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Arachne, Madame Masque, Madame Hydra/Viper (emitted by Black Panther)

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A Swanky Club in Manhattan

Arachne eavesdrops on Madame Hydra and Masque

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There are many bars, clubs, lounges, and the like all about the city. In Midtown there's this place called Evan-to which is more Italian than anything else. It's a lounge and a very nice after-eight place with an eclectic after-eight crowd. Soft music plays in the background and the lower lighting of the establishment provides anonymity to those who want to stay under the radar. It's a great place to go after a long stressful day of work where one can have a glass of wine either at a bar, in a booth, or at a small cocktail table and just relax.

Work is a very loose translation for what Julia does for a living, but tonight she is free from patrolling the streets of the city and the reports that come with the capture of villians. It had been awhile since she's had the chance to get out and act like a normal person. This place came highly recommended by collegues so she decided to check it out. Being by herself, but not wanting to have to deal with strange guys hitting on her she has taken a table, giving the implication that she is meeting someone.

The lounge is mid sized, allowing an occupancy of just under 100 people. The small lamps at the side tables provide decent lighting while candles in the floating tables provide additional mood lighting. Recessed lighting along the walls and of course at the bar (and from the small kitchen in the back) allow for recognition of faces if recognizable.

One such 'recognizable' person is Madame Hydra/Viper who is seated in one of the rear booths talking to a lovely woman with long straight black hair who isn't as easily recognized. Both are dressed in stylish black leather pants and a functional long sleeved top. Next to them are jackets (on the booth). Madame Hydra is easily recognized because of her long, dark green hair (matching eyebrows, eyes, and lipstick).

The two women seem to be discussing 'business' (or more serious subjects) with casual expressions and having glasses of wine.

Schooling her expression of surprise at seeing the villianess across the bar. Not wanting to take any chances of being recognized herself, thank goodness for face masks, she turns in her chair so all that can seen of her from an angle is a partial profile. Taking a sip of her own drink she pulls her phone from her purse, feigning sending a text, while she snaps a picture (turning off the flash) of the woman instead.

The women continue to talk, more wine is brought and the night edges on. Other patrons mingle about, socialize and an unfamiliar male walks up to the chair opposite Julia. He's likely a local broker and winding down for the evening. He has a glass of beer in his left hand and he offers a line, "Noticed you sitting alone. Thought maybe I could entice you into company?"

Having been looking for an excuse to switch tables, without it looking suspicious, Julia smiles up at the gentlemen when he offers her the perfect opprotunity "Entice away." she rubs her arms as if she were cold "It's a bit drafty here though. Do you mind changing tables though?" she gestures to a table near where the Hydra ladies sit, one in easy listening distance. "That one?

He'll be glad to pull his chair and introduce himself as "Dale Cooper" while walking over to the other table. They take a seat and Julia can hear words of the conversation.

MH: "Exactly my dear Masque. She needs to be stopped before going further with her plans."

MM: "Yet, neither of us wish to expend the resources to do it. What would you suggest?"

"Julia Cornwall." she introduces herself, giving her former last name instead. At the table she makes sure to sit so that her back is mostly to those she is trying to eavesdrop on. Having brought her drink with her she sets it on the table before her, "I take it you are out by yourself too?" she asks as a starter to her cover conversation.

Cooper nods, "Yes. I was referred here by a friend who couldn't make it. Though I quickly realized they didn't have pie, so I opted for beer and good company."

Julia nods, showing or feigning an appropiate amount of interest in what the man across from her says. As for the Hydra ladies she only passively listens to their conversation. Having one conversation and listening to another is something she hasn't done in awhile and she is somewhat out of practice, but does her best, waiting for key words to tune into "That's to bad. I doubt an upscale place such as this would make a decent pizza anyway. Is the beer as good as the company?

Meanwhile, behind Julia:

MH: "There are so many do-gooders willing to put a stop to her and the Dragon Tong. It's just a matter of setting the right bait, giving the right provocation, and into the fray - they will leap."

MM: "Ooh, quite. I've heard of this new organization without a name. The Black Panther is getting several low level heroes together to combat villainy. Perhaps that could be our weapon against Yi Yang?"

Cooper corrects, "I meant the other type of pie. Cherry, Apple, Pecan. It's been so long since I've had a decent slice."

The mention of Dragon Tong sends her auditory attention backwards so much so that she almost misses what is being said to her by Dale. In consequence she chuckles a few seconds late at her own misunderstanding, but she is willing to let him think her an airhead in this situation "Oh, I guess that comes from living in New York so long. Maybe its time to move back to California."

"Northern or southern?" asks Cooper as he grows a little more interested. Then comments, "Northern is far more appealing to my senses than the south."

"Southern, born and raised in Los Angeles. Though I would agree, the northern part is much more appealing." she leans foward slightly, one elbow resting on the table "I liked the surfing better on the northern beaches, it was much more..." she pauses a moment as if searching for the right word but she is really just listening behind her for more information "colorful? The people especially.

He smiles, "If you mean the hippies in the VW vans and then everyone from Berkley who thought surfing could be done while eating kelp sandwiches and wearing sandals with socks.... then yes, colorful."

Julia puts fingers to lips as she bites back a laugh at the description "That is just a small percentage of the characters you will find. A lot of the really hardcore and professional surfers spend time there. It's colder water, rockier so not as crowded with the surfing newbies.

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