Dogs of War

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Ares & Nick Fury

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09/06/12 09:00

Double R Diner

Fury meets with Ares to discuss Thunderbolts

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-----==[ Double R Diner - Queens ]==------------------------------------------

At first glance, the black and white checkered floor and red and white vinyl booths give the place a bright 50s diner feel. A closer look reveals the cracked tile, worn tabletops, patched vinyl, and tarnished metal of a diner comfortable with its age.

Dominating the room is a long bar lined with barstools. Along the wall across from the long side of the bar are a row of booths, stretching to the restrooms and a payphone in the far back; on another wall are two large horseshoe booths against the glass windows looking out on the street. An old pinball machine and an equally old jukebox lean up against the wall nearby.

Scattered randomly on the walls is a sparse collection of 50s-era nostalgia. Behind the bar is an ancient soda fountain, along with a picture of an even more ancient lady labeled "Mary", and a sign reading "No Smile, No Service!"


Sliding into the booth across from Ares is Nick Fury. Today he wears subdued clothing that doesn't reflect anything SHIELD and tries to maintain a low profile. He instructs the waitress to bring him coffee, black, and then he slides a manilla folder across the table to the god imagined as a man.

"Tell me, /John/, the Avengers pretty much hung you out to dry and I'm guessin that you want to step up and take back what is yours, what is owed you. Perhaps clear up your good name, do the things that little Alexander would be proud of, and get your /war/ on. Am I right?"

With Fury you never know what to expect, and the man probably likes it that way. So when 'John' got the call and agreed to the meet, he did so perhaps in part just to see what was said. So he showed up at the Double R early, sat down in the booth and proceeded to wait while looming over his own cup of coffee. It's when the other man shows up that things get interesting.

Looking across the table, the supposed god in man's clothing squints at the old spy. He heaves a small grunt, not exactly agreeing... then again not disagreeing either. "Don't care about my 'good name', Fury. But what do you want?"

With the right side of his mouth forming a half smile, Fury says, "Simple. The US Government wants someone who can get things done, quickly, efficiently, and often quietly. Right now there's a void and you've got the moxy to fill it. As it stands, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men are loose cannons. They do what they want, when they want, and really sloppily. They're a bunch of glory hounds and let's not forget the debacle that X-Factor - a supposed Government team - caused. You're the god of War. We know you know how to handle troops and make people follow your direction. Havok did nothing but buck the system and then finally turn against the US in the end.

"So exactly what I want is simple; You gather up a unit composed of whomever you like, just make sure their morals fit the needs of the operation. You will be given resources, a base of operations, and a nice paycheck. You will be given missions and operate under the radar - no commercials, no press releases, no fame or flash."

"No lunchboxes." Ares rumbles in response as his eyes distance, as if referencing something that was preying on his mind earlier. The tall haggard looking man lifts his chin, taking in a breath and letting it go slowly almost like a rumble as he tilts his head towards the man from SHIELD.

After a slow blink, Ares finally responds fully. "Going to need to see a charter to know exactly the over arching mission goal. Also some rules of engagement. Also going to need to know how is going to oversee the operations and how closely." Then there's a pause as he scritches a finger down the stubble of his chin. "If all that fits and you're not playing too much of a game..." There's a wave of one hand to the side as he lets the words trail off. Not quite saying yes, but clearly intrigued.

"There will be no official charter or anything on the books. This is all beneath the table. You will be assigned a handler that will convey mission specs from higher up directly to you. The government will have plausible deniability. Each mission will be different and have different operating parameters.", Fury clarifies regarding the questions presented.

A short rough laugh is torn form him as Ares looks across the table steadily at Fury. "Oh that is rich." The God of War licks his lips slightly in anticipation and it's clear that the old soldier has him on the hook. It seems the worse it gets the more curious that John Aaron becomes. "Very well, Fury. Give me what can be given and I will make this my own project. We'll see how this goes. Perhaps it will not explode horribly."

The elder god plants his hands upon the table and starts to push himself out of his seat. "Pay for my coffee and we shall call it even."

The manila folder is pushed across the table, it reads, "Project: Thunderbolts". He states, "Everything you need to know is in this. And, good luck."

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