Demon Child

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Armand and Cloak

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12/09/12 15:43

Yancy Street - New York

Armand fights a demon child…Cloak assists.

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A family of four. A father and mother with two children exit the church. Floating behind them is the mysterious hero, Cloak. An ambulance and police cars can be seen leaving the church as policemen take down the yellow tape, clearly some crime had just taken place and the area has now been cleared.
The family stands at the door and the father offers, “Thank you for saving us.” The two children still seem slightly afraid of Cloak’s dark appearance, but nod off “Thanks.” The mother moves forward to hug him, but Cloak floats back. “No.”

Its Sunday, so Armand's doing his 'pious' duty by taking along with him a cooler packed tightly with various baked goods and the like while a paper bag of cans is held against his body, he makes his way along...headed for his usual 'give the poor folks food and treats' trek, venturing forth into the more dangerous area of town. The young french man wears a dark green pea coat over a cream colored turtle neck and a pair of dark jeans, dark green converse sneakers on his feet and allll that hair is braided back to hang down his back, a cream colored knit cap worn. He's never without his golden backpack and leather messenger bag. He slows down upon seeing the police cars and the like.

As the scene is cleared many of the passers-by go about their business as Cloak remains at the entrance with the family. The mother is taken aback by not being allowed to hug the hero. His voice booming out to her, “Sorry, it is best we do not touch. You are safe now and that is all that matters.” With that, he enters back into the church as the family look at him one last time. They start to walk down the steps of the church, but their young daughter runs from them and back into the church.

Armand's eyes narrow as he watches the scene and he tilts his head to the side, carefully bending over to set the cooler down and he sets the paper bag down as well, craning his neck as he frowns and he takes a deep breath, pointing towards the church as he makes his way towards the crime scene with host. "Pardon..." He murmurs as he brushes past people and tries to move as close as possible. "The petite...the girl..." There's some urgency in his voice.

As Armand makes his way through the crowd, they begin to disperse allowing him to go. The actual crime has already past and the police clear the area. The parents watch as their little girl runs into the church. The parents hold each other as they realize she is going to give Cloak one last thanks for saving them. They hold each other in embrace and their son who has spotted

Armand, notes the cooler and paper bag and curiosity gets the better of him as he walks over to check them out. The girl runs into the now empty church and yells out for Cloak, “Hey Asshole!” which echoes throughout the church.

"Merci..." Armand gets past where he was going, glancing towards the cooler and such before looking back to the family and the son, smiling softly. "Oh, oui...hello, come, have something to look like you've been through an ordeal." He gestures towards the cooler and the bag of cans. "Please, help yourself." He then blinks, eyes widening at hearing the girl as he looks towards Cloak, eyebrow quirking.

The little boy looks to Armand as he goes to open the cooler, “Cool. . .food.” He looks back at the church, “Yeah, we were inside praying and some guy with a gun came in and held us hostage.” He gives a description of Cloak then, “And so yeah some guy in in a cloak basically opened his cloak and there as this darkness. . .and then. . .the guy with the gun fell in. . . and then.. . .that’s it. . .no more guy with gun.” He starts perusing the food deciding which to take. His parents soon join in and thank Armand for sharing his food.

Inside the church, the little girl’s eyes glow as she begins to continue her plethora of curses in the empty church, “Hey, this isn’t over! I’m coming back and I am coming back for you, you shithead! You think this is over. . .” She begins to laugh, “This is far from over!” Cloak floats down from the rafters as he eyes the girl.

"Really? Then how lucky you are indeed." Armand compliments the boy and his family. "Oui, the muffins are freshly baked and there are biscuits as well..." He glances towards the church. "Didn't you have a daughter?" Then he squints towards the church, drifting in that direction as he takes a deep breath and raises his voice. "Okay! Little potty mouth girl...please come out and have some muffins, some have chocolate chips..."

Looking at Armand the family blinks and seems confused, “Daughter? Just one boy. No girl.” They seem confused and grab ther son, “Maybe you shouldn’t have one of his muffins.” They grab their son and try to take their son away.
Inside the church, the girl continues with her tirade at Cloak, “I will have your body and your soul! I will take yoru friends and ravage them! You will all die! You little pieces shit! You will ALL DIE!” Her voice echoes in the church and causes the building to slightly shake a bit.

Armand rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "Non, forgive wasn't your daughter, I saw another child and assumed she was yours." He points at the food. "Please, stay here. Eat. Do not follow." Then he runs towards the Church rather quickly, frowning and shaking his head as he shakily reaches into his bag, rummages around for something and...well all he has is a rolling pin, but still.

The family start to scurry away from Armand as he has scared them. “But mommy! His muffins are good! I want more!” The mother drags her son away and the family are gone. As Armand enters the church, he will find the little girl standing at the middle of the aisle with Cloak hovering above her. She is unleashing a series of cursing on Cloak who is silent and simply staring at the girl.

A bit too busy to worry about the fleeing family, Armand lingers in the entrance of the church, looking from the omnious figure of Cloak and then to the foul mouthed little demon child and then he looks back to Cloak and he opens his mouth before closing it and he finally comments. "Pardon moi but ah...I am unsure here who is the victim and who is the bad guy...I have Lord of the Shadows floating up here and I have Anne of Green Cursewords down there so..."

The little girl turns to Armand as does Cloak who continues to remain silent, “You don’t know who the bad guy is?” the little girl spouts off, “Well, listen you, Faggott! The girl starts running towards Armand, “You little fuck, I am going to rip out all your hair and ram it down your throat!” She leaps up ready to land on Armand. Her features changing to that of a little demon. Cloak simply hovers and watches.

There's for those who pay close attention, there's a subtle shift to the young man's posture as his hair subtle shifts from its usual dark brown to a jet black and the braid hanging down his back begins to unbraid itself as Armand's eyes widen and he adjusts his grip on his rolling pin to hold it more like a bat. "Merde!" He cries out as he attempts to swing with the rolling pin at the little demon's face, hair fading into a a series of rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), the strands more like tendrils as his hair grows past his waist rather quickly.

The demon child leaps out and finds herself getting smacked in the face by a rolling pin. The strike sending her flying into some pews a few feet back.
Cloak finally speaks as he looks to Armand, “You just cursed in a church?” His voice booms and questions. The girl is quickly up and rips off a piece of the wooden pew hurling it at Armand. She starts charging again, but her form grows more demoning, her hair goes wild and claws out ready to rip out his hair.

Armand is wielding a rolling pin as a bat at the moment as his hair is past his knees in length and his cream colored knit cap falls off due to him having to throw himself to the ground as the pew clips him as he sales over his head. He just stares and blinks several time. "Wha the-oui! Oui I did, I will say 10 rosaries later, I am sure God will be understanding seeing as a small child has just turned into a demon!" He spits this out as he scrambles to his feet and takes a deep breath and then another, charging at the demon as she charges at him and his hair lashes out in an attempt to wrap tendrils around her wrist and some others around her ankle and he pulls/jerks with a soft pant. "ALSO, you could be HELPING Mister Floats!"

Remaining quiet as he watches below, Cloak hovers around 10 feet above the skirmish that is happening below. The demon child launches the piece of wood from the broken pew at Armand as she charges him. The demoness suddenly finds her arms and legs wrapped in the hair tendrils. She screams out and starts cursing in some ancient language as Cloak continues to watch. Anyone entering the empty church will see something very different. They will see
Armand as he is, but the person in his hair as the normal sweet innocent child and her cursing will sound more like pleas for help.

"...oh maman..." Armand murmurs as he basically wrestles with a
demon...with his hair and he's wielding that rolling pin as a bat as he tries to hit the darn thing again. "SHUT up!" He looks towards the ceiling. "I know a swear and smoke, but ah...please dear jesus, helping me??" Then he's scrambling backwards, hair unwraping as he watches the creature warily.

The creatures screams each time he bats it with the rolling pin and finally Cloak decides to act. When Armand unwraps his hair, Cloak reaches down with his cloak and grabbing the demon spawn throws it outside the church. She goes flying through the doors and outside. Screaming can be heard as people see the child flung from the church doors and out into the street.

Armand falls backwards and pants softly as his hair retracts a few inches and he hugs his rolling pin to his chest, watching the little thing get thrown out and he frowns, shaking his head. "What...oh what the..." He has to carefully get to his feet running for the door and squinting as he looks around warily.

“WAIT!” Cloak commands to Armand. Remaining where he is hovering, but using his cloak the way a normal person uses their hands or the way Armand uses his hair. His cloak reaches for the handle and opens the door. The little girl in a human form is crying and the family that earlier dismissed Armand is cradling the child. They look into the church and then quickly grab their crying daughter and rush off with her. Their son looms nearby and goes to the cooler to steal some treats. He waves to Armand, “Thanks for the muffins.” They then run off.

Armand collapses against the Church door and peers outside warily, watching the little girl and the family and the little boy as he waves to the son and then just turns to look back at Cloak with a quirk of an eyebrow. " this the part where I am going to say 'what happened' and you say someting enigmatic and vague?"

As Armand asks his question, Cloak responds, “No.” Simply and easily and suddenly, he teleports out of the church and away.

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