Domino Dancing Part 2

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Domino, Mentallo, Persuasion (Purple Girl), The Director, Cecilia Reyes, emitted by Havok

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Domino is conditioned and made into a Neverland operative

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The next morning, Domino will wake with a headache. She will hear the chugging of pasty gruel coming down to fill the plastic tray that she normally eats from. No utensils, one will have to eat with her fingers. After 'breakfast', the clanking of the chain recoil wench is heard and it begins to retract Domnio to the wall. Once she is pinned to the wall by her neck the door opens and a man wearing a maroon super suit with goggles enters. Following the man a woman of purple skin and a green/blue body suit enter. The man says, "Hello Domnio. My name is Mentallo, this is my companion, Persuasion. You can imagine what we do."

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Suffice to say, breakfast sucks. Ugh. But, what can you do. Pinned to the wall again, Dom does not look particularly happy to see a costumed man and purple-skinned woman enter the room. She takes a deep breath and nods slowly, "I'm sure I can imagine."

The male smiles, the female seems grim or just unemotional about the situation.

Hours later, Domino will wake and not feel the weight of the chain pulling on the metal collar around her neck. She smells other things than the stench of her room and beneath her she will feel a softer surface. In fact, she will wake and find that she's atop a plush carpet in a sunlit room (she's not seen the sun in some time). The room is akin to that of a tower with stairs descending in one corner and windows on all four walls looking out over the Canadian wilderness and the concentration camp/prison immediately surrounding.

There is furniture within the room, a desk, couch, chairs, cabinet and even a bar. Two of the four corners of the room reveal red and silver armored robots that stand perfectly still. Sitting on the couch is a man reading a book. Domino is wearing new clothing, she will feel clean.

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Blinking slowly as she adjusts to the new settings, remaining still atop the carpet for a moment. After beeing locked in that cell for weeks, months? She doesn't know. Being out of it is wonderful. Moving slowly, Dom rises first to one knee, taking a brief glance around the room, but noting the important details. Her eyes settle on the man, and she remains kneeling as she asks, "Where am I?"

Looking up from his book, the man will mark the page with a slip of paper and close it while he admires his capture, "You are in Neverland. And allow me to introduce myself. I am in charge of this facility. Director Malcolm Colcord, at your service."

Domino's mind has been conditioned, modified, and will suddenly feel the urge to respond to him in a submissive manner (not like bdsm submissive, but following his every order as his operative, his slave).

Domino rises to her feet, nodding as the man speaks, quickly responding to the work done upon her psyche. Her eyes remain on him, "I'm Domino. What can I do for you, Director?" She remains motionless, aside from a brief glance down at herself before looking back to the man.

The Director smiles and he claps his hands together in an expression of glee. "First of all, you can dance for me." He swivels in the sofa to drop his feet onto the floor and will watch attentively as his new subject is desired to perform.

Without hesitation, Dom nods, "Yes, Director." The pale woman begins to perform a slow dance in front of the man, her lithe frame moving gracefully and her hips swaying as she follows his order.

The Director seems pleased, his smile widens and his hands clasp one another with a slight shake to indicate appreciation of the moment, "Perfect, absolutely perfect.".

The Director will then stand and say, "You are a lovely specimen - a blend of grace, beauty and deadly intent."

"Thank you, Director." Domino says as the man rises, and continues to dance for him, bowing her head briefly to accept his praise.

He will walk around her in a tight circle and come to stop in front of her a few feet. She can smell his stinky cologne and know it is foul, but will feel that it's actually nice because he's wearing it.

The Director will then say, "Alright my dear. Let's put you through your paces. I have a target for you... come." and he will walk her over to the window where he can indicate the 'gauntlet' beneath.

Dom's dark brows draw together for the briefest instant as the man moves towards her and the conditioning immediately overrides her thoughts regarding him. She stops dancing and lets the man guide her towards the window, peeking through it, "Just tell me what the target is, Director, and I will take care of it."

Beneath, Domino can look down into a maze like structure of metal walls about 3' thick and 12' tall giving a 'hallway' space between them of 8'. It spans around 10x10 acres and offers a channel with which to navigate. It is for all intents and purposes, a maze of death where the rat (mutant) will enter on one end and try to navigate the traps and combatant encounters to survive and reach the other side.

...That looks like something anyone with half a brain cell would avoid. But all Domino sees is something the Director wants her to do. She nods slowly, blue eyes studying the structure momentarily. "I am ready, Director."

The Director states, "You will be the hunter - and there is your prey." he indicates as a black woman wearing the orange jumpsuit of the prison environment is pushed into the opening of the maze. "You will star on the opposite end, track and kill her."

Nodding again, Dom simply says, "Yes, sir. I will kill her." And then will wait to be directed down to the deathmazetrapofdoom.

Moments later, Domino will find herself on the opposite end of the maze. Her mission is to track down the woman and take her out. Domino is equipped with a very large knife and outfitted in black bdu style clothing. Dusk approaches, and soon the sky will be filled with oranges and yellows. The metal luster catches the light and reflects in many locations. Domino can detect that there are places which would or could produce weapons, traps, wires, and so on from the walls. The floor is concrete."

Outfitted and armed with a VERY LARGE knife, Dom glances towards her entrace to the maze and makes her way forward at a brisk walk, her eyes constantly moving and surveying the walls and floor. She moves silently, making little to no sound as she traverses the concrete.

The hunt begins. Domino weaves through the walls. Since the maze is more one way than two, she can find her prey with relative ease. Turning a corner, she sees the target 30 yards away. In the panic of a frantic deer, the prey freezes when she spots the hunter.

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Spotting the black woman, Domino takes off at an easy lope, not quite sprinting, but definitely picking up her pace. Her eyes continue to flick around, wary of traps but counting on her ability to help her to some degree with regards to the traps and what have you.

Domino avoids a spring blade trap, twists through several laser wires, and dodges a pit trap. When she rolls out of the dodge, she realizes that Cecilia has sprinted off in another direction and is turning down another corridor. Which is likely a dead end.

That's a lot of traps! Suffice to say after all that, Dom's heart is racing and her breathing a bit shallow. When she realizes Cecilia has turned to sprint away, she moves to follow at full speed, knife held at the ready. Hey, the other woman should set off any traps first, right?

Just before Domino rounds the corner, a bolt of red energy zots across her path. Amid the blast is Cecilia being blown several yards perpendicular to Domino. She lands on her back, skids more and lays there a moment with only one word, "Ow."

Dom jerks to a stop as the bolt flies across her path. She follows the red blast, eyes settling on the fallen woman and the stalks towards her, fingers shifting upon the hilt of her knife.

With a start, the woman tightens and her head comes off the ground to look up at Domino. The grimmace on her face indicates determination and she sits up, rolls to her feet and hands and says, "Bring it, bitch!"

As the other woman rolls to her hands and knees, Domino lunges forward, moving to close the distance with the knife held close to her body and ready to lash out. She comments in a dry tone, "Just following orders."

The women will clash. Domino will feel the slick of an energy field around here (force field) and that slick will cause some off balance on Domino's part allowing Cecilia to get in the first punch in Dom's bread basket.

Domino blinks in surprise as she feels the energy field, her lips pursing as she tries to catch her balance. Her breath leaves her in a gasp as the other woman hits her and she drops into a crouch, leg snapping out in an attempted sweep. And having a fair chance of failing, but Dom isn't certain how the other woman's ability works.

The other woman will then try and break from Domino, she made her point and now she wants to get out of the maze. Plus, it is the horror movie thought process, hit the evil thing and run like hell - don't hang around to kill it.

Scowling, Domino eases into an unconcerned walk, following after the other woman. She takes her time, carefully surveying the maze as she moves now, looking for something that might be of use, since she doubts the knife is going to get the job done.

After Cecilia has rounded a corner, other traps are heard to be sprung. It's unlikely she was physically injured, just delayed. Domino will round the corner and find Cecilia pushing through wave after wave of needle projectiles from either side of the corridor until the needle guns are depleted. Nothing penetrated her force field, but she seemed to find pain in it.

Watching the other woman curiously, sizing her up, trying to get ideas, Dom shakes her head and takes off at a sprint, boots pounding against the concrete floor as she tries to catch up with Cecilia again.

When Domino enters the needle gun area, all the guns are depleted and needles are all over the concrete floor. Cecilia has become slowed by the exacerbation of pain due to the attack(even though nothing penetrated her shield).

In this, Domino will be able to catch up to Cecilia... and do what?

Dom continues to run and shifts her grip on her VERY LARGE KNIFE, grasping the hilt with both hands. As she catches up to the pain-riddled Cecilia, the pale merc spins, gripping the hilt and throwing all her momentum into slamming the blade into the middle of the woman's back.

The blade strikes the shield, it does not penetrate, but the force takes both females down onto the concrete floor. Cecilia screams in pain or frustration and then rolls to the side only to roll back and try to elbow Domino in the chest.

Dom curses as she tumbles to the floor with the other woman and grunts faintly as the woman's elbow hits her, she ignores the pain of the blow and struggles to attempt to gain leverage and pin the other woman to the floor.

Grabbing the thrown arm, Domino will be able to hold Cecilia without issue. The force field isn't frictionless, but it does make for trouble holding onto at certain angles. Legs might also be a good idea for grappling.

Cecilia says, "Get off me, bitch!"

Domino uses her whole body, one arm and both legs to try and pin the woman, while her other hand grips the knife and she begins to thrust the blade repeatedly at Cecilia.

The blade is deflected each time. And after about 10 strike attempts, a loud horn is sounded and red and silver robots march into the area, "Stand down" is announced over the loud speaker. Indicating that the show is over.

Domino growls as the blade continues to deflect, panting for breath as she keeps the woman pinned. She blinks in surprise, pausing and looking up. She nods slowly and rises to her feet, stepping away from Cecilia.

Cecilia is taken by the robots and walked away. Leaving Domino in the middle of it all. Another robot states, "Follow, mutant." and will lead her into the compound where she will placed into another cell. But this one has amenities that are a little softer than the former.

Dom moves to follow the robot. And wonderful, another cell.

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