Deadpool rescues Ambrose, mostly.

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Deadpool and Ambrose

Deadpool, Ambrose

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10/27/12 01:49

New York

Deadpool intervenes in a mugging. Accidentally rescues Ambrose.

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It was just after dark. It was also getting cold in New York City. Currently, Ambrose was walking down the road, hunched over - he was on the sidwalk, trying to avoid the chill and people he passed, carrying a large paper bag in one hand that on occasion, clinked softly. He paused then as he stopped at a three-way cross, waiting to cross the street. He waited. And waited... and started to twitch nervously and fidget incredibly, muddering under his breath.

"Hey man, got the time?" a passerby pauses to ask him. Unthinkingly did the drunk lift his wrist to look at it "Why yes its - HOLYUNDERWEAR!" he yelps as he had looked up at that moment to find that the passerby had a knife drawn on him.

Deadpool hears the shout and strolls towards the two of them. He stands out as being in full costume, and heavily armed. "Did someone say underwear?" he asks, nonchalant.
By that point, the goon had grabbed Reidans' collar, trying to reach for the mans' pocket and purchase now with the other as the tall, skinny drunk squirmed. "Give it to me now man! Now!" he barked.

And then a man wearing a red, right suit walks up and he glances over, utters a cuss, looks away, then with a jolt looks back, the blade now aimed at Deadpool. "... The hell are you??"

And Reidan falls back o his rump, stammering "I did! He tried to mug me!" he knew a Superhero when he saw one.

Deadpool grins beneath the mask. "I'm Santa Claus," he says brightly. He pauses a moment. "Wait.. No.. I really need to work on my one liners, don't I?" He says, conversationally to the mugger.

When someone like Deadpool arrives, confusion is usually the first thing that happens. By now, any kind of adrenaline the Mugger had was now gone, and he just stares at Deadpool. Another cuss is uttered and he waves to someone behind Deadpool as he backed up quickly,

*CA CLICK* across the street.

Deadpool looks briefly over his shoulder then returns his attention to the mugger before him. "Now. We can can do this the easy way, or we can do this the super happy fun time way." He draws a katana from his back. "Which is it?"

Ambrose meanwhile, just sits where he was, watching this somewhat wide eyed. And not wanting to get in the way or find some attention. The mugger's eyes widen at the Katana and he leaps further back, and to one side - Deadpool could probably easily catch him, while his buddy across the street started to fire at Deeps' back.

*SPLORT!* And Deadpool is shot in the back. "Ow dammit! Hey! I'm trying to have a conversation here!" He shouts at the one who shot him, and with his free hand, he takes a shuriken from his belt and throws it at the perpetrator.

"The hell is this guy!"shouts the one across the street, firing twice more before he's hit with the shuriken. With a shriek of pain he goes down, his arm a bloody mess as the gun clatters into the now empty street.

While Deadpool was distracted, the other one flings his knife at the heroes' face before turning to start to book it as well.

"Hey! I didn't stab /you/ in the face!" Deadpool shouts at the first mugger, the knife still sticking out of his face. "I only threatened to!" He reaches up, pulls the knife out of hi face, with a sickening schlick noise, and throws it back at it's owner.

At this, there's a gagging noise from Ambrose who had gone deathly pale at watching Deadpool doing this, and he quickly turns his brown bag over, putting the bottles of alcohol on the street before using the brown bag for ANOTHER purpose. Retching.

Meanwhile, the now-shaken mugger continues to stagger away, the dagger stuck out of his own arm, before being pulled out and flung to one side as he runs.

Deadpool reaches down to his belt again, and grabs some bolas. He swings them around his head twice and then lets them fly at the fleeing mugger's legs. "You never answered me, did you want to do this the easy way, or the super happy fun time way?"

The poor fools didnt have a chance now as the second one goes down now, losing skin on the pavement. He wriggles, firmly entangled 'okay! Okay! I give up! You got me! Easy way!" the other one was just laying there, groaning from blood loss.

Deadpool does a little victory dance, then he reaches into his belt again. An expression of consternation crosses his face. "I forgot my cell phone." He looks down at the drunken, retching sot. "Umm... You have a phone on you?"

Ambrose finishes that up and puts the bag to one side. He looks up at Deadpool, goes green and then quickly closes his eyes as he fishes his cheap ass, battered up pay as you go phone out and tosses it blindly to Deadpool "No long distance calls. That needs to last me till christmas." he states wheezily.

"Damn. I was gonna call my old boss in Tokyo," Deadpool says, then dials. "Hello? 911? Someone stabbed me in the face so I returned the favor. What? No, this isn't a joke. Yes, I know it's against the law to prank call emergency services. Yes, I'll hold." He starts humming along, apparently to the hold music.

Ambrose sits up finally, shoving the bag to one side "... Thanks by the way? " he grimaces, smacking his tongue a few times at the taste. "I appreciate it greatly. Can't afford to get mugged these days."

Deadpool is apparently oblivious to the thanks. He keeps humming along, then is apparently listening. "Yes. There were two perpetrators. You might want to send an ambulance. They're bleeding. The idiot that stabbed me in the face actually went and pulled the blade out when I returned the favor. No, I'm not joking. Yes, I know, the last operator told me that too. No. Yes. Upper West Side. Right. Bye." He closes the phone with a snap and hands it back to Ambrose. "They should be here in a few minutes." He starts walking away, humming the song he heard from being put on hold.

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