Dinner and Dancing Part 2

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Sandman and Topaz

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Posh - Upper East Side

A continuation of the previous scene

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==[ Posh - Upper East Side ]==

Posh makes good use of its name; booths and stools and even the walls around this club are covered in a deep purple velvet, with the tables and the bar and most other furniture and accents painted black. On the first floor, booths and tables surround a sizeable dance floor on all sides but one.
The bar takes up the left wall, with several stations and bartenders hard at work. The wall behind them is lined with mirrors and glasses of various shapes and sizes hanging upside down above tiers of premium liquor and liqueurs. There's no such thing as a cheap drink in this establishment, as Posh takes pride in it's quality liquor supply.
Up a flight of winding stairs is a second floor. Tables and booths are more abundant up here, although there is a large section of the floor cut out for a view of the dance floor below. But no matter where you are, you're in for music of the highest caliber. The management hopes you like jazz.


Dinner was served to Bill and Topaz and the conversation was quite pleasant, and certainly a bit funny at points and maybe nail biting at others as the two exchanged anecdotes from the recent past. There was enough of a space between the main course and dessert to possibly get in a dance or two if they wanted to. Dessert was served and refills of the chai were poured by a throroughly competent waiter. "I have to say, for a non-indian restaurant, this place makes a pretty good kheer." Topaz says, referring to the indian style rice pudding that was part of thier dessert. "Do they commonly serve Indian dishes here?

"No, they don't. I had to put a good amount of my Avengers stipend to get them to change the cuisine. Thankfully Tony Stark and Janet Van Dyne are high up in society to make changes like this possible for a special evening." Bill smiles and sighs softly as an after dinner drink menu is served. The beverage choices, while not as plentiful as the Voodoo Lounge, are still abundant with Indian and non-Indian beverages. "I'll have a beer. . .er. . .wine." Still trying to impress Topaz with his non-usual self, Bill changes his drink choice.

"Well thank you." Topaz says with genuine sincerity "Even with the plethora of indian restaurants around I rarely get a chance to go to them." she takes the offered drink menu and studies it a long moment, almost as if she is memorizing it for future reference "Whatever you house red is will be fine." is said to the waiter as the menu is returned. Wine isn't her usual drink either, its not served in her lounge. Her patrons tend not to be the wine type "So what is next for this evening?" she leans foward, her elbows on the table, quite curious.

"Well, I'll have to be honest. I don't usually get this far on dates. Or respectable dates anyway." Bill grins and then hmphs embarrassed. "I didn't plan anything else really. While planning is great, it is always good to give the girl. . .lady options. What I really wanted to do was make it official. So to speak. We're good, so maybe continuing this on a more personal romantic committed. . ." Bill is starting to run on and stammer about when simply trying to ask Topaz to be his girlfriend.

As soon as he starts having trouble with his talking Topaz gives an assuring smile and reaches over to cover his hand with her much smaller one. With the touch comes a calming sensation, "Relax Bill," her tone is a soft one "I understand." probably a lot more than what someone who wasn't an empath would "I don't see an issue with being in a mutually exclusive relationship, besides our busy schedules and what we are and do, but even those things can be worked around.

Topaz's empathy will pick up a huge surge of surprise and mirth from the pssamic Avenger. "Wow. You actually said yes. . .and I didn't have to ask." A smile is glued to his face, "Yeah, being an Avenger and given what we are both capable of. . .schedules are tight. But I genuinely want to make this work. I'll be honest and I hope this doesn't get you to change your mind. I have not been the best when it came to how I treat women. I was a love em and leave em type. I'm not proud of it. For all I know, I could have a kid out there. I am trying to change. And you make me want to change. To a better man. But there were a lot. . .alot. . . I mean A LOT of women and I was a louse to them." Bill lowers his head slightly in shame.

"Everyone has a past Bill, some worse than others. My life has not been a walk in a rosy garden either." or a walk in the park, but not being an American some of the cliches and sayings may be a little different coming from her lips "I can sense your sincerity, and believe you want to change, but you will only be successful at it if it is for yourself and not for anyone else." her own experience teaching her that a person can't be changed unless they truly want to. With that the waiter brings the wine and begins to clear the table, which puts an end to the personal conversation for a few moments at the least.

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