David meets Surge

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David meets Surge

David, Surge

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Xavier's School, foyer

David meets and speaks briefly with Surge

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Surge wanders into the foyer from outside, a bag over her shoulder. She reaches up and runs a gauntleted hand through her blue hair.

David is hanging out foyer. Not so much as hanging out, but exploring. He seems to be taking close look at a few of the tapestries up on one of the walls. He turns as he hears someone enter. "Umm.. Hi," he says, not particularly shocked by her appearance.

Surge dips her head and looks over at him. She looks wary for a moment but then shakes her head, "Hello." she says and stretches a bit. She has wierd looking gauntlets on both hands and arms.

"I guess since you're here you belong here," David observes, more to himself than to surge. "I'm David. I'm a new student here," he says, by way of introduction, and, after a moment of indecision, extends a hand.

Surge reaches over to take the hand and smiles, "I am Noriko, though Nori or Surge works just as well." she smiles and nods, "I am a student though I have been away for a bit."

"That's a cool get-up," David says. "The only one I've seen more outlandish belongs to a rock-star. I think I owe her a date. Or she owes me one," he says, then adds on, somewhat distractedly, "I lost track."

Surge cocks her head to the side and then looks down a little, shuffling her feet, "Which part?" she asks softly.

"The gauntlets are pretty cool. Apparently, everyone here has some sort of apparel that kinda matches their abilities. Except me." David replies, then after a pause, says "And I'm no fashion designer, and have no idea what I'd wear."

Surge blinks for a moment and then blushes, "Oh, well without them...it would be dangerous for anyone to be around me, they keep me sane and everyone else safe." she shakes her head a bit and flushes.

"Ooh.. Kinda like Mr. Summers' visor?" David asks. "I don't have anything like that. My power doesn't do anything that would hurt someone, to my knowledge."

Surge nods her head, "Yeah something like that, I...absorb electricity, even static electricity from the air all the time. If...I draw too much I short circuit and overload. These store the electricity and keep me from overloading." she says holdng up one of the gauntlets.

David hums for a moment in thought. "I suppose it's that, or walk around barefoot. Or making sure you have some sort of ground nearby to touch," he says. "My power is duplication. I can duplicate myself and whatever I'm touching, but it's only temporary."

Surge shakes her head a bit, "no, i tried before, I had to take drugs t o fight it." she shakes her head and looks down a bit ashamed. She looks back up, "That is cool." she says softly.

David just has to shrug. "It's not very practical. Sure, I can duplicate myself, but have you ever noticed how hard it is to do two different things with your right and left hand? It's even worse trying to do it with two right hands. Just about all I can manage at the moment is synchronized dancing."

Surge nods her head, "Give it time, more than likely it will come in handing in fighting, imagine what you can do if you could make a bunch of yourself and all punch the same person at the same time."

David sighs and shakes his head. "More than two knocks me right out, and I wake up with an epic migraine," he replies. He makes a face. "Are there any teenagers out there satisfied with what they can do?" he asks, rhetorically.

Surge shakes her head a bit, "Probably not that out am content, almost wish I couldn't do it. These can be ackward come shower time."

David winces. "Wouldn't you just short out?" He asks. "Or maybe you could make friends with someone to help you out with washing?"

Surge shrugs and smiles, "Basically I have to workout first, burn off all the stored energy and then take it before I have absorbed too much."

David suddenly snickers. "Sorry, sorry. But I suddenly had a mental image of you walking around, surrounded by balloons as a result of static cling."

Surge chuckles a bit and then shakes her head, "I would probably pop them before that happened, the electricity would be dancing over my skin at that point."

David shakes his head again, "Maybe not.. Doesn't actually take a lot of power to do that, y'know. It happens to everybody."

Surge shakes her head, "I actually didn't know."

"Weird the stuff you learn in school," David muses, "One of my teachers was demonstrating with a balloon and managed to make the other students' hair stand on end. Until he got to a kid with too much gel in his hair, and it popped the balloon."

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