Danger. . .Deluge. . .

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Blindfold, Cyclops, Seth, and Beast, Deluge

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07/15/12 14:09

Danger Room - Xavier Mansion

Cyclops with Seth and Blindfold are against trapped in the Danger Room

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Cyclops stands in the middle of the Danger Room, with him are Blindfold and Radiance. The setting is a field on a warm summer day. The sun shines and any sense that this is a room is gone. “So, we have seemingly worked out the kinks with the Danger Room and the whole point of having you all here is for training. So I thought I would run something mild, but I would join you, just in case something goes on.” Cyclops is dressed in his uniform as he inhales the fresh air. The room’s generators are truly incredible as it genuinely feels as if they are outdoors.

Blindfold grins shyly with a nod of her head as se listens to the sounds and feels the warmth of the 'sun' on her skin, trying to relax and focus...maybe that would help her access her abilities.

Seth is... kinda nervous about this one as he looks around. He's not forgetting this is a simulation. "Yeah, call'em 'kinks'..." He comments to Cyclops. "I think I said it I had an idea for a simulation, setting and all? I sure am glad I didn't present it yet... And I'm starting to wonder if I ever should..."

“I know you cannot ‘see’ like the rest of us, Blindfold, but you should be able to feel that while we are in a room. The Shi’ar technology in here makes this truly feel like we are elsewhere. We can create any environment, world, scenario that you can think of.” Cyclops smiles and moves about the empty field and as Seth speaks, “Well, Radiance, we should be fine. But just in case, I am here. I don’t think we will run an actual scenario.” As he speaks, he does not notice that the sky is slowly starting to get overcast.

Seth looks up, closing his eyes to take in the 'fake' atmosphere from that summer day. "Man, you're right... this really feels like the real thing... I can imagine one of these at any home, in this setting especially during a cold winter day. Then people could all laugh at the real weather." And that's when he feels the sun over his face dim. "Uhm... I'm supposing it's meant to do that... right?"

Blindfold nods to Scott "Yes, it's amazing, thank you but I'm afraid there are still troubles and one is headed for us, I'm sorry. The skies will darker to overcast in here and pale faced figure, wearing black with a collar coming up to past his ears...a red cape...the name Deluge...will be our opponent"

Cyclops looks to Blindfold, “What?” And suddenly in the sky above the mutants appears a mutant hovering in the sky on winds that he generates and suddenly holding his hands out, Rain drops from the sky. Deluge, dressed in purple metallic armor with a red flowing cap, “I seek vengeance against the X-Men. Feel my power, foolish ones!” He speaks in a deep African accent and suddenly lightning and thunder rain down towards the mutants below. Cyclops commands, “Blindfold, you can see his attacks before hand, just dodge and law low. Radiance, take the sky and shoot him down.” Cyclops did not program this and knows Deluge is not real, but he can hurt them. He falls to the side in a roll barely missing a lightning strike.

Beast appears in the Observation Booth watching all that is happening and is working on the control panel to no effect as whatever he attempts he makes to turn off the scenario are not working.

"Got it!", Seth says as he takes flight and begins to shoot at Deluge, full intensity - no need to go soft on a simulation that's trying to kill you, after all. "And in the meantime... Someone please reboot that thing."

Blindfold nods "Yes, correct, I will thank you. I will try to tell you both of the attacks as I see them" huddling against a tree for cover

The lightning strike misses Radiance as he takes to the air and begins shooting at Deluge. Deluge, more experienced in the air is able to dodge the blast and concentrates primarily on Radiance. Using a combination attack of wind and electricity. Gale force winds are directed at Radiance and lightning strikes are aimed for him. One of those lightning strike hits the tree by which Blindfold is hiding, sending it falling in her direction.

Cyclops for his part remembers how they defeated Deluge when they were teenagers, but it would take a lot to defeat him, since Deluge has been able to absorb his optic blasts. He shouts to Beast, “Hank, turn the damn room off!” Hank responds that he is trying.

Blindfold clamors around the tree to dodge the limb "I'm sorry, regretably everything Beast is trying isn't working. Radiance, gale force wind and lightning combo headed your way, please, you're welcome"

Seth grumbles as he's fired upon, doing his best to dodge. The lightning bolts are simple, but a wall of wind sends him flying off out of control, to the point he's now struggling to keep his balance and avoid smashing into the ground below. He lands on the ground, though it's on his back. And spins. And twists. And turns. Thank god he rolled imself into a ball, and he's wearing his protective suit. "How about you just... Oh, I dunno, /rip the power to this effing deathtrap/??" Seth is visibly pissed off at the situation.

Beast continues to attempt to shut down the Danger Room without outright destroying it. Frustration mounts on his face as he begins to grow more and more upset.

With the weather being how it is, Scott shouts out to Blindfold, “Blindfold, stay away from the trees and be out in the open, allow your powers to call out the attacks and keep yourself free from danger.” Scott is not worried about her, but more about Radiance who is the focus of Deluge’s attacks. Scott grumbles as he grabs hold of his visor and keeps his eyes closed. “Blindfold, I need you to use your best to let me know where Deluge will be. Radiance when I fire on him, do the same!” For the moment, Cyclops is now as blind as Blindfold. They will need to work together to defeat this villain. Deluge continues to fly about as more lightning and wind attacks are unleashed on Radiance who Deluge perceives as the greatest threat present. Inclement weather also pours down on Blindfold and Cyclops.

Blindfold "Yes, right, thank you Cyclops" ducking and dodging as she ran for the open grasses and blushes at Radiance's language "I'm sorry, my apoloies, I tried to warn you" then took a deep breath and tried to relax, hoping her abilities would come to the surface fully and she could help.

"Okay, just say when and where!" In the meantime, he shoots blasts to distract Deluge from realizing their play - even if it's just an A.I., but still - and ruin the plan before it begins, as he flies around him as fast as he can.

As Radiance fires on Deluge, the African mutant flies into the blasts, absorbing them and gaining more power, “Foolish mutants!” He laughs as he suddenly controls the ground sending a quake below to throw off the blind mutants. Scott yells out to Ruth, “Watch out, and where do you see him flying to?” There is not much more that Scott can do as he holds back his own power until he can fire off the blast in the right spot.

Beast continues to try to turn off the Danger Room, going so far as to remove the panel and look into the wires and inner workings of the observation booth.

Blindfold zig zags for Cyclops and ducks behind him. "Cyclops if you would, please, thank you 2 o'clock. Radiance please fire maximum at 4 o'clock if you would please thank you"

Just as Deluge flies off to the position Ruth determines, Radiance is now hovering in the air, building up his energy to maximum levels. The air crips around him with energy as he starts to glow, a glow that emerges straight from his chest - his power core, if you will. He curls into himself as he pulls his energy, and he releases it straight onwards, a man-sized field of energy to light up the surrounding area like some explosion had just taken place. Well, he's not codenamed Radiance for nothing, that much is certain!

Having received the location where Deluge will be, Cyclops looks in that direction and fires off a full blast towards the African mutant. Keeping his eyes open and pouring the energy into Deluge just as Radiance’s energy does the same. Deluge laughs as he get more powerful, but then the laugh turns into a cry and he explodes overloaded with energy. Simultaneously, Beast manages to shut down the Danger Room. The room goes black and then lights come up and the room is normal. Cyclops quickly places his visor on. Commanding, “Blindfold and Radiance get out of here. Beast, run a diagnostic and get the Blue Team down here now!”

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