Danger Recovery

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Danger Recovery

Blindfold, Vaughn

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07/25/12 23:11

Xavier Mansion - Medbay

Vaughn and Blindfold talk after the fight with Danger.

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After the battle with Danger, those who were able to tend medical aid rushed to help with the injured. Vaughn's injury was nothing pressing and he insisted that the near dead Cyclop's was more urgent. Afterwards, he was told to lay on one of the beds for them to replace the ripped stitches and the worsened injury. He was given a sedative to make sure that he remained still for at least a little while. Hours later, the teenager is starting wake up. His voice is still raw from the extensive use of his power, which was more times than he had ever used it all added up. He sits up in the bed looking around.

Blindfold was sitting by his bed as she kept an eye on Cyclops and Vaughn. Hearing him wake she set aside her weaving and turned her head toward him "How do you feel? Better? No, it's alright, thank you. Yes, Scott is still in bad shape, yes, thankfully he should make a full recovery, he was lucky"

Vaughn grows to speak then whinces slightly. He croaks, having strained his voice with all the screaming. "Why do I feel like I got lead in my skin..." He looks over at Scott and frowns, "I was really, really hoping that was just a messed up dream..."

Blindfold smiles turning to the bedside table and feeling for the cup and pitcher to pour him a cup of water and hand it out toward him "I'm afraid not, no, but you acted well, thank you"

Vaughn smiles as he takes the water. "Thanks..." He sips at it. Thankfully, it's not too cold. "I don't know about that... I didn't really think... You said do, I did." He frowns. "I've never done that before... well, I have, but never that... loud."

Blindfold nods "It's alright, it's not your fault, David is having trouble in combat situations as well and I have no combat skills, I just say what I see and advise..except for that time I threw my cane...If it wren't for you I probably would have been hurt, yes it's true, thank you. I still owe you a big hug but I didn't want to give you one when you had a hole in your abs"

Vaughn shakes his head. "I didn't do anything... " He smirks, "I mean what kind of guy doesn't try to protect a blind girl when a crazy robot chick with napalm shooting tentacles that built herself from a computer program attacks?"

Blindfold smiles chuckling "Well you became a pretty heavy hitter in there and one she couldn't use for a battery, thank you, your help was greatly appreciated. I'm glad you didn't hold what you said against me. I know we sort of had a rocky start but I don't want to lose another friend"

Vaughn shrugs slightly, then takes another sip of the water. "I'm sure it's just because she didn't already know how to deal with me... " He looks over at Ruth, "Hold what against you?"

Blindfold grins "What you said when you were being sarcastic, thank you, I'm glad it was just sarcasm. I'm sorry things have been so...dangerous since you came, it isn't always like this and the teachers would protect us to their last breath, I'm sorry, forgive me"

Vaughn looks a little confused at first then chuckles. The chuckle is cut short as it hurts too much. "Ruth, when I get nervous or scared or angry I get sarcastic... I don't always have control of my mouth or what comes out of... don't ever take it too serious."

Blindfold smiles with a nod "I'll try to remember, thank you, please. I just...don't always get to keep the friends I make when they find out what I can do"

Vaughn cocks his head slightly, "What you can do... you mean the whole see stuff?" He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "Oh, I don't think anyone here really has any place to knock you for that... "

Blindfold nods "Yes, thank you, everyone here has been very accepting and supportive. Still, hasn't always been that way, usually lost friends I made when I said something that had already happened and they hadn't told me about or that they didn't know about because it hadn't happened yet. Some people, unfortunately don't take it well and I don't take any enjoyment in upsetting people. Is the water helping? I could get some milk or something for you to eat if you like?"

Vaughn shakes his head, "Nah, the water's fine... My throat hurts from yelling so much... " He finishes off the cup and sets it to the side. "So do you know if I can go? I don't like hospitals... and this place reminds me too much of one."

Blindfold nods with a warm smile "They said once you woke they'd check you over and then release you" sure enough over come a nurse to od a once over.

Once the nurse checks him over, Vaughn is more than happy to head out of medbay. "Thanks for being here when I woke up... I know you were here for Scott too... but it was nice to feel like someone cared."

Blindfold smiles and nods moving to give a big hug but tries to be careful of his stitches "Yes, you're welcome, you are cared about, always"

Vaughn looks over at Scott frowning slightly, then smiles over to Ruth. "You good? I can bring you something while you wait with him if you want? Otherwise, I think I'm going to go find my ipod and block everything else out."

Blindfold smiles "I'm good, thank you, yes. Would you like a milkshape perhaps? Scott will be asleep for a while yet, I'll come back later to check on him. They ordered me to get some sleep or they'd have to give me something to make me sleep"

Vaughn gestures with his chin then realizes that she can't see it. "Come on... then, I'm taking you to bed... I mean I'm taking you to go to sleep...'cause I think they mean it when they say or else." Considering he was drugged into his own unconsciousness for several hours.

Blindfold chuckles and nods, folding up her cane with a yawn into one shoulder "Here's praying I don't have any nightmare visions" trusting him to guide her back up to the basement to their cots.

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