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Network, The Vision, AIM-Henchman

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New York University Library

When Network reveals information about some corrupt politician, the Vision arrives to stop an AIM-Henchman who uses a Data Disassembler in the libraries server rooms, and Network joins in.

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New York University. One of the major three think tanks in lower New York besides Cornell University in the shadow of the Empire State Building and the New York City College in the Villege. And in its Library is one of the hubs with the most dense data passing on the whole city, as here the fiber optic overland network meets the citywide network. Not too far away from this hub of anonymity, more exactly on its roof, there sits Network, compiling a new file about the corruption of several politicians and uploading them to the Darknet before she posts about a tenth of the info on the blog. Enough to feed the journalists and let them dig in the Darknet, but not enough to make herself fully responsible. But the info on the Darknet are enough to end the senators career.

It's a pretty quiet day today, all things considered. Spring time is finally getting around to reaching the Big Apple and there are countless people out and about in the various areas of the city. NYU is abuzz with activity, but it's only a kind of 'weekend abuzz'. The weekdays are always so busy in New York City.

So when an unusual packet of data was picked up over the Avengers servers, it got the Synthetic Avenger, the Vision, interested. This packet of data was mirrored and picked up by the Avenger while working in the team's own servers. Markers in the packet indicated its destination was within a small cluster of servers at NYU. The amount of malicious code within that packet prompted Vizh to head to NYU to investigate. The Synthetic Avenger flew across town and arrives on the rooftop of one of the buildings of the campus. Conveniently; Vizh arrives close to Network's location.

Even if Network didn't pick up the malicious data bundle, she just had uploaded her own files into the shadows of the Darknet. Where Hackers and Crackers of every type exchanged their programs as well as the opposition in oppressive countries meet. And where Network deposits her files to bring down corrupt politicians. As she stands up, her armor glistens in the upcoming spring sun, the force field crackling just under the audible noise level as a small breeze sends a bit of dust into it around her feet. Lacking spatial sensory arrays, she was not yet aware of Ultron’s renegade offspring so close to her, but she did start a routine diagnose of her suit and the surrounding nodes after uncoupling from the Darknet, just to make sure nothing did stick with her, even if she used this public access point and rerouted her connection via LA and Austin before entering it.

The Vision lands on the surface of the rooftop, reaches down and grabs the corners of his cape and draws the garish garment around him. He turns his head and focuses his inhuman eyes on the other figure. Not long ago, he met an alternate version of this individual. Is it the same individual or his reality's version? The Vision's eyes narrow and scanning systems within him start doing their thing. The Vision says out loud in observation to the power suited individual, "I am uncertain of whether or not you are here for the same reason I am here."

Obviously some components on the suit are other, than the one he witnessed already, as they send other IDs and MAC addresses. Not just some, but the whole armor seems to be working on other revisions of the software and hardware, as the hacker protocols do kick in within the same timeframe, but they act in a slightly other way. Even if the code is obviously written in the same style, there are distinctive details between them. "If you are here to check the news anonymously or write a blog post, then maybe." she replies. Who he was again? A quick news search for verification was done and then she answered. "But I guess that does not pull Avengers one and only Droid to the roof of NYU. Too simple."

The Vision cocks his head slightly to one side at the response he gets and at the information his systems are feeding him in identifying this woman. The key differences are pretty obvious to Vizh, so he decides not to interact with Network in a fashion that would indicate they have met. The Synthezoid shakes his head, "No, I rarely come here to surf the web. I do not need to." He gestures down with a pointer finger, "There was an anomaly. Have you attempted any transfers of data to any of this institution's private servers?" Her answer is probably not yet... that would be an open and shut case for Vizh. Too easy.

Network chuckles a bit "If I would not have left a trace. But even if I have accessed it, why would an avenger bother with a low level blogger?" she contemplates, carefully probing his systems on the most upper layer as she shifts position a bit. Actually she did hide her stash for the journalists in a computer here, but in the Darknet... would the Avenger go down the rabbit hole to where people lurked that would want his source code for breakfast. "I guess you don't have a guardian contract with the university, do you?"

The Avenger arches an eyebrow at Network, "Everyone leaves a trace, however minute." The Vision looks down towards the rooftop and his molecules lose tangibility. He looks back up to Network, "It is of no consequence; I'm certain your being here is of coincidence." With not even another word, the Synthetic Avenger phases through the rooftop into the building below.

As the Synthoid simply blends itself into the ground a pout can be seen on the novice heroine's face. "Hey, that is unfair! What are you after anyway?" she claims, looking to the door. Electronic keypad? No, a classic cylinder lock. She was good enough not to leave a trace that could be followed back through the encrypted Darknet. There was one, sure, but following it would take the whole NSA several years just to find the location she had used to send her parcel of dirty information. Hasting over to the rim of the roof she jumped down to land in the front, stopping her fall with a howling buzz from her armors flight components just inches above the floor before she accelerates towards the gates of the library. That chance to become a public hero she didn't want to miss. Goodbye mobsters, hello first class!

The Synthezoid could not be delayed any longer speaking with Network. He was uncertain if the reason he was here was time sensitive or not. The Synthezoid downloaded schematics of the building at some point, and he floats through the walls and floors as he weaves his way to an area in the schematics with planned roughouts, plumbing and air conditioning units for a server room. His phasing abilities make it incredibly easy to bypass the keycard entry lock.
Inside the server room, Vizh stands quietly with his cape wrapped about him. His eyes glow as scans are actively taken.

To Network, things were a little more difficult. sure, the violet hacker was known amongst at least some of the students, but someone in an armor dashing (or better flying) down the corridors towards the server rooms was not going to go unnoticed. Especially not when there were people studying and looking up from their books to witness her way. At least she knew the plans from several visits down in the halls when she had done research. Still the Avenger had about two or three minutes before she would be at the door, and she still had to bypass it - which would cost her a couple of seconds atop of that, giving him maybe two and a half of solitude.

The Synthetic Avenger stands in one spot in the darkened server room. There is some light from a couple of idle computer monitors and various blinking lights from server towers, UPSs and other things. Light isn't needed for Vizh though. The Avenger sweeps his gaze around until it falls upon a figure that is sharing the server room with him. His sight, presently atuned to the infrared spectrum picks up the other figure bright as day. The Vision quietly approaches and calls out, "Sir-" he ascertained it was a man, "-don't mind my intrusion. I am invest-" The Vision stops talking as the man turns around, slightly startled, to regard Vizh. This individual is wearing a yellow jump suit and he was quickly typing at a keyboard. As the man moved to regard Vizh, he revealed a small, box that is tethered to the computer he is working on and also has tethers running out, presumably connected elsewhere. The man in the jumpsuit fights through being startled, "Who are you?! How'd you get in here?!"

Arriving at the right corridor that leads towards the server room, Network tried to acces the keypad as soon as possible. Which still were just a few feet and so so she had to stop for almost ten seconds before she had found the right override for it and was able to pull the door open. Just to enter the security hatch, which meant that she would need another couple of seconds before she could actually access the server room.

The man in the yellow jump suit is frantically quiet while he stares at the Avenger waiting for a response. When that response isn't forthcoming, the man in the yellow jump suit acts like the jig is up. He reaches to his side and produces, from somewhere, a handgun. He points it towards the Vision, "Fine! It's no matter how you got here. You're going to stay here!"

The gun that is pointed at Vizh doesn't look like your standard run of the mill handgun you can pick up at the pawn shop. It could very well be described using the phrase 'future tech' or someone from the '50's may refer to it as a 'ray gun'. The Vision raises a hand from under his cape, "That will not do you any good. What are you doing in here?" Vizh spares a glance towards a nearby computer chair, where a cylindrical helmet sits. Vizh asks, "What does A.I.M. want with this institution's server room?"

Pushing open the door in front of her as the locks budge, Network enters the room just to stopp right on the opposite side of the AIM member than the Vision. "AIM... Advanced Idea Mechanics? I thought they were a myth." she replies. Shooting in a backbone hub wouldn't go too well for the local internet.

There is a high pitched whine from the weapon being leveled at Vision. The man in the yellow jumpsuit humphs as an initial response to the Avenger's question, "You couldn't possibly understand what I am doing. Nor will you have the opportunit-" The man in the yellow jumpsuit is startled a second time by the appearance of Network. The gun is pointed towards Network as more of a reflex than determined threat level. He reaches with his free hand for his helmet, "No... no. How many of you are there?" The helmet is put on very quickly, giving the AIM Operative the classic 'bee keeper' look.

Vision doesn't just stand there. He's on the move as the Operative puts his helmet on. Vizh reached and grabbed for the wrist of the AIM Operative and yanked it upwards so he's no longer threatening either of them with the gun. The operative grunts and says through gritted teeth, "You... you can't stop me!"

Seemingly the Avenger has the yellow guy well handled, so Network instead takes a look at the machine the intruder had brought with him. At first it seemed to be some sort of data storage, but that would need verification and so she started some analyze routines on it as she got closer to it "I gift you the honor to have captured the terrorist, Avenger, bur I claim to try his hacker honor." she taunts a bit, preparing her best brute force programs and diassamblers for an onslaught on whatever he had brought here.

The man in Vizh's grasp struggles and growls, "You don't know what you're doing." he thrashes in an effort to free himself, but Vizh has a strong grip on him. The Operative calls out a warning, "You won't like messing with the data disassembler!"

As Network starts her assault on the device, she'll notice some remarkably versatile and dynamic countermeasures. High level defenses. However the brute force attack won't go on without a response for too long. The black box starts to whine and then there's a pop as some physical defenses are activated. A wave of concussive force radiates off of the device meant, clearly meant to surprise and shake off someone physically interacting with the device.

Network smirks as the device tries to physically halt a pure digital assault, and as the Agent tells it is a Disassembler, she grins "Dissassembling a Dissasember? That sounds so old school. You shouldn't have given me that hint." she comments as she retreats her probing to establish a much nastier way of attack: It is a self evolving virus that disassembles data, so the easiest way to kill a mass killer is to turn it against itself. Tossing a decoy file towards its countermeasures, she counts onto the functionality of her enemy that its code gets disassembled, which will just unfold the compressed code-trap and turn it into a self executing code. With other words, she just sent the Disassembler a zipped virus in a Trojan horse, which was usually just a bit annoying, renaming files with Cesar code 2. But in this case... it could mess the whole machine up if it works out; making the very OS of it a target for the Disassembler code itself... hopefully it works.

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