Dinner Date

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Dinner Date

Hawkeye & Mockingbird

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12/28/2012 20:00

Some Fancy Restuarant

Hawkeye and Mockbird have a Dinner Date to try and get things back to normal

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Bobbi can't remember the last time she was this nervous. She tries not to let it show, however. S.H.I.E.L.D. training and all that. They agreed to meet at the restaurant, and she arrived first. It's a nice place, and she's dressed appropriately. The gown is blue silk that matches her eyes, strapless with a tight-fitting bodice. A genuine Van Dyne original that Jan created for her, even. Bobbi's long hair is pulled up into a French twist, golden earrings long and dangly. Looking over at the door for the seventeenth time, she checks her watch and takes another gulp of wine. It's not that Clint is late, it's just that she wants the waiting to be over already.

It's a miracle, Clint actually dressed up for the date, see he can have nice things and actually wear them. Well okay he used some money he had in savings to get a suit today, and rush the tailoring of it so he could wear it tonight. But he did get himself a nice blue Armani suit, that well set him back a lot of his savings. But hey the cut on it is perfect and Clint does make the blue suit, white shirt combo look good. Of course his blonde hair is kinda styled, maybe he was going for the messy look the kids have these days, who knows. He gets to the restuarant, takes a deep breath before walking in. Once inside though he finds the table and grabs a seat. His jaw just hanging open for a minute before he finally remembers he's supposed to speak. "You look stunning."

He catches Bobbi mid-gulp, but she manages not to choke on the wine when he arrives. Yeah, really smooth there, Mockingbird. Coughing just once into her napkin, she peers back at him and is smiling wide when the napkin lowers again. "Think so? Thanks, Sport. It's one of Jan's designs. You clean up pretty good yourself, by the way." She just -looks- at him for a few moments before remembering what happens next. Conversation. Small talk. Weather. Clothes. "I like that suit."

Wait, no one said he would have to make small talk. Clint doesn't do the small talk thing that's for other people that aren't him dang it! He just looks at her some more, still taking in the dress. He does do a smile before saying, "Thanks." Uhm okay now what to talk about..."So how have you been?" See that one works, it's a good ol' standby.

She chuckles softly, recognizing his discomfort. Reaching out, Bobbi presses her palm against his cheek. Fingers curl, and wow, he even shaved! "I've been just fine, Clint." she replies in a softer voice, dropping the nickname. Looking at his face more closely, she offers. "You surprised me the other day, both in coming back and in what you said. But in a good way."

Well okay she's touching him that's always a good sign. Clint moves his own hand and actually holds it against hers. "Well you know me, I'm always full of surprises. But I had to do it. My time away made me realize how much I do love you. And well how wrong I was."

Bobbi's expression softens rather visibly at that, and she draws a deep breath. Thumb brushing over his cheek, and her smile becomes wry. "Don't take this wrong, but while the apology is great I don't mind hearing more about your thought process." Drawing her hand back, she clarifies. "What changed your mind?"

Oh man, she's going to make him talk about the sappy stuff now. He hates talking about the sappy stuff, and she knows it. Maybe it's not too late to take everything back and go look up Black Widow's number. "It's simple. I was traveling on the road alone. I started to realize how much I missed you and how empty I felt without you around me." He pauses at that one and takes a deep breath, "And then I thought about the fight we had and what it was about. Which made me realize something else, instead of comforting you when you needed me to. I decided to argue with you over you not saving the life of the man who..." he can't even bring himself to say it. They both know what the Phantom Rider did to her.

She laces her fingers together while he talks, resting her chin upon her hands and watching his face. And when he just lets the explanation trail off, Bobbi reaches over to take his hand in her own. Kissing the back of it, she pats and replies softly. "Okay, Sport. We promised not to bring up the past and I sorta pushed you into that one. My bad." Lowering his hand, she smiles and adds. "So now for the -hard- questions. Like how hungry are you?"

Clint does watch her reaction for the moment, and smiles when she kisses the back of his hand. "No it needed to be said. As much as we like we can't forget the past. Best to talk about it." He uhms when she mentions the food, "Well knowing that most fancy resturants serve food I normally don't eat...I uhm got some hot dogs from a vendor on the way over here. So not that hungry."

Bobbi rolls her eyes at that, and then she laughs. "Seriously, Sport? You were going to just sit there and -watch- me eat? That it?" And yet as she gazes at him there's a familiar fondness in her blue eyes. "Tell you what, then. Let's pay for the wine, and then you're taking me home to -cook- something for dinner." Wiping her lips on the napkin, she adds in a lower voice. "And then I'll see what I can rustle up for dessert."

"Well I was going to order something, and sit and stare at it, and watch you eat." Yeah he smiles at that, "Wouldn't mater, I'm still here with you. And that's the important thing." See he can totally suck up to her and stuff. He smiles and reaches for his wallet, cause seriously he's not making her pay for anything. Smiling he does answer her, "Well it sounds like a good plan to me."

Propriety be damned, Bobbi rises and picks up her wineglass once he gets out his wallet. The designer silk swishes as she moves around to his side of the table and slides casually into his lap. Ignoring stares from the other patrons, she sips her wine and snaps her fingers to flag down a passing waiter. "Um, check please? Family emergency."

Clint smiles when Bobbi comes over and sits with him. His hand wrap around her waist in a big hug, and he does hold her close to him. "So the fun question. How did you get here, and do you need a ride back." He glances at the people looking, hey they're just jealous they don't have what he has.

Another sip of wine finishes the glass, which Bobbi sets down before half-turning to wrap her arms around Clint's neck. Nearly nose to nose, she smiles lazily and replies. "I took a cab. And are you offering?" Hopefully he drove a car instead of a motorcycle tonight. Going to be hell on the dress otherwise. Leaning in, she whispers softly. "I could call HQ and have a quinjet sent over..."

Clint can't resist give her a little kiss on the nose when she turns to him. "I'm offering. Just wondering how well you're going to fit on the motorcycle in that dress." Well her fear is true, he came out in the motorcycle. "No calling HQ. Tonight is just me and you. We don't need anyone else around."

Bobbi laughs at that, shaking her head but looking not at all surprised. "Nothing crazy, then. I'll ride side-saddle on the back, but I'm stealing your jacket." So apparently she's accepting. Leaning in to kiss him lightly on the lips, she adds. "I left my communicator back at the mansion, anyway. Shifting on his lap, however, he does feel one of her trademark fighting sticks strapped to her thigh beneath the gown.

He does kiss her back, and just shakes his head, "Well there goes plan 1 to get out out of the dress. Though I'm sure that would have been a great sight to see as we drove down the streets." He says that one with a wink at her, "So have to ask, you expecting to have to fight me off? Is that why you have the baton under the dress?"

Bobbi waggles her brows at that, chuckling. "I never leave home with out my sticks anymore, Sport, so I'm not just glad to see you." Wink. "But actually, I -do- plan on putting up at least a token fight. Before I lose."

Clint smiles at that one, "Well maybe I'll lose this time. You never know." And look the guy finally came back with the check. Clint sticks some money in the little check thingy they bring and smiles at Bobbi, "So I'm ready to go if you are."

Bobbi shimmies off of his lap, standing and smoothing down the silk. She gives a soft sigh as she looks at the beautiful gown, anticipating the sacrifice it's going to make for the motorcycle ride. "Absolutely, Sport. Let's get outta here." And with that, she picks up a ridiculously small clutch purse and offers her free hand to him.

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