Elfy Schemes and Other Things

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Elfy Schemes and Other Things

Nightcrawler, Jean Grey

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12/12/12 15:00

Underground Gymnasium - Xavier Mansion

Jean meets up with Kurt and discusses vengeance and other things.

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-----==[ Underground Gynmasium - Basement - Xavier Mansion ]==----------------

The gymnasium located in the basement could easily put most others in the known world to shame. This room is truly vast, but no space is wasted as fitness equipment is lined along the walls and in the floor. A vast Olympic sized pool sits in the far middle of the room as a corridor leads off to the shower and changing rooms as well as a large sauna and steam bath all of which can easily hold the entire team. Lapping completely around and over the pool, a huge black running track is found. Found on the other side of the room, all types of equipment is placed. Several racks of all types of barbells for any strength level, and several benches line the walls. Tread mills, bicycles, as well as a boxing ring and any exercise equipment imaginable is located here. Also a towel rack, refrigerator, as well as one full wall being made up entirely of a mirror is found in here.
As you listen closely, a large over head CD/tape/radio system blasts music in the gym which always plays up tempo music and the music goes no farther than the gym doors giving that jolt of adrenaline while the team work out.


A student or two may have just left the gym, leaving alone in there the fuzzy elf, sometimes called Kurt. Anyone arriving know might hear the sound of metal sword hitting wood. The metal comes fast and furious, faster than normal one might speculate. Inside, amidst a few wooden dummies and a sword rack, there is a purple mist as the elf ports to and fro, stricking the dummies in various vital areas over and over. Occasionally flipping from one to the other, disappearing and reappearing. One might note that the rack is full of some of his personal swords too.

Suddenly, there's a soft clapping, as Jean is leaning against the door, applauding the display of Kurt's practicing. "I forgot how good you are at that, Kurt." She grins and straightens, striding into the room as she has... definitely a new color to her hair.

As if alarmed at first, Kurt stops somewhere atop one's shoulder, foot atop the dummies head as if he conquered it. He is crouched over though, much like he might of done on the shoulders of Colossus, his sword stuck in the wood somewhere, wiggling with a hint of intertia. "Well," he begins to grin, trying not to, "This is a surprise, this new look is very becoming I might try it ..." Then he looks at his fur and realizes he's already there.

Jean smiles wryly, "Gee, thanks, I'm sure that's /exactly/ what Katherine was thinking." She laughs a bit ruefully, "I'll get her back, when she least expects it. Scott, I'll get back a little sooner than that." Her eyes dance a bit, as she looks at the fuzzy elf, "Hope you don't mind my interrupting."

"Not at all," he grins, falling forward and using his tail to hold onto the dummie for a little flip to the floor. Kurt grins, "So, getting back at Scott, that's the reason for the interruption." He moves forward on all fours, then stands on his feet closer to Jean. "I don't mind that sort of interruption at all, what did you have in mind?"

Jean laughs, "Actually, I already enlisted Kitty's aid for this. He really should be more careful where he parks." Oh... dear. But then Jean continues, "However, I do need to let Kitty know that I'm not letting her off the hook for helping me with that. And I thought you'd have an idea on where to go." Her lips quirk a bit at that.

"I'd say upside down room is a good start," grins Kurt, "But she'd love it. Come to think of it, she'd love any prank, that makes a good one hard for her." He kneels some, brings a hand to rub his chin. "Have Bishop send a computer virus to all Kitty's things that has a hello Kitty head that eats everything on screen?" He starts tossing out random ideas.

Jean snickers, "I did think about placing a compulsion to wear Hello Kitty gear into her head, but that would be cheating." She smiles a little, "I have to admit, I'm not exactly used to pranking, since when I was a student... well, it was me and four boys. They left me alone."

"You know, set up a special class for her to teach, just fill the room full of target dummies or jello molds - with Hello Kitty masks," says Kurt, going with Hello Kitty theme, "Make it a recurring theme, put a Hello Kitty masked dummy in her room, in her tool box, at the gym when she goes to warm up."

Jean laughs a little, "That sounds remarkably creepy... but somewhat amusing. I think I'll have to do this. And enlist the kids to help." She grins, and it might make one question the wisdom of Charles giving her an entire school of students to use as minions. "I'm pretty sure they'll love it."

"Ja, spitze," begins Kurt, slipping into some German, brining it back, "Ja .... an exercise in stealth, teamwork and coordination. They'll love it, except for Mercury, she'll think its too immature for faculty to be teaching students, see something dangerous in it, then walk away most likely." He chuckles a little though, "But yes, creepy but enough to grab her attention I imagine. I'll help if you like."

Jean smiles, "Well, if you won't get into trouble..." Apparently, she's heard a few things, and tilts her head, "I would definitely appreciate all the help I can get." She chuckles, "I'm pretty sure I can get Mercury on board. Maybe even some of the visiting Avengers that are teaching here."

"I would enjoy helping," grins Kurt, "At the least, after some coordination, I can make sure she is out of the Mansion to keep her distracted and let everyone do as they will." Then he ponders some more, "And if you can get most everyone on board with the prank, it would be funny at the time she finds the room full of dummies that they coordinate to be all in the gym or at the pool, pretending to have a party."

Jean chuckles, "Oh, I /like/ that idea. And I think I can do one better." She doesn't share what, exactly, but looks at Kurt instead, "So anyway, how /have/ you been? I haven't even asked, as I've been busy with plotting my vengeance."

Kurt lets it ride, if anyone knows better to put a thought into someone's head that might later be extraced over cheesecake and fudge, its Jean. Aside from that, "Brav - good, on the nice list for Old St. Nicolas. After the moon ordeal, its actually like we have down time. Good reason to sneak up here, steal some of your students and practice the sword - except the ones that think its too dangerous to touch a real sword without any practice on a wooden sword first."

Jean nods, "And the entire thing with Ultron as well... it's why Scott and I took a bit of a break. But now, well, it's going a lot better. And I think some things have been sliding, I want the students to make sure this is a school, first and foremost."

"I hate to say it," says Kurt, "But I think you're right, a little mouthy this bunch. If I were Logan, I would of stabbed one by now." A feigned dark look to him, lord knows Kurt couldn't really stab anyone, let a lone a student. "You two seem to be keeping Dani Moonstar pretty busy, which is good, she'd go stir crazy in Ship if she didn't have this occupation."

Jean rolls her eyes a little at the mention of mouthy students, "They aren't all bad, but quite a few seem to think they are ready to just go out half-cocked and start trying to be 'superheroes'. Which is the last thing I want to see." She shakes her head, "They just aren't ready, and more to the point, they think that they /are/."

Chuckling a little, Kurt nods in agreement, "Which is you saying, thank goodness Genosha and Magneto are off in some other dimension? I have to admit that's starting to become a concern now, I thought some Avengers were working on that issue, but the ball is dropped, or its a bigger issue than anyone realizes ..."

Jean sighs, "Much as I dislike the man, Genosha and Magneto being off in some other dimension is not something I'd want. But according to Reed, it's not in the Dark Dimension but rather in some /other/ dimension... and they need to narrow it down." She considers a moment, "I'll have to talk with Carol, and see what else they've found out."

"Has anyone just asked Dr. Pym if he's had some particles accidently send them off to some corner of the Macroverse," ponders Kurt, flippantly, just throwing random ideas out there, indicated he has none of his own and hasn't been up on the situation. "Not that I would know, I mean, if someone needs an elf when they find the place, I'm in, but finding it - I'd have more luck finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow."

Jean blinks, then stifles a laugh. "Oh, that's so bad... I'm pretty sure Carol would have asked, though." She gives Kurt a wry look, "Thanks, I needed that. Much as I needed to be pranked, though I'd never admit it to Kitty." Her hand absently goes to her now-indigo locks, "How bad is it, really? I've been a redhead all my life, so..."

"Its nice, I like it actually," says Kurt, honestly, "Kitty went with it because its the last color people would expect you to sport. Just don't let Surge see it, she'll come up with a new color for her hair, make it a game. But it looks good. Just get a super suit to match it."

Jean smiles, "Thanks... though, I have been thinking of a new costume. My current one is pretty utilitarian. I was almost thinking of going back to something like the student costumes, like my first costume as Marvel Girl."

Kurt offers a lewd sort of 'Oh' shape to his mouth, like he would oogle the costume a little too much. "I vote yes on this idea, one hundred percent. Don't tell Scott, but I'd like it."

Jean smirks a bit, "You /do/ realize I don't mean the miniskirt, right?" She chuckles and shakes her head, "The one that actually has pants... I need to be practical, being the Headmistress of the school and all that."

A short pause from Kurt, he mouths an 'oh? ... oh .... Ohhhhh ...' as if he gets it, ending with more of an awww .... Then he grins just the same, "Ja, I completely thought that it was the pants version ... its just as good, you should still go for it, mask and all? I might use a mask too, Zorro or Tuxedo Mask style."

Jean grins, "As long as you don't get an eye-patch and become the Dread Pirate Kurt." She gives Kurt a wry look, "Though, maybe I should go for something completely different... what, I'm not sure of, exactly."

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