Deadpool arrives to fight robots, a little late

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Deadpool, Times Square

Deadpool, Shadowcat

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08/19/12 16:00

Times Square, New York

Deadpool goes to New York to kill robots

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Deadpool. The merc with the mouth. The Crimson Comedian, the Deg-::Get on with it!:: OK! Yeesh. Sorry. Anyway, deadpool wanders about Times Square much to the alarm and consternation of law enforcement, pedestrians, and local wildlife. The squirrels in particular seem especially antsy. It's most likely because Deadpool is in full costume. And fully armed. And looks annoyed.

Shadowcat was dressed in high-top sneaker wedges, skinny jeans and long shirt belted around her waist. She'd come to enjoy the local events and sights, so coherent from london. Then turns toward the crimson costumed male when all the performers fell silent and the wildlife grew restless.

Deadpool walks up to one particulary petriefied fellow, wiggles his fingers, and, in a conversational tone, says, "Boo." The man in question remains petrified.

Shadowcat sighs shaking her head before frowning at deadpool "You think that's funny? Trying to scare an innocent man even more then he already is?"

Deadpool ignores the comment, and continues staring at the man, in mild fascination. "You think he'd do anything if I drew a mustache on his face?"

Shadowcat looks around mentally calculating...and in a voice of authority "Everyone clear out now" then looks back to deadpool "He's done nothing to you, leave the man alone. So far I don't know that you've done anything wrong so there's still hope for the evening. Why don't we keep it that way?

Deadpool looks back at Shadowcat. He then pokes the guy. "Umm.. I think something might be wrong with him. He isn't moving at all," he notes. He knocks on the guy's head. It sounds of hollow plaster. "Oh" ::Hey! I'm not dumb enough to be fooled by a a statue!::

Some statues were quite life like, like this one. Kitty sighs shaking her head. "Well have fun with the manequin" or doll...

Deadpool shakes his head. "Not why I'm here. Have you seen an army of robots invading? I was hired to help take them out. Got a little lost along the way. Ended up deposing some despot in Zimbabwe. But that's something else.. Any robots need killing here?"

Shadowcat looks puzzledly at him "Large robots?"

Deadpool nods. "There were giant robots invading every major city. I was hired to help take them down. You know, joint attack on all of them at once?"

Shadowcat nods "I saw it on the news" as she pretended to be civilian "Ultron was behind it. Heroes all over the world fought and won. There is no more that from robots"

Deadpool kicks the statue. It wobbles in place. "Damn it. I was looking forward to killing some giant robots too.. Even brought my special giant robot killing swords too." They look like perfectly normal swords. ::What? HEY! They /are/ special!::

Shadowcat nods "Sorry to disappoint but I'm rather glad the trouble is over"

Deadpool grumbles. "My boss is gonna be pissed." He stares at the statue for a long moment. "Hey.. Maybe I should send the boss this statue, dressed as me. Maybe it'll fool him."

Shadowcat shakes her head, that sounded like a bad idea to her "can it talk or move on it's own?"

Deadpool shakes his head. "If it did, I'd have to kill it, since that means it's obviously a robot."

Shadowcat smirks "then you'd very paid right and no more problems?"

Deadpool knocks on the statue again, "Yeah, but it's not a robot." The statue blinks.

Shadowcat shrugs. "it's not nice to take other people's things but if you found a manequin, dressed it up, then ' killed' it making sure out was destroyed enough that someone couldn't tell if it was or wasn't a could get paid stop frightening people" there was logic to her thinking, get rid of the guy who worded her out.

Deadpool looks a bit bewildered by this. "But mannequins aren't robots," he says, The statue slowly raises its arms.

Shadowcat would explain cuz evidently the man is a bit dim but instead she walks up to the 'statue' to examine it closely...cats and their curiosity "Have you noticed anything odd about this thing?" blinking, now raising it's arms in the air...what /was/ this statue?

Deadpool blinks, and turns back to regard the statue. Suddenly, the statue thrusts it's arms down on Deadpool's head. "Ow!" He responds by punching the thing in the face, which shatters the head, revealing a vaguely humanoid mechanical face. "Well. This isn't quite as weird as my last assignment, but still.. What the hell?"

Shadowcat blinks stepping back "You make alot of enemies in your line of work.."

Deadpool nods. "Some of them are former employers even," The now revealed robot shatters the rest of the statue, revealing a very lanky humanoid robot. It kicks at Deadpool. He blocks the kick with one of his blades, which shatters. "Crap! These were the wrong swords!"

Shadowcat sighs, a merc great..but a merc who seemed to be in over his head so she started walking away to find a private place that no one would notice and come back via a different direction as her costued self "Need a hand?"

Deadpool shakes his head, and dodges the next attack, pulls out one of his guns and blasts the robot's head off with a single shot. "Nah. I just wanted to have fun. But I brought the wrong swords." He sounds annoyed again. The robot collapses in a heap. "I wonder why they always put the processing units for robots in heads."
Shadowcat shrugs "Eventually they'll learn to put them in the foot but then they'll have to adjust the design and make the robots bulkier to accomodate the processors and.." she quickly starts getting technical listing off all the circuitry and cooling fans and such likely needed.

Deadpool blinks, then moves and hoists the remains of the robot over his shoulder. "Might as well take this as a trophy for the boss."

Shadowcat nods with a grin and runs her fingers thru her hair that shows "Heh, yeah I gotta get going" yeah she totally geeked out.

Deadpool shakes his head and walks off with the robot. "Crazy woman.."

Shadowcat walks off the way Kitty had gone shaking her head "And he calls me crazy..all of that was crazy, but fun!" finding her private spot she changed back and came out a different way.

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