Drugs Are Bad

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Empath, Takara, and Drug Students

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06/12/12 19:00

Annexed Forest - Massachusetts Academy

Empath and Takara catch a drug deal and Empath busts it.

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Evening looms over the Massachusetts Academy as two students are meeting suspiciously in the Annexed Forest. The two whisper to each other as they seem to have exchanged something. Watching from afar is Manuel. Dressed all in black he remains hidden by some trees as he stalks the students and smirks, “Someone is going down.”

Takara is so not one of those students doing bad things, she has to be a role model and behave herself after recent events. She was doing just that, sitting be herself in the forest while getting her head sorted out. How long she was within ear shot of these other students is hard to tell, her curiousity leading her to hide nearby and see what they are doing.

The two students nods at each other and then walk away from each other. From his hidden part, Manuel’s eyes begin to glow. The students suddenly freeze in place and seem confused and then stare back at each other. Manuel starts to laugh to himself as he reveals himself.

Takara keeps going with hidden for the moment, having to adjust her kneeled position wit hher mouth hanging open. She had suspected Manuel did stuff to people, but seeing it this blantently still makes her shiver. Her emotional state was already going up and down for the past few days, now it is stabalized into surprise.

A smirk forms on his face as he can sense another by their emotions, stable though they be. The two students turn to Manuel and then kneel down before him. The Spaniard shouts out, “I know there is someone watching. . .Do I have to make you kneel down as well?” He quirks an eyebrow as he looks in the general direction Takara is hiding.

Takara bows her head forward as she is deciding which course of action to take, flight a viable option if she acts. She has had enough of being flighty, yelling back, "You would do that to the person that stopped one of your crazy exs cutting you up?" Takara takes in a deep breath as she stands up and walks out with her arms crossed, dark hoodie, jeans, construction gloves and hiking boots worn, "I don't doubt you would do that." Takara was always good at looking calm on the outside, finding her back bone as she approaches.

“Ah Takara-san. No I have yet to actually use my abilities on you. And you think I would.” Manuel frowns, “I am hurt.” With that the two kneeling beside him, Manuelk gestures with his hand and like a puppetmaster pulling strings. They stand, “Empty your pockets, boys.” One drops out two small bags of cocaine. The other drops a large some of money. Manuel shakes his head, “You realize I was only trying to figure out who was the drug dealer on campus and who the primary buyer was.” He looks between the boys and they nod at the accusation. “But you thought I was doing something bad,, huh?”

Takara looks at the boys as she walks over to Manuel and sighs, "I noticed that much. I hope to see them being given the fullest extent of punishment" She spares a look for the lads that are trapped mentally, she has no love of drug dealers. Takara stands to the side and looks to Manuel, "Armand would disagree. But lets deal with these two first, before we delve into that can of worms."

“But of course.” Manuel and Takara take the dealers to the Administration Building.

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