Disassemble! II

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Network, The Vision, AIM-Henchman

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New York University Library (Server Room)

Conclusion of Disassembe!

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|Seemingly the Avenger has the yellow guy well handled, so Network instead takes a look at the machine the intruder had brought with him. At first it seemed to be some sort of data storage, but that would need verification and so she started some analyze routines on it as she got closer to it "I gift you the honor to have captured the terrorist, Avenger, bur I claim to try his hacker honor." she taunts a bit, preparing her best brute force programs and diassamblers for an onslaught on whatever he had brought here.

The man in Vizh's grasp struggles and growls, "You don't know what you're doing." he thrashes in an effort to free himself, but Vizh has a strong grip on him. The Operative calls out a warning, "You won't like messing with the data disassembler!"

As Network starts her assault on the device, she'll notice some remarkably versatile and dynamic countermeasures. High level defenses. However the brute force attack won't go on without a response for too long. The black box starts to whine and then there's a pop as some physical defenses are activated. A wave of concussive force radiates off of the device meant, clearly meant to surprise and shake off someone physically interacting with the device.

Network smirks as the device tries to physically halt a pure digital assault, and as the Agent tells it is a Disassembler, she grins "Dissassembling a Dissasember? That sounds so old school. You shouldn't have given me that hint." she comments as she retreats her probing to establish a much nastier way of attack: It is a self evolving virus that disassembles data, so the easiest way to kill a mass killer is to turn it against itself. Tossing a decoy file towards its countermeasures, she counts onto the functionality of her enemy that its code gets disassembled, which will just unfold the compressed code-trap and turn it into a self executing code. With other words, she just sent the Disassembler a zipped virus in a Trojan horse, which was usually just a bit annoying, renaming files with Cesar code 2. But in this case... it could mess the whole machine up if it works out; making the very OS of it a target for the Disassembler code itself... hopefully it works.

It doesn't work. The bleeding-edge AIM technology and programming being utilized in the little black box is one tough cookie. The code thrown at it meets sophisticated anti-viral code. The trojan is shunted into a quarantine file. Network will note the lack of presence of anything she'd consider an offensive counter-measure in the digital sense. Aside from the sophisticated code keeping her trojan from succeeding, the device itself sends out another burst of concussive force. Server towers tip over in this server room and monitor screens burst from the radiating burst of force.

The AIM Bee Keeper gets tossed about by the second burst of force. He's flung into a work station. Vizh is luckier this time, he increased his density enough to not be rattled again. He turns to regard Network, "What does he have there?"

The force field of Networks armor flickers up as the wave brushes over it, keeping the impact away but discharging the energy in visible and audible way, pushing her back a bit but most of the power is gone. "Some quite good programming. Let me try this..." she answered, accessing the still intact mainframes and using them on a DDOS on the machine. This should buy her some time and slow it down, so she can find a flaw in the firewall to exploit. A flaw she is planning to use to slip some hijak- or breakdown-code into the machine.

The Bee Keeper pushes himself off of the now broken work station that he collapsed into due to the force wave. He's, remarkably, still holding on to his futuristic sidearm. He points a finger towards Network, "You're not going to have any luck with that!" He points the sidearm towards Network and fires.

As the Bee Keeper is addressing Network, Vizh starts to move. He runs into a position between the AIM Operative and Network. The blast goes off just as he gets between them. The Synthetic Avenger's density increased exponentionally as the blast is loosed. An audible, almost bell ringing sound is made by the device and colorless ball of force is flung through the air. This ball of force, which somehow contorts the light around it, collides with the super dense superhero. Vizh cries out in pain and gets flung backwards by the blast, having not anticipated the strength. A loud crash is made as Vizh slams into the floor in front of the workstation that the black box is located on.

As for the digital attack; the device seems to be putting up walls, next to walls, next to other walls. For what it lacks in offense, it certainly more than compensates in defense. Another physical wave of force radiates from the device in response to the attempts at chipping past its firewall. This time the wave is slightly stronger than the previous. The previous one was slightly stronger than the first.

The next wave hit the force field of Network harder than the first, but it had had some time to regenerate and yet it was not too much for it. Even if the DDOS does not seem to work out yet, she kept the simple command line running, just in case. The upcoming walls however seemed to become a problem. No program was flawless, not even one that was written and checked by thousands of people. They even tended to be glitchier. So she resumed the onslaught on the firewall, reclaiming the ground she had lost when she was pushed back by the power blast. "Believe me, I KNOW what I am doing." she commented as she tried a much more simple hack than a sophisticated attack to the firewalls. Running a short analysis on the viral payload the black box used, she did try to find out what hindered it to attack the black box. And then she intended to simply copy a code shell of the virus and inject a malicious overload code into it, just to toss it at the firewalls of the black box, guessing it would slip through and fry it.

It appears the AIM Box is shutting off the force of Network's attempt at a DDOS attack with various Load Balancing Algorithms. The device continues to resist her digital efforts with little give. Every avenue Network is trying seems to be plugged. The device whines as if charging up another concussive blast, but no blast comes... just a continually growing whining noise. The Bee Keeper actually looks down at the weapon he fired after it downs the Vision. The Bee Keeper calls out in response to Network, "You have NO idea what you are doing! You meddle in things beyond you!" He points the gun at Network but doesn't fire yet. With Vizh down on the ground, the Bee Keeper is getting cocky.

Vizh is stunned as he lays there in front of the work station the supersciency box is situated on. He grumbles and changes his density so that he's, once more, intangible. He floats down through the floor. A moment later, he's floating back up through the floor and grabbing onto the AIM Operative. As he tries to hold the villain he calls out to Network, "Perhaps you should consider another approach. My systems have scanned the power grid of the room. This server room has insufficient infrastructure to handle power outages. The UPS backup is non-functional." The Bee Keeper struggles against the grasp of the Avenger.

"Good point," Network replies, leaping forward to kick his groin and then slam his face into the buzzing device. Which might explode any time given its sound. "Looks like I have had an Idea how to break your little toy. Impressive defense, but nothings perfect. If it shoots another wave, you are going to die first and I seem to have you in front of me. If the UPS does not kick in, it will stop working as it has no connection anywhere. And if it explodes... I hope you have fantasy where your brain will end. But I guess you have faith in your programming skill, that I did not break the firewall and therefore it will just fire another wave? Your chances." she claims to him, making sure to keep the armed hand aimed at the box or the roof. Still she had one more ace to try against the machine: it was not an optic device hopefully, so the close distance at which she held the Agent bent over the device might be enough to enter it from behind the walls to execute a simple shutdown.

Network lifts an eyebrow, shutting her DDOS down and concentrating on the box again. Not the firewall, not the EMP pulse but the data storages were her target this time, to get the hardcoded shutdown sequence and send that directly into the machine. At least if these jerks at AIM did comment their source code. "You get the guy, I work on the bomb." she muttered, sweat on her forehead as she tried her best to get the code and skim it for the right key phrases to give them to the doomsday device.

The Operative's gun is blasted again for good measure by Vision. The AIM Operative reaches for the remains of the weapon and cries out, "No! This was designed to withstand-" The Vision stomps over towards the operative, grabs him by the back of the helmet and slams him down towards the floor. The front of the helmet cracks under the force and the AIM Operative stops moving; Knocked out. Vizh says, "Sounds like your people need to redesign it. Clearly a fail point." The Avenger turns to regard Network, "Is that working?"

The answer to Vizh's question would be a yes. It seems Network's latest attempt is a breach point that AIM didn't anticipate would be exploited. Reading the data the way Network's suit can gives her the information she's looking for. The whine of the device is getting hypersonic now. Some of the bits of shattered monitors from the previous shockwaves of force start to vibrate due to the high pitched screech of the device.

More sweat collected on Networks forehead as she whispered a silent "Bingo", sending one shutdown code after another into the device, hoping she will finish it just in time so it does not set off the EMP. "come baby, don't fail on me now..." she muttered as the devices loaded transistors distorted the outer layer of her protective force field to a visible degree. One line still remaining and here it goes "Take that!"...

The Vision hurries over to Network to see if he can add his own brainpower to the problem at hand, but by the time Vizh is at her side, it's over. The whine subsides and there are some audible snaps and pops inside the black device. Soon there's nothing more than silence and the sound of a few remaining functional devices within the server room. The Synthetic Avenger looks at Network and humphs, "I imagine you took the most difficult path to this outcome that you could. Pulling the plug would not have been challenging enough for you?" The Avenger raises a hand and reaches out for the device, expecting Network to hand it to him.

Network eyed the device once more before carefully unplugging the wires one after another "Which plug you would have taken? And were you sure it has no internal battery?" she remarks, checking if it was just shut down or outright destroyed by the attempt. "And it might have destroyed the evidence. Better lock that guy up really well, Avenger. The honor to have hacked the doomsday device however is mine."

The Synthetic Avenger shrugs his shoulders, "Unplugging a cord and then all of the cords are some of the first steps in determining the next course of action. It all worked out, it seems. Had the man not been in here with the device, I would have had the opportunity to fully scan, uninterrupted, the device to determine if it had an internal battery back up." Another shrug as he waits for the device to be handed over to him. Vizh continues, "And I will be handing this man over to SHIELD, they'll interrogate him. They will want to look over that device as well and see what AIM is up to."

With a turn of the wrist the cube gets tossed over to the Avenger by Network "then catch. Sure I was lucky, but I guess I did manage to salvage one or two useful snippets of code. The rest of this thing here is up to you. And better file it on the Avengers Hero Insurance."

Vision catches the black cube with no difficulty. He glances around the server room and then down at the Operative. He heads over to the unconscious Bee Keeper and grabs him by the collar. He drags him up and slings him over his shoulder. He looks towards Network, "I'll inform the institution on what occurred here. I appreciate the assistance in this matter."

With a nod Network looks around to check if some of the damage is reversible by simply re-erecting the racks, making the cleanup easier at least. "If you have a blog, feel free to mention me there. Network. I will certainly do so."

The Synthetic Avenger admits to Network, "I do not maintain a Blog, unfortunately my schedule does not permit me the time for that luxury. I will, however, note your assistance to my team." He turns around and heads for the locked door. It's not locked on the inside, so the hatch unlocks and allows the Synthezoid egress into corridor beyond.

- - - Fade To Black - - -

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