Difficult to say Thanks

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Havok, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver

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11/04/12 03:14

X-Factor Tower/SHIP

Pietro stops by to say thanks.

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Returning to X-factor Tower/SHIP after a night of carousing at clubs, Kurt and Alex find themselves in the lobby by Quicksilver who stands impatiently. "About time." Says Pietro in his Ukrainian (almost alien) accent with a hint of annoyance.

Alex pauses and says, "Pietro? dude, how are you feeling? And I guess a better question, are we gonna fight?"

Looking like his mind is lost somewhere in last night just the same, Kurt is certainly hopefully the whole fighting thing is out of the question and that the alien narcotics are doing the job. "Ja, sorry, late but here." Its about all the german elf can muster, he could probably use a little more sleep as it stands.

Pietro states, "No. I do not intend to engage either of you. I am here to thank the both of you for your hand in my survival. Crystal stated that if it weren't for X-Factor, then I would be comatose, or worse." then painfully he states, "In this, I thank you."

Alex, still somewhat loose in the brain smiles and says, "No problem bro. Plus, we couldn't leave an alumni hanging."

"Which is to say," interjects Kurt after the bro reference and dudeships, "We are honored to have assisted you Pietro, more so we are glad you are recovering." He puts on a toothy grin, but tries not to play it up too much.

Pietro seems done with the conversation - probably before either Alex or Kurt arrived. The speedster nods to Kurt, "I look forward to the time with which I may repay the both of you; for I do not favor being in debt. Now, if you would excuse me."

Then he is gone, zipped out of the building before offering them a chance to speak.

Alex steadies himself on the nearby counter and starts to answer Pietro, "But it's more..." and stops talking.

Still grinning, as if forcing the muscles to work, Kurt turns towards Alex all canines just the same. "I think he really likes me, I think we might go out on a double date soon."

Alex grins, says nothing, and walks to the elevator - it's time for bed.

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