Damaging Dreadnought

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Darklight, Ms. Marvel, Sandman, Vaughn and Dreadnoughts

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07/19/12 14:19

Midtown - New York

Darklight, Ms. Marvel, Sandman, Vaughn take on Dreadnoughts attacking the UN.

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The streets in Midtown have been cordoned off after a series of attacks near the UN. Police try their best to keep people out of the area as the Avengers have been called in to assess and handle the situation. Tourists continue to snap pictures of what appears to be a human in armor or some kind of mechanized warrior. The creature, in some sort of silverfish armor with various gauntlets is wreaking havoc on the street. Flames unleashed from wrists gauntlets have been setting cars on fire. Another one, releases electrical blasts firing onto the UN building itself destroying windows and attempting to structurally destroy the building. A third one, a bit taller lifts up a mac truck and hurls it at the entrance to the UN building, all but demolishing the entrance way. There is some odd communication between the robots and it appears more may be on their way.

The hurled semi-truck is caught - with much wrenching of metal frame, thank you very much - by the hurtling black-clad form of Ms. Marvel, current Chairwoman of the Avengers. She directs her teammates as necessary to continue the defense of the UN, the populace at large, and the cops, while containing this insane situation. "You want to blast some body, you hunks of tin? Blast me!"

Darklight blinks as she was flying over the area and got a message that something was going on. The violet glowing hero turns course and speeds that way, trailing violet particles in her wake. She hoves as she comes to see what is going on, "Well damn." she mutters. She is in a variation of the New Warriors uniform, mostly color just off a bit, after all her violet glow seems to change the color of anything it touches, at least temporarily. Her hair blows freely glowing slightly white as do her eyes, "Time to get to work." she mutters.

Unlike most of the people in the crowd, Vaughn found himself pinned by the large number of idiots who are just standing around watching the chaos unfold. The teenager can't help but to look at the people around him, especially the ones taking pictures as if they were insane or stupid. After trying to convince a couple people, mostly to no effect, to run for their lives, he closes his eyes, concentrating for a second. When he speaks, his voice is amplified and slightly digitalized, almost as if it were filtered through a bull horn. "Alright people clear back! Move it! Move it!" He sighs, "By order of the New York City Police Department... you are hereby ordered to evacuate the vicinity." The teenager just hopes that no one sees that he's not a cop nor using a mic of any sort.

The apparent leader of the horde of heavy metal Dreadnoughts (three at the moment) looks directly at Ms. Marvel. It stares a moment as it appears to analyze the situation and then as she challenges it, it responds, but instead of blasting it charges and leaps at her like a football player ready to tackle a quarterback. As it attempts to tackle the heroine, its body becomes electrified and spiked knuckles bear down on her.

For his part, Sandman follows the orders of his chairwoman. A wall of sand is starting to assemble itself between the robots and the main entrance which is already nearly destroyed. The wall gets bigger and bigger and the sand begins to harden more and more as Sandman’s objective is protect the building.

As Vaughn will find out the average New Yorker and the average tourist pay do not care for authority when something is happening. They continue to snap pictures from the cordoned off area. Though a few do politely move out of the way. Police Officers continue to push away any overly excited citizens further away when the Avengers arrive.

As Darklight flies overhead the robots pay her no heed yet as they focus on the Avengers and the UN. The two remaining Dreadnoughts move towards the hardened sand wall and both realize flames from their gauntlets, causing a scream from the wall which starts to disperse and back away from them. “SHIT! Fucken bots are using fire!” a disembodied Sandman yells out.

Since the semi she's holding is already distorted and pretty ruined, Carol isn't worrying about damaging it further. When the dreadnot finally attacks, she sweeps the semi around, hard, and slams the electrofied behemoth with the side of the truck. "Fore!" she cries, golfing for robots. But she doesn't just rest on her laurels. "Avengers, Assemble! You know what to do!" She leaves her team to take action, while she flies off in pursuit, prepared to smack the dreadnot back down with the semi into the street. Neither shot is going to destroy /this/ thing, but may be enough to give her the opening to do real damage. Maybe.

Darklight frowns a bit and then realizes that the robots are ignoring her. She flies down behind the two attacking the sand wall, though still over fifty feet off the group though only a little over a hundred yards from the bots when her hands start glowing brighter violet and a blast of high energy protons lances from her hands towards one of the bot

Okay, so the crowd isn't really listening to reason, Vaughn pulls out his ipod and goes through the folder of sound effects. Ah, the sound of fully automatic machine guns. This might do the trick. Hopefully, if reason doesn't work survival instinct and fear will. He magnifies the sound from the mp3 player to just a little louder than one would imagine a machine gun going off nearby.

Well machine gun fire will certainly cause a crowd to disperse, but it may cause a small stampede and induce chaos, which it does as the crowd suddenly runs amok in every which way as innocent people shove others to the side, stomp on some people and a little girl is tossed on the floor near Vaughn as the crowd continues to push each other and the cordoned area becomes as chaotic as the scene in front of the UN.

As Darklight unleashes one of her projection photon blasts onto one of the robots ignoring her. It strikes it head on and causes the Dreadnought to fall back and shake a bit, while the other presses its attack on Sandman. The wall all but crumbles and swirls about to avoid the flame stream fired about him.

As Carol plays golf, her opponent is flung high into the air and using the truck as a bat, she is able to smack it back down into the street hard. Slammed into a car, there is a large robot dent shape on the roof of the automobile.

Ms. Marvel immediately follows her robotic opponent to the ground - and the car - with the remaining semi's frame in hand, adding speeding momentum to the intended blow as she tries to get down there before the bot is back up, hoping to drive that reinforced steel frame down through the robot's exoframe, either making a hole to do more damage, or pinning the blasted thing in place so that it can't threaten anyone else just now. Admittedly, this is also likely to put her into much closer range of her opponent.

So that didn't exactly work out the way he had thought it would. As Vaughn sees the little girl go down, he scrambles to get to her before she gets hurt. He covers her with his body, taking a couple of panicked steps and kicks instead. He tries to comfort the little girl. "It's gonna be okay... Let's get you to where you'll be safe."

Darklight blinks and smiles as she does cause the one to fall back a bit. She keeps up the pressure and blasts another violet burst of protons at the robot again. She is just hoping that she is at least hurting it a little bit, maybe she is just a bit of distraction.

And put her closer towards the Dreadnought it does, As Ms. Marvel is ready to slam into the bot with the truck it fires off a gamma blast from its eye aimed for the truck as she draws closer with it.
Vaughn is able to help the girl who embraces him. The crowd continues to disperse the police have them under control for the most part.

As Darklight presses her attack, she manages to actually hurt the bot. Sparks begin to fly as the robot lets out a gamma blast in her direction.

Trying a different tactic, Sandman goes back to his pssamic form and simply drops to the ground in a pile of sand. The bot attacking him stops its attack and looks back to the UN and then towards Ms. Marvel and Darklight. Suddenly spraying from its mouth is a blast of Freon. The single stream follows the robot’s head firing first towards Darklight and then moving its head to aim at Ms. Marvel.

The truck frame only lasts a few moments of descent once struck with that gamma blast, before it melts away. Ms. Marvel grimaces with annoyance and leans /into/ the plast, smoking as it fires away and she continues her plumeting attack, driving her fist at the center of the Dreadnot's torso, as her smoking body begins to glow. She's not quipping jokes. She's not passing orders. She's just grimacing and continuing the fight, relentless.

Darklight is prepared for the attack coming back at her but looses another proton blast at the sparking bot, hopeful to take him out. She doesn't even see the Freon coming. The only saving grace is that she moved out of the way of the gamma blast so only hits her barely. The edges of her force field are defined as it starts to freeze by her feet, even a bit of frost forming on her leg too.

Vaughn carries the clinging girl away from the robotic destruction, looking for a police officer on the outer edge of the scene, either that or for someone to recognize their daughter being carried off from the scene by some stranger.

The robot emitting the Freon from its mouth begins to twitch a moment as it pauses in its attack. It had not realized that the pile of sand had moved and now the robot finds itself standing in the sand which is flowing in through an opening. As the sand begins to build within it, it lets our a robotic death knoll as it flickers about and then explodes, robot parts going everywhere as Sandman stands revealed in a hardened sand form. The tactic appears to have greatly hurt him though, going inside the robot and then making it explode by growing.

With the Freon attacks ended, Ms. Marvel and Darklight are free to press their attacks. Darklight’s continued attack of photon against her robot attacker proves successful as she manages to finally blast the robot enough to effectively end its attack.

A police officer comes forward to take the girl from Vaughn and offers a quick thanks to him as her mother is seen nearby, weeping that her daughter is alright. She too offers a tearful thanks to Vaughn
With the truck all but dissolved and the robot already struggling from the Avengers chairwoman previous attacks, it generates another last second electrical field around itself as she presses her attack, a spiked fist is aimed for her face, should she be close enough.

"C'mon, harder! Hit me /harder/ you sonovab*$#@!" Ms. Marvel screams down at the robot as it hits her in the face with those electrified knuckles, taking the hits and gritting her teeth as her energy-enhanced form surges, her punches gaining power, verging nearly on Thing-level strength. The smoking of the Avenger's Chairwoman's body becomes flickering green and blue flames as she snarls and keeps punching, again and again, down through that armored body like she's digging for gold.

Darklight blinks as the freon stops and is glad, she was not looking forward to losing her field this time around. She sees the bot she was firing at stop and watches it warily in case it is a trick

Once Vaughn hands off the little girl to the officer and more importantly her mother, he heads back in the direction of the fighting. He slips closer, perhaps a little too close. Not getting involved in the fight itself with the robots, as he really feels that he'd just be getting in the way, he keeps his eyes open for any of that strange signal he saw before.

The last remaining robot is quickly becoming shrapnel as it presses its attack. This robot a bit more powerful than the others. As Carol pounds on it, it matches her punch for punch. But metal begins to fly off it. Sparks fly. An arm dislodges and it begins to disassemble. With the other dreadnoughts being destroyed, Sandman stands by and watches as he hears Carol and is a bit shocked. At this point, ignoring anything and everything else, Sandman moves in his sand form and attempts to restrain her, “Boss, it’s done. You beat it.” He seems a bit confused and shocked at the fierceness of her attack. Even in sand form, he feels the flames she generates.

SHIELD is already arriving on the scene to deal with the now trashed robots, deals with crowd control etc. Vaughn will no longer hear any signal as the robots have been defeated. A NYPD officer looks up to Darklight and offers a wave and a smile in her direction as a nod of thanks.

Darklight looks down and returns the waves but unless there is anyone trying to get her attention she starts to lift back into the air, violet particles left glowing in her wake.

Carol pushes back from the still-sparing slag heap that was the car, the robot, and the truck, all melded together, still growling. Her face is covered with blood. One would honestly expect that wiping it away would reveal hamburger, but Ms. Marvel is still pretty well whole-looking, thanks to the self-healing her body does when hopped up on absorbed energy. She looks a tad bulked-up, still flaring with the fires of the energy she has absorbed, and her usually all-white eyes look somewhat green in shade right now, as she turns to face Sandman, then looks past him at the UN. "Alright. Now we need to get that building open safely. There are people trapped inside, thanks to these damned things." Still seething with barely-restrained anger, the Avengers Chairwoman barely nods to acknowledge the others who are helping - including SHIELD and the cops and fire department - as she stomps off towards the UN. She may not come off like Bruce's alter-ego, but she definitely seems more aggressive than usual. And despite her standing orders, she has said nothing now about getting samples of the defeated bots for study.

Vaughn watches for a little bit, before sliding his hands into his pockets and starts walking off, trying to avoid any unnecessary questions. He pulls out his earbuds and slips them in and turns on the music.

Sighing as he is able to get Carol off the robot discards, Sandman uses his com to contact Jarvis and have him send the Avengers Crew to pick up one of the robots. With SHIELD and NYPD assisting, Sandman goes about in his efforts to assist with recovery and damage control.

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