this evening, to teach." He wrinkles his brow.

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