Dine n Dash

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Dine n Dash

Captain America, Gomi, Phantasm

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08/22/12 19:00

Double R Diner

Gomi is treated to a free lunch before he tries to steal from some waitresses. Captain America is not amused.

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-----==[ Double R Diner - New York ]==----------------------------------------

At first glance, the black and white checkered floor and red and white vinyl booths give the place a bright 50s diner feel. A closer look reveals the cracked tile, worn tabletops, patched vinyl, and tarnished metal of a diner comfortable with its age.

Dominating the room is a long bar lined with barstools. Along the wall across from the long side of the bar are a row of booths, stretching to the restrooms and a payphone in the far back; on another wall are two large horseshoe booths against the glass windows looking out on the street. An old pinball machine and an equally old jukebox lean up against the wall nearby.

Scattered randomly on the walls is a sparse collection of 50s-era nostalgia. Behind the bar is an ancient soda fountain, along with a picture of an even more ancient lady labeled "Mary", and a sign reading "No Smile, No Service!"


With its bright interior, the Double R Diner is a cheerful contrast to the bleary cloudy day outside. With the afternoon hours in full swing and the diner's close proximity to several apartment buildings. The diner is not wanting for business. The tables are pretty are taken by groups which leaves the barstools for the party of ones that come into the restaurant.

One such party of one, dressed in attire that mirrors the gloomy outside is Mike Hannigan, AKA Mick Drago. The trademark looks are dressed down, hair pulled back into a ponytail and tucked under the black t-shirt's collar, giving it a look of being much shorter than it is while exposing a scar upon the inside of one arm. The knit cap that he typically wears when out is resting upon the countertop beside a coffee cup containing pitch black liquid. Considering he's got one elbow on the counter to allow for his hand to tilt up and give his head a place to perch, it seems this musician has not gotten any good sleep lately.

Not far behind Mike is a somewhat unassuming man. Looks are chiseled, body is toned but Rogers looks like any average joe for the most part decked out in his blue-jeans and T-shirt. He makes his way to the counter, slipping by a few other customers in the process. He offers the waitress a smile, "Cup of joe, thanks." he says, taking up a menu and looking it over.

Gomi, who prefers to not reveal his real name, enters the diner on the heels of a young couple who are too busy to notice the smallish teen behind them. He pulls his hoodie back to reveal his stark blonde hair, blue eyes taking notice of the people in the diner, their positioning, the status of their meals, and other strategic information. He mentally stores all this information and climbs up onto a stool, ordering a glass of water. He has his eye on a family near the back, and a large man that looks like a trucker as his prime targets tonight. He looks out of place, but doesn't give off the impression that he's up to anything just yet.

As Steve comes in and orders the coffee in a rather dated manner. Bleary eyes open and roll towards the Avenger. Not quite placing him without the costume, Mike lifts his head and lowers his arm, causing for a popping sound to occur as he stretches the arm out. Lifting up his hand once more, he stifles a yawn before reaching down to pick up his black coffee. He glances around, taking note of a Gomi sitting down as well. The side of his lip upturning, he sets the cup down without taking a sip and glances in order to get the waitresses attention.

Rogers accepts his coffee graciously, taking a small sip with the cup in one hand as he looks over the menu before finally ordering, "I'll take one of the porkchop specials, hashbrowns with the works and some bread." he says, sliding the menu across the bar in front of him with a smile. Mike's gaze catches his attention and he turns to offer a smile and nods to the other man, "Evenin." he says simply before turning back to study Gomi for a moment, taking in what he sees before turning back and taking another drink of his coffee.

Looking over as he senses eyes on him, he quickly looks back to his water, turning it in his hands, then taking a drink. When a waitress asks whether or not he's ordering something, he declares "I'm just waiting for my family to arrive, thank you." without even the hit of a smile. He tends to always try and keep a low profile, since he is undoubtedly on the registry of runaways or missing kids. Drawing a deep breath, he turns to the side and mutters something to his satchel, which seems to be moving just slightly. "Not now, you're going to have to wait. Just be patient."

With the greeting, Mike looks back over to Steve, returning the smile and greeting, "Evening." With the waitress nearby, Mike turns the smile to her as he waits for the waitress to be done turning in Steve's food order. He leans over, being mindful of the coffee as he gestures for the waitress to lean in for a bit. His voice is a low whisper, meant for just him and her to hear. The waitress's eyes glance over to Gomi and then back to Mike before she nods, writing something else down.

Rogers nurses his coffee a little more, content at it's flavor it seems as he cracks a faint smile. He doesn't look back at Gomi but instead turns to Mike again, "Aren't you that one guy? The Musician?" he asks, looking clueless for the most part to the untrained eye.

Gomi blinks as a grilled cheese and fries is set in front of him, and he looks around, suddenly a bit paranoid. The sandwich is broken in half, and then that half is broken in half and stuffed into his satchel. Bill and Don would prefer something a little more tuna-ish, but beggars can't be choosers, a lesson they know well. Before anyone can say it was a mistake and take it away, Gomi bites into the other half of the sandwich, savoring the cheesy goodness. "Umm please take a moment if you would to thank whomever was so kind to order this." he says quietly to the waitress when she comes back that way to take away a neighboring person's plate.

With Mike's 'evil plans' discussed with the waitress, his attention drifts over to the lobster-friended oddity. He's able to see Gomi break the sandwich in half before Steve's question draws his attention towards the civilian attired Avenger. "Well, I'm A musician. I'm not sure if I'm THE musician you're thinking of." To the untrained and trained eye, Mike obviously hasn't associated Steve to his star spangled identity. It must be that out of context thing. Maybe if this had been a 40s themed restaurant he'd have fared better.

Grabbing a handful of fries, Gomi stuffs them into his jacket pocket for later, nibbling on a few. He wasn't expecting anyone to buy him anything, so part of his plan is a bit thrown off. He drinks from his glass, blue eyes searching. The trucker and the family are still here. Good. A green metallic lobster claw reaches out from beneath the flap of the satchel, grabbing a fry that had fallen into Gomi's lap.

With Captain America drifting to quiet, Mike's attention shifts over to the waitress who shows up near him again to relay Gomi's thanks. Mike nods, smiling as he glances back over towards Gomi. Yep. Guilty.

Gomi makes accidental eye contact with Mike as the waitress thanks him, and sinks down in his seat, trying to hide behind the fellow sitting next to him, who seems to be getting ready to leave, tossing a tip on the counter and getting up. Gomi finishes the fries, pocketing another handful and reaches for his glass of water and 'accidently' knocks it over. In the moment of chaos, the little thief's quick hand snatches the tip and pockets it, while lamenting over his spilled water. "Oh dear, I am so sorry. Please, allow me to go to the restroom and procure additional paper towels." he hops off his stool and begins trotting to the back, just in time as the family in the booth nearest the restrooms are leaving. With the waitress busy and others being fixated on the spilled water, when the boy returns with an armload of paper towels, he has no problem snaking a hand out to swipe the significant tip as well, then starts to stuff the paper towels in his satchel, much to the dismay of Bill and Don, and swiftly make his way toward the exit.

Rogers can only take so much as his shifts off his stool and away from the delicious looking pork chops and hashbrowns to face Gomi as he tries to leave, "That's not real polite, kid. Man buys ya dinner and that's not enough? What's your game." he says, reaching out to try to grab the young-man by the collar.

Mike should have been paying attention to Gomi when this started but, he had a coffee and dammit, he's got to drink it at some point. It's also a very good coffee. But lo, such simple things can't be enjoyed for long. It isn't until he spots Gomi walking back from the bathroom that he sees an instance of tip stealing. He sets his cup down, turning with the intent of saying something before Steve steps in. Huh?

"Erk!" Gomi is halted in his tracks and cranes his skinny neck to look up at the man with the reflexes quick enough to snatch him in mid flight. He gulps, adjusting his glasses and takes a deep breath. "Game? I fail to recognize to what you are referring, kind sir. If you would be so kind as to release me, I have a train to catch back to my place of residence." that's a lie, but nobody needs to know that. He looks just the slightest bit nervous, the only change in his expression the lowering of his eyebrows and a twitch of his thin lips. He's a professional thief, he just automatically looks for targets.

Rogers' own eyebrows narrow at the thief. He isn't one to be easily fooled most of the time and he keeps a firm grip on the teen's collar, "Sure thing kid, right after ya give back the money you took from these hard workin' ladies. Did you work for it? Bring out food and drinks?" he asks sharply. His tone is harsh but voice itself kept somewhat low as he talks at Gomi.

Finding Steve saying stuff to Gomi, Mike gets up from his seat and starts to walk over. His smile from earlier has faded away, making his tired expression even more exhausted looking. He stops, coming to the side of Steve. His eyes set upon the larger man's hand upon the kid's collar and then to Gomi. "I take it you saw the same thing I did, then."

Gomi tries to wriggle out of Steve's grasp, but only manages to tangle himself more. Nervousness is clear on his face now, one of the few expressions the cyborg can manage since half his brain was replaced by a computer. "I...ermmm...I have to go! You have no idea how crowded the busses get at this hour!" oops, it was a train a moment ago. "I...I.." ok, he's trapped. The last thing he needs is for someone to identify him as Alphonsus Lefszycic and take him somewhere like Juvie or worse, find his absentee mother. A moment of panic sets in and he squeezes his eyes shut, and releases a beam of telekinetic force to try and push Steve and Mike away from him, perhaps with a little more force than intended.

Rogers Captain sense tingles a little bit at the teen as he becomes increasingly distraught. As the burst of telekinetic energy flies forward his arms come up in front of him like a shield though the force itself still slides him back several feet. Once it's over he looks over his arms at the teen, "Bad move, kid." he says lowly, reaching to the side and picking up a mostly empty plate and hurling it -- Aiming hopefully at the teens chest with the improvised projectile. Though disk shaped, like his normal shield, it's not what he's used to and therefore not nearly as effective.

As Gomi starts to freak out, Mike shakes his head, lifting up a hand in a calming manner, "Hey it's alright, just calm down. All you need to do is just g-" Unfortunately Mike doesn't GET to finish that statment as he finds himself basically being shoved off his feet violently. He doesn't have much time to deal with the sense of deja-vu as the lighter of the two adults ends up making a bit more distance as he hits the counter. There's a crash as a misplaced hand ends up smacking Steve's dinner off the counter. Mike's not caring about the food at the moment as it really hurt when it happened. "Ff-" Ow.

Gomi's eyes widen as he realizes what he's done, and then tries to shatter the plate with a short blast, which is really another burst like the one before, which shatters the plate, but also anything on the far wall with destructive force. He claps his hands over his mouth, and in the resulting chaos of customers trying to flee quickly, he attempts to join them, using his small size to his advantage, though his wardrobe does nothing to help him blend in.

Rogers glances back as his still-warm food comes crashing down to the floor, "Son of a..." he trails off as he turns back to track Gomi trying to sneak away with the crowd and, true to form, dives out at the youth now. While not an award-winning football or rugby tackle in terms of force the taller, muscular man does fly through the air with intent on colliding with the teen, "Hold it, kid!" he calls out, mid-air

Mike is not pursuing. No! Instead, he is pushing himself off of the counter and opting to just lower himself to the floor. Y-Yeah, don't mind him. He's just going to, uh sit next to this stool... Leaning his head back, it thunks against the panel of the counter as he closes his eyes and just calms his breathing.

Ok, now Gomi is panicing a bit. He sees a man lunging at him and backs into a fleeing customer, putting him in the perfect position to be floored. Falling flat on his rear, he looks up at Steve, panting. His satchel opens and two rather large lobsters with metal exoskeletons, one green and one blue emerge, snapping their claws at Steve. One pinch from THESE lobsters will certainly hurt.

Steve scrambles to get ahold of the little thief only to find two.... metallic lobsters? reaching out and pinching at him. One finds his forearm and clamp down, "Ahhh! What that?!" he calls out, almost comically flailing his arm up and down a few times before reaching to grab the construct with his other hand.

Mike's not doing much for helping. Despite the running around of others, his spot nestled between the two barstools does allow some protection from the scurrying feet. Which is very good to allow for him to do what he's working on.

Although one may have clamped down upon Steve, the Green one soon finds himself being lurched back by an unseen force before it starts spinning like the invisible man decided to try his hand at the hammer throw. Round and round the lobster goes, where it stops, nobody knows!

Bill projects his little holographic icons above his head, which include a skull, a squiggle and a frowny face. Don tries to reach up and snag Steve with his other claw, but Gomi yells. "NO! Don! Get down!" he gets up, grabbing his bag and tries to reach for Don to free him, even if it means getting snagged himself. "Don't hurt Bill, you ruffian or I shall introduce you to the full strength of my telekinetic force beam!"

In spite of the pain involved, Rogers gets a firm grasp on the mechi-lobster than has clung to his arm. WIth a quick jerk and pulls off the thing before hurling it at Gomi now, pausing to look at his arm before standing up to face to teen again.

Upon Don being disconnected from Captain America, the other Lobster starts to slow down in his spin before it then is just held dangling by the tail as he rises up in the air. "Quit attacking people and listen to him." an odd voice near the dangling lobster says.

Gomi grabs Don and holds him close to him, glaring at Steve, then stuffs him into his satchel, reaching up to try and get hold of Bill. "Stop attempting to apprehend me! You could have avoided such collateral damage had you simply allowed me to depart without incident!" he jumps up and down to try and rescue the green lobster, which is projecting angry icons. "Bill! Bill, I'll save you! Please hold on! I will deal with these miscreants without delay once your safety has been ensured."

Rogers' eyes narrow into a glare at Gomi, "This from the thief tryin' to rob people of their hard earned money?" he retorts sharply, reaching forward again to grab at Gomi's collar. Only a brief glance around the diner is offered, making sure everyone has cleared out -- The only person left being Mike who has found his own comfortable little hidey hole.

The lobster lifts higher, out of reach. "Sit down." The voice says again, seemingly growing a bit more irritated at having to continue with this, "The both of you. TALK this out. No grabbing collars. No- whatever the hell you just did, kid. Just TALK."

Mike is NOT moving.

Gomi finds himself grabbed by Steve again and frowns, twisting and wiggling to try and thrash his way free. "Let Bill go!! Leave us alone! We just want to go!" he twists and tries to kick Steve in the shin, which isn't much of a blow. "Talk about what? I'm not letting you take me anywhere!" reaching into his pocket, he pulls out the money and tosses it onto the floor. "There. Are you sufficiently satisfied?"

Rogers lets go of the kid after positioning himself between the door and the teen, "Why'd you take it in the first place, kid?" he asks curtly, eyes drifting around him to settle on the motionless Mike underneath the bar.

No longer spinning, Bill just hovers above Gomi and Steve. The disembodied voice doesn't say anything but just from the fact the lobster is floating is more than enough indication he's still there.

As for Mike, he still remains between the two barstools. Seemingly uninterested in the conversation between the two as he just sits there with his eyes closed.

Gomi fixes his clothing and looks up at him with cool blue eyes. "It's what we do, we were running low and funds needed replenished." his answer is vague as he now looks around for another possible exit. He tries to grab Bill again, then moves to drag a chair over to stand on and reach for him. "I cannot provide you with much information beyond that."

Rogers keeps arms reach from Gomi, producing a cell-phone from his pocket to snap a picture of the kid and then make a call, "Yes ma'm. I'm at the Double R Diner. There is a young man here who was stealing, I would appreciate it if you would send an officer over." he says calmly into the phone, studying Gomi's reaction.

Seemingly happy with the response or perhaps hurried by the phone call, the lobster lowers, setting Bill down on the table without a word.

Bill is grabbed quickly and stuffed into the satchel as Gomi spins around, finding himself trapped. "An officer...? No, nono...I am afraid I cannot allow you to do that, sir. I am in quite a hurry and must make a hasty retreat in order to not exacerbate this situation any more than it already is...please forgive me for this, for I mean you no physical harm, but as you are standing between me and the only visible exit from this establishment, and I am much too physically weak to move you out of the way, I am afraid I must remove you from my path in the only way I know how." and then BLAM goes that telekinetic beam again. Steve might be able to dodge it, but if it does hit him, he would be sent flying out of the diner and probably well across the street.

Rogers narrows his eyes at Gomi as he begins to speak, the light from the police cars visible as they make their way down the street towards the diner. Once Gomi makes it clear he intends to blast at the Captain he instinctivly dive-rolls to the side out of the way and slides across the smooth tile floor -- leaving Gomi enough room to escape.

With the lengthy apology, Mike's eyes open as he looks towards Gomi, "N-" Oh, he dove out of the way. Mike stops talking. Grimacing, he starts to pull himself up via the bar stool. "Au-fuck."

Seeing the opening, Gomi grabs the money, and runs through the door, then turns around to face them. "I apologise for the inconvenience, gentlemen, it was not my intent to start any type of altercation with you tonight! Should we ever encounter each other again, perhaps it will be under more amiable circumstances and I shall purchase you a meal to replace the one that unfortunately was lost upon the floor." he lifts one hand in a wave, then adjusts his glasses and scampers down the road as fast as his little legs will carry him.

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