Dragon Tong Kills Maggia CPA

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Night Thrasher & Black Panther

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09/19/12 08:02

Subway beneath Alphabet City

NT and BP investigate a murder

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-----==[ Subway System - New York ]==-----------------------------------------

Dirty, dark, dingy, and dangerous. All are synonomous with the Subway system of New York City. The once pristine walls are covered, literally, in graffitie. Most of the 'art' is very good though odd and often ritualistic. Though there are a number of sections that appear to be nothing more than pure evil. Vile drawings of horrors, and words written in languages that are not recognizable. Someone, however, has tried to clean them up at least. As a hazy covering over the darker paints.. angels and heavenly scenes mix in an overlay that is truely unique.. and very New York-like.

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A murder took place within the subway terminal earlier this morning. Police are still on the scene, the body has already been taken away and the ME and detectives have also moved on. Except for one particular detective (Special Crimes Unit) who is currently speaking with the Black Panther.

The hustle and bustle of the Subway system is booming during the early morning rush hour traffic. Thousands of people are all around (except for the taped off area specific to the crime scene).

The crime was one of assassination through the use of powers. The media has already reported it as a news blast on the web and special announcements on the local channels. The method in which the assassin killed the victim was through the use of some sort of energy projection that one witness stated was pitch black and seemed like a stream of that inky blackness no larger than a pencil which penetrated the victim's left eye and passed through the back of his head.

The victim was "Stanley Mathesson, CPA. Law enforcement speculates that he was involved with the Maggia - this information is privy to those such as the New Warriors and of course the Panther.

Dwayne Taylor caught wind of the murder investigation in the subway through two methods. One; An informant of his told him something was brewing early in the morning in the subway. Two; The police scanner in his armor made him privy to the police activity. He entered the Subway and was keeping to the outskirts of the police line and remaining as best as he can in the shadows. From a distance, his helmet's head's up display was displaying basic sensory information and infrared depictions of the surroundings. The faintest clicking noise is made as Dwayne's helmet records static pictures of the crime scene.

Another train powers through the station on the outer track while another pulls in. Wind kicks loose paper and debris around. Onlookers (commuters) glance at the scene while waiting on their train - and trying to figure out why the Black Panther is present.

The Panther can be overheard telling the detective, "Thank you for your time."

The detective replies, "Anytime, Panther."

They will then break from one another and the Panther will turn and scan around the area with a moment of lingering toward the shadowed area of the Thrasher. He will nod, then look down the tube of the subway tunnel where he will start to move. Giving an indication that the Thrasher may wish to follow. Then into the shadows, the Panther will disappear.

Night Thrasher's eyes drift towards the conversation Panther, his helmet trying to pick up bits and pieces of their conversation. At the conclusion of their conversation, the silent acknowledgement that Panther is aware of the Warrior's presence and the unsaid invite into the tunnel is acknowledged by Dwayne as he backs away from his shadowy hiding spot. Thrasher makes his way quietly, unseen into the tunnel to catch up with the Panther.

The Panther walks peacefully down the tube within the dim lighting. As he is caught up with, he continues to walk and states, "Good to see you, Night Thrasher."

A stiff nod follows T'Challa's greeting, "Black Panther." is the returned greeting when Thrasher has caught up to the Avenger. He raises a hand and points over his shoulder with a jerk of his thumb, "I kind of caught bits and pieces of what happened. Maggia hit job?"

The Panther lists the most important thing first; "My research indicates that the Dragon Tong is moving against the Maggia." then he continues with the subsequent information, "Mathesson was one of the Maggia's key accountants. He handled the majority of their books and taking him out is a significant blow against the organization. It was not the typical move to take out a boss, instead this effects the financial elements and foundation of this particular branch of the Maggia. Which will send destabilizing ripples throughout until the other financial pawns are able to address the issues presented.

Thrasher crosses his arms over his chest as he follows to the side and slightly behind T'Challa. As Panther speaks, Thrasher nods along with every point that is made. Thrasher comments, "It is certainly a different tactic than you'd see in your run of the mill mob hit. Also; The use of an energy projector? Either high tech weaponry, super human or mutant." He pauses and adds, "I could not tell from my vantage point as to which type of energy was used. Were the Police able to identify it?"

Pulling from his utility belt, the Panther produces a small hand held detector with read-out screen. He offers it to the Thrasher and states, "You're welcome to jack in and download the information I obtained." he then relays what was detected, "Darkforce. I have yet to discern whether it was from a mutant, altered human, mystical, or high-tech source. The hit transpired in full full of cameras, however they were rendered offline prior to the attack, therefore we only have two eye witness accounts. Neither saw the source of the energy."

Thrasher accepts the device. He tilts it one way and then another as he gives it a cursory once over; a once over given by someone clearly fond of technology and gadgets. He then produces a small cable with a universal adaptor at one end from out of a compartment in his gauntlet. He jacks it into the device, lets the OSs intermingle, match up and then download. As the device's contents are copied for Thrasher, NT says, "Darkforce; That narrows it down to a select few individuals. I will have to check my databases to see of those individuals who has a history with the Maggia."

The Panther nods and states, "That would be appreciated. In conjunction with that stream of thought I offer this:", then with a segue gesture, the Panther allows, "I have brought together several singular operating heroes upon the street level. Not utilizing a formal team design, but operating more freely with the soul purpose of bringing down villains which require more than the solo hero can muster. I have already approached your Firestar and she seems amicable to the idea. I was hoping that you would be open to such an informal union of corporation to ensure the greater good."

Probably unseen by Panther, Dwayne's eyebrow lifts slightly behind his visor at what Panther says. The eyebrow drops and he humphs, "Huh; Funny, Firestar never mentioned it." His shoulders heave in a shrug, "So you're pool resources and creating a network of heroes and vigilantes that are beating the street? Great idea. I am certain such a collaboration will prove useful for all those associated." He nods at Panther to answer his question, "I am open to the idea."

"Excellent.", the Panther states while reaching into his utility belt once again, "Then you will need this. It is a descrambler which will allow you to monitor the frequency we utilize. One last note, this is not a formal team, we do not have a base of operations - albeit the Dojo and my embassy are always open to retreat or meetings. We have no charter, no stipend, nor do we even have a name. All that I ask is that if you are available when another calls, then answer the call or send someone who can give assistance." He will then offer the small microchip which can be interfaced into NTs armor for signal decrypting. It also gives the frequency.

Thrasher reaches for and takes the chip. It is slipped into a storage compartment on his belt. After stowing it, he looks up at Panther and offers a nod, "My kind of grouping than. The New Warriors are team enough for me and a number of them would complain about me being a poor team player." He humphs humorlessly at that before returning to the original purpose of his being down here, "I'll snoop around for who the culprit of the hit could possibly be. I am also going to investigate how the cameras were disabled or deactivated." He points at his helmet, "I'll be in touch if I discover anything."

No further words are needed. The Panther will give a singular nod and break off to disappear silently into the shadows.

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