Danger Room Pirates and Panache

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Danger Room Pirates and Panache

Sunpyre, Nightcrawler

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06/07/12 14:00

Danger Room

Leyu joins Kurt in the Danger Room for sword practice, which turns into a battle against pirates on the not-so-high seas.

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Kurt, returning from a getaway to NYC and ready to work more on strengthening his agility in recovery from Hulk, has decided on some Danger Room training to put his skills to the test. Happily he did send out communication to X-Factor letting them know he was going down for a session and inviting anyone else to come along. Presently the room is in its circular shape with control room above teh dias in the center and Kurt is on that dias stretching out as best he can; the room most likely already programmed and waiting on voice commands to initiate whatever it is that Kurt had in mind.

He does have two blades with him, thinner in appearance with lavish handguards that could almost make if into a Muskateers movie, but these are real, somewhere between rapier and cutlass. He uses these in his streching routine, running through a few fencing poses to limber up his legs as well as his sides.

According to Leyu's research, that would make those blades classic 'sabres.' Not that it'll matter much, she's certainly no expert. For all that her family was very, VERY traditional and their home was filled with traditional Japanese blades, their protected princess of a daughter was actively discouraged from even /touching/ them, let alone being taught to wield them. Martial arts - self-defense only - was fine. But fighting with a blade? Gasp-worthy to be sure! Yet when Kurt's new teammate arrives at the doors to the Danger Room and keys in her passcode for admittance, she is dressed in traditional kendo garb and carrying one of the wooden lathe blades in her hand at her hip. "Good morning, Nightcrawler." Leyu offers, as she starts stretching as well.

Standing up and leaning on a blade, one arm akimo, one knee crossed over the other to stand on one foot and the toes of the other, Kurt grins when she greets and begins to stretch. "A good morning it is Leyu, thanks for joining. I was fathoming I would have to defeat Captain laCrook by myself this find day, but now I have the best company to keep on my mission." There is a chuckle from the blue elf as he sheathes both blades and crosses the present room towards her. "Nice bokken Ms. Yashida, but you do have the option of using a real blade in here. If you like, we could program one to your liking even, or you could borrow one you know." In a quieter voice, "The bad guys will have real swords that behave like real swords mostly, minus safety precautions that prevents the swords from damaging us."

Go figure, Leyu is overdressed. She sighs, and continues her stretching - her powers didn't come with a hyper-agility setting like Kurt's - until she feels warmed up. Then she removes her kendo armor and lays down her bokken. "I do not have a 'real sword'. My family would never have deigned to allow one of their precious katanna into the hands of a mere /female/. But if the program can provide a blade, I would like a katanna. I will do my best not to humiliate us both." Captain LaCrook? She's not sure what that meant, but she's pretty sure she'll figure it out soon enough. This will be her first session in the Danger Room.

Beneath her kendo armor, Leyu was dressed for an athletic workout. Tight black short-shorts, a dark - black, probably - jog bra, and a white t-shirt. She is barefoot, as the kendo footgear was removed as well. But that's good for pirate vessels, right?

It probably would be good indeed for pirate vessels, Kurt grins as she removes armor. "Now, just to be certain ... there is no way I'll ever convince you to hug me right?" Suggesting he likes how she looks but not being lewd enough to make worse comments. His impish smirk revealing some canines may indicate that is rhetoric, or so he hopes. "Initiate Kurt Sequence Flynn Alpha Model 14, designate South Pacific, Kurt's vessel to include one Katanna balances to Ms. Yashida's form." The room begins transforming, walls slipping away to reveal the high seas eventually, the floor beneath them becoming the deck of a ship, early 18th century, wood, ropes, the works. There is one sword rack on deck that will eventually appear with a Katanna that is most suitable to Sunpyre.

As the transformation happens, "Our objective is Captain LaCrook, we are currently closing on the port of a a river around the Ivory Coast where he's anchored, there will be boarding parties aplenty. I try to not use my powers in these sessions but I won't ask the same, just don't burn down the other ship cause I want some fun swashbuckling with our adversaires." The coast will rise up out of the water revealing the muddy waters of some African river where another ship is harbored. A sea whistle will sound some commands, a cannon will fire to indicate they are closing with the other vessel. Kurt calls "Kurt Sequence Pause," the environment goes into static freeze, as if inside a poster "Any questions?"

The Japanese young woman snorts softly and shakes her head. "Don't be silly, Kurt. I'm not sexually attracted to you. That has nothing to do with whether or not I would give you a hug, as a hug can be an expression of many other things besides sexual attraction." She hasn't yet decided if Kurt keeps bringing up and teasing her about her orientation because he wants to prove it doesn't bother him, or because he genuinely finds it funny to poke at it like that. Since he hasn't yet reached the annoying stage, however, she'll keep playing along. Why not, after all? They /are/ teammates.

As the simulation takes form around them, Leyu gasps softly, amazed at the realism, the verisimilitude of the recreation and how smoothly it comes to pass. She crouches down to run her fingertips over the decking, and then sprints to the weapons rack, picking up the katanna, experimenting with it. "I will warn you, I really haven't had any training with this. I will do my best, but it's likely to be ugly." Yet if Kurt intends not to use his powers - his teleporting, she assumes, since he can't turn his agility off, or hack off his tail - then she will endeavor to do the same. "No burning the other ship to ashes. Got it." she offers, with a smirk. She ties the sword about her waist with the scarf and lariat attached to its scabbard, and dances over closer to the edge of the deck with Kurt to watch their approach to the other vessel.

"Lead on, then, Captain Wagner." Leyu pronounces the W as a V, in proper German context.

With an incline of his head in appreciation, Kurt grins, "Ja, Frdulein Yashida." Questioningly fun in his voice, as if he likes the V over the W in his name. "Resume Sequence," he calls out and the ship lurches forward again, unsteady on the ocean waves rolling in to meet the brackish waters pouring out of the river. He calls orders out, as if everyone presumes blue fuzzy elf is their captain, part of the program. The orders call for a broadside against the enemy ship and the perparation of grappling hooks and boarding planks. He moves to the edge with Leyu then, "The program is a mix of reality and adventure film. Most cannons will hit the sides to intimidate, there will be no real sinking effect, but some will hit masts and such to make them topple. I use this routine more to practice my coordination over simply practicing my sword arms." As if that explains it. The other ship brings a cannon to the fore deck to fire shots into the side of their ship. Splinters fly Hollywood style, Kurt laughs. "Nah, not sexually, I just want the hug because you're so damned cute and it would make everyone jealous." He draws his sword as he watches the action begin to unfold, waiting for the broadside and a plank to rush perhaps. Though his hand is near some rigging just in case he needs his own way across.

"Damned cute. Got it." Leyu files that away, still unsure entirely how to react to Nightcrawler. Clearly he is friendly and wishes her to be the same with him, so for now she will make the effort. It is the least she can do, right? SHe ducks as splinters fly, keeping one hand on the hilt of the katanna now resting at her hip, as she awaits the opening she requires. Once they are at all close enough, however, she runs for the mast and starts climbing. It'll be a challenge, but she works hard to get herself up to the spar, then risks quite the fall to get herself down the spar to seize a rope in hand, all so she can then do something even more reckless - but totally suited to the scenario: she leaps off, left arm wrapped in the rope, swinging out as far as she possibly can, and then releases the rope as she tries to drop onto the deck of the other ship, instead of into the water. Apparently, crazy is as crazy does. "Bonzai!!!"

As she moves off and climbs up, falls down, holds on with one hand to swing out and over the other ship, all above the roar of cannons below, making minced meat of sides of the ships. Not making big holes in that minced meat, but merely planting iron in the thick wood sides of the ships that is, the cannons. Kurt forgets what his plan was. Men come forward on both sides, hooks flying, pistols being drawn, edgeway being made to gain the planks. Then he remembers, his own rigging. It runs up to one of the jibs in the front, and he pulls a sword, cutting the other end, letting the weight of their ships own falling jib pull him upwards, only after taking a few steps back so that the same upward motion carries him out and over the rail towards the other ship just the same. "Banzai Yashidasan," ponders Kurt aloud, "I like, X-Factor has a battle cry." He might be joking. He wasn't paying much attention and going up the jib of their ship is putting him closer to the mizzen sails of the other ship. Eventually he uses his sword to cut loose, release pressure on his hand (rather than let go), and tumble mid air for the main stay of the mizzen topsail, reaching for ropes there and doing the same, cutting their lines enough to swing down for the action.

This also means the arch nemesis, Captain LaCrook will be closer to Leyu than Kurt. Kurt drops to the deck to start swashing buckles, his second sword coming out just the same. Captain LaCrook looks something close to a ragged Blackbeard as one might imagine him, including the smoldering hemp in his beard locks and the crazy incest filled eyes of the former Mr. Teach. His sword of choice being a Zweihdnder, which he draws off his back side, perhaps Kurt has watched too much Braveheart in the making of this sequence hence giving his enemy something closer to a claymore than a swashbuckling relic. As most of the deck hands are meeting where the ships join now thanks to claws and ropes, he focuses on the enemies on deck, cutting a path towards the banzai assailant, pushing his own men aside.

Despite how insane all of this is, and how hard, it seems luck alone must be with Leyu, for she manages to not only /not/ fall and break her neck, she gets about where she wanted to go, and manages to land without impaling herself or otherwise breaking something. At least she was smart enough not to draw her sword until she was down, so she couldn't possibly cut anything off or impale herself with her own sword!

Finally down, rolling, the Japanese young woman comes up to her (bare!) feet with only a few tiny splinters to show for it, and then draws her katanna as she starts towards Captain LaCrook. As promised, Leyu is no samurai. But Kurt said no powers: he didn't say no martial arts. So she engages the other pirates on LaCrook's crew largely by blocking their blades with her own, and then kicking, punching and sweeping her way through them. /That/ she knows how to do. The parries are weak and sloppy, but her blade against most of their sabres, cutlasses and dirks is no big contest. Against that claymore, when she gets there, it'll be much more challenging. Assuming she makes it!

For his part, Kurt is still amazed, he gets up and over to the ropes of the other ship, but in his swinging and subsequent falling, there seems to be a tangling mess. His only saving grace is his tumbling which, as he falls he uses feet to push off mast and stays on his way ever down. It wasn't complete failure, he's not tied up, but he's headed for a head to deck collision, using contortion to at least prevent himself from taking any damage and hopefully regaining his feet, cat like.

Interestingly enough, blade on blade, the men prove no better than Leyu in how good they are, but are completely taken by her martial skills. It might be noticed that when they 'take a hit' its overexagerrated. Not quite the Wuxia fall, but something of red-shirts or background static. They don't take much to somehow fall over the rail or collapse on collapsible railings, more the Hollywood than the reaility in the fighting. As if they are eye candy served to lead up to the big fight with LaCrook. Its not long before he is coming to stand toe to toe with Ms Yashida, his two-hander drawn and a grimace of a grin under that smoking beard of his. "We meet again, my old friend," he sneers. Kurt, still trying to tumble to safety, manages, "Ingore that, I didn't change the program sequence."

"Ignoring, check!" Leyu shouts right in LaCrook's face, responding to Kurt's shout out. Already the young Japanese woman is glistening with perspiration and lightly winded, but it's a glow she enjoys. No need to hold back, here, for fear of offending someone by being 'unladylike'. She can just go for it, be all she can manage to be. And if she falls on her bum? Well, it's her bum. And if it really hurts, she's pretty sure she could whine to Sybil and the other would be only too happy to rub it and make it feel better. Even if Leyu really isn't ready for that yet, the thought alone brightens her mood even more.

In pssition and steady, Leyu engages LaCrook to the best of her - albeit limited - ability. She parries his first two shots, and then takes a daring risk, dropping to the deck and sweeping with all the force in her smaller body, taking out the pirate's legs and ruining his attempt to skewer her. She rolls back and hops to her feet, ready to continue to engage again. As the 'boss fight', LaCrook isn't out by any stretch, but progress is a good thing, and Leyu is feeling a mite more confident now. That could be a bad thing, but only time will tell.

Having regained most of his composure, Kurt settles to battling the red shirts (more black and brown doublets or long shirts really), his swords becoming a blur as he sends them sprawling and reeling over the deck, some making the plunge even. He simply keeps them focused as Leyu enters boss fight, with a stunning leg sweep that nets bonus points, bingbingbing. At one point, Kurt runs and jumps off a crate to summersault over or near the battling LaCrook and Yashidasan, "You go with your bad self," he announces, hoping she doesn't distract him too much and he lands on his feet to keep the red shirts at bay.

LaCrook is taken by the leg sweep and tumbles backwards. His body contorts into a roll that, in the end, appears more Greek than 18th Century pirate - that is going with the fall to take knees and still keep his focus on his current opponent, at least, that is his attention. Whether he regains his feet or must fight from his back another round, he calls out during the action, "An every worthy adversary you prove yourself Mr. Longshanks."

IF Leyu had not already been warned about the programming, she'd have serious issues with being mistaken for a man given her current attire. As it is, she has to admit she's going to have questions for Kurt after this about his choices in programming this scenario. Longshanks? Really? "Doing my best!" she cries to Kurt, and tries to attack LaCrook while he's on his knees. With that massive sword and his mightily thewed arms, the pirate seems able to fight her off, with no real progress made for iether of them. She seems able to largely keep LaCrook from getting back up and towering over her, but she doesn't get through those defenses. Damned boss fight.

"More than your best, never fought him like that before," chuckles Kurt, landing and emerging in a group of pirate baddies that readily fly and sprawl at the lightest of touches. "Inspiring even, I'm gonna try," which he does, by moving forward, jumping to a slide on his knees and rolling to his back to try this fighting from the back thing that LaCrook is forced into by Leyu.

LaCrook doesn't have it though, its not that fun for him, so instead while fighting the towering Leyu (she is standing over him). He'll risk a hand off the sword to simply grab at her ankle to pull her over - seeing that he figures while she has higher ground, he won't be able to get up.

When LaCrook makes his reach, Leyu luckily manages to get her ankle well out of the way. She may not be a master of this sword stuff, but simple martial efforts she has reasonably well. Proof that she isn't a master of the sword is that she still can't seem to capitolize now that she has LaCrook at such a disadvantage. "Now if only I could get the job done!" she complains to Kurt, but she's smiling quiet broadly. This is fun!

He had gone to his back and done some of the floor fighting against the deck hands, but he's seen having found more rigging to climb up and he comes out of the group. "I have the utmost confidence you will complete the job." A pause to swing back out onto the main deck from his height, "Should I save the maiden fair while you subdue our friend LaCrook?" As if, suggesting, should he save the maiden or let Leyu take all the honor in this battle today. For his part, its all fun, there is sword swinging, smoke, cannons, pistols, more smoke from pistols, and pirates.

LaCrook isn't so patient, nothing is working from his perspective either. He drops his sword and reaches for a pair of dirks, meaning to use this now, he goes for an attempted foot to the deck maneuver.

Leyu's reaction to an attempted stapling of her foot to the deck with said dirk is a literal eep - it's aloud, can be heard even - followed by a leap backwards. She disengages, which gives LaCrook all the chance to stand he could want, and she /stays/ away from him for now, defending herself while looking for the right opening to re-engage her foe. "If you want to rescue the damsel, Kurt, you are welcome to do so. I'm a bit busy. Sorry!"

Blinking a moment, his blue elf head pops up from whatever engagement he was in to look at the eep, seeing if all is ok. This gives red-shirts the advantage a moment and he's folded in their midst once more. "I mean, she's pretty liberal with her thanks ..." hinting he designed the program with only himself as the participant and there's probably hugs and affection for the winner. Then again, now he's a little busy to go cut the damsel free so to speak.

Gaining his feet, LaCrook advances on Leyu now, two dirks and a glint in his eyes - mean glint like he wants to stab a few times glint. "I'm surprised you didn't let the knife take your foot in favor of stabbing me in the heart, you're a coward Longshanks," and he lunges with a dirk.

"Not a coward, Sir. A canny fighter who has no need to let you staple me to the deck to take you down." Leyu snaps back, as witty a retort as she can manage as she keeps avoiding LaCrook and his dirks, still looking for that opening. "Kurt?! Are you OK?!" she calls out.

In response, Kurt emmerges from the fighting, running towards the back of the ship, "I'm fine." All smiles, though he is without one sword and adjusting the one remaining from right to left hand with a trail of LaCrook's men at his heels. He heads for a mast and runs up it to flip back, a parkour maneuver but he might of cheated a little as he's capable of wall crawling thanks to his mutation. He meets the coming men and presses his advantage, regaining his confident stance.

"I admire your flare Longshanks, under other circumstance we would have been friends, but alas, the circumstance dictates otherwise," grins LaCrook, double lounging to extend a dirk in something close to a fencing move - the shorter dirk perhaps not helping so much.

Pushing his way through what remains of his guys, Kurt fights his way towards the boss fight, and as the crew is also gaining the deck, the fighting seems to be slowing down some. "You need a ha.... nevermind ..." moans Kurt, grinning ear to ear as LaCrook looks over-dramatically stunned, Hollywood affect, woobling and woozy eyed.

Leyu watches LaCrook prepare his attack, and spots her opening. As he strikes, she spins out of the way even as she lifts her leg, turning a simple avoidance spin into a back-spinning round-kick, nailing the pirate in the jaw and staggering him back. Stunning the pirate gives her the opening she needs, as she sweeps in and strikes down, disarming each dirk in turn and then sweeping around to place the edge of her gleaming katanna at the pirate's neck. "Yield now, LaCrook, or die."

Still wobbly, LaCrook responds, "Yeild, I yeild." A huzzah resounds from the good guy crew, clanking resounds from LaCrooks crew as they drop weapons and surrender the ship. Kurt looks at Leyu in that moment, "Maiden race! ..." Whatever that means, could be guy code, but he takes off towards the captain's quareters as if his words signaled something including a countdown for whatever race that is. As if to help Leyu, their crew is coming to take hold of LaCrook the now prisoner.

Leyu smiles brightly as LaCrook surrenders, proof she did manage this despite her handicaps. But Kurt robs her of that moment of glee by his cry of 'maiden race'. Leyu's mind clicks over. Maiden. The one that he talked about rescuing. The one he said could be very demonstrative. And race? Well, Leyu sprints, if only to compete. Whether she wins or not, she is already feeling incredibly lucky.

//Fade to black//

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