Ejecting Gypsy Moth

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Gypsy Moth and Havok

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07/12/12 09:00

Ready Room - Xavier Mansion

Havok kicks Gypsy Moth off the team

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A simple text was sent to GM, "Ready Room, now."

Havok is found in the Ready Room. The far wall projects the members of X-Factor in squares. Havok, Nightcrawler, Mirage in the first row. Second row has Lifeguard, Siryn and Lorna. Third row has Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Dervish.

Those members that have left or been removed from the team have a red slash through the image. Additionally, there are words noting the name, powers, and other minor aspects. Beneath GM's picture is a listing of suspected and known criminal activity. Highlighted in red is Illegal Drug Distribution.

At present, Havok is wearing his costume and standing in front of the monitors looking over the 5'x5' image.

It takes ten minutes for Sybil to make her way down to ready room. She actually looks tired, with faint bags under her eyes and her hair still in the process of weaving itself into twin braids. Her outfit is a simple sundress, green with large sunflowers printed upon it. Her feet are bare.

"I have several hours of accounting left to do, Alex." Sybil bitches as she enters the room, "I have to figure out how much your friend Ms. Cooper cost me. The profits I made from the rave I sponsored last night will not make up for it."

Turning, he grins and asks, "Accounting; For what? How much you lost in illegal drug sales?" His question is simple and with a very annoyed tone, regardless of the grin.

"Party drugs, Alex." Sybil sighs and settles into one of the chairs. "Pot. Ectasy. Magic mushrooms. Peyote. Drugs which, quite honestly, SHOULD be legal and would be if the tobacco and alcohol consotriums weren't trying to keep a monopoly on legal, mind and body chemistry altering substances." Her hair finishes braiding itself. "No hard drugs and I didn't sell them. They were free to members."

"Should, would, could... isn't. When we first met you stated you were not performing any illegal activities. Namely illegal drug distribution. Selling, giving away... irrelevant. The point is; what you were doing is illegal. So, my next question is, do you intend to pursue such a venture again in the future while still associating with our team?"

Sybil laughs. "I run an illegal sex club. Or did. No permits. No alcohol license. No insurance. Do you know how illegal that is? You didn't seem to mind when it could benefit you. Which it still can, by the way. All my members will come back if and when I reestablish things." She leans forward. "Every one of my members is a consenting adult, Alex. I do not subvert children. No one under the age of twenty-one. They are capable of making decisions about their own lives."

"You told me it was legal. You assured me that you were not into the distribution of illegal substances and listed that it was a /legal/ operation. We are not under prohibition laws, so in my assessment, those persons there were performing legal, albeit debaucherous, acts. I'm not discussing the sexual activities or contributing to minors. I'm discussing the legal versus illegal aspects of the club you ran. Now that you bring to light you were operating illegally without permits, that only adds to the issue. So, back to my question. Do you intend to build another like facility and continue with your illegal activity?"

Sybil smiles, like a school girl caught smoking in the bathroom. "I lied about the drugs. The rest... I never told you that my establishment was legal. In fact, I went out of my way to suggest the government didn't need to know about it. They don't give permits for institutions like mine, Alex. Nor do they grant insurance policies. Nor do they issue alcohol licenses. Of course it was illegal. Something you must have known." She pauses, "I suppose I could have operated under pornography licenses... I was filming everything..." She trails off. "I will have to think about that. But... to answer your question? I don't know. I don't know if I have the money to establish a new club right now."

"Then we need to have an understanding. Our team works for the government. I realize that the government goes outside the law, their law, but we do not. We, X-Factor, is a team that's designed to promote a good, healthy, and positive aspect of the mutant community so that the world can see that we're not born evil. I allowed your sex club because I assumed, a mistake on my part, that you were above board - especially with the associations you maintained. However, knowing what I know now, what has come to light. I am no longer going to tolerate it. It is a simple decision for you. Either you continue with your organization, or continue with ours."

"You allowed my club because you saw a way to use my clients to your advantage. Something you won't be able to do if I don't HAVE the club." Sybil notes. "Because when the Sentinels come out to play... and I saw that news report about the one popping up from the river... you want to at least have officials in the government of New York City on your side in case the federal government isn't. Don't kid yourself." She lets out a very long sigh. "However, I do admit that it is nice to be on a team AND live in a place where you don't have to worry about the house spying on you while you are in the shower." She shivers. "The Tower of Shadows was creepy."

"I'm not kidding myself, nor am I kidding you. This so-called benefit turned into a liability. You have 4 hours to decide. If you wish to continue with your illegal projects, then you need to pack your bags and get out of my house."

"Tell me... how many mutants in this mansion are unregistered?" Sybil asks. "How many laws do the X-Men break whenever they go out on a mission? What permits does Bishop have for all that hardware he keeps lugging around? Is the Danger Room registered with S.W.O.R.D.? How many people who pilot the Blackbird have pilots licenses that cover supersonic aircraft? How often do we go through customs when we leave and enter the country?" She rises to her feet. "The fact is, Alex Summers, this isn't your house. I will not reopen the club while I live here but you are a guest as much as I am. Last I heard, your brother wears the pants in this family."

"Again, you're tossing up straw-men in your argument. Discussing things that do not pertain to X-Factor and your status on this team. I will admit this is not /my house/. But, X-Factor is my team. I'm done with your attitude, your insubordination and lack of interest in doing the right thing for mutants and society. Your probationary period has expired and you need to pack your things and go back to being the criminal you are."

"Really? That's interesting." Sybil says as she regards Alex, "Because I think if I found out that a cop let all manner of illegal activity happen under his nose, I would think the cop was dirty. Or incompetent. The truth is, Alex, you're the government's hound dog. You only enforce the law when you are told to, like a good bitch. Otherwise, you are happy to ignore what your friends are doing. If you truly believed in your dream of mutants showing they can work within the law, you would actually enforce it all the time, not just when it suited you." She rises to her feet, "You know, though, you are right. Maybe it is time I did the right thing for mutants. I understand the school needs instructors. I should go see the headmistress right away."

"Oh yeah, what are you going to teach? BDSM sex positions 101? Get the fuck out before I arrest your ass and turn you over to SHIELD."

"No... I don't think I will." Sybil says with a sigh. "Really, Alex. I agreed to your terms. I said I wouldn't reopen my club while I was on the team. Are you really going to be petulant and kick me off because I challenged your authority?"

The glow on Havok's chest flashes whiter and his fists tighten. Just like if one were to challenge a police officer about being pulled over, there's a line that one should not cross otherwise they are risking arrest.

Alex takes a step forward, elbows bend and she's seen him take the posture before, right before he blasts.

Sybil frowns. Yes, there's genuine fear in her eyes. Still, she says, quietly. "You should think about this, Alex. I haven't threatened you. I haven't tried to hurt you. Are you really going to shoot plasma at me because you don't like what I'm saying? What sort of example is that to set for the kiddies?"

"One." he says in a very annoyed tone. Apparently he's counting.

Sybil shakes her head. "I honestly expected better of you." On the other hand, she has no desire to suffer plasma burns over her lovely body, so she turns around and walks toward the door.

"You have an hour to pack up and get out." he says just before the door closes automatically behind her. He's back in the mood to blast something.

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