Dangerous Danger Disasters

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Cyclops, Havok, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Manifold, Nemo

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07/05/12 11:38

Danger Room, Xavier Mansion

While practicing, the Danger Room goes nuts and tries to kill the occupants.

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11:18 AM

Walking through the halls of the Xavier Mansion, Alex wears casual clothing; jeans, black t-shirt, sneakers. His pace is slow and he's looking about the halls, noting the pictures, the affectations, and the textures. Finally he's slowed down enough to 'sniff the flowers'. Presently, he's moving from the main atrium of the second floor landing into the X-Men/Faculty wing where Dani resides.

A humming noise, a distinct melody to it, not just some random hum, can be heard coming from the the hallway where the female staff have thier quarters. The source of the noise seems to be Dani herself, who is striding down the hallway, dressed her cutoff shorts and sleeveless blouse. Her practice bow is held in one hand at her side and a quiver of arrows flung casually over her shoulder. She slows on seeing the approaching Alex, the humming stops a slight look of concern comes to her face.

Catching movement from his side vision, Alex turns and says, "Hey." in a tone of casual greeting. "What's shakin?"

His own pace slows to a stop and he turns to regard the approaching team member.

Canting her head slightly to the side Dani eyes the out of context man. "Did the ready room catch on fire or something?" the implication there is quite clear "What brings you this part of the house?" she doesn't bother answering his question, the equipment she carries should make it clear that she was heading out to get some target practice in.

"What do you mean?", Alex rhetorically asks innocently and then with a grin, "I do come out of my hole every now and again. Plus, I totally did not want to watch the news coverage of the rest of our team." His tone takes a darker reticent tone. Knowing that if he saw the news, he would only go off half cocked and end up making things worse.

Dani frowns, "Things aren't going well for them?" she hardly seems surprised by the thought "Are we going to have to fly in and pull them out of the fire?" she holds up a hand to forestall the answer "Nevermind, I can see you are already perturbed enough. Perhaps a trip to Harry's to have a drink would be the right thing to do about now."

"I don't know, I don't want to know. I figure they'll signal if they need help. I just don't want to hear, see, or read about the stupidity that goes through the mind of the racist, anti mutant, morons." Alex answers and tries to push that aside... "I'm thinking something a little less public. You're going out to the range, maybe poke holes in targets... maybe I could join you?"

"I was debating between the range or danger room." Dani replies as she gestures before continuing down the hall "The danger room makes it easier for me to practice at hitting moving targets. I don't mind company, you can be my 'spotter.'

"Danger room then..." Alex notes and starts the walking toward their destination.

-----==[ Danger Room - Xavier Mansion ]==-------------------------------------

The Danger Room, when active, can look like anywhere and anything. When inactive, this most recent incarnation of it looks just like the last: a very large, circular room with four entrances equally shaped around the walls. The floor is dished, lowest in the center, with walkways leading down to a raised dais in its center. Set into the ceiling, directly above that dais, is the observation and control booth - its walls and floors transparent, so that every spot in the room below can be watched.

OOC: Please remember that students aren't supposed to be in here without a faculty member - if you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion... and the cameras watching you.


Thursday evening and Scott Summers sits in the observation booth of the Danger Room, inputting a scenario for himself and any others who would want to train with him. The room itself is already set in holographic simulation. The empty metallic chamber switches to that of an empty field, sunny summer day. Cyclops, dressed in his blue and gold X-Men uniform steps out of the booth and peers about inhaling the fresh summer air, "Perfect." He smiles to himself as he waits for others to join him. Of particular, he has invited members of X-Factor for some cross-training and has invited Wolfsbane as well to get some training in specifically with her.

Havok took a moment to put on his new basic black costume with gold belt and gauntlets. He enters the control room and says, "Hey bro." in greeting of his brother. He offers a side comment, rhetorical in nature, "I'm guessing this is gonna be payback for the stunt I pulled on you last month."

Wolfsbane steps in with Dani alongside. The wolfen mutant no longer needs the sling for her shoulder, and she's in the same new costume she wore back in Manhattan. No more old X-Factor uniform. From the looks of things the two have been in conversation, though it tails off when the two Summers brothers are spotted. "Hullo," she waves.

"And then he was like...." Dani is saying to Rahne as the two walk into the room together. She stops midsentance as Rahne greets the Summers brothers "I'll tell you later." she finishes instead in a low voice meant only for the wolfgirl to hear "Alex. Scott." she nods to each in greeting. She is dressed in her own red and black uniform for the occasion, her bow and quiver strapped to her back.

Grinning widely when his brother enters the field, Cyclops nods and offers, "Well, since others are joining us. I figure I'll go easy on you. I mean we always have the safety protocols set so. . .no surprises." The smile remains on his face as the two former New Mutants enter the field, "Welcome, ladies, it's been awhile since I have had some time to train for myself and so I thought it would be a good opportunity for some teamwork and cross-training between X-Men and X-Factor. This should be pretty simple. We'll be jumping right in. Our opponent, Mimic, former X-Men with the ability to mimic powers. Safety protocols are on. Simple capture scenario. . .any questions?"

Before they can ask any questions or respond, a blip appears in the sky above the field about 25 feet above the mutants. Mimic wearing his old a variant of his old X-Men uniform of red and orange, a large M across his chest and ruby quartz lenses similar to Cyclops hovers as white feathered wings are outstretched. He peers down at the mutants with a rather sinister looking snarl on his face.

Turning upon the entry of Rahne and Dani, Alex smiles and greets, "Hey Rahne."

He's already said hi to Dani today, there was about to be some arrowing when they were interrupted by Scott's call. It may not be a better option, but it's an option.

With the team's attention drawn to the encounter, Alex says, "Let's do this." and starts moving to take his position.

"I was thinking it'd be a good day tae test muhself again after getting rid o' tha' sling," Wolfsbane says, rolling her left shoulder to show she's got range of motion back again. "Mimic? I remember reading about him." One of the things Rahne's spoken to Dani about was the X-Men offer, which has not been formally accepted yet. She's still giving it some thought, hoping to work with a few of them before it's decided on. "Hi, Alex," she adds, a hand raised before Mimic commands more of their attention as she sinks into a crouch.

Arrowing at targets..not at Alex, though Dani has been tempted by the thought once or twice. "This is will work just as well for target practice." the bow comes off her back and is in hand quite quickly as the enemy of the day appears above them. She moves back, keeping a good range of distance between herself and Mimic.

Mimic's flight is winged, for a moment he hovers before pushing hard with his wings and ascending to just under 100 feet. He starts his movement in a counter clockwise orbit of the heroes and travels at nearly 100mph. There's a flash from his visor and he releases his blast into the center point of the heroes. The blast is significant enough to blow a hole in the ground 15' wide, offer an area concussive shockwave, and cast debris all around. Clods of dirt shower down on the heroes.

Shouting orders to his fellow mutants, "Havok, Mirage, aim for the wings, take him down from the sky. Wolfsbane, stay back but be ready to pounce if he gets close or is grounded." For himself, Cyclops attempts to wave off any of the dirt to attempt a clear shot, aiming square for the M on Mimicâs chest, but finds himself missing his target.

Havok is blasted back by the concussive force of Mimic's optic blast. Arg. He rolls out of it and tries to launch his own attack at Cyke's instruction. He misses. "Dani, it's up to you. Bring him down!"

Already knowing she won't be doing much unless she can get close to Mimic, Wolfsbane scampers free of the blast that leaves an impact crater behind, though the force of it does knock her down for a couple seconds. As both Cyclops and Havok come up empty in their first attacks, she calls out, "I'm waiting for one o' ye tae nail him!"

Mimic is struck with the pcychic arrow, he laughs as he sweeps around the team from 100 feet and fires another blast. This time it's toward Cyclops as he yells, "Down with the pathetic leader of the X-Men". The shot goes wide and misses Cyke completely.

Having already been in the process of getting into a more appropiate bow range, Dani manages to be just out of the range for the blast and resulting debris it sends flying. Not having to be told twice, either by Cyke or Havok, the bow in her hand is up and drawn, though without her usual mundane arrow. In its place is a glowing one, bright, but not blindingly so which she lets loose at Mimic.

Mimic is struck with the pcychic arrow, he laughs as he sweeps around the team from 100 feet and fires another blast. This time it's toward Cyclops as he yells, "Down with the pathetic leader of the X-Men". The shot goes wide and misses Cyke completely.

With the his blast missing Cyclops hmphs to himself silently, but then retorts to Mimic, "Pathetic?" Cyclops fires off another blast, "Let me show you how itâs done, Calvin." The blast strikes Mimic and Scott yells out, "Follow-up, X-Factor!"

Having really only one option, Havok continues to move looking for cover (or not being a stationary target) and launches another blast of plasma toward Mimic in hopes of striking a wing. Like Cyclops' attack, Havok's also strikes true. Both doing significant damage to Mimic's wings to cause him to drop from the sky.

Mimic will strike the ground some 100 yards away and roll into a small gully just out of everyone's sight.

"That's more like it," Wolfsbane says when blasts start to take their toll on Mimic, sending him tumbling down to impact about the length of a football field away. She breaks off to move in that direction in a run, though she does so carefully given that he disappeared.

Dani lets out a curse in her native tongue at her attack having no effect on Mimic. She is only vaguely familiar with the former X-Man and is unsure of everything he is capable of "Is he down?" she asks as he crashes and rolls into a ditch. She moves forward a few feet but doesn't get to close in case she needs to fire again.

Laying out of sight (and 100 yards away from most everyone), the Mimic is assumed to be within a small gully or depression. Closest to him is Wolfsbane.

In her next round, she will be able to break the hill and see into the gully where she will discover him supine, wings asunder, and seemingly unconscious but coming around.

With the Mimic having been taken down, Cyclops moves away believing in teamwork and allowing Wolfsbane the chance to get in there. He remains relatively close ready to fire on Mimic, but specifically wants to see what Rahne does.

Alex isn't one to wait. He gives pursuit of Rahne and doesn't intent do let her go in alone. However, she moves 3 to 4x his speed so he won't be catching up anytime soon. "Careful Rahne!" he calls forward, hoping she heeds his regard.

"I know what he can do!" Wolfsbane calls back toward Havok, and as Mimic begins to show signs of life again she races closer in an attempt to deliver a knockout punch to his jaw, complete with the extra strength that comes from her form. However, whether due to him recovering in time to move or her slipping slightly, the fist fails to connect as she passes by.

One of the downsides of staff deciding you're ready for increased responsibility and time spent using the danger room for mock experiments is that certain calibrations need making so the simulated science will be realistic. Which is why Kisha has been sat up in the control booth with a little doohicky that is scanning her. Plus more importantly (from her point of view) a large bucket of popcorn to eat while superheroes beat up imaginary monsters. After all in a severe oversight the control room lacks wifi or cable tv!

Moving toward the gully at a diagonal Dani watches as WB heads down into it with Havok following behind. She send a mental query to her friend, in the form of a curious type of emotion, basically asking if she can piggyback on the wolfgirl's visual senses. It will take some concentration on Dani's part to be able to do so, and she does her best to do so without being causing to much mental distraction for Rahne.

Mimic was playing Possum. He wanted Rahne (or anyone) to get close so that he may unleash his optic blast. He's poised, braced, and ready for when she appears above him. There is a flash and the duplicated power of Cyclops is released. It strikes Rahne square in the chest and will knock her up and back toward the group doing half of her health points total in damage.

The rest of the team will see a bright flash of red light (optic blast) emitting, Rahne being blasted up and out of the gully, and then the beam continuing upward for a split second longer.

Leaping out of the hole, Mimic will land 10 feet shy of Rahne's impact location. His wings look broken and twisted, but he wears a smile on his face.

Shaking his head negatively, Cyclops hmmmns, "Remember people, he can mimic powers." A general bit of advice as he fires off a blast noting the geometry of Mimicâs leap, noting where he will land firing there to strike Mimic.

David makes his way into the observation booth, and, once there gawks at the danger room, in silence for about a minute.

Havok notes Rahne being blasted out, Mimic then standing over her and Cyclops' optic blast zipping by him. Havok is annoyed that Rahne was struck and he says, "Rahne, Stay Low!" and then with a FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM he releases another blast of plasma to coincide with Cyclops' attack.

Both striking true, however, everyone will quickly notice that Mimic has a force field around him. One that deflects most of the attacks. The up side of the blasts, is that Mimic is knocked back another 50 yards and skids along the surface of a grassy hillside well within view of everyone.

There's hardly enough time for Mirage to get very far with the link before the pain of being hit by a blast close to that of a speeding truck can be felt. They can all see Wolfsbane sailing out of the ditch to land in a heap on her back, skidding a few more feet to a stop with a low groan, expression twisting to show how it hurt. That hit her hard and at least for the moment, it leaves her unable to get back to her feet for anything else. Stay low? Well, that's no problem right now, though she does roll to her hands and knees as she tries to catch her breath, wincing.

Dani should have seen that coming, its certainly a tactic she would have used under the circumstances. She winces, feeling the pain of the impact through the mental link the two share "Rahne!" she cries and begins to run to where the wolfgirl lands, she stops though when Mimic follows. She brings up her bow once more and fires off another psychic arrow, a much brighter one this time since it is at max power.

Kisha crunches a mouthfull of popcorn, her eyes flicking over the control console curiously. "It's impressive just how much energy you have this thing running at for your general training sessions," she notes into the microphone, glancing at David and shrugging. "I didn't think it even went that high.... I mean they spiked into red for that blast just now."

David starts, not expecting any speech, and turns to Kisha, and says, "Oh, hi," his attention momentarily divided between the spectacle of the danger room and Kisha sitting next to him. "My name's David," he says, deciding to introduce himself before he's entirely distracted by the Danger Room.

Mimic is struck, the arrow's stun takes effect and he slumps down into the impact point he dug. Fading from sight, one would think that simulation is over. That person would be wrong.

Leaping out from behind a tree. Sabretooth roars and launches himself toward the right flank of Cyclops. A clawed hand rakes across Cyclops' back, shreeding his uniform and cutting deep into his flesh. The pain is real, the damage is significant.

Letting out an incredibly loud howl of pain, Cyclops falls to the side from the rake. Unable to do much but feel pain, he is in shock as the simulation is still running and the pain is very very real as blood drips from his back and side.

Skidding to a stop and turning on his heel, Havok sees the new target, "Sabretooth!" he exclaims as it suddenly becomes more real to him than fighting Mimic. He's also not aware that Cyke took actual damage. The Danger Room does hurt at times, but because Cyke has his back to him, he doesn't see the blood, not yet. He fires a blast FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM and strikes Sabretooth for significant damage, knocking the animal/man back a step.

"Cyclops?" Wolfsbane calls over, hearing his reaction to Sabretooth's arrival and attack. With a growl, she forgets about Mimic and charges right back into the fray but there's a sound of some kind when she does, rushing toward the feral man. It's a step slow, indicative that there may be something wrong with her they can't see, and as she leaps at him to brandish claws and dig into his chest...it doesn't work.

Dani, still recoiling from the backlash of the psychic link hears the new assailant. She turns and pulls another stun arrow. She let's it fly and it strikes Sabretooth in the shoulder.

The feral beast drops to the ground and fades out. Just as he does, another threat emerges, Juggernaut. Roaring at the top of his lungs, the menace in armor is seen on a nearby hilltop. He starts his charge and is heading directly for Havok... 2 rounds later.

Kisha half turns in the chair to look at David when Sabretooth tries (and even worse succeeds) in shredding Cyclops. "Holy shit. Is that supposed to happen? I'm seeing all kinds of weird readings up here and I swear to god I didn't spill coffee on the console or push /any/ buttons." She's even telling the truth for what it's worth. "Okay /everything/ is going into red now..." She scowls at David "New kid you didn't push anything did you? Maybe a big red do not push button?"

David holds his hands up, "I didn't do anything! I just sat down!" he exclaims, defensively.

Holding onto his side and back, Cyclops grunts out as Sabretooth disappears and all he makes out is Juggernaut rushing towards his brother, "ALEX!!!!!!" He yells out and removes his visor unleashing a full blast at the villain striking Cain, but as is the case. . .nothing stops the Juggernaut!

Looking to the control booth, "KISHA! SHUT IT DOWN!" Alex yells with significant fevor. "NOW!" and then will look back at the approaching monolith of a man. He takes aim, FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM and misses.

Wolfsbane even lands awkwardly with Sabretooth suddenly not there, an arm curled around one side. Upon hearing the voice over the microphone, she turns toward Cyclops and yells, "What did ye do here? Mimic, then Sabretooth, an' now Juggernaut? What kind o' program is this?" There's a flash of anger and pain through the link Mirage could pick up as she keeps her distance from Juggernaut. "Stay back!" she adds for Havok's general benefit, even as he comes up empty.

Kisha gahs and begins hammering at the emergency shutdown button. "I'm trying!" she yells. Then for good measure she kicks it a few times and finally, panic pushing her to crimes against good engineering work, she dives under the console and physically yanks the power cables out. "Oh frell let this thing be off?"

David dives out of Kisha's way before she starts pounding on him to, genuinely alarmed.

As Kisha pounds away on the controls in the Observation Booth, suddenly the holographic chamber of the Danger Room goes completely black leaving Cyclops, Havok, and Wolfsbane completely in the dark just as Juggernaut was inches away from Havok. The lights turn back up, but not right away.

In the middle of the room, Cyclops lies on the ground bathed in blood from his back and side. his visor on the ground as he shuts his eyes. "Is Alex alright?" Is the first question, he asks without thinking of himself.

Mirage rushes to Cyclops, seeing that the damage is more than real, it's bloody. She calls out, "Get Beast or Sunpyre down here, we need a Medic!"

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