Danger Room: Capture the Flag

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Richenda Gray, Sunpyre and Mirage

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Danger Room - X-Mansion

Training session

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==[ Danger Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==

The Danger Room, when active, can look like anywhere and anything. When inactive, this most recent incarnation of it looks just like the last: a very large, circular room with four entrances equally shaped around the walls. The floor is dished, lowest in the center, with walkways leading down to a raised dais in its center. Set into the ceiling, directly above that dais, is the observation and control booth - its walls and floors transparent, so that every spot in the room below can be watched.

OOC: Please remember that students aren't supposed to be in here without a faculty member - if you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion... and the cameras watching you.


Shortly after classes started up for the shcool year Dani posted her schedule for Danger Room sessions on the school notice board. Any students are welcome and there was the potential for extra credit etc. For this one she asked if Leyu could join in the fun.

The Danger Room is programmed for a deep woods location, trees, and underbrush abound. Birds and other wildlife can be heard in distance.

With her less-than-stellar scholarly skills, Chenda can't afford to pass up a chance for extra credit. It might be the only way she'll get through this year. She's here, suited up in her generic black Danger Room suit, tugging her fingerless gloves into position nervously and watching the surroundings. "I /soo/ hope this isn't another Yeti..." Even the birdsong, usually one of her favorite soothing influences, isn't calming her down. Of course, it might just be the primal wilderness, which isn't exactly her element.

Chenda isn't the only student that seems to think extra credit is necessary for thier academic success, shortly after the arrival of Chenda, Jess, a short, athletic, latino girl, about the age of 16 comes into the danger room. She is geared up in her DR suit and waves a greeting to the other girl.

Invited along, Sunpyre arrives at the Danger Room control room with curiosity, interested to see what scenario Danielle has in mind today, and how she might help or participate. Given her overall low level of skill with the control systems, she's guessing it's not to program on the fly; that would be a job better placed in Katherine's hands. So she shows up in her body-hugging red jumpsuit of unstable molecules with her golden boots, bracers and shoulderguards. "Good morning, Dani." she offers. "Are we going in there?" she inquires, gesturing towards the woodlands on display below.

Chenda, glancing up at the sound of the door opening, manages a slightly shaky smile for the incoming Jess, along with a quick wave. Apparently today is Athletic Latino Girl Day. She can dig it. She moves to join the other girl. "All quiet so far," she says, once she gets close enough to speak. "In for extra credit, too?"

Coming in from the danger room proper as Leyu enters through the other door Dani nods to the two girls and then to Leyu, "That's the plan." she has a duffle bag over her shoulder which she places on the floor, whatever is inside rattles "We won't be doing anything to streanous today. Just a simple capture the flag exercise. Jess and I, versus you two." she opens the duffle and pulls out paint ball guns, each loaded with a different color ammo "No powers." she passes out the weapons. "This is a timed exercise, we have one hour, after the hour is up, the danger room shuts down. Your camp is to the west, ours to the east. We have five minutes to get to base and then the timer starts.

"Yes, may as well start getting it now, since I will certainly need it later." Jess responds to Chenda "Especially for history. I just can't remember all those dates." when the two teachers enter she straightens a bit "Good Morning, Ms. Yahsida, Ms. Moonstar." she then frowns in concentration as she listens to the instructions, taking the paint ball gun as it is handed to her "Have you ever fired one of these?" she whispers to Chenda

Leyu sees Danielle enter the main portion of the Danger Room, and she moves to the passage leading down to the main floor from the control booth, exiting in time to hear the explanation. No powers? "That may turn out to be ... an unfortunate turn of exercise." she comments, wryly. Shoot? Yeah, probably not. Paintball? Never. But she doesn't argue, as it would set a bad example for the students. Instead, she starts putting on the safety vest and goggles, giving an intent stare at the girls until they follow suit. "Thunder, I have told you. Here, when I'm in costume, call me Sunpyre. We all need to get into those habits. We should go check out our 'camp'." Maybe Thunder can explain the precepts of this apparently very American game to her, before they end up losing horribly to the team with the actual shooter on its roster.

"Morning, Leyu-sama. Morning, Ms. Moonstar," Chenda near-echoes, glancing down at the weapon she's handed with some dismay. Jess's comment makes her wince in sympathy, and she shakes her head. "Not these or any other kind of gun, except shooting gallery air rifles," she replies. "These don't look a lot different, except no electrical power."

She glances to Leyu, nodding and smiling a touch nervously. "Guess we'd better find our camp, Teach." She glances at her watch, then at the position of the sun. "If this scenario's set for the current time, west should be that way... is it?"

"There will be times when you are in situations or are up against an opponent where your powers are ineffective. I'd rather you go into these situations with some preparation." Dani moves into the DR, the paintball gun resting on her shoulder. She seems to find the reactions to the session amusing.

"Yes, Sunpyre." Jess quickly corrects, "I only know about capture the flag from movies and TV. I guess our team has to get through thier team and steal the flag from thier camp and then we have to make it back to ours with it." she glances at Mirage to make sure her summary of the game is correct. The way she holds the paintball gun from her at arms length, it is apparent that she has never used one either or any other weapon probably.

Sunpyre listens to Jess's explanation, and nods. "I see. Well ... I suppose all we can do is our best." But she can already tell that her best isn't going to be nearly good enough. She's cradling her gun to her body with the same kind of tension Thunder is using to hold it away from hers. These two are going to be pretty hopeless. Nevertheless, Sunpyre follows 'orders' and heads towards the west and their assigned camp. "Any thoughts?" she inquires of her impromptu teammate.

"Guess I'd better put in some more time on the hurdle track, then," Chenda quips, knowing exactly how likely she is to be carrying a gun, ever. She pulls on the protective vest and face mask with an air of bemused resignation. There'd better be a /lot/ of extra credit for this session. She already has a good idea of how it'll go, even with her own shooting experience... which doesn't extend beyond the shooting gallery. Target acquisition, that she's good at. Dodging, evading, hiding, well... usually those involve much more visible things than compressed air guns firing globs of paint, in her experience. "Good luck!" she calls to Jess and Dani, and leads the way into the trees, heading west.

Questions... Chenda glances back at Leyu-sama. "Well, I'm trying to avoid counterproductive thinking. The best thing we can do is set one of us up near the camp, and the other go hunting for theirs. They'll be looking for our flag just the same as we're looking for theirs." She ducks under a low limb. "I'm guessing Dani will be doing the hunting, since Jess is inexperienced in the game. Watching's a lot easier than trying to creep around."

With everyone basically understanding the rules Dani and her partner head to thier camp. Since this is a no powered exercise, Thunder's foot steps through the woods to the camp can be easily heard, Dani's on the other hand can't.

It doesn't take long for everyone to reach their camps, a little less then the given 5 minutes.

When Dani and Thunder get to thier camp the two put thier heads together, and after a few gestures and some pointing split up. Dani hits the woods, heading to the north, while Thunder heads east. Seemingly leaving their camp unprotected

Leyu may not know how to shoot, or have much hope of being any good at this, but her brain is still quite capable of thinking and she tries to apply some of that, since she has none of the other. "My guess, ShowStopper, is that you are better at sneaking than I am." She's wearing bright red and gold. Leyu doesn't sneak. "My suggestion, then, is that perhaps you would be better trying to sneak in to get their flag. I will do my best to defend ours. And for the record, I apologize in advance." She's not quite inner samurai enough to fall on her sword in apology for her upcoming abject failure, but she still feels bad. "Good luck."

"Chenda," the gypsy girl unconsciously corrects. In her mind, there's no point in having a team name when you're not part of a team of any kind, especially when said status is unlikely to change anytime soon. "I agree. I was having similar thoughts," she adds, looking at Leyu-sama's costume. "The only advice I can give you is not to stand right out in the open. Make 'em work a little to find you. Keep the flag in sight, though. They've got to show up there sooner or later." Which might be stating the obvious, but she's not sure how well her teammate is grasping the game.

She pats Leyu's shoulder sympathetically at the apology. "Thanks, and good luck to you, too. Shoot straight." And she slips away into the woods, bearing north by east. With luck, she can avoid a straight path to the opposing camp but still find it. She stays low, pausing in points of concealment to scan the surroundings for signs of opponents or flags.

Thunder is helpless in the woods, she is a city girl, having been born and raised in Chicago. She had never even seen a forest until she came to the school. Now she wanders through the woods heading toward what she hopes is the opposing teams camp, and for the moment it is, and she isn't quite about it. Leaves, twigs, etc, if it makes a sound she ends up stepping on it, she grumbles under her breath "No powers. How am I suppose to move around silently with no powers?"

"I already corrected this once today. You're Showstopper in here. And I am Sunpyre." Leyu offers to Richenda, with only a hint of bite to her voice. It's almost rote, while she's still worrying about this. Hide? Riiiight. That'll work. Sure.

Once Showstopper has departed, Sunpyre looks around for cover and finds it. She has read that guns work better if properly braced, so she looks for a spot where she can lay down, mostly under cover, and aim towards their flag. If Richenda is right about the other team's division of labor, she knows she'll likely get only one shot - if that - at Sanielle. And imagines anything called 'paintball' is going to be messy, a true assault on the oft-fastidious doctor and adventurer. But when she hears the noise of the approaching figure, she is rather sure it is /not/ Danielle. Dani would never be able to make that much noise. Which means poor Showstopper is in for a world of hurt. How sad.

Meanwhile Dani, after disappearing into the woods finds a tree that is in direct LOS of thier base camp and scales it. It is at the farthest firing range the gun will allow, to compensate for her better skill at firearms. It's not a bow though, so everyone is lucky in that regard.

Chenda, who can at least be quiet in the woods, makes her careful way eastward, bearing a bit north so she can avoid just walking straight in from the west. That'd be just /too/ obvious. Still, she can't shake the feeling she's being watched... which is really, really creepy in these surroundings.

That looks like a flag in the near distance! And nobody around it... but that'd be too easy, too. Something's wrong. Chenda considers her options, then simply rises from cover and dashes flat-out for the camp, switching her silly toy gun to her off hand, intending to grab the flag on the way through.

Poor Thunder too, on her journey through the woods she has managed to stub her toe and nearly trip several times on exposed tree roots. The last near fall resulted in her dropping the weapon and it going off by accident. There is a nice green splotch on a tree as a result. Under normal circumstances she is far from clumsy and quite agile, put the woods have her discombobulated. By chance she does get in sight of Sunpyre's and Showstopper's camp, but is much more careful in approaching it. She stops to search the area before crossing the imaginare line that divides woods from camp.

Unlike some folks, Sunpyre isn't invisible in these woods, but she has done her best to tuck herself behind cover against a fallen log towards the edge of their 'camp'. That should reduce the chance of her being spotted, and she's not unaware that Thunder is there. But she's going to hold her position and wait for Thunder to approach the flag. At the moment, her cover also shields her from incoming fire for the most part - again, imperfect, but better than nothing - so she's in the best spot she can manage. Not nearly so good as Danielle's tree stand location. But it'll have to do.

From her position in the tree, Danielle can easily see Chenda 'ne Showstopper, rush into camp. She gives a shake of her head when the girl drops her weapon to the side and goes straight for the flag. Looking down the sight she pulls the trigger to the gun and the paintball flys, though not quite accurately, and moving targets are always harder to hit so the paintball hits the ground to the left and behind the gypsy girl.

Thunder takes a tentative step forward as she looks around for anyone who may be guarding the camp. Taking a few more steps she is in the camp, she holds the gun up, exactly like one who has only seen guns held in movies and such, totally incorrectly, with finger on the trigger.

Chenda's just broken through into the clearing when she hears something *SPAK* against a nearby tree. It's a paintball, in Dani's color! She puts on a burst of speed and snatches the flag from the ground as she dashes by, swerving and dashing into a thicket of trees.

She keeps up the speed, running a zig-zag pattern through open spots to throw off the huntress's aim, and heads back toward the western camp. The job's halfway done! Woot!

Leyu hasn't even seen guns in movies and television much, because she hasn't seen much of either. It's a long story and not worth getting into right now. Once Sunpyre spots Thunder entering camp, she holds the gun steady, waiting until she can get a bead on the girl. She takes aim as carefully as she can manage - she's a complete newb at this - and squeezes off the trigger. It turns into a startlingly accurate shot, her planning and preparation apparently paying off.

At the report of the weapon and the subsequent explosion of paint on her chest Thunder starts in surprise. At some point, probably when she dropped it, it got put in full automode. When she is startled her finger hits the trigger by accident there is a spray of green paintballs that rain through the camp and explode against anything they hit. As a result she nearly drops the thing causing it a few more to be fired off as she tries to catch it.

Dani pulls the trigger again, but this time nothing happens, the paintball gun jams. Which means she will have to give chase. Dropping from the tree she does so, manuelling clearing the jam as she passes through her own camp hoping to catch the girl before she gets to camp.

Unable to help herself, Sunpyre gives a gasp of startled surprise at the succeeding /explosion/ of paint fire from her opponent. Or was that shock that she hit what she aimed at? Either way, she ends up cowering, her hiding spot splattered with paint 'shrapnel'. She isn't covered in it, but she definitely has flecks here and there, mostly across her back.

"Are you alright, Thunder?" Sunpyre inquires, after the shooting is over. She was only mildly concerned, but it's too ingrained in her to ignore. "Just take a seat, dear, and catch your breath. We'll need to wait and see what happens next." She should tell Thunder to lay down and play dead, but she's not really thinking about that so much as just letting Thunder calm down - and stop making noise and a mess. Then maybe she can concentrate on listening and watching for anyone else's approach, either her teammate or Thunder's.

Laughing nervously, Thunder nods and allows herself to be guided over to where she can sit down "If we are playing my movie rules, than I'm considered dead." she examines the splotch of paint on her chest, tentaively poking at it "Yellow is not really my color."

Chenda having a good head start, Dani has no chance of catching her, not unless she cheated, and in this exercise she won't do that. A good minute after Chenda rushes into camping, probably waving the flag triumphantly, Dani arrives, slightly out of breath from her mad dash. The exercise complete and with an obvious winner the Danger Room shuts down into its default mode.

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