Dream encounters

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Dream Encounters

Richenda Gray, Phantasm

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07/20/12 23:00

Richenda's dream

While dream traveling, Phantasm comes across Richenda's nightmare and stops by to give her something else to dream about.

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-----==[ In Dreams - RP Suite #1 ]==------------------------------------------

The walls are very fluffy and cloud like. There's the faint glimmer of sleeping bodies outside.

In an infirmary underground, in a super-secret place unknown to most of the world, monitors record the vitals of an unconscious girl. She's bandaged, bruised, burned, and very still, almost pitifully small in the big infirmary med-bed.

But that's not where she is right now.

Right now, she's alone and surrounded by destruction. The air ripples with heat that she barely feels, making her hair waft as if she's underwater. Her eyes widen with horror as she realizes what's on fire; the sign out front of the blasted, burning fairground, ignited but not burning away, reads WACHOWSKI BROTHERS CIRCUS.

"No..." she moans in anguish, and turns away...

And now she sees the ruins of what was once a stately mansion, similarly in flames. And she doesn't need a sign to know what it was. "No... no! I didn't do that! I /know/ I didn't do that!" Chenda screams hoarsely, shaking her head in horrified disbelief. But the flames burn on, ignoring her.

There's a less than welcoming sight in this bubble of Chenda's creation. A creation that generally would be just Chenda's alone to witness but off in the darker edges of the dream where the borders lie, the overcast but fluffy wall of dreamyness shifts as something from outside presses upon it. The smallest of buldges appears before a purplish black figure that ends up on the other end. The wall moves back to its initial position as nothing presses upon it anymore.

Wings spread, the far off observer blends into the darkness as he flies over the scene. He likely would have continued flying had it not been for the screams of the familiar voice below. Head and body turning, the bird adjusts his path, going in closer.

Chenda takes an unconscious step back, unaware as of yet that she's got company. "I didn't... I didn't!" A long pause, filled with the hurricane roar of the flames from both sides of her. "Maybe I did. Maybe they were looking for me. Maybe everyone else is dead, because of me..." she says, her voice soft but filling with dreadful conviction as she looks back over her shoulder at the fairground.

She steps forward again. "Mr. Summers... Kurt... Leyu-sama... Alex... are you dead?" The landscape offers no answers, only the inferno's glow and heat. She reaches out a hand to the burning wreckage of the mansion. "Should I just... step in and see?"

Upon reaching the ground, the raven looks towards the girl, recognizing her. Phantasm shifts, taking the form of his stage persona before he speaks, "Chenda?"

Caught up in the hypnotic dancing of the fire, Chenda almost doesn't hear Phantasm. It takes a tremendous effort to turn and look at the source of the voice, greeting him with an incredulous, confused stare. "Mick?"

Mike gives a nod. A hand lifts up in a wave before he lets it drop, "Hey." He looks at the younger mutant, acting as if there's no fire to look at, "How're you doing?"

"I don't know. The last thing I remember was falling," Chenda murmurs, shivering even in this heat. She keeps her eyes on him, reaching out to touch the shadow-stuff of Mick Draygo's shoulder. "Are you... /alive/?" Because if he's here, and he's alive, she must be too. Right?

Mike glances over, cracking a small smile, "Yes, just sleeping." He tilts his head towards her, "Like you... We're in your dream. There's no fire."

Chenda sighs softly in relief, her eyes slipping shut. And the hellish red glow over everything slowly fades, along with the wreckage of two parts of her past. Now, there's only peaceful darkness, and a faint glow which somehow lights it up enough to see. "Sleeping... dreaming..." She looks up at him again. "And... I'm dreaming about you..?" She shakes her head, smiling bemusedly. Freud would have a field day with this, no doubt.

As the less than happy scenery goes away, Mike's smile strengthens. He chuckles as he looks to the only scenery that's more than just darkness. "No. You're not dreaming about me." He corrects, shaking his head, "It's more like I just happened along the scene." He folds his arms glancing around, "You know, it's not often people get to be clued in that they're dreaming while they're actually doing it. Let's have some fun with this." His smile twists into more of a mischevious smirk, "What do you want to dream about?"

"So... you're here in my dream, but I'm not dreaming about you?" Chenda reaches forward, touching his other shoulder. "Yes... you're here." The fact that she can just accept this might say something for the state she's in.

It's a good question. "What /do/ I want to dream about? I don't know." She shuts her eyes again. "Maybe just the first thing that comes into my mind..."

A moment later, the darkness takes form. The dressing room of the first Mick Draygo show that Chenda ever attended, where she helped backstage with the setup. Wade's there, demonstrating superb air-guitar technique while Mike slowly becomes Mick at the mirror. And watching them both, laughing at Wade's snappy patter as he shreds those imaginary strings, is Chenda, her denims and hoodie showing signs of dampness.

The Chenda touching Phantasm slowly opens her eyes, sighing softly at the sight. "I remember that... I had to go out and buy you that jar of foundation, and it was raining cats and dogs."

As Chenda reaches over to touch him, he does seem quite tangible to her. Phantasm looks to the Drago double and then towards Wade, an expression a bit wistful as he watches Wade air guitar. "Can't have the pale look without the right stuff to tone things down. Concert was fun though." He looks back over to the girl, "Are you going to be okay?"

"Is he still getting better?" Chenda asks. She does remember hearing Wade play. It's easier than answering a question that she really can't answer. But she does try. "I don't know. I haven't dreamed about home in a long time," she whispers. "Something brought it all back." She shivers. "I think you got here just in time..."

Mike nods, "He's feeling better. Once the thing about who hired Scorpia gets resolved, we might try having him play again." He pauses, looking to the scenery. "Yeah, this is an improvement. Might as well enjoy yourself while you're dreaming."

"I hope I can be there to hear it." Chenda smiles faintly, then takes a deep breath. "I know I was hurt. I remember Sentinels, the kind that can be invisible. They blew up the house..." Her grip on Phantasm's shoulders tightens, and as she looks him in the face, her eyes hold traces of fear and pain. "I couldn't hurt them. All I could do was knock them down, and it wasn't enough... and then one of them grabbed me. So much pain... I smelled sulfur, and I remember falling. That's all I remember." She looks into his eyes. "Please come back? I don't know how long I'll be asleep..."

Phantasm is quiet for awhile, processing the information, despite not feeling her grip. The line of his lips thin as he nods and proceeds to sit down on the ground of the dream instead of leaving. "I'll stick around." He offers, "Until one of us is about to wake."

Chenda sighs in relief, sinking down beside Phantasm as the memory goes on around them. She leans over to give him a quick hug. "Thank you, Mike..."

"You're welcome."

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