Deadpool meets a girl and gets paid

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Deadpool meets a girl and gets paid

Deadpool, Aurora, Agent Thorpe(NPC)

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08/27/12 01:24

Aurora-East Village


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Tonight, as in most nights, Aurora does what she does best, and unlike Logan, what she does is hella sexy. Basically, she just goes out clubbing, drinking, and seeing if she can find a guy she fancies for further entertainment. Dressed fittingly for clubbing, she's at the center of the dance floor, dancing away and exchanging flirts with several guys. Why is she here tonight? Well, the club has a heck of a good name.

Tonight, as in most nights, Deadpool does whatever it is that Logan does, only better, he strides into the the club, brushing past the bouncers. Strangely enough, though, it isn't the fact that there's a walking arsenal coming through the club that's drawing all the attention. It's the remains of a robot with it's head blasted hoisted over his shoulder that is.

That kind of entrance is enough to draw even Aurora's attention away from dancing, reputation aside, Deadpool or anyone else for that matter becomes instantenously interesting with an entrance like that. Within seconds, she's close by the door to twirl her fingers at him, "hi there, that's an unusual companion to go clubbing with, isn't it?"

Deadpool shrugs, sending the robotic remains jingling and clanking. "I'm here to meet my client and get my pay. He hired me to kill some robots, but this is the only one I found," He sounds annoyed. "It broke one of my swords."

"Well, there's been a robot infestation recently, all over the world actually, surprised you missed it." Aurora sounds quite amused, "so, that's an interesting line of work, getting paid for chopping up robots. How's your sword play? You can duel?" Aurora asks with an arched brow, taking some fascination with Deadpool, nobody else in this club had his sword broken by a robot after all.

Deadpool is somewhat taken aback by the line of questioning. "No one's beat me yet at swordplay." He shrugs, "But I can usually outlast anyone I can't out-sword."

"Good stamina, huh? Mind if I tag along? I'm curious about this..." Aurora mentions, in a way inviting herself already, as she follows Deadpool before getting his permission.

Deadpool shrugs again. ::I apologize for my player's lack of imagination in expression of indifference.:: HEY! Anyway, he moves easily through the crowd until he reaches someone else that stands out here. A guy in a wage-slave suit. Who doesn't seem to be paying attention to anything around him. "Agent," Deadpool croaks.

Following along behind Deadpool, Aurora looks at this 'agent' guy curiously, waiting for some kind of fancy exchange like in those exciting movies. So far it seems surprisingly bland for an exchange of this sort. "So, is this a trap, or just a regular everyday exchange?"

The agent looks a bit startled first at the Deadpool, then at the woman currently accompanying him. "Wilson? You're late. By a few months."

"Yeah, I know. I was told that when I went hunting robots fully armed in Time Square and all I got was this thing hiding inside a statue." He hoists the junked machine off his shoulder and lets it drop, between them. "Now about my pay?"

"A few months? Gee...and people say I arrive late sometimes, glad I got to know you, Wilson," Aurora picked up on the name from 'Agent' so there's no need for introductions. "Mr. Agent person, you had anything to do with the robot attacks all over the place? Or you're just into robo-parts collections?"

'Mr. Agent' looks annoyed. "Agent Thorpe. SHIELD," he says, in response to the the red and black adorned woman. "I was ordered to hire him," He says jerking his thumb at Deadpool, "To take part in the counter-offensive against the robot invasion," and he turns his attention back to Deadpool, "Which you didn't."

"Hey! That wasn't my fault!" Deadpool exclaims in response, "I still wasn't approved yet!"

"Ah, that kind of 'agent'," Aurora quips as she turns to look at Deadpool, letting out an impressed whistle, "you're working with serious people there, Wilson." To her benefit, Aurora understands now is a good time to let the two settle their differences, she never wants to involve needlessly with government types. She has enough of it with Department H.

Agent Thorpe looks puzzled, "Approved? Of course you were approved, I was ordered to hire you!"

"That wasn't what I was talking about, but nevermind," Deadpool says. "Back to the subject of my pay?"

"I think in cases like these, Agent Thorpe, you better reach some kind of compromise." Just a hunch, it's never good not to pay a mercenary, unless of course you're willing to have chaos in this night club. Which she assumes SHIELD would rather avoid. "While you guys discuss, would you care for something to drink? I think it'll at the very least spice up the conversation..."

Agent Thorpe shakes his head. "I'm on duty," He says, then gives Deadpool a long look, and looks down at the robot. "Basic stipend. You missed the main engagement. Whatever the reason is, that means you're not going to get full compensation for your services."

"What?! But I- Seriously?" Deadpool splutters, before finally saying, "Okay fine. Basic stipend. And I'll take that drink."

"Any favorite drinks, or should I just go for a few beers?" Aurora asks as she starts to drift towards the bar.

"We'll send your check to the usual place," Thorpe says, pushing himself up from the bar, and with a sigh, and a grunt, he leans down to pick up the ruined robot.

"Whatever, I guess," Deadpool replies. "Don't bet on drinking me under the table. Won't happen," he says.

Before long Aurora returns with copule of glasses of beers, having already figured out Agent Thorpe won't be joining them. "Hope you don't mind Canadian beer," she says while handing Deadpool one glass, "so, how did it go? You got your money?"

"Beer's beer. And not really, but I did get a basic stipend," Deadpool say. "Oooh.. I wonder, does this place have chimichungas?"

"I don't know, why don't you go ask? I'm not a waitress, you know," Aurora says while sipping from her glass, "so, sword fighting and picking up robots for SHIELD aside, what else do you do?"

"Whatever I'm hired to do," Deadpool replies, "and a few things I'm not. I'm a merc. Assassination. Robot disposal. Search and rescue.... Whatever."

"Assassinations? Now that's something I gotta frown upon, those better be some serious creeps you're killing," Aurora says with obvious distaste in her voice, as she takes a swig of her beer.

"Oh really...? Well, if you're ever stopping by Canada, remind me to arrest you, ok? I don't like killers," and yet Aurora is still sitting with Deadpool, sharing that drink.

Deadpool shakes his head. "Don't think I've killed anyone in Canada.. Well. Except one guy in Department H. But he had it coming."

IT's late.. It's New York. Elene's been working since six in the morning, and she's only just -now- able to head home. She oddly... had too much energy though, and even with her brain feeling like mush, her body just wouldn't settle down. Not surprising for someone who is a walking electrical generator. So it's time to go for a walk. She's plainclothes, so she never really wears a uniform these days, but she's decided that she needs a drink tonight. After all, she managed to bring in not just a child molestor, but someone who -killed- his victims after... well you know. It was a grizzly and gruesome case and she's done now. The guy's behind bars and the DA's office has enough evidence to win the case without opening their mouth.
So, Detective Elene Tampambulos heads for the little sidewalk cafe and flops into an open seat at the table nearest to the two of you. Odds are... she wasn't even paying the least bit of attention to her surroundings by this point... but she waits for a waitress and says, "Just a club sandwich... and whatever's on tap, no light beer, the real thing please."

"His name was Ajax. I was going through a bad time in my life, what with cancer and Department H's experiments, and I wanted him to kill me. Instead of killing me, he lobotomized my friend. So I killed him. Hospice was not a nice place."

"Hrmmm, I don't think I got to meet this Ajax, but cancer, that's rough...still not an excuse for killing someone else, I don't think," Aurora muses, and as she almost completely finished her drink, she wonders if she could honestly be bored enough to be having this conversation in the first place. "Then again, it is a case of an honest mistake, eh? And you probably did want revenge..."

"Well, Hospice is where they sent everyone that washed out of the Weapon X progra- Oh wait..... Department K. Not H. I had nothing to do with H. K is where all the weird and sadistic stuff happened."

For a moment Aurora is left without any reaction, and as she takes the time to process Deadpool's words, she just starts laughing. She's not quite sure why, but for better or worse, the guy was genuinely funny. "Ok...definitely an honest mistake..."

Deadpool just stares at her for a moment. "Well, after my friend was lobotomized by Ajax.. I euthenized him. Then the head of the Hospice center tried to have me executed for killing another of Hospice's patients. So Ajax tore out my heart and left me for dead. Unfortunately, for him, I lived, and attacked him and left him for dead. With more success."

The laughter is ended just like that, almost as if Deadpool was aiming for that, Aurora stares at him with not a hint of mirth on her visage. She stares...and after a few moments there's an impression she's looking through him rather than at him.

Deadpool looks a little unnerved. "You're staring at me. It's the same way cows stare.. It's unnerving."

A few more moments and suddenly the expression on Aurora's face looks entirely different, almost as if she wasn't quite herself, if anything, she looks aghast at just being inside this club. "W'ere am I?" She asks Deadpool in such an accusatory tone, one might think he kidnapped her and forced her inside the club. "W'y am I draissed like a 'arlot?"

"You're in a nightclub. As to why you're dressed like that, I have no idea," Deadpool replies. "You just bought me a beer, and finished one yourself."

"Mon dieu!" Jeanne-Marie cries out at the mere thought of purchasing alcohol, and even worse touching the liquid of sin herself. "Zis is an outrage, don't lie! T'e Lord don't like liars!" Jeanne-Marie snaps, and horrified, she gets up and rushes towards where she thinks is the exit, eager to find herself a proper attire to replace the travesty she finds herself wearing.

"Wait! Where you going? That's the men's room!" Deadpool calls out to Jeanne. He goes after the nun. "I wasn't lying either!"

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