Dreams of Shadow...cat

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Dreams of Shadowcat

Shadowcat phantasm

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08/24/12 22:00

Kitty's dream

Kitty has a nightmare that no one can see or hear her. One passing by does.

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-----==[ In Dreams - RP Suite #1 ]==------------------------------------------

The walls are quite fluffy

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A social gathering as members of excalibur, xmen and xfactor mingled and chatted. A purple cat sized dragon on Shadowcat's shoulder as everyone was in costume. Angry voices were heard outside approaching the mansion. The large window shattered and anti-mutant protestors poured in, drawing guns. Kitty backed away scared, looking around, she tried to get the attention of Captain Britain, but he didn't hear her "Why don't you listen to me?" then rushed over to Havok "You have to do something. WE have to do something, the kids are in danger!" but he too was oblivious. What /was/ going on?

Within this dream ridden with the confusion of people gathered around with some being clueless to a threat breaking into the mansion, there is more cause for confusion happening above. Although, with the distracting nature of the guns, it's quite forgivable to miss the sudden, bulge of the ceiling as inky deformed darkness pops out of it. The heavy landing on the floor next to Kitty's feet however, is another matter. The darkly clad hooded figure lies facedown on the floor for a few moments, tendrils of black shadow reforming his sides but he doesn't move yet. Instead there's a floor muffled obscenity instead. It is not the best of Phantasm's entrances. But it is notable.

Shadowcat jumps at the thud on the floors, looking down she gasps at the dark figure and although not the brightest idea she bends down to touch where his shoulder approximately ought to be "A-are you alright?" Then looks to the purple dragon on her shoulder and scoops it into her arms like a pet to hug for comfort.

Being that this place is a creation of Shadowcat's dream, her prodding of the figure makes him seem quite solid to her. That is until he starts pushing himself up. Without the sense of touch on his end to alert him to Kitty's attempts, he does not compensate accordingly as he basically passes through Kitty's hand. The glowing features of the eyes and jagged teeth give a bit of a grimace as he moves to his feet. "Yeah yeah. Unplanned detour. Give me a sec and I'll be on my way."

Kitty stepped back frightened, more that he passed thru her touch depsite feeling solid then from his features. Huh..odd..."You're the Phantasm, please no one is listening to me. Can you help?"

As someone he hasn't met refers to him by his chosen name, the creature turns, looking to Kitty, the shadow not helping convey what expression he likely would be having. "Yeah..." He turns, scruitinizing the scene, seeing the folks with guns and then looks back to Kitty, "If you want them to and raise your voice more, they will listen." Advice given, he runs towards the protestors, shifting in his stride as he takes on the form of a wolf, teeth exposed.

Things just got weirder and weirder as Kitty looked at phantasm trying to puzzle out why he didn't quite seem like a dream character. she thought her worst fear had come true, phased and unable to interact with the real world...but he'd heard her...so what did she have to lose? With a deep breath she yelled at everyone "YOU HAVE TO SNAP OUT OF IT! lISTEN TO ME! THE CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER, WE ALL ARE! LOOK!" pointing to the protestors before running tooward them and drawing one of her swords. This thankfully got everyone's attention and they jumped into action. Shadowcat started cutting off gun barels and phasing ammo out of the guns "Didn't anyone tell you it's not nice to play with guns?"

With the others now in battle assisting Kitty with her percieved threat, Phantasm brandishes his teeth at one of the protesters, a snap of the teeth enough to cause a partial retreat of them. The Phantasmic wolf turns his head, looking to Kitty, "There you go! Look! They're starting to run away!"

Kitty looked over at the Phantasm wolf and beamed, before looked around at the three teams. Noticing that slowly as one protestor after another was defeated they poofed into nothingness. Soon there was cheering and backclapping. Kitty dropped the handfuls of ammo onto the ground and looked at the Phantasm wolf "Thank you!"

Battle done with and the 'threat' taken care of, Phantasm starts to shift once more, this time into the smaller form of the 2-3 foot raven. "No thanks needed." He replies, glancing to the crowd, "Looks like you got everything else covered so, I'm going to head off." The beak uptilts in acknowledgement of Kitty. "Sleep well."

Smiling, Shadowcat in her costume nods "Stay safe then Phantasm" then laughs as the others somehow found a cake to bring out, it really was a party now.

Farewells given, the bird spreads his wings and flies towards a wall. As he collides with it, the wall bends in with the force before moving back into place as the bird vanishes.

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