Do we need a brick this badly

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Havok, Nightcrawler, Mirage, Molly Hayes, Shabam, Invisible Boy and many others

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11/19/12 10:12

Training Level, X-Factor Tower, Mutant Town, Manhattan

The team interviews various applicants for the brick job.

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-----==[ Training Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==-----------------------------

With the same concept in mind, the Training Center of X-Factor Tower/Ship is very much like the Danger Room. However, instead of a control booth, one steps off the elevator into a large holodeck like area that extends over several floors and perhaps the width of the tower/ship itself. All terminal interactions and programming are voice based and if a terminal is needed, a holographic terminal is produced.

This room is capable of creating any environment known to Ship and generate challenges found in the database. Additionally, challenge levels can be set right along with safety protocols that prevent injury and death can also be established. Just say the word, and let the games begin.


It has been an interesting morning that started 3 hours ago at 7am when the first applicant showed up. It was a kit named Timmy from Mutant Town who could lift just over a ton and totally argued that he was stronger than that, just needed to get angry. That then lead to his throwing a tantrum about how super cool he was and acted like any other self absorbed teen mutant.

Other mutants have been interviewed, most of which do not fit the mold that the team has been seeking. One named Rach was the leading contender, a female with the ability to lift 64 tons, deflect tank shells, and even has flight. The perfect paragon archetype. However, after SHIP did some digging, it turned out that she's wanted in 7 states for questioning regarding bank robberies. This turned the mood foul and she was hoping that she could get a free pass by being a hero and then clearing her record - she argued that they do that in the Avengers all the time. SHIP had to restrain and then send her out to the authorities.

All of the interviews are taking lace in the Training Level where SHIP has created a holodeck/danger room like environment so no one will actually get hurt.

Seated behind a desk on the training floor, the three 'judges' are once again presented with another applicant named Billy Badson. He's a 12 year old boy - which already takes him out of the running but he managed to get in because he claimed his power makes him older and wiser.

Standing upon the dais is the young man who wears sneakers, blue jeans and a red t-shirt with a stylized lightning bolt on the chest. He fidgets some and says, "Hello, I'm Billy Badson and am here to interview for the position."

Alex greets the youth and says, "Welcome Billy."

So far Mirage has done her best to take all the candidates for the team opening seriously, even when they were obviously not cut out or experienced enough for the job. It's much harder to do so with the child in front of them and she can't help but wonder if his parents know that he is auditioning for the position. After writing a few things down on her copy of his profile sheet she looks up at him "Billy, what is it that you can offer us that another person with similiar abilties cannot?

"Halten," says Kurt, leaning forward to look at the other two judges. He pretends to speak quietly as if trying not to let Billy hear him, but is loud just the same. He says to the other judges, "We should find him an outfit ... I'm just saying, when we fire the artillery at him to see if he can withstand it, we don't want to send him home naked." Then he leans forward to speak directly to Billy, "You think adult small would fit you?"

Billy puts his fists on his hips and stands akimbo. He smiles at Kurt's remark and says, I don't need anything." then he adds to Dani's question, "I have the wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, the endurance of Atlas, the agility of Bast, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. When I yell the word <whispered> 'shabam' I transform into an adult who possesses all those traits."

"It sounds impressive certainly." Mirage replies to the youngster after taking another note on the paper before her, "And what is the nature of this power? It doesn't sound mutant in nature." she glances as the two sitting next to her to gauge their reactions to this boy.

"He's got to be mutant," say Kurt more quietly this time, "Ship screened him. Either he's mutant, or he's serious about this weird transformation stuff that makes him uber powrful. I say we call him on it, let him transform, see if its real, then eject him out the airlock?"

Alex remains reserved until, "Alright Billy, let's see what you can do."

Billy smiles, sticks his chest out and yells at the top of his lungs, "SHABAM!" and nothing overt happens. He gives pause, looks down at his form and then yells, "SHABAM!" once again. Still nothing. He gives a look of concern, and then one last time, "SHABAM!!!!" Still nothing. Billy then says, "I don't know what's wrong, my powers were just working..."

"I'm sorry Billy, but we are needing someone who is more experienced and reliable with thier powers." Mirage tells the boy, trying to do so without letting the pity she feels for him show. She can easily imagine how embarrasing it is for him "I'm sure even at your young age you can understand.

"Ja," nods Kurt, "More practice, more control. You're pitch was a little off. If you need a reference, I'd be glad to help, but for this time, just not quite the right fit." Then he side mouthes to the other judges, "How many more of these do we have?"

Deflated, Billy Badson takes a walk off the dais and departs from the training room.

Alex answers, "More than we can count, I'll bet."

SHIP announces the next applicant, "The Invisible Boy".

A 20 something black guy walks in wearing jeans with a parka zipped up over his chest. He smiles. "Hay hay hay!"

Alex asks, "We're looking for Bricks, not stealths. Are you choosing a code name to confuse people as to your true nature?"

The Invisible Boy says, "Well that's just it. I go invisible and then wallop the bad guys with my super humanness."

Mirage is silent a moment as she scans the newest applicant's dossier, "While being able to hit without being seen is a bonus, we want someone who can take a hit and still be standing." she explains to the man "We deal with a lot of individuals where invisibility really doesn't make a difference.

"Could you elaborate on super humessness, is that like greek chip dip," ponders Kurt looking around for a answer, not really expecting one. Then he ponders a moment, "Does the invisibility make you stronger, or is it like veryone is pondering, you just sneak attack everyone?"

The guy nods, "Oh absolutely, I'm stronger, faster, and more durable. Here' let me demonstrate. But first I need to go invisible. If you could, cover your eyes while I get undressed. And you totally cannot look. Otherwise my power won't work."

Alex says, "Hang on a moment, get undressed? You mean you have to be naked for your power to work?"

A smirk comes to Mirage's face at the man's condition. She puts her pen down and gestures to him "Oh please do demonstrate." she puts a hand over her eyes, playing along with the the charade. Will she peek? Probably. Will she enjoy the show? You betcha, and not just the one on the /other/ side of the table, but the one on her side too.

Amidst lifting a hand to cover his face, as it looks like someone is willing to give this a go, Kurt pauses dubiously a second. "Wait, fi we can't look, how will we know for sure that you have these powers. I mean, in the field, we can't close our eyes ..."

Alex covers his eyes.

The guy starts to undress, "It's the way my power works?", and does not go invisible. Instead, SHIP announces, "The Invisible Boy is not invisible."

The Invisible boy argues and says, "But I am, you can't see me!"

SHIP states, "Perhaps it is due to my own monitoring abilities or that someone is peeking." Then SHIP drops the Invisible Boy through a trap door.


A teenaged girl (4'11", 98lbs) walks into the room and takes to the dais. SHIP announces her as, "Miss Molly Hayes, aka Princess Powerful." The girl smiles and says in a diminutive voice, "Hi" with a cutesy little wave. Then she says, "Ok, here's what I do. I'm really strong and can't be hurt. I know I look young, but I'm totally 18 and if you just give me a chance.." she glances around for something to pick up - there are various weights on the floor that read 1000lbs, 10,000lbs, 10 tons, 20 tons, 30, tons, all the way up to 200 tons." She spies the 80 ton one and leaps over to it. She says, "Watch!" and will lift it above her head as if it is a 30lb weight to a girl of her size and stature. "See!"

She'll drop it just as quickly and leap over to the 100 ton weight. It's lifted with a lot of grunting and significant force (as much as she can muster). Then she smiles really big holding the weight above her head.

Covering a chuckle at the results of the very visible man, Mirage turns her attention to the yung woman as she walks in. Considering the run they have been having so far, she don't hold much hope for the latest one. Fortunatly, as far as strength goes the girl has that part going on. "Well your strength is impressive." she glances at the guys for thier input before Ship goes on to stage two, testing the girls invulnerability.

"Wunderbar," agrees Kurt with Dani's assessment. "Strength check, cute as a button check. Maybe put the weight down, unless you can withstand a tank shell while holding the object." Then he nods, thinking that would be very impressive indeed, especialy for someone her age.

Molly will sit the weight down with a huge clang and then cracks her kunckles, "Bring it." she challenges.

Alex notes, "SHIP, start the resistance protocol."

SHIP does. It starts off light with the strikes of rubber zebra gun bullets, advancing to rubber band snapping, all the way up through rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, normal bullets, armor piercing bullets, 50 cal rounds, LAW rounds, then the actual tank shells. Molly stands through the gambit of attacks, though her weight is her weakness as she's knocked back yards with some of the attacks. When the tank shell is accomplished, she gets up and brushes herself off as she yawns. Her eyes look very tired (as she can hardly keep them open). She moves to the 100 ton weight and sits down with her back to it. With a drowzy speech, she says, "Did I get the..." then falls asleep.

SHIP reports quietly, "It seems that Miss Hayes fatigues rapidly."

"While some of our battles can get tiring, I don't think falling asleep in the middle of one is a great idea." Mirage shakes her head at the sleeping girl "She is the best candidate we have had so far, though I'm still willing to watch some more.

"But, if she's invulnerable, can we just pick her up and use her as a shield." Then he turns to look at Dani and Alex, "I mean, we're not government any more, what's our ethics code." Yes, Kurt is being sarcastic, again.

Alex grins and shakes his head denial and says, "How about we take a break..."

Thus bringing a close to the early morning interviews and letting the 'judges' recharge their batteries and tolerance levels.

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