Empath at the Ellington Club

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Empath and Finesse

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2013/06/21 23:14

Ellington Club

Empath and Finesse meet at the Ellington Club

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Friday night. All dressed up and nowhere to go, well he has found a place to go. He may be without the Hellfire Club and he may have fallen on hard times, but things have changed and Manuel de la Rocha has found himself back on the top, in his mind anyway.

Opting to hit the town, the Spanish mutant is dressed fancily enough in an Armani tuxedo. Despite the heat with the arrival of summer, it is cool inside the Ellington Club. A jazz band plays a light little ditty and while most people are seated, everyone applauds seemingly loving Manuel and a young lady he is dancing with. Their dance is seemingly mediocre, but for some reason the patrons in the club are seemingly in love with them and the dance.

While this is usually the last type of place one could expect to find her, Jeanne Foucault is doing some background work for a job, which leads her to familiarize with the place on a closer level. As such she's willing to tolerate the crowd and sit a while, at least the music is decent.

She's dressed in form fitting black slacks, a tailored sleeveless white shirt, and short black heels. Unlike Manuel, she is not dancing, and her eyes are nowhere near the dance floor so she doesn't respond like most of the crowd. Instead she seems to constantly examine the room while nodding her head to the music, if only to seem like she's interested in being there.

As the jazz band ends the song, Manuel kisses his dance partner. She embraces, enjoys, and returns the kiss. He bows and she scampers off to be with her boyfriend who for some reason did not mind that she and Manuel made out on the floor to the applause of the audience.
Sighing loudly and a bit bored, Manuel walks over to the bar. Ordering a rum and coke, double, for himself, he peers over and looks off in the distance and notices Finesse. A sly grin forms on his face and when the bartender asks for Manuel to pay, Empath simply looks at him. The bartender winks and says, “On the house.” Nodding, Manuel makes his wave over to Finesse, “Jeanne. . .it has been some time.”

Almost not looking at Manuel at all when he approaches her way, Jeanne eventually levels her gaze with him when he speaks, "Manuel. It has." She notes dryly, before quipping, "I see you're up to your old tricks, if what people say about you is true. Either way, don't worry, I'm not going to judge you for playing with your power." She clearly has hard some of the drama at Xavier's amongst the New Mutants whenever discussing Empath's creepy exploits, or fond memories of the few times Magik has had enough. But then these are not her experiences, and she tended to keep away from the group, so it's mostly fleeting tales. She knows enough to realize Empath has to be watched carefully, and she's noticed his little display of what he can accomplish. Even though he did it for fun, rather than to impress her. "You're still at Xavier's these days?"

Laughing, “No, I am not. I did not enjoy being blind and held in their prison on their little island. I have gotten better and am in a better situation.” Manuel sip his drink and clinks the ice in his glass, “And you? You had left Xaviers before I did. What have you been up to these days? Other than examining life, but not enjoying any of it.”

Jeanne reacts as if someone was just telling her about his vacation in Aruba, detached disinterest, "that so? Sounds like you didn't have that pleasant a time there. It can be a sophocating place, particularly if you're young." Smirking at Manuel, Jeanne quips, "just because I don't partake in mindless frolicing and poisoning myself with intoxicating or addicting substance, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy life. I am working on a lead, I run my own thing, and it pays the bills." Well, he didn't honestly anticipate Jeanne to spill the beans on what she's up to, did he?

“Well that is good then.” Manuel sighs again, also disinterested but not because of some awkward Asperger’s like state, just because he is simply not that interested. “It was incredibly suffocating. Those mutants isolating themselves on an island. . .Charles should be ashamed of them all. . .Utopia is like Magneto’s wet dream.”

"I have nothing to do with mutants affairs, not being one myself, which is mostly why I withdrew from there," Jeanne relates at least that much, "too much politics, too much following a dream or opposing a dream. Nobody from that bunch takes a moment to live in reality." Signaling a waiter over, Jeanne has her glass of water refilled and takes a sip, "you want something to eat Manuel?"

Tilting his head a bit, “Are you asking me on a date, Jeanne?” Manuel asks jokingly. He finishes his rum and coke and gestures for a waitress to bring him another and then points to a nice table. When he points to it, he eyes its current occupants who suddenly stand up and quickly rush up and out of the restaurant. “We have a table.”

"Funny." Jeanne remarks in about the driest tone you could imagine, it's hard to get a rise out of her. "That was rather petty, Manuel," Jeanne appears unimpressed but nevertheless, moves to settle down at the recently cleared table. "People like you are the reason for everybody freaking out about this mutant issue. I think that 'when you got it flaunt it' was only supposed to be a song, rather than a tip for better living." Okay, so when she tells it, even what's meant to be funny is delivered without joy.

His expression is about as dry as that joke. Manuel sighs, “You are able to do just about anything as well. Maybe not original, but able to do things that can get you far.” The pretty little dancer from before catches Manuel’s attention. He winks and stands up, “Well, Jeanne, as interesting and entertaining as dinner with you would have been…It will have to be a raincheck.” He stands up and walks over to the young lady and quickly exits the club.

Jeanne twirls her fingers at Manuel when his attention is caught by the lady he was dancing with earlier, "have fun, Manuel," Jeanne says as she gets up from the table and starts towards the exit. She had concluded her little survey, and there was really no point in staying. Especially now that Empath is about to put Act 2 of his show on display. There were times she would have fended for the poor woman and stopped him. But now she knows there are more important things.

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