Decimation: M-Day

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Empath, Wolfsbane, Mirage (with various others emitted by Empath)

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Courtyard - Xavier's

The world goes white. Mutants awaken to major change.

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** Characters emitted include: Wind Dancer, Tag, DJ, Preview, Prodigy, Pixie, Icarus, Wolverine, Aero (Melody Guthrie) and Cannonball **


The world goes completely white.

Suddenly loud yells and screams, Empath is violently awoken as he literally pops up off the ground. "What?" He is somewhat groggy, dressed in a makeshift X-Men uniform, black and gold. His head feels like he has been hit with rocks. He looks about and hears the screams of students. His empathy picking up the disarray and beginning to overwhelm him. "Calm down." He shouts trying to gain a sense of semblance.

Something's wrong. There's just that sense about the world around Wolfsbane as she awakens in her room in the admin section of the mansion. Sitting up, she squints. "What happened?" For something has. She quickly switches out of her nightshirt into the first things she spots, being yesterday's shirt and shorts, and she bolts from the room in search of others. "Dani?" she calls, the first name on her mind as she sniffs to seek out where most people are. That leads her in the direction of the courtyard.

There is a long moment of confusion as Dani opens her eyes to find herself staring at the ceiling of the foyer. For the life of her she can't remember how she got to the foyer or why she was there in the first place. She gets to her feet, realizing something is off even before she hears the yelling and screaming coming from all around. The nearest source of the commotion being outside she heads outside and into the courtyard. Looking around for the source of the yelling her eyes fall on Empath She stalks over to him "Empath." from the commotion that is going on she can only assume that what happened to her has happened to others "Please tell me you just woke up to find yourself somewhere you didn't expect to be.

Wind Dancer and Tag come running around. Wind Dancer leaps up into the air trying to command the wind to carry her aloft. Instead she falls face first into the dirt. She screams loudly. Tag is in tears as he rushes to Empath and starts rambling in Spanish. More students are arriving in the background in various states of dress, crying and screaming. Some with powers and others without.

Starting to get overwhelmed, Empath unleashes his powers on the group presently before him. "Calm down!" Everyone present feels an overwhelming sense of peace. As Dani appears, he nods his head and seems perplexed, "I have no idea. One minute I was at this underground club in the city where you can get sl. . .yeah. . .now I am here. No idea what happened. The students are a mess." He walks over to the fallen Wind Dancer, "Sofia, what is wrong?" With tears in her eyes, she says calmly, "I cannot feel the wind."

Wolfsbane has, by now, made it outside. There are familiar faces, some students, some faculty. "Dani!" She eyes Empath and even though he's been accepted here thanks to the help he's provided, she still watches him warily. Old habits die hard, though there's been the hope he might actually reform himself and be more of an asset like that alternate world version. "I should have stayed with Excalibur," she grumbles to herself, not fully aware of the situation here. That all changes when she watches Wind Dancer try to fly only to fall. "What do ye mean ye canna feel th' wind?" By now she's spotting a few of the kids in her own squad, looking in a panic. "Over here, all o' ye. We'll figure this oot. Just calm doon."

"Too much information, but glad to know it wasn't just me." Dani waves a negating hand at the man and turns to deal with the students, a much easier job now that they are calmed. She first checks to make sure that they are all physical all right and didn't suffer any injuries when they passed out. She looks up at hearing Rahne call her name and stares at the woman almost as if she doesn't recognize her. Normally she can tell when the wolfen woman is anywhere nearby, not the case at the moment "Rahne?" she questions briefly but there are more pressing matters, that of the students

The students in the vicinity are calm, but still impacted. Helping Sofia up, "Go to Mirage, your squad leader." She does. In response to Rahne but directed more at Dani, "I cannot feel the wind. My power is gone?" Tag says the same thing as he walks over to Manuel. "Don't be silly, boy. We'll figure out what's going on." DJ and Preview rush Rahne as she calls in her squad, "Ms. Sinclair, I cannot see anything beyond what is in front of me," Preview offers while DJ simultaneously shouts, "Sound feels normal. . .I don't feel it."

At that moment, David Alleyne, Prodigy, rushes towards the group, "Noah. . .He's. . .Hydro is dead. He drowned in the pool!"

Briefly, the fur at the back of Wolfsbane's neck stands up. It's a sense of dread. "Dani..what's going on? I canna feel ye in muh head!" That bond, a longtime link between the two, is simply /gone/ as far as she can tell. It's enough that she momentarily forgets about her own students before Jessie and Mark are there, the girl speaking her name. "Shhh,'s probably just.." Just what? In the midst of placing her hands against the shoulders of both of her Paragons students, she looks up at David's news. "He..what?!" Then she raises her voice. "Ben? Megan? Where are ye?" Two others in her group.

Putting a comforting arm around Sofia Dani tells the young woman, "It seems that way. I'm sure it is only a temporary thing," though she herself is feeling just as upset about the situation as it dawns on her that she is suffering from the same power loss as the students. She puts on a controlled front for the students though. Her freaking out won't help, "We need to gather all the students in the courtyard, do a headcount and see who else is affected by this...whatever it is." she looks grimly at Rahne. "I don't know. Whatever has happened isn't isolated to the students though."

Moving away from anyone present, Manuel uses his com to contact a staffer to check the pool. He sighs loudly at the death of Hydro and then returns to the gathering. Using his powers to corral as many of the chaotic students and staffers.

Pixie and Icarus fly down. Their powers still intact. Pixie flies to Rahne, "I am alright. Ben is inside on the phone with his family." Empath comes to Rahne, "I am calming as many of the students as I can. But this is a mess. Seemingly some are without powers. Others are fine."

Wolfsbane runs a hand through her hair. Teaching and training the students is one thing, something she's handled better than she expected. A crisis like this takes everyone so far out of their comfort zones. "Right..we need tae see what's what first." In spite of that, she looks in Dani's direction with concern. If this is about a loss of powers and some are hit by it and others aren't, it's unsettling and troubling. Very troubling. Soon as Pixie's close enough, Rahne leads her students over that way and nods to the news given. A few disconnected, random shouts come from another direction and she spots a couple more students of hers, waving them closer. "All o' ye, keep close. We'll get through this." In spite of her apprehension toward Empath, he does seem to be making good here. "Just..keep doing what ye're doing," she nods, expression conflicted.

Using his powers to continue to soothe people. He commands, "Icarus, fly around the campus. See if anyone needs assistance and get on the com." Josh Guthrie looks to Manuel. He is not his squad leader, but he does as the Spaniard commands. At this point, the X-Men are on the com system and directing as many students as they can.

Speaking of X-Men, Wolverine makes his way onto the courtyard, gesturing to Empath and Wolfsbane and Mirage, once they have dealt with the students immediately in their vicinity.

"Go," Wolfsbane nods to Icarus. She's still a squad leader and even if his advisor's not present yet, there are needs that must be met. "Ye do th' same, Megan. If ye see anyone who looks lost or na where they should be, call for me." The ones who can fly have the advantage of being able to search better, faster. "Th' rest o' ye, keep close. We'll get through this." She repeats much of what she's already said, but some of the kids look like they need to hear it.

As the the students disperse to go help the students and staff. Wolverine pulls the older mutants aside, "Some students have lost their powers. House of M happened. Quick rundown. Quicksilver had his sister change the world. We were all happy and stuff. But not really. Fought Magneto and the crazy witch said 'no more mutants.' Reality is back to normal and most mutants have lost their powers. Emma and Scott are with Cerebra trying to see how bad the damage is. . .and we can't find Charles." Empath looks confused, "I don't remember any of that." Wolverine pulls out a cigarette, "Yeah, you wouldn't. None of you would."

The students aren't the only ones that are being kept calm by Empath's powers. With Dani's powers seemingly gone she is influenced by the emotional calming as well. The difference though between her and some or most of the students is that she realizes what is happening, and for once she isn't pissed about it. Gathering her own squad, at least those that are present she does her best to give comfort, though when she realizes that Wallflower still has her powers she moves her downwind of the group "Stay put." she tells the girl "How many are we missing?" she looks around at the various students grouped together.

Dani's once concerned expression turns to confusion as the three are pulled aside by Wolverine. "I don't think this," she gestures around "qualifies as normal. And how can you lose Charles?"

The explanation from Wolverine, after Rahne's instructed her students to keep together for a moment, leads to the wolfen mutant only looking more confused. "Tha'..doesnae make any sense. Good Lord." With concern, Wolfsbane turns back toward the kids, then she takes in Dani's reaction. "I have nae memory o' this either, but all I know is we've got a bunch o' students in a panic, a' least one dead, an' many more unaccounted for. We've got tae find oot more fast as we can."

"Empath, finally make yourself useful and keep everyone calm." Logan commands as Manuel scowls a moment, but does as he says. He leaves the group as the senior members of the staff continue to discuss, "It's not supposed to make sense. It's the stupid witch. She went nuts. Quicksilver tricked her and now the world is messed up. We're going to find them. And Magneto too. We'll be leaving to Genosha soon. . .find them. Find Charles."


It's been about an hour or so since everything went topsy-turvy at the Mansion. Everyone that should be accounted for has been and all the students have been given into hands much for suited with dealing with this crisis. Namely Jean, Hank and the rest of the staff capable of dealing with traumatized students. With the last of the students now being dealt with inside the courtyard is once more a place of peace. Something Dani still hasn't quite found yet. She drops onto the steps, holding her head in her hands, taking deep calming breaths.

In Rahne's case, she stuck around inside to make sure people were seen to and sorted out as needed. Certain questions went unasked, namely the news Wolverine came back to them with. Aimlessly, for what seemed like a lot longer than just the ten minutes or so, Wolfsbane wandered the halls before remembering Dani, the scent trailing back out to the front where everything first started going haywire. The doors open and close quietly, in time for the Scot to look at the back of her friend. It's a long pause before she asks, "Are ye all right?"

Dani is visibly shaking, elbows resting on knees. Shock has pretty much set in. Sure her powers aren't the type that are always on, but certain things she has always been aware of. It's been years, two decades plus that she hasn't been alone in her own mind. There has always been something or someone there, be it Rahne or just some random backyard creature at the edge of her senses. When Rahne speaks she jolts in startlement and looks over her shoulder, "No." It's pretty obvious she isn't, even without the link,

It isn't the same thing, but even Wolfsbane is left somewhat out of sorts without that usual link present. It's always just been there when she was in a form like this. She could make it go away by shifting to human only, but that was usually only when she didn't /want/ Dani in her head for some reason. This is different, and she can still read the usual signs. She just can't rely on the deeper connection. "I..I'm na sure what tae make o' all this yet. I didna think a thing like this was even possible. They're saying almost all o' th' mutants in th' whole world have lost their powers."

She takes little comfort in knowing she isn't the only one that is suddenly powerless, "What about here at the school? It seems like only a small population of the students and staff are depowered?" Dani sits on the steps that lead up to the entryway, Rahne standing next to her. Everyone else that was here prior have gone inside to be tended to by more capable faculty. Considering the circumstances Dani is still visibly shaken by what has happened and obviously is not one of the capable ones.

"I only caught a verra brief bit o' it, but so far it sounds like they've only identified a few dozen people around th' world who even have powers noo," Wolfsbane says with a frown. "I dinna understand how it all works, but it's like almost th' entire mutant population's been wiped oot except for a few o' us in comparison." She grows quiet by the time she finishes that, a hand moving to touch Dani's arm near a shoulder. "I'm sorry. I know this is nae help tae ye right noo. If there's anything I can do..."

Off in the distance, Manuel can be yelling up to a roof. Melody Guthrie stands at the edge of the roof, "My powers will come back to me if I jump. I know they will." He can be seen cursing in Spanish as he looks up. His eyes begin to glow as he has been trying unsuccessfully to talk her down. Finally as she is ready to leap, he seems to blast her with all sorts of feeling. The effect leaving her completely still and blank. Overhead, Sam Guthrie, Cannonball flies and fetches his sister. He shoots a look at untrusting look at Empath. The Spaniard shakes his head and begins to head towards the steps when he notes Dani and Rahne. For the briefest of moments, he grows a sneer as he could easily wreak havoc on them both but his empathy which is pretty rare at the moment catches the feelings flowing from the two. He simply approaches quietly, not using his powers.

Dani frowns up at Rahne as she processes what she has been told "I guess it is too early to tell whether this is a permanent thing or not." she takes another deep breath though it does little to ease her mostly confused and still shocked state of mind. She covers the hand on her shoulder with one of her own "I don't know, it's just a lot to process."

Wolfsbane runs a hand through her hair with the other, looking out across the courtyard. "This is gaunae change a lot o' things if it is, but let's na think about tha' right noo. Ye're still muh friend an' we'll figure oot a way tae get through it." So says the one who hasn't lost her powers, which she seems to recognize. "I know tha' may be easy tae say, but it means there's more I've got tae be responsible for as well. I.." She stops while beginning another sentence, catching the shouting from another area before spotting Cannonball up above. "Och.." Moments later Empath is in view and she watches him quietly.

"Ladies." Tipping his head in greeting, Manuel can feel what the two are feeling. Spent from helping out, "Well I believe the students are accounted for. . .it looks like Bobby lost his powers. But Emma had an odd expression on her face with regards to him." He can fathom a guess that Dani has, since your natural psychic resistance is down and he can read her incredibly easy.

"Well right now we should focus our attention on the kids and getting them through this." Dani stats trying to focus on others and not her own self. She is about to continue when she is interrupted by Hank coming over the comms and asking for her presence in the medbay "I'll be right down." she replies "Thanks." she says to Rahne and for what it's worth to Empath too, since he keep everyone in control earlier. She then heads into the mansion.

"Empath.." Wolfsbane looks up as Dani is summoned, her hand moving back to her side as the Cheyenne rises to excuse herself. "..what she said. Thanks. I think ye helped keep th' kids from hurting themselves further, an' tha' matters." She takes the news about Bobby well enough, simply nodding quietly as she rubs the back of her neck. "This is bad."

"Yes. . .yes it is." Empath cannot offer much, "I could make everyone feel good about this. But I think they need to feel the anguish. It will help with recovery. If there is any recovery." He sighs a moment. "I have to admit, I am grateful I still have my powers."

Wolfsbane shakes her head at the idea. "They..have tae be allowed tae feel what they really feel. In th' first saw what others tried tae do, but once they can be talked to an' helped tae get through this.." She paces back and forth. "A' one time I'd ha' welcomed losing muh powers. Na any longer, though. This is who I am."

"Yes, it is a big part of who we are. Today is about dealing with this. Tomorrow we'll deal with how to get them back their powers. We have to remain hopeful." Manuel forces a smile on his face.

"An' remind them there are others here tae support them," the wolfen mutant agrees, rubbing her left shoulder with the right hand. Studying Empath quietly, Wolfsbane appears to be making an effort to figure him out further, or at least consider him in a different light. "Th' Empath I knew would ha' delighted in a thing like this because o' th' emotions it's left everyone in."

"Oh yes, I could easily manipulate the situation to my advantage." Manuel smiles, "So this must be hitting you hard. Your best friend is without powers. She is pretty hurt. I wonder if any of the other New Mutants or Hellions are affected by this."

Wolfsbane studies the one-time Hellion more closely at the first part of his response, shaking her head at it. It must be she's still somewhat suspicious, enough not to blindly trust him. "We'll get through it," she answers with determination, putting up a brave front as she continues rubbing the same spot.

Seemingly lost in a thought for a moment, "Yes, there is a plethora of ways I could totally use this. . .but . . ." Manuel shrugs sheepishly and then he notes her shoulder, "Are you alright?"

"But those days are in th' past, hmm?" Wolfsbane asks somewhat pointedly, arching a brow toward the one she's known to be such a manipulator in the past. "But Cyclops vouches for ye. Once I met another version o' ye who was a New Mutant instead. Maybe ye can be more like tha' Manuel," she suggests before lowering her hand, shaking off the question. "Aye. I'm just feeling stressed."

"Yes, I can tell you are stressed." Manuel seems to stare off a moment. A smile almost forms on his face. The sounds of a helicopter are in the background. His expression shows that is in psychic communication. "I see. Her boyfriend? Are you sure? Alright, Emma." Manuel turns to Wolfsbane, "It seems I am needed elsewhere. Magma's boyfriend died. She is causing a volcano to erupt and destroy a village." He sighs a moment as the helicopter lands. He claps his hands together, "It seems Amara needs me." He bows his head to Wolfsbane.

Wolfsbane quiets at the signs that seem to suggest that mental conversation she's unable to pick up on, until the details are provided. That news only leaves her frowning more deeply than before, a hand up to rub her forehead and a temple rapidly. "..go quickly, then. An' keep helping who ye can." Rather than hurting, but that part goes unsaid.

"Off to save my darling Amara." Manuel mutter in Spanish, <Too bad about her dead boyfriend.> As he get in the helicopter, Manuel waves to Rahne, "I shall return with Amara." The helicopter flies off.

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