Dinner and Dancing - Part 1

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Sandman and Topaz

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Posh - Upper East Side - Manhattan

The first date went well so why not another

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-----==[ Posh - Upper East Side ]==-------------------------------------------
Posh makes good use of its name; booths and stools and even the walls around this club are covered in a deep purple velvet, with the tables and the bar and most other furniture and accents painted black. On the first floor, booths and tables surround a sizeable dance floor on all sides but one.
The bar takes up the left wall, with several stations and bartenders hard at work. The wall behind them is lined with mirrors and glasses of various shapes and sizes hanging upside down above tiers of premium liquor and liqueurs. There's no such thing as a cheap drink in this establishment, as Posh takes pride in it's quality liquor supply.
Up a flight of winding stairs is a second floor. Tables and booths are more abundant up here, although there is a large section of the floor cut out for a view of the dance floor below. But no matter where you are, you're in for music of the highest caliber. The management hopes you like jazz.

It is afternoon on the first day of Spring and yet another blizzard had struck New York City. But that did not defer Bill Baker as he made arrangements for an evening out with Topaz. The balcony level of Posh has been reserved. As the two enter, they will find a fancy dressed hostess leading them to the balcony, "Mr. Baker, your date is lovely." He smiles with pride. As she leads them up the steps, "Everything has been prepared the way you have requested." Once by the table, he pulls her chair for her. Other couples are seated in the area, but it is mostly sparse. An Indian sitar player begins strumming his instrument. Playing a light but lovely little tune.

Despite the weather it's the first day of spring and Topaz isn't going to let a little...okay, a lot of snow keep her at the bar or dictate what she wears. Her lavender gown certainly is something that is more appropiate for a warm spring evening, but she is neither complained or shown any signs of being cold. The restaurant is certainly warm enough.

Following up the steps, Topaz's gaze takes in the view of the restaurant below and then the privatish area they are being escorted too. "Thank you Bill. This place is lovely. Do you come here frequently?"

Dressed himself in a suit, all black with a skinny tie, the Avenger tries to hide his discomfort in the suit. He smiles as he takes his seat, "I have only been here once before. Iron Man and Wasp comeshere often and helped me arrange this." A waiter brings them a tray of small Indian appetizers and then brings two cups of chai. "The food options have already been prepared and pre-ordered as per your request, Mr. Baker." Two menus are handed to the pair with the listing of their meal (appetizers, entre, and desert) all Indian meals from the area where Topaz is from.

"That explains the familiarity." Taking the menu, Topaz looks at it and can't help but give an amused chuckle, "Someone has done there homework." setting the menu down "I was worried I would see chicken tikki masala. Rogan gosh is an excellent choice, not overly spicy, and very flavorful." she picks up the cup of indian tea and gives it a tentative sip.

Nodding his help, "Yes, I did all the research myself." In actuality, Sandman had a bit of help from his Avengers friends, but that is neither here nor there. As appetizers are finished, the waiter informs them that the main course will be brought out shortly, but to enjoy the music. The sitar player changes the mood of the music to something more jovial and danceable. Bill rises from his seat and sticks his hand out to Topaz, "Shall we?"

Topaz isn't shy about enjoying the samosa appetizer, but she limits herself to one, wanting to save room for the rest of the meal. Even though she is keeping her empathic abilities on a tight rein, she has no trouble determing quickly why Bill is getting up. Wiping her fingers on her napkin she takes the offered hand "Of course. Though I will admit I am a bit rusty. Your toes may never be the same after this." she glances down at his feet "Our your nice shoes.

As she takes his hand, Bill is quick to draw her close and then spin her out and back into his muscular arms. The sitar player appropriately sets the speed of the music which sets the rhythm of the dancing. Far from graceful, Bill limits his movements to sway and dips with a few spins thrown in. Nothing too difficult and when the music slows down he draws her close in an embrace.

This is something Topaz can do, following the lead in dancing isn't to much different than following the lead in magic, you just have to know what to look for in body language and in dancings case, music cues. Thankfully she wore heels so height isn't to big an issue "You surprise me Bill." she says after spinning back, the skirt of her gown swirling around her legs. Her arm finds its way back onto his shoulder "You are a lot more complicated then you let on." its just a statement spoken warmly, with no ill intent in it.

"Well, if I am to build up enough courage to ask you to become my girlfriend. I will need to show more of myself and make you want to be my girlfriend." With one final spin, he bows. A few of the patrons applaud the dancers and the sitar player. As they approach the table, their meal is already played out. "Being friends with you has been good for me. I feel a nice connection and you allow me to present more than I usually do." Bill pulls out her chair again.

You have to give the woman credit, Topaz doesn't miss a beat despite the darkening of her skin in what could only me a blush, something that is probably rare for her. "I think I know you well enough to answer that question." pause "Should you get the courage to ask." the corners of her mouth quirk upwards into a grin as she looks up at him, then the clapping starts and she gives a apprective wave "It is always good to have friends that bring out the best in you."

Noting the darkening of her skin, Bill smirks slyly, "I see." He takes his seat after she takes hers. With their meal laid off before them, he smiles, "Well, let's see how the rest of this date plays out. I still have more planned to woo you with." He begins to start on their meal.

---To Be Continued---

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