Domino Dancing Part 1

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Domino, Copycat, Box (emitted by Havok)

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Domino is a prisoner in Neverland. Being used by Copycat and soon to be made into an operative

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The past few /days/weeks/months - so hard to tell time - have been hell for Domino. She's been very UN-Lucky since the introduction of a mutant calling herself Copycat. The villainous fem fatale came into Domino's life when she was down, feeling bad about recent events and proceeded to make Domino feel good about herself when the hammer dropped. All the happy companionship between Domino and Copycat went terribly awry when Domino felt the needle slip into her neck and then the world went blurry.

Blurry has been the norm since she's been in an unknown/undisclosed location, held in a prison cell and chained to a wall. She wears a metallic collar that seems to dampen her powers and can only be released through electronic means. The cell is no more than 10'x6' with a cot, toilet, and a long chain that links her to the rear wall. The chain is retractable and she's often found herself being pulled away from the door, practically tacked to the wall, when she has her weekly visitor - Copycat.

The nefarious female appears to Domino as a warped mirror image of hers. A few minutes into the 'meeting', Copycat begins to appear as Domino once again as a perfect match. During such 'meetings' Domino is often drugged or in a fog and she's well aware that Copycat is belligerent, cruel, and not very ladylike.

Laying in bed, Domino hears the clanking of the crank. That crank will pull her back to the far wall where she will be held firmly against. She will also hear movement outside of the cell. The small window in the titanium cell door is opened and a male peers within. Watching as the chain pulls the collar which pulls Domino back.

It's been a very horrible stretch of time since a third of Dom's team died and she went into hiding. She slipped up, trusting the wrong person, and now she's paying for it.

As the crank begins to turn, Domino lets out a frustrated hiss as she moves to get up before the thing yanks her off the bed, and steps towards the rear wall. She flicks a glance towards the window in the door, wondering who it is.

Once the crank is pulled Domino to the wall, the door window is shut and then locks undone on the other side. Opening the door creaks and reveals a male of just above 6 feet wearing work boots, jeans and a kaki long sleeved shirt that is somewhat safari in design. His hair is well maintained, dark. And his features are that of a rugged, outdoorsy male with tanned skin.

When he speaks, his voice holds no emotional inflection as his words are dry and cold, "Domino, is it? I've read your file and it seems you've been working for the wrong people."

Sizing the man up with a quick glance, Domino scowls, her own voice clearly touched with a bit of anger, "Oh? You think so? What gave you that impression?" She pauses before continuing, "The cell, maybe? The collar? The weekly visits?"

The man smiles and chuckles. "It's too bad too. Cause now we've got to go through the trouble of reformatting your mind. You're a resource that's too good to leave locked up down here, but we can't trust that you'll behave if let out."

Neena wets her suddenly dry lips with the tip of her tongue as she listens to the man. She remains silent a moment before asking in a calm voice, "And how do you think you're going to manage that?"

Reaching into his shirt pocket with his left hand, he withdraws three tiny cubes (dice sized) - one of plastic, one of glass, and one of metal. Holding them slightly away from his body in his opened palm, the three objects begin to float inches off the skin.

"Simple, my dear. Phase one, we fit you with cybernetics. Phase two, Mentallo and Persuasion rewrite your ingrams."

Icy blue eyes follow the man's hand, settling on the dice. When he speaks again, Domino lifts her gaze to his face, her eyes narrowing slightly. "You make it sound awfully easy to brainwash someone."

The dice-like objects begin to orbit one another, slowly, and after a few circles begin to warp as would an oil in a lava lamp. They become oozing amorphous blobs and then start to intermingle and take another shape.

Smiling, the man states, "You would be surprised just how easy it is."

Domino's fingers twitch a bit at her side, perhaps wishing she had a gun, or really any sort of weapon to reach for. Looking back to the object floating over the man's hand, with nothing even remotely resembling a smile on her lips, she asks, "What is that?"

The blob takes shape into that of a thin cybernetic band (about 4mm in width and less in depth. The band takes shape and seems to be much like a C shaped headband to maintain a woman's hair out of her face. The nature is very technical in design and will likely provide a specific purpose.

"Since I do not expect your tiny mind to comprehend my explanation, I will simply it for you. It is a mental enhancement tool that will give Mentallo an advantage over your training."

Pressing her back against the wall, Domino lets out a quiet hiss of breath as she watches the thing take shape, "You are not putting that damn thing on me. Do you understand?"

Then like a dart, the 'device' launches forward and will adhere to Domino's forehead/temple and she'll feel the sudden singe of heat as it seems to bond with her skin.

"Oh no?" asks the man with the hint of a smile.

With her Luck Powers turned off, Domino will not stand a mutant's chance in hell of dodging or blocking. It just /is/.

Well aware she doesn't exactly have a choice in the matter, that doesn't mean Domino is going to play meek. She grinds her teeth together as the thing moves towards her and settles across her temples, forcing herself to remain still. She winces as the thing bonds with her skin and her fingers twitch again, but she squashes the urge to reach up and try to yank the thing off. "Are we done here, then?"

"We are?" he notes as he starts to turn and leave. After a step and exiting into the hallway, "Oh, one other thing. Don't try to remove it. It'll hurt more than you know." The door shuts, locks, and he's heard whistling as he walks away .

Balling her hands into fists, Domino shakes with rage for a moment after the man leaves the cell. Taking a deep breath, she slowly calms herself, one hand reaching up to gingerly touch at the circlet, not trying to remove it, as she waits to see if the chain is going to give her room to move.

Domino will feel it nearly flush with her skin, light touching of it gives a mild shock to her fingertips. Reinforcing the idea not to do so. Soon the chain is given slack and she's free to move about her cabin.

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