Dragonslayers: Reunion

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Dragonslayers Reunion

Morbius, Gabriel, Dr. Marinos

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2009/07/26 13:00

Bellvue Hospital

Dr. Michaels spots some familiar faces from an investigation at the place he works… (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Hematology Lab - Bellvue Hospital ]==--------------------------------

T he hematology lab at Bellvue is fairly spacious, but often short-staffed. The room has a white, hard tile floor with some sort of glossy coating. There are numerous tables, stools, and plastic chairs arranged in neat rows, using a great deal of the available space, but leaving comfortable aisles between.

Multiple large microscopes, large analyzers, centrifuges, a PCR machine, and more squat atop the tables, with laptop stations and PCs scattered between, where there is room. There's even a 'hotbox' with two pairs of attached sleeve-sheathes.



Dr. Michaels

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[O] - Bellvue Hospital - Midtown

Today, 'Dr. Morgan Michaels' (actually the erstwhile Living Vampire, Michael Morbius' wasn't feeling...sociable. The strange encounter with the pale, spider-filled woman in Hell's Kitchen still haunts him. Oddly, she seemed to be trying to reach out to him in some strange fashion. He's been distracted a bit, glad he doesn't have an ER shift today.

He's actually eating a bit more. His friend and confidante, Dr. Jacob Weisenthal, has been encouraging him to try and get his body more used to normal food when possible, as opposed to sustaining himself purely on blood. 'TTreating the symptoms' he reiterated.

But it's not much. He's grown unused to eating and hospital cafeteria food is...well.

He sits at one of the large tables, babysitting a PCR process the police farmed out to the lab. Matching some DNA from a break-in. He holds a sandwich, tuna on wheat with mayo and lettuce. It's light, nothing his system revolts against, but he's barely taken a few bites.

It is likely a good thing that Dr. Michaels is not working in the ER as the folks down there are dealing with some instances that will also likely eventually bring up the need to do some cooperation with law enforcement. There also appears to be one visitor from that general section of the hospital with an INCREDIBLE set of lungs as obscenities blanket the hallways leading in that direction. Fortunately the door blocks out the majority of the noise, that is until the figure of one of the older, greying doctors of the hospital cracks the door open.

"YOU GODDAMN COC-" The doctor steps in quickly so he can close the door behind him, muffling the rest of that particular utterance. The man, revealed to be Dr. Marinos doesn't approach, leaving a sizable distance from the other doctor as he takes note of the sandwich and starts to frown a little, "Ah. I was going to ask if you wanted something from the cafeteria..."

'Morgan' looks up at that and takes a moment before replying, "Ah. No. Thank you. But if you need some shelter from the storm I just heard." he offers. He hesitates to ask the next but forges ahead, "How are...how are you holding up?" Simple conversation, still getting used to it, but then again, this is again about death...isn't that always the way? Dr. Marinos just lost his son recently - homicide.

At the invitation to hide out in the lab is extended, the smile returns a little only to be quashed again with the added inquiry. The elder man tilts his head down, taking a moment to clear his throat. He looks over to a workstation that is pretty much clear of any ongoing work and shifts over, unblocking the window of the door as he sets about claiming a seat. "Whoever said time heals all, never lost a son." He finally responds, shaking his head, "But, he was a bit troubled before his passing. I was somewhat expecting this. It should be easier." He looks over to Morgan, "Shouldn't it?"

Close to home? Yes, tell that to the man who found his fiancee dying of a gunshot wound then -drank her blood- after she died only a few months ago. "I...know, a bit more than I've been willing to talk about." he offers, "I lost my fiancee a few months back. I've been burying myself in my work a bit as of late." he also adds, "Mandy's been a bit forward and I wasn't sure if I should tell her that or not." He's talking about Mandy Tyler, senior exec assistant.

At the mention of Mandy being forward towards Morgan, Dr. Marinos's brows raise. "Miss Tyler?" From the tone of his voice, he seems a bit surprised. He hurms, "If you want her to slow down, that might work. I think." He pauses. "Actually, I have no clue about women. Claudia was quite, frank about matters but I was wondering if she was an exception to the rule."

The shouting outside gets a bit louder causing for a flurry of police uniforms to move past in the direction of the ER, one of which bears a resemblance to someone seen before. Awhile back.

The pseudo-vampire (though supressed at the moment) rises as the commotion races by outside. He's good a good memory for faces, a very good one, actually, and he knows one of those faces, "A lot of activity, and a lot of uniforms, what do you think is going on?" he asks, the invitation of 'want to go see?' clear in his voice.

Dr. Marinos shakes his head, waving his hand in dismissal, "Just a round of more cut up dealer types. He turns his head, looking towards the window, his angle granting him a view of the end of the hallway from which the police officers came from, "Probably are on someth-" He pauses, "Uh-hum." He shifts to his feet, "What about your lunch?" He looks over to the PCR stuff. "And your work?'

Oh yes, still holding a sandwich, ah well...another few quick, forced bites follow, "Only a bit hungry today, it seems. And really, this part involves watching the tansparency fill up. It's not strictly -necessary-." Dr. Michaels says, "You can't tell me you aren't curious. You know, tedium leavened with moments of excitement?"

SYS: Dr. Michaels rolls 1d10: 6

The other doctor's eyes narrow a bit at the prompt as he shakes his head, "Honestly, I could care less what those p-" He pauses, frowning as he moves towards the door, "I'm going to head back to my area, try not to get hurt by them." The door opens, causing for the sounds of the screams to amplify. True to his word, Marinos turns, heading in the opposite direction.

Soon after, another familiar, tweed suit wearing, non-coworker face walks by the doorway, also heading away from the ER area.

Well, it's certainly a day for random luck, isn't it? And how nice, being a doctor, he has an excuse to go almost anywhere. Shame about Marinos, but he can, perhaps, try to make it up to the man later. For the moment, he leaves the lab, moving at a purposeful pace, helps to look like you -have- a reason.

With the ER forgotten and the direction changed, Dr. Michael's pursuit is not noticed amongst the chaos as a few more uniforms run by in the opposing direction. The contrast of the man's tweed compared to the scrubs of the doctors and the blues of the NYPD is the saving grace as the man gets jostled by opposing traffic.

The man who Moribus has recognized continues his path, seemingly knowing where he wishes to go. He turns around a corner, pace slowing as he's patiently allowing others past. In contrast to Tweedy's slower pace, Marinos has long since vanished, likely succeeding in his approach to his own station.

Interesting indeed, Morbius thinks, the man is wandering about without escort or authorization. Of course, so long as he doesn't follow too closely, and honestly, after so many years on the hunt, he's gotten very good at not attracting notice during pursuit.

The wandering continues, the man in the tweed sticking to the regular trafficked hallways. His pace is somewhat agonizing as they end up looping at one point. The man frowns, looking around before moving over to a work station where a doctor lingers, looking at some paperwork, "Excuse me sir? I got lost coming back from the cafeteria, can you tell me how to get to room 2563?"

The doctor turns, also having a familiar face. Primarily because he's a coworker. Well, and it happens to be Dr. Marinos. Tweedy must have been REALLY lost. The doctor blinks, looking to the tweed coated man, "2563? Uh. Yes. One sec." He leans forward, reaching over the lifted border of the station, grabbing up a folded piece of scratch paper.

'Morgan' saunters over as the man asks his question, "Oh, Marios, good. When you're done here, can I use the terminal for a moment? I need to check on that girl in 1138 that came in yesterday with the compound fracture from that auto accident. I thought her white cell count might have been elevated but I honestly can't remember - I meant to check it before she gets released - just to see if we need to do any follow-up for anything else." A good dodge, and it lets him check room 2563 while he's at it.

Dr. Marinos glances up, setting the sheet of paper down on the counter as he pauses mid reach for his own pen. "Oh u-sure. I'll have it freed up in a few minutes." He tilts his head down, drawing small map of the hallways without any of the doors being labeled. Just hallway letters. Such a detail oriented doctor.

The man in the tweed suit stands quiet, glancing from the paper, to Marinos, then towards Morgan. He seems a bit preoccupied.

Perfect. And Morbius takes a moment to wonder how this all happened. Not the whole 'Living Vampire' thing, that he is all too well aware of, but when he became a practiced liar, a stalker, how it became so -natural- to him.

Upon the map being completed, Marinos hands the folded sheet over to the man in the suit. "X marks the spot." He instructs, "No need to deviate." Without waiting for a response, the doctor turns back to terminal to finish up with what information he had up.

The tweeded man parts his lips in response but pauses, giving a nod, "I'll keep that in mind. Thank you." Glancing down to the sheet, he looks to the walls for the hallway markings before he heads off towards the direction of room 2563.

As far as can be told, Morbius doesn't imagine the man in the tweed is here to say, kill anyone, but still, he stifles his impatience, though he fidgets a bit as he waits.

As Morbius waits, Dr. Marinos ends up burning a couple minutes as he fusses with a menu option, shaking his head before finally closing up his records. "The terminal is all yours." Marios declares, stepping aside but not moving far. He looks to Morbius curiously, "Weren't you heading to the ER?"

"Changed my mind, curiosity about -that- was overcome by curiosity about whether I checked that white cell count." the other doctor says smoothly. Now...2563 first, -then 1138 so it will be the most recent record on the screen...

"Ah." Marios nods, stepping back from the terminal area as he decides to head off, making another round. Leaving Morbius rather unceremoniously to work upon his investigation.

The information for the occupant of room 2563 is quite anticlimatic. One person at the moment. Richard Witte. Circumcision. Not quite the scary type of- Ok maybe some might need moral support.

And so, whenever the curious doctor makes his way to the room, all he finds is a sore, confused patient who didn't have any visitors. There is no sign of tweed suit.


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