Decorating Committee

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Mercury, Psylocke, Wolfsbane, Sand Man and Mirage

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Xavier's Mansion

While the school is being decorated several X-Peeps and an Avenger talk

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==[ Gathering Hall - Xavier Mansion ]==
This expansive room encompasses a third of the main structure. There are many exits from this room and the only external light source is through high ceiling windows that peer out of the rooftop.

The gathering hall of the Xavier Mansion serves many functions. Most of which involve gathering of the students for some function or another. Such functions include, dances, plays, recitals, speeches, assemblies, performances, and so on.

The fixtures of the room are normally hidden in closets (such as chairs, tables, and the like) while the main stage can be found against the eastern wall. It too can be dropped into the floor. From above there are various means of illumination - from spotlights, chandelier, disco ball, and normal recessed lighting.

The double doors to the west exit into the grand foyer. Two doors on either side of the stage to the east exit into the large cafeteria. North east and south western doors allow exit into the adjacent hallways which lead to the dormitories. Additionally, there are exits into the office suites north and south for administration purposes. Whereas, another south exit emerges into the conservatory and a north exit into the lounge. There are also large closets north and south to hold various necessary fixtures for the room's needs. There is a set of stairs that goes up in a spiral to the second floor where the library is found.


Classes were over about an hour ago, so the students have been wandering around doing whatever it is they do when not in class. A group though have gathered in the Gathering Hall, we will call the group the decorating committee since that is what they are doing.

Boxes line a table, each box labeled X-mas Decorations, and they are in the process of being emptied and sorted into types and where they will be going, either in this particular room, or perhaps elsewhere in the table.

Danielle is amidst the group, having been drafted to oversee this emmense project.

Mercury has 'been volunteered' to join the group thanks to her ability to reach any heights in the room without the need of a ladder. Not that she wouldn't join the group by herself, it's just that when people do it for her is that she gets a bit peeved, but she is well-mannered enough to not vent said frustrations on the team. She's currently helping unpack a few of the boxes, the ones containing the decorations for the Christmas tree. "Do we really have to use these X-shaped tree decorations?" she asks as she holds one of said items, eyeing it warily.

Normally, Betsy moves like one would expect a ninja master to do, silently. However, that is hard to manage with crutches and one foot in a cast. She comes down the hall from the direction of the offices, hobbling on her crutches and looking mildly annoyed. She blinks in surprise when she comes across the Christmas decorating, a soft laugh escaping her. She looks towards Dani and asks, "Having fun?"

Danielle goes over to where Mercury stands with the decoration "We still have these things?" she asks in surprise. She takes the decoration and turns it over in her hands as she examines it, the object bringing up memories of past holidays she spent at the mansion, "Not if you don't want too." she hands it back "We have plenty more traditional ones you can use instead."

Going back to the table she begins to empty another box of its odd variety of holiday items "Betsy," Dani looks up from her unpacking as she is addressed. She is about to comment on having heard she was back when the thought is derailed by the crutches and cast "What happened to you?

Mercury takes a second glance at the item as it is handed back to her, and she shrugs, "I don't know, really. I mean, the way you reacted to the item, I'd think it's kind of a tradition to use such, so I guess it's up to you." she says, smiling, "I'm just the new girl." and grins softly up to Moonstar before both go back to unpacking boxes. She finds a white garland, and smiles as she holds it up, "When I was little, I'd wrap this around my neck and pretend I'm from high-society." she giggles, before noticing the ninja's arrival, and her state, her eyes widening a bit at the surprise. She was about to ask it, but Mirage beat her to it.

Shifting one hand off the crutch to wave dismissively, Betsy says, "Giving my first lesson since getting back, I forgot the cardinal rule of not underestimating the younglings around here. A one, Miss Foucault. Are you familiar with her?" The tall Japanese woman makes her way over towards the table, injured leg bent with the foot held off the ground. "Nothing terribly serious, I'll be fine. How've you been, Dani?" She glances around at the students, nodding to Mercury and smiling.

Rahne enters from the dining hall, a sandwich and bottle of juice in hand. A moment follows to rub her nose with one of the knuckles of her thumb, no trace of the wolf visible right now. She's in a forest green sweater, jeans and sneakers, red hair tied back in a ponytail. "Och, I'd forgotten about this," she says as she eyes the tree, walking over toward the others with an added 'Hullo.'

Laying out several items on the table, ranging from Christmas lights to a variety of garlands and boxes of tinsel, Mirage chuckles at Mercury "I think all little girls do that. I certainly did."

When Betsy explains, Dani nods "Yes. She is quite the gymnast." as she takes the things out they are taken and organized by the other students helping out. She then pulls out a pair of mistletoe deely boppers from the box and she gives them an odd luck "I would give any money that these were Kurt's." she immediatly relizes the chaos that could ensue should the students get thier hands on them so she puts them on her on head to keep teen hands off of them.

At the entrance of Rahne she looks in surprise at her sudden appearance, usually she can tell when she is coming, but obviously she can't when she is in human form "Hey Rahne. Welcome to the decorating party." she says to her with a grin.

Mercury blinks softly, but she nods, "I was a gymnast back in high school." she says, rubbing her chin, the white garland still wrapped around her neck as she speaks, "I was a cheerleader, though, but I was thinking in going more serious in the gymnastics, enough to compete. Of course, my mutation kinda got a stop at that." she chuckles at the last part, but she shrugs. "Anyways. Do you need anything, Miss Braddock?" she asks, smiling, just as Rahne shows up, and she waves to the girl, her hand holding the garland tip, "Hey Rahne."

"And knows a bit more than the average student about unarmed combat. Though she has the typical, blockhead attitude I've grown to expect from half of them," Betsy comments dryly in her British accent before looking towards Rahne with a smile, "Afternoon, Rahne. Good to see you." The deely boppers brings a laugh from the tall JapaBrit, "I wouldn't be surprised if you were right about those." She shakes her head at Mercury, "No, no. I'm fine. Not a total cripple, I promise, thank you though."

Picking up on the last bits of what Betsy's been talking about regarding the cast, Rahne offers a sympathetic look. "Nice tae see ye as well. I hope ye're a fast healer." It might be one of the first chances Cessily's had to see her without fur and fang, which makes for a different enough appearance. To Dani she asks, "I figure ye've been kept busy, aye?" At the moment she keeps out of their way, eating and drinking.

Danielle nods her head, which sets the spring mounted mistletoe to moving "Yes, between the strike on MLF, the X-Factor interviews and all the paperwork I have here I've hardly had time to eat, let alone sleep or anything remotely fun." she gets to the bottom of the box and rests her hands its edges for a moment "I'm really looking forward to the winter break.

Mercury has only seen Rahne's human form in pictures, until today. "You look pretty nice as a human, Rahne." she says, smiling and nodding to the girl. She was about to say more, when she hears Moonstar comment about all the problems. "Um..." she says, scratching her chin a bit, "I kinda got a run-in with some guys at the mall, a couple days ago. I think they were from the 'Friends of Humanity'." she says, a bit embarrassed.

"I usually am. Certainly not on par with some people around here, but still." Betsy laughs with a smile in response to Rahne and pauses before she asks, "How've you been, Rahne? Does Jean have you teaching yet?" She moves to plop herself into a nearby chair, setting the crutches against the arm and purses her lips as she looks to Cessily and asks, "Nothing serious, I hope?"

"Oh..thank ye," Rahne answers Cessily with a slight tilt to her head, likely not expecting such a compliment. Anything else said to that is left off as she says instead, "'Friends o' Humanity?' More like 'Enemies o' Anyone na Like Them.' Best ye take extra care if ye come across any more o' them. They're na' quite on th' level o' some other groups, but they're still bad news." Besty draws a shake of the head, an admission made. "We've na spoken about tha', but Scott tried tae talk me intae it a while back an' I dinna think it's for me." Curiously, Dani gets only a slow nod following her explanation, a glance toward the tree following as she grows quiet for a spell. Darn the lack of that mental link right now.

There is a large group of students in the Hall, a table is lined up with boxes labeled X-Mas Decorations and they are in the processe of being emptied and the contents organized by where they will be put up. Some of the students are in the process of decorating the Hall, while others organize and some run in and out taking things to other areas of the mansion.

Cessily, wearing a garland boa, Betsy, who is seated, Rahne and Dani, wearing mistletoe deely boppers, are around one end of the table talking amoungst themselves.

A frown comes to Dani's face at what Cessily has said "A very accurate description of those nutjobs." her gaze then goes to the girl in question "Did you report the incident to Jean or Scott. They need to know if the FoH is becoming active again in Salem.

Mercury uh's and embarrassedly rubs behind her head, "Umm... not.. yet." she admits, awkwardly, "Y'see, they never identified themselves as such, they just, y'know, kept spewing the same anti-mutant crap the 'FoH' do, so I kinda assumed. Didn't exactly get a chance to ask during the commotion, y'know?" she says, smiling a bit. She hopes she doesn't get detention.

Seated, with a cast on her foot, and crutches leaning against the arm of her chair, Betsy nods in response to Rahne's answer about teaching, "You should consider it, Rahne. I actually think you might be good at it." Her mouth closes, but she continues that statement, though telepathically, and to Dani, not Rahne, >> It also might be good for her. I imagine Scott is on to something. What do you think, Dani? << Bets isn't up to date on the current rules and regulations of the school, so she leaves the possible punishment for Cessily to the other two.

Making his way into the gathering room, Bill Baker wears a Santa suit and carries a large sack. His body is slightly misshapen and in pssamic form, so that he could fit in the actual suit. Once in the gathering hall, he looks around at everyone. Psylocke and Mercury he knows. The two others, he is familiar with but has had no formal introduction. "Ho!"

Rahne frowns. "I can keep an ear oot for anything more. I've seen enough o' them tae have an idea when it's just a few stupid people or part o' a larger thing." Shaking her head further to Betsy, she states, "He wanted me tae be a counselor, too. I've had enough o' muh own problems without trying tae be responsible for others on top o' it. I dinna want tae lead them th' wrong way." It could come off like a series of excuses. Could be her own issues with confidence coming out. The thought is cut off when 'Santa Claus' shows up, leading her to blink along with the arching of a brow. "Hullo." She nibbles at her sandwich as others take note of the latest arrival.

"Whether it was a group of them or not doesn't matter. It's better to report it so we can watch for other activity." Dani tells Cessily, then silencing for a moment, her eyes darting to Betsy >>>Probably, but ultimately it is her decision. If she isn't ready, she isn't ready.<<< is the mental response to the woman.

Without missing for than a beat or two she "I wonder if it was some of the same ones we ran off while we were out camping in the Applcachians? You looking into it would be helpful."

When the newest arrival comes in dressed as Santa Clause she cants her head in momentary confusion before she realizes who it is. While technically she hasn't meet Bill, she was part of the meetings for the A/X merger so is familiar (on paper) with all the Avenger's that came over as teachers "Well at least someone dressed for the ocassion!" she exclaims with a laugh.

Betsy smiles at Rahne, nodding to the young woman, "You wouldn't be responsible for dealing with their problems, Rahne, but helping them figure out how to handle their's on their own. You should consider it, but I understand if you aren't ready to help in that way yet." The seated woman offers a silent nod to Dani before asking, "Has there been much trouble of the sort around here or even in NYC these days, Dani?"

She turns her head to look towards Bill, blinking and then laughing lightly, "Hello, Mister Baker. Enjoying yourself?"

Mercury breathes out a sigh of relief when no mention of punishment is uttered. Whew. Dodged a bullet. She blinks as she finds something in one of the decoration boxes and grins. She picks it up. It's an reindeer headband. She looks at Psylocke and offers it to her, "Want one, Miss Braddock? Or how about you, Rahne?" she says, just as Sandman arrives. She blinks, looking at the big guy that showed up, and it takes her a moment to recognize her instructor, "Oh, wow. Hey, Mr. Baker." she says, smiling and waving.

Looking at Rahne, he smiles, "I'm Santa Claus! Ho Ho Ho!" He looks to all the women in the room, "Merry Christmas!" He then stops specifically look at Dani and Rahne. He was informed of their descriptions and offers, "Um. . .Wolfsbane and Mirage. . .or do you prefer Ms. Sinclair and Ms. Moonstar." When he sees Mercury excited, he smiles back at her and reaches into the sack and tosses a gift to her, "Can't open it until Christmas." He then looks to Betsy, last time he saw her. She wasnât too happy. He reaches into his sack and tosses a gift to her too, "Ho!"

"I know. I'm just na ready yet," Rahne says quickly to take care of that part of the conversation with the woman stuck in the cast. She's talked to Cessily a few times but it's hard to gauge how that's gone so far. Whatever passed between Dani and Besty is lost on her and there's still nothing Dani can pick up on without their bond activated. "Th' FOH is all over. I'd be surprised if it was th' same ones," she does say, shaking her head afterward to Cessily. "Thank ye, but I'll pass," she answers with a slight smile. The costumed Bill is who she directs her next response to. "Just Rahne is fine when I'm like this, Wolfsbane when I'm in costume or otherwise. Thank ye. Ye..look th' part."

Several other students that are busy decorating the hall, some using thier mutant gifts to aid in the process, have taken note of the arrival of Santa Claus and have called out greetings and the ocassional Christmas present request, despite the fact that they know who it is.

"As you are staff here and not one of the students, I'd prefer Dani, or if you must Danielle." though its obvious she prefers the first. Holding a hand out in greeting to the Bill she gives him a friendly smile "My apologies for not introducing myself sooner."

With the introduction out of the way she answers Betsy question "Nothing to major. We are having an issue with the Serpent Society, but until we get leads on thier base we are stuck in a holding pattern on dealing with them.

Catching her gift, Betsy laughs, "Thank you, Mister Baker. I'll try to refrain from taking a peek before Christmas." Despite the broken foot, she does seem to be much happier than she was when she first learned Spiral was floating around NYC these days. She nods at Dani's answer and hmm's aloud, thinking for a moment, "What are the rules these days, regarding students leaving the grounds? Just so I'm up to date."

Nodding his head, "Alright, Dani and Rahne." Bill, "And Bill for me then. Or Sandman when not in this get up." He looks to the students, "Merry Christmas." As he carries the sack over to the tree, he notes Betsyâs foot, "What happened?" He asks with some concern as he lets the students place the gifts under the tree, "The Serpent Society mess with ya. Those are some real jerks. . .but easily defeated if you can take out Sidewinder."

Mercury hmms and shrugs as Rahne declines the offer of a reindeer headband, and Psylocke apparently did not hear Mercury when she offered. Could be worse. In any case, she catches her gift with her free hand as she drops the headband back in the box since nobody wanted it. "Thanks, Mr. Baker." she says with a smile. "Not even a peek?" she giggles.

"The students 16 and over can come and go into Salem without chaperone, 17 and over without chaperone to New York City. That has been relaxed for /December/ though, 16 and over aren't required a chaperone but they use the buddy system." Dani quickly recites to Betsy as if she has said in a million tims already, which she probably has.

At the question from Bill regarding SS a hand goes to her midsection, there is no thought to the movement, more like the question triggered a memory "Yes, they have been a pain recently."

Rahne nods one more time to those gathered, but she doesn't seem particularly chatty today. Finishing off her sandwich and juice, she tosses what's left into a trash can before murmuring, "I'll see ye later," to nobody in particular. Upon heading back into the grand foyer and beyond, it isn't long before a hazy sense of the bond is triggered between she and Dani, evidence of her having shifted. However, it grows more distant and moves off in the direction of the forest. If there's anything sent, it goes unanswered.

"Underestimated a student," is Betsy's simple response to Bill, "Nothing serious." She tilts her head, looking after Rahne and then nods her thanks to Dani for her recitation. The JapaBrit glances to Mercury and asks, "Do you have family nearby, Cessily? Or are you staying at the school over break?"

"Well, you always need chaperones in some form or another. Recently when I took the students to the city, we encountered Eye-Scream. . ." He looks at Mercury, "But Cecily over there defeated him all by herself and saved the day!" Bill looks on with pride at his student.

Mercury looks at Rahne as the girl says she gotta go, she blinks and tilts her head. She wonders if there's something wrong, but, for now, she has other things to do, like decorating! She dives into one of the open boxes and starts browsing the items. "Really? An 'X'-shaped tree star?" she blinks, before glancing at Moonstar, "I don't even want to picture how the tree looks like with all those 'X' stuff in here." she says, shaking her head softly. Then as she was about to go back to unpacking, comes the innocent question from Psylocke, and a good chunk of the girl's excitement evaporates like alcohol in a hot day. "Yes... I do." she says, shaking her head softly. "But they aren't too happy with me after I developed this mutation." she sighs, looking at one of the Christmas balls which, ironically enough, is all silvery, letting the girl see her own reflection, "Ever since I became this metal, they don't want to even acknowledge me. None of my phone calls to them were answered. All the mail I sent, returned."

As the others talk Dani is giving the retreating Rahne a perplexed look. She rarely sees the wolfgirl in human form, which is enough to make her supicious, since the human form keeps her thoughts her own. Knowing Rahne well enough she doesn't pester her mentally...yet. She will do that later when she isn't supervising the decoration committee. This makes her miss Bill's comment, but she mentally returns in time to get Cessily's.

"Those were used as decorations when I was a student here. We laughed about them too." at the admission from the young girl she frowns. She is used to hearing such stories from other students, and it never gets easier to hear "It's a shame you can't pick your family." she replies in a comforting tone.

"So true. That's why I value friendship more. You choose your friends. You choose to love them. Family, you are born into it. No choice." Bill shrugs, "But Cecily has a whole new family here." Bill offers, "If ya got nothin' else to do on the 25th, we can hang out then." He offers.

Mercury smiles at Sandman's offer, and she nods, holding her gift box against her chest, "Thank you, Mr. Baker. I'll think about it, I promise." she say with a soft smile. "Sorry, I don't have any gifts for you. My trip to the mall kind of got cut short." she says.

Dani reaches over the table to put a hand on the young girl's arm "The people here will become your family, just like they became mine." its common knowledge that she was a student here. As soon as she was made Dean, old yearbooks appeared and were passed around the student body in a failed attempt to embarass her. "There will be quite a few students here over the holidays, and we usually end up throwing several parties over the break." she is about to continue telling what else happens over the break but she is interuppted by another student.

Ms. Moonstar, we need some help in the Foyer, several of the younger kids got themselves tangled in the lights." the aqua skinned girl says to her.

Dani blinks at the situation "Why am I not surprised." she turns to Merucury and Bill "If you will excuse me." she then turns to follow the girl out.

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