Did You Say Backup?

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Did You Say Backup

Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird

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06/16/12 23:00

Evidence Labs, Avengers Mansion

Bobbi catches up Carol on an MGH investigation she's with Wolverine.

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Having heard that 'evidence on a case' has come in to the labs at the Mansion, Carol Danvers - aka Ms. Marvel, aka the current Chairwoman of the Avengers - has come to check that out. And once she did, she decided to place a call to Barbara Morse, aka Bobbi, the beautiful Mockingbird of the Avengers, to get her take on the evidence and the case involved. She has also called in Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, the head of the X-Men, because he apparently has an interest in this case, and Bobbi has - so Carol's voicemail says - been working with a member of Scott's team on the case.

Currently, the two blonde female Avengers are in the lab, looking over the evidence. "OK, Bobbi. Can you take me through it? Basic high points. I don't want to sound stupid, and I need to get a clue so I can figure out how we can help support your joint investigation, here."

Mockingbird nods slowly as she begins the recap. "Sure thing, Carol. I was undercover, following up a tip I'd heard about someone selling mutant DNA. I was posing as a buyer, trying to get inside and find out more. As I was setting up the meet, I crossed paths with Wolverine. My seller bolted, and the two of us withdrew after creating a diversion." she coughs softly at that, before continuing. "That's when we decided to pool our resources on the closer."

Carol nods. "OK. So ... the evidence we have here. This is what he left behind when he ran? Have they finished the tests on this stuff? Is it really mutant DNA?" Carol frowns. "If it is ... how are they getting this stuff? Did you get any idea of that, while you were dealing with this creep?"

Mockingbird holds up a hand, drawing a deep breath and exhaling slowly. "You're getting ahead of me, now. But we found more answers than I really cared for. Okay, so we hooked up a new meeting, only this time it was on the premises. Place was guarded like a government facility, too. Really top-notch." Running fingers through her blonde hair, she purses her lips before continuing. "He provided samples and I ran a quick field check. The reagent check showed positive, and indicated that the material was quite fresh." She lets the implications of that settle before continuing.

Bobbi continues. "I talked my way into seeing their source, and I really wish I hadn't. Turns out they had four mutant kids hooked up to machines that were sucking their cranial fluids out as they were needed. Wolverine and I neutralized the hostile forces, and I called in SHIELD. Not sure what's gonna happen to those kids."

Carol ... blanches. She's a soldier. She has seen ugly. But the thought of four /children/ hooked up to machines like this ... it disgusts her. It infuriates her. A clue to that is the glow that starts to build around her hands and the light sparkles twinkling around her eyes. "Ugh. OK. I'll check with Nick and find out what is going on with the kids. I promise. And I will make damned sure they are covered for whatever help they need." Assuming they /can/ be helped after what was done to them. "OK. So ... is there more?" No more jumping ahead, apparently.

Mockingbird's normally good humor has faded quite noticeably as well, and she shakes her head. "Nothing on that site, at least. My contact was wired to someone else the whole time I was there. He... had an accident... and that's when they killed the connection. But Wolverine and I have the upstream guy's name. It's his intention to follow this to its logical conclusion, and I support him 100%." The ghost of a smile returns, and she adds. "That, and I want to make sure the body count doesn't go too high."

Carol listens, and nods. "Alright. So that's where we are, now. I agree with your assessment, and your intentions. And I agree that this is a case important enough to warrant Avengers involvement and attention. Now ... how can we help, Bobbi? What resources can I put at your disposal that will help this op be a success? Tell me, so I can make it happen."

Mockingbird considers for a moment, leaning back in her chair. "First and foremost, Carol, I need intel. The fact that these guys were so well setup and so well secured was almost scary. Somebody threw some serious money at these guys, and I'm guessing it's somebody who doesn't like mutants. We need to know who has that kind of cash and fits the profile. We also need to know who these kids are... were. Surely they came up missing from somewhere. Who's out there kidnapping mutant kids these days? It's worse than slavery, and they need to be taken down."

Carol nods. "Alright. So we need intel. We need computer searches with detailed, complex parameters. I'll get Vision on it, see what lists we can narrow down as quickly as possible. I'll get the medical data on the kids from SHIELD, and we'll use that to track down who they are and where they came from, and see what that can tell us about their operation. I assume with SHIELD moving in, they have the equipment from the facility, so we should be able to get serial numbers and run them down, see if we can find who made them, and who they sold them to. With all of that, we should be able to help you and Logan find your next points of attack."

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