Dance, then, wherever you may be

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Ambrose intrudes upon Spiral, who is practicing her magic in a secluded spot.

Ambrose, Spiral

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An abandoned tenement in NYC


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An abandoned building, one among many in the rougher parts of the city. One building in particular seems even more abandoned

than others, without even so much as hobos to mar the silence.

Perfect for Spiral.

The dimension travelling troublemaker is starting to recall much of her 'past' such as it is (these things are relative), but

half remembering is not nearly the same as doing. And so she's standing in one of the ground floor rooms, lit only by the

cracks in the boarded windows letting in some of the bright sunlight outside. And... dancing, twisting around in a weird,

unearthly display, arms tracing lines through the air as she twirls.
The door at the far side of the building opens. It was raining out, quite cold, and one hobo it seems has dared to cross its'

threshhold. It was Ambrose, shivering a little bit. But then he stops, realizing he was definitely not alone, and lokos up

and about.

As he sees the moving woman he goes still, simply staring at her with widend eyes.
Spiral closes her glowing pupilless eyes, trying to concentrate, and temporarily oblivious of Ambroses' presence at the

doorway. She continues to twirl around, her six arms undulating up and down in an almost hypnotic display - and then

something seems to happy, her hands cutting through space itself somehow, leaving visible eddies of distortion as if space

itself is beginning to form a whirlpool around her.

Something which surprises even her, as she abruptly comes to a stop, and the distortion fades as quickly as it appeared. Her

eyes snap open - and at that moment, she notices Ambrose in here with her.

"What are /you/ doing in here?" she asks, faintly annoyed. So much for private practice!
"... Getting out of the rain. " he replies after an awkward pause, staring at her still "That is quite the talent you have,

if I may say so. " his eyes were blinking repeatedly, as though trying to catch sight again of those fantastic distortions.
Spiral's lower arms go to her hips, her frown only intensifying when she sees that he's curious, rather than afraid. One of

her other hands points at him, accusingly. "Staring at the freakshow?" she asks him, bitterness dripping from her words.

"Talent! Hah! How little you know. For starters, it couldn't be done if I had the correct number of arms".
Friendliness is not something Spiral is known for.

"Scientist, eh? Scientists are no end of trouble! And I /am/ a freak. You stare, and I know why." Spiral tells him,

nonplussed by kindly words, and intent on assuming the worst. "You don't look like a scientist. Maybe you're a spy. What

field do you study, scientist-spy?" she wonders, looking him over. He is rather tall - but doesn't look particularly

threatening. Spiral, on the other hand perhaps does, as she stalks towards him.

Ambrose folds his damp arms, tilting his head "I stared because the LAST thing I thought I'd see in here is someone -

especially a woman - dancing like that. I study genetics - specifically, paleontology and evolution." he unfolds his arms as

she approaches, taking a step back. "A spy? Who would I be spying for?"

"Ahhh...". Spiral smirks, as she reaches the exit of the room, arms filling up the doorframe. There, she stops, with Ambrose

just beyond in the corridor. "An interest in prehistory and genetics?". She finds this ironic or amusing, as she is grinning

widely. "I know a scientist just like you, he was so very noble as he went about his sadistic trade. History and genetics are

something of inflicted specialties of mine... And who for? Who knows, plenty of you humans don't like me. A shame, you have

such an interesting world, full of interesting people.".

"sadistic trade? " repeats the man, raising an eyebrow in confusion at that, but also intrigue "And I suppose SOME of us

dont, but lumping the rest in with bad apples is hardly a noble thing to do as well. I find this world INCREDIBLY

interesting, even if we do a poor job of tending to it. " he sighs "I am... not good with people though, but I promise you I

have no clue who you are, I do not hate you or find you a freak, and I have nothing against you. I am just a poor man who

wanted to find a place out of the rain for a little bit before going back into my pit of despair and desires and drink myself

to an early grave. "

"Well, in that case, who am I to get in your way." Spiral tells him, and seems to relax a bit, backing away into the room

away from him once more. "And it is interesting. I'm sure I'll be given a nice cage all of my own if I asked.". She narrows

her eyes, thinking that this John Aaron guy, and the people he works for, probably want to do just that. "I am Spiral!" she

declares, and on impulse, she begins to dance again, a quicker dance than before, not as flowing.
She reaches out, her hand momentarily disappearing somehow, and then when she draws it back, her hand reappears, clutching a

bottle of cheap whiskey. "You have jogged my broken memory at least, and for that I am grateful.". And she casually tosses

the bottle his way, to catch. She's all about the perfectly functional but ultimately corrupting gifts, after all.

Ambrose nods his head thankfully, but doesnt step forwards once more. "As for the cage... well, I wont apologise for the

screw-ups of some humans who seem to think because someone is physically different means they are automatically weaker, evil

or what-have you, as I wont take responsibility for them, but /I/ hardly think I could manage to get ou into a cage even if

you only had two arms." he stops to watch her dance again, once more fixated.

and then quicker than one may think, he catches the Whisky. A blink, and then he smiles, and bows his head "Thank you then,

Spiral... I am called Ambrose by most. I am sure this will also muddle my memory of this meeting too." he hints.

"Perhaps not." Spiral freely concedes. He does look harmless after all - and she is the overconfident sort. And she is happy

about his response to her gift, almost becoming positively affable, at least by her standards. "Perhaps it will, perhaps it

won't, there are so many possibilities, too many to hold in my head at once. Though many no doubt do." she admits. "Tell me

about your science. You do not look like a scientist." she tells him, still harboring some suspicions it seems.
"Well, I was in my final year to get my official paper... but I have learned enough to consider myself a scientist. "

explains the man, uncorking the whisky. It was cheap, daaamn cheap, but he drinks some anyways. Then offers her the bottle,

uncertainly "What was it that your 'friend' did that made it so cruel though?"

Spiral shakes her head at the offered bottle. /She/ doesn't drink poison. "He is no friend of mine... Sometimes I dream of

killing him, but it wouldn't do any good." she admits, resignation suddenly in her voice. "What did he do?". She

nosewrinkles, and shakes her head at him, brandishing her metal bionic arm at him. "What do you think? And that was only the

beginning... But there is no need for me to pour my heart out to a random human.".

Ambrose takes a step back at that, eyes widening again "He uh... gave you a bionic arm. That doesnt sound like paleontology.

but it is abhorrent either way unless you asked it." he agrees, sipping at the bottle again "I do no such things myself... I

study creatures long dead, some living - all in humane ways. Either via video or photography, or just observation or

dissection-after-death. For humans? Well, people donate corpses for that, luckily. " he tips his hat "I understand if you do

not want to. I just wanted to know why he was cruel is all... call it an interest in my fellow scientists."
You paged Wolfsbane with 'Pretty good so far!'

"No, no, not paleontology, just genetics, bionics, time. Reality." Spiral says, getting a bit confused herself as she tries

to remember Arize. She really did try to kill him once - she thinks. But maybe not in this dimension, or maybe even in this

time. "Someone was playing mind games with me recently, so I've forgotten a lot, which is why I am in here, practicing the

dance. I am not at my most coherent." she admits.
Long distance to Wolfsbane: Spiral is in this new Thunderbolts team, or will be
You paged Wolfsbane with 'Stabbing babies for good, or something like that'

Ambrose ohhs and nods again in understanding "I see I see. " he sips the whiskey again "The dance helps you remember. Sorry

then, for interrupting. It WAS an all honest mistake. And I hope you recover the rest of your memories. " a sip, and he

glances behind him "... The rains' stopped."
"No, no, I have forgotten much of the dance, but it is coming back to me." Spiral corrects him. "The rain has stopped? Well,

your timing is perfect. I hope you enjoy your drink." she says, souding sincere. "I should be somewhere else, myself.".
And she goes back to dancing, the slow dance she was doing when he first intruded on her in this dead building, twirling

around in an alien yet incredibly graceful dance, all six arms making various signs and spirals in the air.

"Enjoy your dance." he murmers back, watching for a brief moment before turning to depart, ensuring the door was closed

behind him

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