Dimensional Switcharoo

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Wolfsbane, Shadowcat and Mirage

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03/26/13 22:00

Game Room - Xavier's Mansion

Rahne and Dani are watching TV, when the dimensional alternated Kitty joins them

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It's later in the evening, after dinner, late enough that the students are not in abundance, most in thier rooms since it after curfew. Dani sits in the corner where the large TV has been set up with multiple console games hooked to it. She isn't playing any video games though, she is watching the news and their coverage of the big news about Genosha coming home.

The expression Wolfsbane wears is not a happy one, nor is it a comfortable one. She stands to one side with her arms crossed, watching the screen intently. Murky are her emotions, though certain ones are sharper than others and none of them are good. "I'd ha been just fine if tha' place never turned up again," she comments.

Shadowcat came walking in holding a bowl of hot cheesy nachos above her head. She was shorter then she normally was, a chibi and looked like a beast cat in charcoal silver fur. With her was a large bulkedup Lockheed humanoid in a duster carrying soda. "so what's the verrdict? can we fix genosha or is it just going to be a land verrsion of the Bermuda triangle?"

Dani has mixed feelings about the whole situation. She wasn't even on this plane of existance when the Genosha stuff went down, or when Magneto took over and cleaned it all up. Looking back at Rahne she sends a soothing thought through their link. "Yes, but imagine the nightmare all the citizens of Genosha went through." while she doesn't care about the landmass as a whole there were lots of innocent people that lived there that had nothing to do with what happened previously.

Ship had warned her that dimension flux was possible, but up until now she hadn't expereinced any. Even with the warning it isn't enough to prepare her for a draconian...Kitty yes, but an anthromorphic Lockheed, not as much, "What the hell?" she exclaims as she jumps to her feet.

Wolfsbane grunts once, not much of an answer to what Dani says of the citizenry itself, but the chance to give more of one is interrupted by the rather unexpected arrival. She turns and rather gapes at them. "Kitty..? An' Lockheed? What happened tae ye?" she asks, staring.

Wolfsbane grunts once, not much of an answer to what Dani says of the citizenry itself, but the chance to give more of one is interrupted by the rather unexpected arrival. She turns and rather gapes at them. "Kitty..? An' Lockheed? What happened tae ye?" she asks, staring.

Kitty looked baffled at the two "What? You two act like you've never seen Lockheed before, best x-dragon ever" walking up to the coffee table to put the nachos down "who wants munchies?" Lockheed himself just grins and waves "Heya"

Dani closes her mouth, her expression as equally baffled as the new Kitty's, maybe even more so. "You aren't..." a glance is sent to Rahne, who can feel the shock through the bond. "You just aren't what we expected..not expected at all really. Wow." the last word almost deadpad.

Wolfsbane's a lot more blunt about it. "Th' Kitty an' Lockheed we know are much different. Ye're na all fuzzy like me." She leaves out the whole chibi part, which is another level of strange to her. "An' Lockheed's small enough he can perch on someone's shoulder if he wants. Like this, he'd crush ye."

Kitty blinks partially at them both before scrubbing her nose up and taking a hard look at Lockheed "hrrrm...ok he is a little differrrent but I kinda like it. What do you mean I'm furrrry though?" reaching a hand up to scratch her head in confusion

Moving a finger up and down to indicate Kitty's shorter body "You're covered in fur." she states, her tone indicating that this is obvious to anyone looking at this version of the woman. "It's a new look for you. I'm sure Hank and Kurt would approve though.

"In other words, ye're more 'Kitty' or 'Shadowcat' than in just yuir name noo," Wolfsbane points out with a sniff. It may hint at amusement, but underneath is more a sense of worry. "But why? Both o' ye? Ye seem tae recognize us, a' least..aye?"

Kitty looks at mirage like the prank was on her this time "oh c'mon...I think I would've known dani. Course I recognize you rrrahne" then something occurs to her "I swearrr...if this is a joke Kurt had pulled I'm putting nairrr in his body shampoo!" huffx

Taking the remote Dani switches off the TV and grabs the other one to turn up the lights. After doing so she will gently grab one of Kitty's arms and attempt to pull her front of the large TV so she can she her reflection in it, ears, fur, tail and all "That isn't a practical joke." she points to the reflection "Even Kurt isn't that good." not that she has seen Kurt recently.

Wolfsbane squints. How can Kitty not realize...? Even as Dani's doing her thing, she gives Lockheed a brief glance before walking over to handle the end of Kitty's tail, assuming she can nab it, and show it to her. "Does this look like a prank tae ye? Do ye feel it? An' look a' yuir ears. Plus ye're shorter than I am!"

Meowing as she's grabbed and by the tail too! kitty blinks "Did I just...meow?!l boggling at her tail before looking at her reflection "Ack! when did anime enter our reality? I mean really?! a chibi?! I swear...if anyone makes litter box jokes the cat litter will end up in their bed..." sighing at her reflection as she feels her ear and then pulls her lips back..Yup fangs too. A look is given to Lockheed as he struggles to keep a straight face "This isn't funny Lockheed...though I guess it means I get to ride your shoulder for a change. Kurt was planning on collecting fur from hank and super glowing mustaches on people...I would have preferred that to this"

At the meow, Dani looses it, laughing. The girl nicknamed Kitty becoming a anthrocat with all the accessories and them meowing when her tail is pulled is just to funny for her to hold back any longer. She collapses onto the sofa, wiping her eyes. "Oh my goodness, what I would give right now for a camera!" she says between peals of laughter.

Wolfsbane opens her mouth then shuts it at the reaction, looking elsewhere in an attempt to avoid having the same reaction as Dani. "We..need tae figure oot what made this happen," she says, making an effort to keep a straight face. The taller, more humanoid Lockheed is given a questioning glance, anything to stop from thinking about kitty Kitty.

Lockheed covers his mouth with one hand as he snickers "least your name fits now? what? I do remember you both rahne. Kitty bushes out at the comments with a hiss "gah!"shivering and trying to smooth her fur with her hands "How do you do this rahne?"

Dani hiccups a few times as she gets control of her laughter "It's a side effect of Genosha's return." she starts the explain to the group "I had Ship run some scans and then Ship compared pre-Genosha scans to post-Genosha scans. The way I understand it Genosha ripped a whole between universes and all that dimensional energy is leaking through. I'm guessing there is some overlap with another universe in the space that Kitty and Lockheed are occupying?" she sends a questioning look to the 'Kitty' for confirmation since she's the genius brainiac in the room.

"An ye, Lockheed..I dinna think ye can even talk! Th' ye from here, I mean," Wolfsbane says, after he indicates being familiar with her. "Are we different where ye're from?" This follows Dani's talk of what's causing this, though a moment later it seems to register. "Wait. Genosha coming back is messing with reality itself? Och.." Almost as an afterthought she adds to this version of Kitty, "Do what? I'm used tae it."

Lockheed grins slyly "I am from here just..not quite all of me"

Kitty pouts with an undignified mew "I'm not used to this..." then nods to dani "It would make sense, if genosha went on a trip thru different dimensions like wet once did, it might have dragged some of the energies with it when it returned. sort of like a plane punching thru a cloud, except line up several clouds and have the plane punch them all." but then she gets picked up by Lockheed and put on his shoulder where she perches around his neck. "rahne how do you ever keep your fur from rising?"

Eying the larger and certainly more vocal, Lockheed "Or more of you as the case may be." her gaze then turns to Kitty "I wonder which dimensions your bodies went too." since there is no way to answer that question, it was mostly meant as rhetorical "That makes the most sense." a worried expression comes to her face and Rahne can feel it through their link.

Wolfsbane appears confused at what Lockheed says, but she shrugs it off as the dragon scoops her up to create an odd juxtaposition to what she's used to seeing with the pair of them. "It..does sometimes, but like I said, I'm just used tae what I am. I've nae idea how we can fix what's happening, though. This is verra weird." It's left her somewhat out of sorts, not so good at dealing with the unknown and the abnormal in this sense. She rubs the back of her neck slowly, frowning.

Lockheed grins with a sly wink at dani "perhaps". reaching a hand to pet kitty gently as she usually did him.

Kitty sighed resigning herself to get current fate and accepted the porting as she snickered before thinking about the problem "Err can't send genosha back the way it came but we have to reverse the flow of energies and seal up the leaks....hopefully that will reverse the effects and put everyone back to normal. Lockheed doesn't usually talk but he does know how to he just likes playing the pet, rahne"

To this Lockheed nods agreeably

"Knowing how bad it is going to get would be even better." Dani says as she thinks over the last few days, wondering if there have been any other dimensional switcheroos that she didn't notice. The only thing she can think of is a certain blind student and how she has been out of sorts the last couple of days "And what happens when it is more then just the physical that is switching, but the brain and personality with it?

"I wish I knew," Rahne answers Dani first, merely nodding slowly to Kitty's own thoughts as she shifts to rub an ear next. The one thing she does add is, "If I could talk, I'm na sure I'd keep it a secret." A moment later she bites her lip gently and says, "I'm gaunae go see if anyone else is showing signs o' being different. We need tae keep track o' it."

Kitty leans into the ear scritching "Trouble is we hardly know about dimensions and how they affect each other, it's rather new territory to science. Personalities and memories can certainly switch with the physical changes just like the leaks can spread, going from a small crack to a hole if we don't fix it. Hopefully reversing the flow and sealing the leaks will reverse ask the effects and put everyone back in their bodies if personalities start playing musical chairs"

Dani tugs on one of her braids, its a habit that she only does when in deep thought or nervous about something, in this case it would be both "Contact Reed Richards. He would probably have the most up to day information on the dimensional rift." her hand drops to her side as she turns her head to nod at Rahne "Good idea. Let me know if you find a change that needs to be dealt with immediatly.

Kitty nods idly "I'll try to contact him and stark, maybe the three of us can figure something out" purring on Lockheed's shoulder.

Glad that she decided to leave her pooch sleeping in the room, Dani chuckles at the purring "While you are still in that body we should do experiments. Like see how catnip effects you.

Kitty's ears lay back "Daaaniiii...." she knew her friend was teasing "if I get a hair ball I'm puking it on your bed"

Dani chuckles more. Was the kidding? Maybe, maybe not. Either way it would be fun to find out. "It wouldn't be the first hair ball I've dealt with." a shoulder lifts "You have your same powers, or some wierd alternates abilities?

Shadowcat shrugs "I'm still me, haven't used my powers yet thoughl

Tapping her foot in a sign of impatience, Dani gives Kitty a look that states, /what are you waiting for/, her arms cross over her chest as well.

Shadowcat rowrs annoyed at Dani looking a lot like grumpy cat. "What am I a circus cat? and don't even think of throwing a ball at me or getting a barrel out" Lockheed just kept a practiced smirk on his face

The eyebrows go up "Aren't you curious as to how deep the switch goes? Maybe this alter-Kitty, has powers that are wired differently, effecting the body in ways that this versions Kitty can't." she points a finger at Kitty "You are saying that the genius braniac inside you doesn't want to know all there is to know about this new furry about and how it works?" she chintaps "Maybe the switch is more than skin deep. The Kitty I know would have been all over trying to figure it out. Right Lockheed?"

Kitty huffs "It's not that I'm not virtuous but you're using me like how I look not like who I am, dani. I'm not like this for entertainment value" her tail twitching across Lockheed's shoulders add he did his best to look innocent, he was smarter then to get into this.

Dani rubs a hand on her face "I'm past that Kitty. This is totally scientific." she points in the direction of the student dorms "What if one of the students gets switched. They have a hard enough time with power control as it is. This could totally hose them. They only way we can help is by having as much information about the changeups as possible. Right now you are the only way we can get that.

Nodding kitty sighs "I know I know...can you at least try not have so much fun about it? Have any of the kids noticed any shifts?"

"If the situations were reversed you'd do your fair share of laughs." Dani points out, since between the two of them Kitty is the practical joker "Do you think Hank is still in his lab? We may want to have him take notes or run tests." she is finding the situation more serious since she brought up the potential threat to the students this could be.

Kitty smirks "ok yeah I would be trading you pretty good. I dunno, he probably is? man...how am I going to teach a class like this?" choose she did have Lockheed still and he ess good at helping her keep the kids in line

Dani taps her belt, where the Kitty programmed holoemitter is imbedded "Get a holoemitter. Just don't go around hugging people and you should be fine.

Shadowcat chuckles "Thanks Dani" phasing thru Lockheed onto the floor only for him to pick her up and put her back again "Huh ..one thing is the same. I'll catch up with hank and run some tests, we'll send you the results"

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