Dangerous Moon

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Dangerous Moon

Blindfold, Jean Grey, Seth, Havok, Mirage, emitting by Night Crawler

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07/23/12 17:00

Basement - Xavier's Mansion

Danger Room is on the Fritz, after it kidnaps Scott, faculty and students investiage

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Light dim and flicker, the sound of Cylcop's body being pulled through the vents, echoing from the darkness and dies down to nothingness. Even the sounds of fellow students dissipate, leaving Blindfold alone in the dim hall. Either they have run or they too have been pulled into the darkness.

Blindfold slowly rises to her feet still sobbing and walks along the aisles between cotts tapping her cane shakily.

Lesson plans, homework assignments, and grading papers are a much lower priority the very moment a school is destroyed. Jean Grey walks through various areas of the sub-level before working her way up to the basement. She is wearing a familiar formal ensemble fit for a headmistress, with the only difference being a couple tears here and there. She tinkers with her telepathy, small notice going into its immediate malfunctioning as of late, and Jean thinks nothing of it - the stress and frustration radiating from many of the student body and faculty is a hypothesis as to why. Rounding a corner, the red-head takes notice of a sobbing student, one quite familiar to Jean. "Ruth?" she begins, asking, "What's wrong?" The concern in Jean's tone is instantaneous and genuine.

Blindfold turns her head toward Jean and flings her arms around the woman "He's gone.." sniffling "Scimitars...why didn't we pay more attention?..." reaching for jean's hand, her face a mask of fear and distraught. "You must come...please, he's gone.."

"Who is gone?" Jean asks the student, her curiosity rising even in the midst of already dormant agony and defeat. A hand rubs the back of Ruth softly in any attempt to calm the sobbing, and then Jean allows herself to be led by a free hand. "Who, Ruth?"

Seth has arrived.
Havok has arrived.

Through the heavy door leading above ground, Seth walks in - Havok should be right behind him, so he leaves it open for the moment. As he walks in, he announces himself. "Hello? It's me, Radiance! Everything alright down here?" And then he spots Ruth way off ahead with Jean; and he hears sobbing and crying. "Is everything alright over there?" He flies over in their direction.

Following a few yards behind Radiance, Havok steps into the area to consider that which transpires. He does not interject or interrupt as Radiance is doing a fine job of being the mouthpiece of questions. Instead he'll just listen.

Blindfold shakes her head pulling jean along..well ok probably not going fast enough, she still has to find her way back with her cane "He's gone..taken..why didn't we pay attention?..I told him of this...now he's gone" the blind girl sobbing as she wentback the way she'd come "Someone dead...scimitars...he's gone" trusting the others to follow as she rushed.

As the group is lead towards the indicated area, they will notice that the lights in this area flicker sporadically at best, the length of darkness growing between moments of sparkly light. The body of Dervish is indeed in this area off the side of the main area of beds and bunks, as is a current upon vent that one might guess was ripped open from the inside and then something bigger was pulled through it - probably whomever is 'gone' and missing.

Blindfold shakes her head sobbing "No professor, then xmen must die....first xmen then the rest...now he's gone...Scott is gone..." then she goes still "Too late....noooo! no no nonono please..." sinking to the floor as she sobbed uncontrolably "Too late..."

Out of turn, but still reasonable because he's not directly engaged in the immediate exchange, Havok turns slightly and taps his com device (earbud) to signal out to other members, "Mirage, Blindfold is hysterical, she says that Cyclops is missing. You anywhere near?"

Seth looks around, "Where's Cyclops? He was here before I left..." His attention falls on Dervish's corpse. "He's dead. For longer than my staying at the Mansion." He looks at the teachers, or if not, then adults. "You know this guy?" He looks at the hole. "Whatever happened, it ended up in his death", he observes. "This was something that's been planned for weeks - has been in taking place for weeks."

Mirage has arrived.

The Darkness where the body and vent are becomes total for the moment. As if power is completely gone now, whatever damage was in the grid beneath the walls is completely severed it would seem. Though observation would point out there seems to be a lack of light from the main hall and areas of the basement seeping into that dark area that it seems more unnatural now.
A moment of this and then there is a flicker to the dead lights like lightening and a dark figure looms there, its sharp teeth and smile too big to seem real is all that is noticeable upon the dark face. Dark tentacles shoot out towards Alex, as if to grab him, as the darkness calls, "Children of the Dream gather ... death to X-Men first, then the broodlings." Red sparks then dance at the tips of the tentacles, not unlike Scott's ability.

Blindfold covers her face in her hands as she sobs "Too late..dead...going to lose another..Saw this when I was invited...too late...why didn't we pay more attantion?.." no tears came though, just the sound of crying as her shoulders shook, overwhelmed with her vision.

Seth backs up some, more precisely in Blindfold's direction. To shake her up, he baps her in her arm, strongly so. "Get up..." And then he notices those red sparks, similar to Cyclops. And he builds up his own energy. "Oh, really?? Well, not if this 'broodling' has anything to say about it!" And, from his hands, a full-fledged blast is fired, not only meant to shed some light on the subject, but to cause some real damage to whatever lurks in the shadows.

Alex is grabbed. He had no clue that there was an actual threat down here in the sublevels. "What the hell?"
Then comes the blast of Seth. Whether it hits him or not is up to the GM. But it's pretty likely since he's been grabbed and pulled from his original position.

After her encounter yesterday with an alien holgram in the holding cells and after reporting said encounter with Beast, Dani has been helping him, amoung the other duties she was assigned.
When she gets the call on her comm she makes a quick affirmative reply and quickly makes her way to where the small group has gathered coming in time to see Alex be snatched in the Darkness and Seth blast away.

Seth lets go with a blast of his zero-point energy at roughly the same time Alex is pulled towards the dark figure. As it opens its mouth, the energy covers the figure and Alex. It is a strange affect on Alex, hurting him while somewhat charging him at the same time (30 damange, 30 charge). The creature, on the other hand, doesn't handle the energy quite so well. Considering it may have been vamped up for the heavier hitters, the energy doesn't quite obliterate it, but half its head it taken off. It leaves half a mouth of teeth, one eye, all the jaw, taking off the upper right quadrant of the head. Instead of brains, there area few three dimensional model lines like computer animation or hologram.
"The young speak for the teachers of the Dream, they choose to die," it says, the sound coming from the middle of the figure now, but echoing in the halls. Blackness surrounds everyone now - all external light cut off on the present group, Alex is dropped to the ground. Its as if the figure disappeared. The lights start to flicker on again, the basement gone, and the current hallway looking more like sublevel structure than regular mansion basement now.

Being struck by Seth's attack, Havok suddenly feels supercharged. He mutters, "Oh hell yeah!" and he'll move to stand and brush away any debris left behind while looking for targets to dispense his newfound plasma energy.

Seth hovers, readying himself for an attack. "Okay, anyone know what the hell that thing's supposed to be?" He charges up once again, hands crisping with energy to highlight the area once again. He looks at Blindfold to see if she snaps out of it. "Snap out of it, girl!!", he yells out.

Blindfold seems oblivious to the Seth's coercion, just sobbing there "Danger room destroyed...we'll lose another...too late...saw this coming...told Scott..." wracked wth sorrow and guilt, overwhelmed by what she saw.

"Yelling at the poor girl is hardly going to help." Dani snaps at Seth as she moves over to where Blindfold is and puts an arm around her shoulder "It's a Danger Room hologram. I encountered one yesterday. I guess it (the danger room) has decided to come out an play." she looks around as she rubs Blindfold's arm soothingly "It looks like its ability to project is getting more powerful.

"If that's the case, then we need to cut the power to the danger room, and that means cutting power from the Shi'ar power tap." Alex notes out of hand while brushing off debris.

As if on cue even, the group might realize in the current sublevel hologram state, they are now facing the hall that normally leads to the danger room. At this point, there are howls from 'behind' or 'away' from that room, as if to further entice to the holo-Danger Room where they are now. Rounding a corner behind the X-group, some claws scratch at the floor as ape like beings with purple fur round and begin to head towards them. They are some 50 yards away at present but leaping and bounding (over and through their own numbers even, like a wave), as they move in this direction. There is probably 5 to 7 of these ape like creatures now - somewhere between chimp and gorilla in size.

Blindfold leans into Dani as she sounds like she still cries "Going to lose Scott...danger room destroyed...dark figure, female, robotic, cables and wires showing, cable wires for tentacle hair...if no professor xavier then xmen must die...first xmen then the rest...too late...Scott is going to die...going to lose another.." blending what she knows of both visions together, disoriented.

Leveling his arms, Alex takes aim at the potential threat. Then he releases his plasma in a wider beam (distance between shoulders) toward the creatures while yelling, 'Everyone, BACK! Seth, take the shot!"

Seth looks at Havok, "Last I was in the Danger Room, I suggested that same course of action! Big bad computer acting up, you pull the plug! You haven't done so yet??" He sighs, although the glow of his eyes doesn't allow to see his eyes are rolling. "Nevermind... The shit's in the pool, now we clean it..." Charging again, there goes another blast out of Seth. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!"

Dani continues to sooth the hysterical girl, tightening the arm around her shoulder as she urges the girl to get up "Come on." she looks to Alex and Seth as she hears the creatures bearing down on them and will literally drag the girl to safety, if she has to, once she sees the large ape creatures. She is trusting the two guys to protect them until she can deal with the girl before joining them in defense.

Sending rounds down range is one thing, coordinating the attack between hot headed leader and hot headed student another thing. Where individual attacks collide with oncoming ape creatures, they slow them down, knock some over, but they slowly get back up while those in the back simply leap over their comrades. However, when they cross, or damage the same ones, there is more damage. By way of this, one in the front is vaporized after it is hit first by Seth's energy blast and then followed up by Alex's. Suggesting individual it takes more to kill these holograms, but combined they can do enough to take them out.
Alex is walking backwards. "I've pulled the plug plenty on the Danger Room," he intones, suggesting he's had more Danger Room encounters than the student has had, "We start there, by the numbers. Less cocky, more blasting. Aim for the lead monkey ..." Focusing both hands again, he aims for the closest just like he said. Throwing in, "And I said back up, that means us too."

Blindfold seeming to still sob she goes wherever she is lead, her cane dragging alog the floor from a strap around her wrist as she numbly walks with Dani "Going to lose another...female robot not a hologram, cable wires for hair, exposed wiring in places...told scott bout he danger room...I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...too late..."

"I say we fire at the same creature each!", Seth replies to Alex. "Coordinate firing. I think both out energies will be required to just take one of these down." And flying, he backs up along with Alex. Listening to BF, he say, "Then I say we get that robot, rip out its wiring, and use it for christmas lights coming this next season." Yeah, visibly pissed. **Seth fires his energy at the lead ape**

With Blindfold easily going where lead, Dani gets her as far from the apey action as she can considering it's the Mansion AI that is in charge of the current environment. Thankfully, since yesterday's encounter, she has taken to wearing a couple of more weapons, including her bow, so at least this time she is better equipped to deal with rouge holgrams. Standing protectively before the young female student to raises her bow and after a moment of concentration lets one of her glowing psyarrows fly (Rank 50). She has never fully understood how psychic abilties have been able to affect holgrams, but it has worked in the past and she isn't going to argue with results.

As Alex and Seth make cause, while both suggesting the other 'follow', they do manage to take down the lead ape in the current herd. Just as it falls, a pyschic arrow by Dani flies past the two men and into one of the apes. It staggers a moment, jerky. One part recognizes it was hit by a psychic arrow and its programing is generally inclined to accept this and fall over. Still, something inside is trying to fight with this concept but in the end, machine logic overrides itself and it is forced to fall down and disappear. The remaining four apes close towards the group as they back away. One vaults itself ahead of the group, trying to get claws at Alex, who should be closest.
Not aiming for that one, Alex says, "Shoot the furthest one on my side Seth." He makes a FOOOM to Seth's 'side' of the corridor. He aims for the one Seth previously injured when they fired blindly. Seth might notice the one furthest from his side is the one Alex injured previously when Havok calls that out. Thus, Havok is suggesting the try to take out two this round so that only two remain by focusing on ones injured when they started firing randomly at the beginning of this encounter.

"Got it!", Seth exclaims as he fires at the purple ape. Then, he starts aiming at the others...

Dani breathes a sigh of releif as she ape holgram finally decides to go with its programming. She knows from experience that her 9mms aren't very effective against them "Alex duck!" she calls out, already pulling back on the bowstring and letting the brightly glowing arrow fly. This time she doesn't pull out any stops she makes it full strength, leaving nothing to chance. (Rank 100)

The crossfire works, previously injured apes by both Alex and Seth are 'cleaned' up so to speak. Dani's hits her mark and the ape goes limp mid-air. While a great shot, it is pyscic only with no real force, thus the 'dead' body collides with Alex and he stumbles before it renders to 3d holo model and then to nothingness. The final ape instead jumps for the wall rather than the group. Starting at its location, a chain of lights flicker on and off as if marking a trail where the holo program is going. It does not go for the Danger Room door in this area.
Regaining his composure, Alex heads for Ruth, "Okay, Scott's out, Dervish is dead, someone else might die ... I'm gonna need you to try and make sense of your visions, so you can lead us to the real Danger Room so we can pull the plug on this." While hoping that snaps her out of it, he looks at Dani, "You and Seth watch our flanks," ie, take opposite ends of the corridor and watch for more DR traps and foes.

Seth looks at the way the ape scrams, and the lights now blinking in the same direction. "I'm not liking this one bit... Doesn't it look too much like a trap to you guys?" He then makes a slight change of subject. "And how can a faulty computer be creating simulatiions /outside/ the area it was supposed to do that?"

Loath to leave the obviously traumatized girl, Dani turns to the girl "Please Ruth, we need any help you can give us." she wipes the tears from Ruth's face "Focus and lead us." she then turns and gives Alex a warning look "Calmly." she states before striding to where Seth is at the end of the corridor "This close to the Danger Room, the projectors could be powerful enough to reach outside the room proper, especially if there is outside tampering like Ruth's visions suggest.

Blindfold slowly turns her head from one to the other from one to the other, still frightened and disoriented a bit but coming out of it "Mmm, Dervish...scimitars...I saw Scott die...Richenda I think..maybe a different student...said something about an...intelligence taken up residence in the danger room...but..that thing, I saw it in a vision when Scott asked me to join..." there were no tears to wipe away, Ruth's birth defect didn't allow her to form tears for she had no eyes or tear ducts or eyelids.

Alex rubs his head, but takes Dani's warning look and deduces the double-aimed 'calmly' as suggesting he needs to remain calm with Ruth as much as Ruth needs to calm down just the same. He reiterates what Dani suggested, "Blindfold, you're our best guess. The Danger Room is projecting the sublevel, but we're really in the basement. We don't know where the real Danger Room is ... we need to get to that intelligence. Like Radiance just said, anything else is just a death trap waiting to happen." Even direct route to the Danger Room is probably a death trap, but it gets to the heart of the situation.

Blindfold nods and reaches for anyone's hand to help her up "Not sure it can be shut down if an intelligence has taken residence in it, I'm sorry, I apologize I should have warned you, should have all this. She was looking the professor before she took Scott...but said that if the professor wasn't here then the xmen must die, then the rest. A female robot, wires exposed in places, paneling in other places, wires for hair, the danger room was destroyed, rubbled everywhere in my vision I told scott..." then she pauses before nodding "I can lead you to the danger room. Forgive me, I'm sorry for letting things get to me, the vision of Scott dieing....death is never easy to see"

Seth keeps hovering, aiming at just about any place - who knows what might pop out next, and right on top of them, afterall. "We're on the basement, but this is the sub-level section... Could it be we're being somehow led into close quarters where wounded are?"

Keeping guard where the corridor crosses,Dani keeps an ear on the conversation between, Alex and Ruth should she have to step in. Her visual attention though never leaves the corridors she is watching "It never gets easy." she says to Ruth, and she speaks from expereince. She sees death anytime she goes into the city. She gestures with her bow down the hallways "Which way are we going?

Alex moves to keep an eye out too and go in the directions indicated by Ruth. "Once we leave this area, we rely on Ruth's abilities," he says, "She'll know if we're about to wound others in the area, but lets assume the Danger Room wants to separate us into smaller groups and pick us off." Ruth does indeed lead deeper into the 'basement' - those old musty areas no one has gone into. Closer to 'above' the real danger.
A female voice breaks the silence ahead of them, "Only fair, you saw mine. Let's see if leader-man is all that." Dani might recognize Heather's voice in that moment. "Oh hell" calls out Alex voice from the darkness, but then another Alex comes into view. He is turned away from the group, himself included, and other Alex continues, "I know this is gonna come back and bite me in the" and, standing in nothing but a shorty with a rear zipper, the other Alex undoes zipper and moons the group.
Present tense Alex facepalms, "Ok, that did bite me in the ass." Even as he explains, Ruth already knows, "That's after Heather cheated and beat me in a surfing competition, like the Danger Room is replaying old events ...." Ruth will indicate they need to go through that recording to get to the heart of Danger Room, even as past Heather giggles and exclaims, "Oh my gosh! You actually did it!"

Blindfold nods with a smile toward Dani before starting to lead the way as she tapped her cane in front of her "My grasp on time is a little shaky, seeing the past and the future, interacting with the present...sometimes I'm not sure which I'm currently in." then points down one of the halls "Old recorded sessions, in confusion trying to throw us off, to rattle us. Is the Danger room networked to any other system of the mansion or the internet, if you don't mind my asking, please?"

Seth facepalms as well. "I'll be haunted for quite a long time..." He looks at the group, and pulls a joke. "Does this thing have a feed for the girls' shower rooms, too?" He sighs, "Okay, now seriously, /how much/ of the Mansion has been feed-patched to the Danger Room, barring all programs and/or missions?"

Stopping on hearing the familiar voices, Dani peers down the hallway, bow at ready in case the mansion AI has decided to create dopplegangers to attack them instead of alien or ape holograms. Upon seeing Alex's shiny, white, backside, she just looks back at him smirking, finding his embarassment more amusing than the floor show." her attention is then pulled to Ruth whom she just nods at. More than likely she has read Ruth's file. "Not sure...at least not anymore.

"The entire mansion is connected, like one big computer" explains Alex, "Shi'ar technology. Considering its trying to repair itself now, lets assume the Danger Room is in some manner isolated from the entire mansion, or whats left of it. We'll hope the medbay isn't killing off anyone on critical care." He says it to keep the thoughts of curious wondering about it. "We focus on the Danger Room."
The holograms nearby change for those affected by them. Ahead lies Scott on the ground, bleeding from a wound given him by holo-Sabretooth, he calls out, "Is Alex alright?" His visor is off and his eyes are closed tight.
Ahead of the faux-Scott, the hologram projects more corridor, but it seems that progress is blocked, perhaps a forcefield.
You paged Blindfold with 'the 'forcefield' is really the end of the basement hall, but it opens up into an old servants room, you can probably find the doorhandle and open it up'

Blindfold nods "Could explain the mafunctions with the autodefenses and other systems, but if it can get into the internet richenda and I were figuring it could access anything with a wifi signal" grinning toward though she still obviously wasn't fully recovered from her vision "Nice to have you back to your regular self, was getting worried bout you" shaking with a sigh of releif she sniffles at the wonderful sound of Scott's voice and moves in his direction "Havok will be ok, Seth accidentally blasted him but it made the thing let him go" then turns her head around the room "There's (no) forcefeild but (a hologram) hiding a door"

"We don't know if that's Cyclops!", Seth exclaims. "It could be a trap." He looks to the others, looking for backing up on his statement.

Alex feels the forcefield, notices the wall underneath as indicated by Ruth and finds the door. His hand moves until if finds the door handle. "Could be a trap," he agrees with Seth, "But I'm trusting Ruth on this one. If it leads to the Danger Room, its the direction we want to go." He opens the door.
Opening the door reveals a large room of unknown proportions as it looks like the danger room. Instead of a control booth at its center, instead there is a being suspended from the ceiling that looks just like Danger (http://marvel.com/universe/Danger) - as foretold by Blindfold. Though it is actually plugged into something, wires connect it to another figure, much like a work of art by HR Giger. The figure is male and red sparks escape sparsely around its eyes. Alex would be the firse to recognize glimpses of his brother within that metal casing. The metal is enclosed over his body and he seems completely connected to Danger. That is, there is no external power source, he is powering her. As much as she seems to be his life line at present.

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