Dine and Fly

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Dine and Fly

Shadowcat, The Human Torch, Mercury, Rex Gregson

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Double R Diner

Johnny, Kitty, Rex, and Mercury run into each other in the diner

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-----==[ Double R Diner - New York ]==----------------------------------------

At first glance, the black and white checkered floor and red and white vinyl booths give the place a bright 50s diner feel. A closer look reveals the cracked tile, worn tabletops, patched vinyl, and tarnished metal of a diner comfortable with its age.

Dominating the room is a long bar lined with barstools. Along the wall across from the long side of the bar are a row of booths, stretching to the restrooms and a payphone in the far back; on another wall are two large horseshoe booths against the glass windows looking out on the street. An old pinball machine and an equally old jukebox lean up against the wall nearby.

Scattered randomly on the walls is a sparse collection of 50s-era nostalgia. Behind the bar is an ancient soda fountain, along with a picture of an even more ancient lady labeled "Mary", and a sign reading "No Smile, No Service!"

With the lazy Sunday evening coming into effect, the street lights in the Bowery and Lower East Side area have since hummed to life and taken part in their purpose of leading people where they need to go and distracting moths with shineys. Inside the Double R Diner, there are no moths, but the artificial lighting within just makes the view of the 50s diner all that more enticing for the hungry that may be debating on where to eat. There are already several tables occupied. One of which, sporting a specially made FDNY shirt, takes up a booth in a much warmer corner than the others. Before the blonde, known as Johnny Storm, several empty glasses sit while another is halfway filled with water. Also before this hungry firefighter is a highly stacked burger with fries, along with a side order of fries. HUNGRY HUNGRY HERO.

"-And I dont care WHAT you think of it. I am NOT wearing it on stage, OR in any pictures. Or even to 'see if I like it'. Ugh, what's wrong with everyone? I move to America and you're trying to turn me into Britney." comes an annoyed conversation through the door. It wasnt' obnoxiously loud, but it was agitated. It was also Rex Harrison. She pauses, glancing about to adjust to the bright lighting, and then states "I'm going to eat now. I'll call you ba-no! I wont stay on the phone. its RUDE." she closes the phone with a huff, half ponders asking for it to be battered an deep fried, then steps up to the till with an apologetic smile to the cashier there. She carried a portfolio under one arm, and a bag over one shoulder.

Torch wasn't the only one with the munchies, as in walked Kitty in skinny jeans and sneaker wedges with a purse on one shoulder. Looking around she smiled and waived to the waitress behind the counter in greeting before looking curiously at the FDNY shirted man.

A nearby waitress, bearing a name tag bearing the name 'P. Devize', takes one look to Rex and Kitty and starts to grab a single menu and a set of utensils wrapped in a napkin. "Three waters up." She declares to one of the folks behind the counter before glancing back to the musician and others, "Right this way." Without waiting to see if they heard, she starts to lead the way over to a couple of the remaining empty tables which are a bit closer to the warm side of the restaurant. There's a smile as the menu is placed down on the table next to Johnny's, and two more placed at another table next to that one, "I'll be right back with your water." At the end of the phrase, she glances over to Johnny's glass and the expression tightens, "And yours too, sir."

Johnny, who is mid-chew gives a bit of a nod. "MMPph phu."

Rex Gregson smiles at the Waitress, then pauses in confusion at the response. She turns to look behind her at Kitty, then back once more, then at the table as she follows the waitress in confusion. Then a shrug, and she took one side of the table, pulling her jacket off in the warmth "Well, why not. Its an interesting way to meet new people." she decides, accepting the seating arrangement without question at all.

Shadowcat looks to Rex equally surprised at the confusion before nodding to the girl with a smile as she sat down at the table and her purse wriggled as she set it down beside her "I'm Kitty, nice to meet you"

Mercury steps in a few seconds after Shadowcat. "Wow. Feels like I just stepped through a time-machine door." she comments with a soft chuckle as she notices the interior decor of the place. She loses a few moments looking around, and when she comes back to, again, she notices Kitty has walked away from her to join a couple people. She blinks, and then approaches Kitty again, "Hey. Hi there." she says, the metallic girl waving at the Human Torch and Rex.

Rex Gregson waves with a smile at Mercury, blinking only once at the skin before picking up the menu and flipping through it. A glance sideways to Johnny, then another, before she looks questinoably back at Shadowcat "Oh. I'm Rex. Whos' your young lady? " then a tilt of head to Johnny, as though asking silently if Shadow knew him as well.

Johnny's still chewing as he finds himself being waved at. Oh? A fan? The burger lowers to the plate before the still chewing hero lifts up a hand to wave to the girl who just sat down at the other table. "Mmp-" He pauses, swallowing before trying again, "Hi to you too." He glances to the remainder of the table, glancing to Kitty the longest as he tries to put her face in the proper context. It's been a long day, he's pretty much burned the candle from both ends, regardless of how it is said, he's a bit tuckered out and taking times to put things in their place.

Shadowcat smiles ar Mercury and pulls out a chair for her before turning that smile to Rex "Well it's nice to meet you Rex, this is Cessily. Cessily, meet Rex and that young man over there is Johnny Storm"

Mercury sits down on the offered chair, and she smiles to Rex, "Nice to meet you two, and-" but then she pauses, "Wait? Johnny Storm? As in, THE Johnny Storm?" she blinks again, and looks at Johnny with widened eyes, the girl obviously not expecting to find one of the Fantastic Four so casually, in a bar, no less. Well, technically she'd have a greater chance of finding Ben Grim than Johnny Storm, but still!

Rex Gregson brightens, and smiles at Johnny more dashingly now as she waves "A pleasure sir, and thank you!" she notes, and nods as well to Cessily "Cessily. That's an odd name. Then again, I'm 'Rex' so can't talk much can I?" She then laughs a little bit at Mercury's response, waiting impatiently for her water.

As he's introduced, Johnny gives another wave. "Yes. THAT Johnny Storm." He opts not to slide to the end of his booth seat to shake hands but as the waitress comes by to deposit all the waters, the hero's attention turns towards the drink. He promptly finishes off the half glass before reaching for the new one. "Just winding down from work." He offers in explanation.

Shadowcat chuckles "Mr Reed was good enough to help me out of a situation a good while back" she tells Cessily before looking to Rex "Well Cessily is a unique girl" grinning playfully to the silvery teen "Winding down from work or trying to cool off Johnny?"

Mercury would blush if she could when Shadowcat called her 'unique'. Yeah, 'unique' is an understatement, considering her mutation. Then again, most mutants are 'unique' in their abilities. "You can say that." the metallic girl replies to Shadowcat, before looking at her glass of water, reaching for a small sip, while Johnny and Shadowcat seem to start conversation between themselves.

"Unique fits it!" agrees Rex with a smile, drinking as well as she moves her portfolio further out of the way to avoid getting it wet "at times I wish I could wind down from work." she admits. "But it just keeps chasing after me."

Johnny lifts up the glass of iced water that appears to have fewer bits of ice in the glass than the girls' drink, "A bit of both. Busy night with the fire department." His eyes move over to Rex, "...You look familiar."

"Very brave of you." remarks Rex, then puts a hand on her head, before she smiles and goes a little pink "Oh really? Considering my alter ego wears a mask and acts ENTIRELY different manner on stage, I'm flatterd I guess that I'm esaily recogniseable."

Mercury looks at Rex now, as Johnny seems to recognize her from... SOMEWHERE! Somewhere Mercury obviously no idea where it is. "You're an actress?" she asks, the girl having the feeling she's asking a stupid question, but it's too late to take it back now.

Johnny looks a bit confused by that. "A mask?" He shakes his head, "I was thinking some type of charity event or something like that or that you had just one of those faces. But, what's your alter ego?" He starts drinking his water, the levels of it dropping quickly.

"Oh, I do do charity events. And no, not really acting. I have a Stage Persona though." explains Rex, bowing to them, her voice pitching down a notch to that andogynous level she used for Tyrannosaur "Sombre Tyrannosaur, at your eternal service."

Mercury takes a sip of her water as she listens to Johnny's question, but Rex' voice tone change causes the metallic girl to blink, "Whoa." she says with a smile as she places her water glass on the table gently, "That was pretty impressive, how you changed your voice tone." she says, nodding.

As Rex changes the pitch of her voice, there's a bit of recognition, "Oh! That one." Johnny nods a bit as he places his now almost empty glass on the table again "Okay. So it probably wasn't misplaced recognition then. I think one of the girls I dated had one of your CDs."

Rex Gregson beams quite proudly at this as she sits back once more "Its not that hard. Relax the vocal cords, drop the diaphragm.... I can even get Garth Brooks when I want to. Still working on Barry White." she jokes, then nods with a beaming smile at Johnny "Glad to hear people are enjoying it! Today of course I'm off duty, arguing about my new 'costumes'. Everone's gone nuts since we moved the show to the US."

Mercury chuckles, "Not much time left to just sit down and listen to music, with all the homework and school stuff that the school put us through." she chuckles, smiling, "But I've listened to a few of your songs." she nods.

"You don't listen to music while you study?" Johnny asks, a bit curious about that, as he looks over to Mercury, "What do you do to kill the background noise?"

"Oh come on, I write WONDERFUL study music." jokes the musician with a huge grin at Mercury, nodding "I'm penning a few new ones for the winter shows. I havent done that in a while." She pauses to listen to Johnny's question, and the reply.

Shadowcat finally chuckles "alright alright Lockheed..." picking her purse up into her lap as she'd been apparently occupied by trying to keep her pet hidden, and opened it up to let him poke his head out.

Mercury chuckles, "Actually, there's such a ruckus almost all the time at the school that I kind of learned to tune out noise while studying, so putting on music while studying would either distract me from studying, or play by completely unnoticed, I'm afraid." she says, smiling softly, before she finaly noticed Shadowcat's dragon pet as he makes himself known now.

Rex Gregson stares at the dragon pet, her glass halfway to her mouth "... can I steal that? Pleeeeze? " she asks, as though it were a kitten. And only a LITTLE bit joking.

Johnny tilts his head forward to look at Lockheed before he leans back, and proceeds to decimate his food.

Lockheed for his part crawls out of the purse and preens for a moment looking quite smug at the envy he's receiving. Showing off he flaps his purple leathery wings a bit and twitches his tail.

Kitty though chuckles at him and hands him to rex like a pet dog "He can be shameless sometimes" then smiles to Mercury "Don't worry, you'll be glad when holiday break comes I bet" and then the full out pranks could begin.

Rex Gregson tries not to squeal at all at the thing, to avoid having it kicked out by the waitress (no pets allowed after all) as she pets it a bit "Where did you get him? " she asks, now utterly distracted.

Mercury has to chuckle, gently, at that, "I bet. I heard they're quite... interesting." she says, while watching Lockheed being moved to a different lap. "So... how is your dragon pet categorized? 'Exotic pet'? I think he's exotic even within the 'exotic' category." she chuckles softly, before noticing the Human Torch devouring his food like a famished man, and she blinks.

Alas, all the food is not to be eaten. Johnny scoots forward as there's a beeping. Turning his head away from the pair, he answers in a low voice... There's a bit of murmuring before Johnny hangs up and starts scooting out of the booth, heading towards the cash register. The smile is gone.

Shadowcat chuckles as she sees Lockheed bask in the attention and she looks to Johnny "Something wrong?" then turns to the girl "Exotic pet is putting it mildly. He stowed away in my luggage from a mission I had in space."

Rex Gregson ohhs. Space Dragon. She pauses and looks up as Johnny suddenly heads for the door "... I hope not. But uhm... I need to go use the loo." she hands the dragon back reluctantly and crawls out of her own seat "Watch my food. I'll be back soon!"

After exchanging some words with the cashier and getting a nod, Johnny's heading towards the exit. "Another fire." He answers Kitty before going out the door. The night time light is disruppted as a great human shaped brightness appears in the street and soon flies up and away.

Their side of their restaurant has gotten extremely cold now.

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